Daisy In The Dirt: A Punk Rock Sex Story


“Bro, you heading over to Geezer’s later?”“Yeah man, haven’t seen The Dirt Stars in a minute.”“Bro, that chick singer though. Daaamn.”“Haha! Yes, she’s attractive, but I mean, they’re a good band regardless of the singer’s physical attractiveness.”“Haha, whatever bro, you know you want that!”“Alright Bret, calm down, man,” I said with a chuckle.There was about an hour left of work. Bret and I work in technical support at the same office and also hang out in the same circles. He’s kind of a douche on the surface, but what can I say, the guy knows how to have fun. We were supposed to be working, but we spent the last hour shooting the shit and watching YouTube videos. It was a slow week, and the support calls weren’t coming in. Summer Fridays are pretty sweet sometimes.The Dirt Stars are a local punk band. They’ve been around for a few years, and I know a couple of the guys in the band, plus Daisy, the lead singer. I was in a band with their bass player and drummer. We were called The Moldy Takeout Containers. We were good, but we broke up pretty quickly over creative bahis siteleri differences. Things were amicable though, and we still hung out from time to time.The lead singer of The Dirt Stars is a girl who goes by Daisy Dirt (I don’t know what her real last name is). I think her real first name is Alison, or something. Whatever. Anyway, she is super hot. Guys want to bang her. Girls want to bang her, and they want to be like her. She’s also a fantastic frontwoman. She works the crowd into a frenzy and has an amazing stage presence. I don’t want to take away from the other band members, they are really talented, and the band is tight, but without Daisy, they’d probably have to quit.Six o’clock finally rolled around and it was time to GTFO. I logged out of my work computer and headed out. “See you at Geezer’s!”“Alright Bret, see you there.”I stopped at home to freshen up. It had been three months since I left my girlfriend of two years. Jen was really great, but we just had very different ideas of what we wanted our future to be like. Our breakup was heartbreaking canlı bahis siteleri and I was still getting over it.I took a nap, got myself together, and headed to Geezer’s. I parked the car and started to head to the door. I could see Danny, the bouncer, standing at the door. “Heyoooo! Danny Boy!”“Heyyyy! How ya doin’! Dirt Stars are on in 5, so get your drink!”I headed in and ordered a gin and tonic from Dawn, the bartender.“Hey, good to see ya! Nice shirt, by the way!”“Thanks, Dawn! Looking forward to the show!”I’ve been a part of the local scene for a while, so I knew most of the people at Geezer’s. It was a home away from home, of sorts. Reliably, there would always be people I knew hanging out there. It’s a pretty divey, no-frills establishment. The bar always smells of old, spilled beer, and we like it that way. Dart boards and Lite Beer signs adorn the walls. I have no idea who Geezer is. “Does anybody even know?” I wondered.I walked up to Bret and a couple of the guys, and we started making small talk and hanging out, drinking our drinks. The house canlı bahis lights went down, stage lights came on.“That’s our cue!”I don’t mosh anymore, but I didn’t want to get caught in the pit, so I backed up until a circle had formed.“WHAT’S UP MOTHERFUCKERSSS!”Daisy and the band had come onto the stage. The guitars were feeding back. The drummer counted off: “one two three four!”The Dirt Stars blasted into their first song, “Support Your Local Drug Dealer”. The pit filled with moshers, bodies flying around everywhere, fists and feet whizzing past. The vibe was palpable. The air began to smell of sweat and body odor. Someone in the crowd lit up a joint. People on the outside of the pit were singing along. Good start!The show progressed on as Daisy owned the stage, her face adorned with her signature red eyeshadow and black eyeliner, whipping her long black hair back and forth, visible rips showing in her fishnet stockings, taunting people in the audience, daring them to stage-dive. The band ripped through the set at light speed, and the crowd went insane. The set was now over.“THANK YOU AND GOOD NIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS!” I walked up to the stage where the Dirt Stars were packing their gear. “Yooo Mike! Good set! You guys killed it!” (Mike is my former bassist from the MTOC)Daisy walked over.

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