Dad-son play with my younger friend


Dad-son play with my younger friendII know Adam just for 1 month. My friend Lucas took him to our private party because Adam is bi curious. We had really nice time and I was happy to hear a week ago from Adam who said he really liked and that we could meet in privacy. He said he’d love to play some situation where I will be his dad because Im 44yo and he is only 25. I told him it’s great idea. We made situation that Adam is just 18 yo and has bad school results and i must punish him that he doesn’t behave properly. I said : “ Adam, your school results are worse and worse. I sdon’t like to but I have to punish you.You’re my son and I want the best for you. Also your punishment is healthy. I want to watch you riding an exercise bike and last till your undershirt and shirt will be soaked with your sweat. I heated up the exercise room to 96F. Lot of people would give up but you are my son. One more thing, step on this scale please. You should know how much you sweat out during exercise . Ready ? “ He said : “ Yes, I’ll do my best” Adam looked really sexy dressed in undershirt, shirt, shorts bahis siteleri and sport shoes. I gave him headband on the head and medium towel. Then we went to the exercise room. it was very hot there. . “ Adam, you still ready to exercise? “ He said : “ Of course, I’m your son, I’m not giving up. “ He was such cute and I could see he started to sweat in just half minute. In this temperature I started to sweat in 10 minutes, and,I started to feel sorry for Adam but I also was aroused, more and more. After 35 minutes started his sweat drip on the floor. Adam was bathed in sweat. I told him to stop and relax. Then I told him: “ Adam, I’m happy to,say that I’m proud of you again. However I decided not to hide my hard cock anymore and Adam asked : “ What happened daddy, you are such aroused …. Isn’t it me, right? Or is it me ? Are you aroused from your own son.? “ I said : “ Yes, I’m aroused, I’m sorry it is just nature. “ He said : “ I probably should tell mom but I’ll forgive you for this time under one condition. You need to orgasm, right daddy? For how long didn’t you cum ? “ is canlı bahis siteleri said : “ 3 days but I’m such full and horny “ Adam said : “ Me 5 days daddy. Let’s get naked. My body is sweating from every pore.“ I said : ” Your body makes me such aroused .Your cock is such big and hard . What you want to do? He said : “ Fuck you, i have some anesthetic gel so I can last longer. Can I ? “ I smiled : “ You can, my boy, come, fuck me. I love to feel your sweat dripping on me. Please pull out your cock and cum on my body. ” He was fucking me, started to moan. He was sweating more and more and was getting close. He whispered : “ You are such tight and also feeling I’m fucking my own dad. You are also nice shiny, next time I want you sweat much more. I “ I said : “ Adam, do you think your mom would be happy to see her son cumming on his dad ? Bad boy but it feels such nice, right? I know you will cum every moment… “ In few seconds Adam screamed, pull out his cock and was cumming big load on my chest and belly. His body was shaking and sweat driping. Then he said : “ Daddy, it canlı bahis was such strong, now you need to cum. I’m still sweating, my whole body, yes, come close to me. “ I was kissing him and hugging : “ Adam, your orgasm made my arousal even bigger. I’m all wet from your sweat and I can smell your body after such intense sweating. I had few boys in the past. I love heir body scent, my orgasm was amazing. And I love to smell yo but also want to fuck you. I won’t last long. Yes, in this position because I want to feel how it is to fuck my own son. I want to see your face and body. Your body after sweating . Adam, please hand me the undershirt you had on your body. Yes, it’s all soaked. I put it close to my face. Yes, I can smell your body, it makes me such close. Fuck my own son and smell his body, I’m coming my boy and explosion of pleasure was such strong that I loudly screamed, was shaking and my already cumming cock pulled out and really don’t remember much because it was really intense but Adam told me I was cumming more than 15 seconds and sprayed him with my juice from throat to belly. Than we jumped to shower, colder to make Adam stop sweating. I whispered to him : “ Adam, thank you, my orgasm was amazing. Now jump on the scale again. So looks like you lost over 10lb in 100 minutes so remember to drink a lot. “

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