Dave and Sugar ch2


I’ve only know Dave for about a month now, and every day he calls me to talk about everything from cooking to sex. His Cajun accent fuels many of my masturbation fantasies. On this particular night, I was already turned on, and excited and was about to reach for my toy when the phone rang around midnight.


“Hi what are you doing right now?”

Oh my God he has such a deep, wonderful voice. I can feel my pussy contract, already becoming wet.

“Nothing yet, but I am so fucking horny, and was about to reach for my toy, ‘Peter,’ and make myself cum like hell. Why?”

“Oh, I was just wondering if you had started to have fun without me.”

As I listened to his deep, dark, rich, voice I begin to become aroused. We discussed the erotic story about fisting that I sent him to edit. When he asked me if I ever have been fisted, my clit screamed for attention as I got hotter and wetter.

“Now that you mention it no, would you like to join me in having a little bit of fun?”

“Well I’m sitting outside in the dark naked again, with my swollen dick in my hand. Wishing you were here or me there baby. Why do you think I called you at this late hour for?”

“A recipe, I giggled, you wanted to hear my sexy voice turning you every which way but loose. You know when you call I get all hot and bothered…….more!”

“Your voice is sexy; in fact you could use it on a phone sex line and make money doing it.”

“Oh my God, I could, but wouldn’t know where to go and start. However I’d rather talk to you in the privacy of my own bedroom.”

He laughed. “Do you have anything besides your toy with you, honey?”

“Just my eight inch vibrator. I love talking to you, God you make me so damn hot!”

I had my toy lying beside me on the bed I reach for it, turn it on, and ease it between my pussy lips and against my clit. I was about to tell Dave what is going on when he spoke.

“Do you have anything escort large to shove in your cunt? Like a beer bottle.”

By then I was gasping in delight as my toy buzzed against my clit. Now this was intriguing, I’ve used large vegetables in my pussy, and a ten by three inch toy, but never a bottle. It turned me on, that was something I was going to try, right now. “Give me a minute Dave; I’m going to go find a bottle.”

Thinking there was a beer bottle in the kitchen I could use, I headed that way. To my dismay, they had already been taken out with the garbage. I frowned, now what do I use. Then I spotted it, a large eight inch long by three inch in diameter water bottle. I licked my lips, “MMM, that will work!” Since I had the phone with me I spoke to Dave.

“I didn’t have a beer bottle but had a water bottle that could be used.”

“How big is it, and does it have a cap that will keep it from leaking on it?”

“It’s plastic, about eight inches long and three around and yes has a secure cap, why?”

“That’s perfect in size. Because I want it to stretch your pussy hole so much, you’d think I was fisting you! Now go fill it with warm water.”

Oh God! The thought of that drove me crazy. I filled it with water and returned to the bedroom. I then climbed onto the bed, lying on the towel that protects the bed from my heavy gush of fluids. I reached for the KY jelly, and lubed it up.

“Okay Dave, I have it and boy am I ready for this. My cunt is throbbing like hell!”

“God I wish I was there to help you do this. Of course I’d use my hand, and not that bottle. Oiling my whole hand, rubbing it all over your cunt, then one at a time work the digits inside you, until all of them were inside you. Now I’m fucking you with my fingers. God, Kandy, you’re so hot and wet already.”

“Oooh fuck, how’d you know I love to be fisted? I wish you were here too. We’d do more than fist my hot-box!”

“Now use your toy inside izmit escort bayan your hole for a moment, to get it more lubricated, as your free hand rubs your clit.”

“Okay, God this feel so good, By the way, you know this will make me cum so hard I will saturate the bed don’t you?”

“Yes. Now take the toy out and ease the water bottle inside slow and easy. The water will help spread that hole wide. Damn, I’m so fucking hot and needy!”

Since the phone was on speaker phone, it allowed me to play with my nipples as I slid the bottle into my pulsating hole. I moaned, groaned, and gasped in delight from the pain and pleasure of the bottle going inside me. I would never imaging a water bottle would make me feel this good.

“Ooooh fuck, this feels so fucking good!”

“Bet it does sweety. Feel it stretching you cunt wider? Now shove it in harder and rub your clit with the other hand, I want you hotter than a firecracker on the fourth of July.”

He grunted, as if he were shoving his fist into my hot, hungry, needy pussy. As he did, I rammed the bottle deeper.

I screamed from the rush of sensations, groaning and panting. “Oooh Dave, I have over half the bottle buried in my pussy! Come on Dave; ram that fist deeper into my hot cunt! Oh my God, yessss, fuck me harder, please I need it!” I shoved the bottle in more and shrieked, “Give it all to me. Wish you were really doing this damn-it!”

“Go girl, do it make yourself cum! Damn you have my cock harder than it’s been in ages!”

“Dave I bet you’d like to hear how wet and hot my pussy is right now?”

I placed the phone between my legs and thrust the bottle in and out of me. Letting him hear the sucking, squishing sounds of my pussy was making. I then moved the phone so I could hear his reply.

“Did you hear that Dave?”

“Yes. You’re amazing. Fuck that’s wild. Do it again. I want to hear it again as I stroke my dick harder.” izmit sınırsız escort

I turned the volume to the phone higher, and placed it where I could hear him, and he could here me fucking myself with the bottle, hard and deep. It’s not long until I knew I would cum.

“Dave, ooooh fuck, stroke that cock hard baby, I’m about to cum!”

All I can do is hammer the bottle into myself and scream out as the orgasm took over my body like a freight train out of control Gasping, panting and screaming encouragements to Dave.
“Fuck, you’re so damn hot. I wish I was fisting you for real right now Damn, I can’t hold it much longer.”

“Cum for me baby, God I wish I was sucking your hot, hard cock, deep too, and hell yes I swallow. Do it baby, cum for me!”

He moaned and growled in pleasure, and I knew he was cumming.

“Oh hell, I can’t believe how hard I just came. I have done that in quiet awhile. Baby, you are awesome.”

I was still shivering and shaking from pleasure of the bottle stretching my cunt wider than I had done. When I heard him cum, I panted, and moaned.

“That’s it baby, cum for me. Give it to me. Kandy!”

“Dave, oh God, I can’t stop, I’m still cumming again.”

I looked at the clock, it read two am. Finally, after cumming twice and hard, I told Dave we’d been playing for a couple of hours and that I was worn out and getting sleepy.
“I have an idea, since you write erotica how’s about writing a story about our hot phone sex and submit it online.”

“Now that sounds like a wonderful idea, I will not use our real names thou never do.”

“You can use mine after all there are probably a million ‘Dave’s’ in the world. Well I’ve been up since nine am and better get back into the house before my wife comes looking for me. Call me when you get up tomorrow.”

I told him I would and bade him good-bye and hung up. I lay there thinking about him. I’ve never talked to an older man who had an imagination like mine. A million thoughts began to run through my mind about how to write the story.

“Hum, time to go log onto the computer, I feel a story coming on!”

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