Subject: Daddy Chapter 6 Hope you continue enjoy this story. All copyright is reserved to me Larry Ryder ail [always happy to receive your comments with any suggestions! I’d like that too! Tell me how you like the story so far ] I am sure that you understand that such stories are legally managed in many jurisdictions. If you are too young (under 18 or 21), or forbidden by law, then go tsy/artist/jackson-pollock) and enjoy other artistic pursuits. Everyone suggests, and I do as well , that you should support Nifty financially fty/donate.html] Daddy 6 “I have given this quite a lot of thought,” Dad said, “I think you should experiment a bit more. Find another boy. Do stuff with them. Even a girl if you think you want to do that.” I was pretty sure I didn’t want to do anything with a girl. and though I’d occasionally done some things with a couple of my mates. I knew who I really wanted to have sex with. “I mean,” Dad continued, “I guess you may have done stuff with other boys.” I dropped my eyes, which was as clear a way of admitting I had as if I had been screaming and shouting “I suck cock all the time!” Dad coughed, “You don’t have to tell me anything you don’t want. It’s really none of my business.” This is the point I look back on and think my father was pushing me away. I didn’t know whether he was rejecting me or playing the game he had always played since his father died. Pushing away anyone he might get close to for fear of the hurt that they could wreak in his life. “Of course we’ve jerked off,” I blurted out, “and we’ve sucked each other a bit. But remember escort you once told me some guys like to fuck just to get off. And then some love each other and need to fuck to express that love. Well…” I could feel the tears well up in me. “There is only one person I love.” With that I got up and left the room, frightened I would start to cry and not be able to stop. -o–O–o- I had tried not to be histrionic but I was barely holding it together, and was now totally unsure what I was going to do. I left the house, got out my bike and started to ride without any idea of where I was going . I suppose I rode for maybe two or three hours and was feeling pretty cold and tired and was not really sure where I was. I sat on a park bench and held my head in my hands. I wanted to cry but couldn’t. It was getting dark, and I hadn’t taken my `phone. Not that I would have rung him anyway. I was beginning to realise I had been abandoned by the only person I had ever really loved. “Hey,” a voice pierced my misery, “are you OK?” I looked up but couldn’t quite make out the face of the speaker. “You look like crap!” “Thanks,” I laughed with a certain level of irony, “that’s really nice of you to say.” Whoever he was he at least got that this a joke and laughed. “OK, I just thought I’d ask. As I said you don’t look too flash. Can I do anything?” “Well can you make the only person I love reciprocate that love?” He sighed, rather than commented and made an expiration of air which was almost but not quite a whistle. “I don’t know that I can do that. It’s sort of hard to make people love izmit escort bayan people if they don’t want to.” “Well, he says he loves me but he won’t do anything about it.” I looked up, and saw a youngish man, not a boy, he was probably in his mid twenties. He smiled at me with a little squeezing of the lips. “You can’t make somebody love you, they have got to do that of their own accord. Sorry but that’s the way it is” We lapsed into silence. “Do you live round here?” he said breaking the silence . “I don’t know where I am, so I’m not sure.” I listened to myself saying this, and realised how whacky it sounded. “You know I just got on my bike and rode furiously. So I don’t know where I am .” “Well you’re just outside Kenton, if you know where that is.” I wasn’t quite sure and just shrugged. “Do you have your phone? I could ring your family.” “No!” I exclaimed, perhaps a little too abruptly and loudly. “Oh, that’s alright, I just thought I’d ask. None of my business after all” I felt a bit guilty, the guy was just trying to be helpful it seemed to me. “Well you look a little less crap than you did!” We both laughed. “I don’t know how to get home. And any way I don’t think I can go home” “I wondered,” the guy said, “how about you come back to my place and we’ll see what we can work out.” “Are you hitting on me?” I laughed, he seemed quite cute. If anyone was going to hit on me he seemed like a good candidate. “I don’t do that.” “Do what?” I asked. ” Hit on teenage boys who are running away so I can get into their pants.” “Tell me izmit sınırsız escort about it, ” I exclaimed as I opened my palms in a questioning way, “it’s the story of my life. Just when I want someone to get into my pants they tell me they `don’t do that'” “Come on Mr Crap-look before it gets dark and cold. And tell me all about it. But let’s get out of this cold” I felt confident that he was not going to beat me up or rape me (though maybe I would have liked that!) and so got up and pushed my bike a few hundred metres as we headed to an apartment building. “You can lock your bike in the garage if you want.” We walked over as he activated the roller door. There was a pretty slick Nissan GT-R parked inside. ” Just don’t scratch my baby!!” he laughed. I stroked it gently “Good little baby, ” I whispered. He laughed “I’m Jerry by the way,” he held out his hand, “and you are?” I took his hand and said, “I’m Ed.” “Well come on Ed, let’s get you out of those clothes.” I pulled my hand back wondering what I had got myself into. Jerry laughed. “It’s a joke my man. Though your clothes look a bit wet and not of this earth. You’ve got to learn to laugh” I laughed with him. I wasn’t really sure if did want him to strip me or not. But the truth was I liked him, probably more than anyone else other my one true love. -o–0–o- I hope you are enjoying this story which `I am writing into the dark’. Which means there is no pre-planned structure, it emerges from the dark. You can be a part of the mystery of the story by commenting on it so far, and making suggestions about how you see it going, and would like it to go. It is a story about intimacy, and about how people mistake sex for intimacy and fail to see that sex only really makes sense and is 4000% better when people are vulnerable and intimate. Email me at ail

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