Daddy’s Girls • Chapter 14 • Rebecca


Becky was still embarrassed at her display of jealousy earlier that day, and vowed to not be that way any longer. She felt she was being a baby about things, and admitted to herself that she needed to grow up, in more ways than one.When she arrived home, she thought about how she was going to, frankly, make her dreams come true. She couldn’t bring herself to do what Beth and Stacey had done; one accidentally, the other quite on purpose.Likewise, she had no intention of invoking any memory of her dear departed mother, like Laurie had done, since that was guaranteed to only make her father even sadder. Just remembering her mom, and how sick she was at the end, made her sad just now.Then it hit her. The solution was right in front of her. In fact, she had told the Girls herself earlier that day. The Woman of the House. All she had to do was be the person she already was; be the Woman of the House. Now, did she have the courage to FULLY become that person?*****Late that night, Becky softly knocked on her father’s bedroom door. “Daddy?” She asked softly, turning the knob and opening the door. He had just gone to bed a few minutes earlier, but she knew he wasn’t asleep yet, mainly because he wasn’t snoring.Bill leaned up on his side. He liked to sleep in total darkness, and the light from the hallway backlit her so that she looked like an angel. “What is it, princess?”Becky walked into his room, wearing an oversized t-shirt. He could see the outline of her rapidly growing curves as the hall light güvenilir bahis shone through the thin material. “I want to sleep here tonight, Daddy.”“Why? What happened?”“It… it was just a dream, Dad.” “Oh… Sweetie, I’m sorry.” Rebecca had experienced bad dreams ever since her mom had gotten really sick, and couldn’t stay at home anymore. They had dissipated over the last several months, but they still cropped up from time to time.She closed the door behind her, engulfing them both in darkness again. She took the two steps to the side of the bed, and said, “Now, scoot over.”Although Bill wasn’t asleep when she walked in, he was a bit groggy, and even though it had been a while, he was relatively used to her wanting to sleep with him after a bad dream, so he simply complied with her request, and moved over to the far side of the mattress.Usually, Rebecca had a favorite blanket she would bring in the bed with her, but she left it in her room tonight. This was important, because Bill slept in the nude, as he had done since he was a teenager.Becky quickly removed her sleep shirt in the dark, absent-mindedly rubbing her breasts, pinching her nipples to hardness, then lifted the quilt and crawled in behind him, before he had a chance to object.She pressed her firm teenage tits to his back, reveling in the wonderful sensation of pressing her painfully erect nipples to his back, as well as the way the hair there tickled her sensitive flesh. “Oooh, you’re so warm, Daddy.” She wrapped her arm around güvenilir bahis siteleri his tummy, gently stroking the fur she found there, as well. She rubbed her bare legs against his, insinuating one of hers between his.Sleepily, Bill felt her snuggle up to him, and smiled. It was nice and warm. Suddenly, he became aware of two distinctly pointy objects pressing into his back, and he awoke instantly. “Uh… sweetheart?”“Mmmm… yes, Daddy?” she replied.“Are you…” he cleared his throat. “Did you take off your shirt?”“Uh-hmm.” She hugged him tighter. “It’s so much warmer this way!”“But, baby,” he objected, “You can’t do that.”“Why not? You’re totally naked, and at least I’m wearing panties.”“But… I’m naked!”“I believe we already covered that factoid, Dad.”“Sweetie, don’t make this hard…” Bill could hear her giggle in the dark. “Speak for yourself, Dad!”“Rebecca! I’m being serious.”“Sorry, Dad.” she replied meekly, and kissed his back by way of apology. That sent a shiver up Bill’s spine. “I… I think you should go back to your bedroom, sweetheart.”“What’s the big deal? I’ve slept here before bunches of times.”“Well, then, put your shirt back on, please.”Becky knew he would be skittish, but rather than let him have his way, decided instead to turn it up a notch. Feeling his body against hers like this emboldened her. “Please, Daddy? It really is nice and warm this way.”“I know, baby girl, but… but it just isn’t right, okay?”“Oh, pooh. It feels right to me.” She snuggled in tight. “Just… iddaa siteleri let me stay here tonight, please?”Bill sighed. “I don’t know…”Becky said, “It’s not like anything’s gonna happen, Dad. Let’s just go to sleep, okay?”Bill was struggling with a couple thoughts. First, it WAS nice and warm with her snuggled up to him. Second, she was right; nothing was going to happen, so no harm, no foul, right? But then he realized how wonderful her soft breasts felt pressed into him, as well as her naked thigh between his equally naked legs, tantalizing close to his genitals, plus her hand rubbing circles on his tummy, and his body betrayed him, resulting in a full-blown hard-on.He had to get her out of his bed before she noticed it, but she wouldn’t leave without knowing why, and he could never admit how turned on he was right now. Maybe it was best to just let sleeping dogs lie, so to speak. Give it a few minutes, and the erection will go away, right?But what if she suddenly moved her hand lower? She would surely come into contact with his now-raging manhood. His prick actually jumped at that thought, subconsciously, it seemed, wanting that precise thing to happen.Becky felt his stomach clench under her hand, and while she didn’t make the connection between those muscles and the ones under his groin, it inspired her to rub him there. “Are you okay, Daddy?”“Why… why do you ask, sweetie?”“It’s just… well, your tummy feels jumpy, and you’re breathing funny, I guess.”Bill was cornered, and sighed heavily. “Well, baby girl, I… I’m not used to… being in bed with a beaut… well, with a naked woman, and…”Becky gasped, more for effect than anything else. She knew EXACTLY what she had done to him. “DAD… did you… are you… hard… because of ME?”

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