Subject: Dad Loves Me Part 82 Dad Loves Me Part 82 James hoo) I woke up to a hand on each of my small tits. As soon as my eyes were open, the hands were replaced by a set of lips on each tit. It didn’t take long for this treatment to make me hard. Daddy pushed the covers down leaving our naked bodies uncovered. Wally moved up to nuzzle my neck while daddy moved down to my cock. I was really enjoying the attention. Daddy’s mouth left my cock and then he straddled me and lowered himself onto my cock. “Fuck my cock with your ass daddy.” He started lifting himself and lowering himself on my cock. Wally moved behind us. I heard that familiar sound of the lube bottle opening and the sound of a wet cock being worked. Wally pushed daddy forward and he started kissing me. I felt Wally’s cock pressing where my cock was trying to push in with me. Daddy relaxed enough until Wally’s cock pushed in sliding in against my cock. Feeling his cock rubbing mine shot me into overdrive and I couldn’t stop myself from orgasming. “OH GOD!” I started shooting into daddy’s ass and coating both my cock and Wally’s. The feeling of my cock pulsing against his must have caused Wally to orgasm as well. Cum started leaking from daddy’s ass around our cocks. Wally pulled his cock very slowly from daddy’s ass making me feel every inch exiting just as I felt every inch going in. It was so hot feeling a cock sliding like that against my cock. Daddy raised himself off my cock and moved forward with his cock right by my lips. “Help finish me off son.” I took him into my mouth and deepthroated him. He started gently fucking my mouth like grampa did yesterday. It didn’t take long for him to grunt real loud and start shooting his morning load down my throat. Daddy showered while Wally and I just used wet cloths to clean ourselves. I went to start the coffee and got a pack of instant oatmeal and prepared it quickly. By the time daddy and Wally came out to the kitchen, my oatmeal and the coffee were both ready. We were running a little late because of our sex play. I finished my oatmeal quickly then went to brush my teeth and get dressed. Less than a half hour later Sean and Paddy pulled up. I kissed daddy and Wally goodbye. Wally called to me “I’ll be picking you guys up today.” I waved to let him know I heard. I got into the car and Paddy and I kissed. Sean said “I love watching you two say good morning.” We all laughed at his comment. We made small talk the rest of the way. We got to school and went to our lockers and by the time we got to the commons, JJ and Gary were there waiting. We talked about a little of everything. Soon the first bell rang and we split up. Home room was a little different today. All the eighth graders were receiving packets listing the high school curriculum and the periods they were offered. We were to start figuring our freshman class schedules for next year. Next week the student council from the high school we would attend would come to talk to all the future freshmen. It was finally lunch time and we were talking about schedules until I realized we were inadvertently excluding Gary. We started talking about something else that included him. When the bell rang we split up and JJ, Paddy, and I headed to our study hall while Gary went to his. We were fooling around with the schedules trying to work as much together şişli travesti as we could but I wanted to take home ec classes to work more on my cooking skills. JJ decided he would maybe join the choir as he liked to sing, and Paddy wanted to join the band but the only instrument he knew was the piano. He thought about maybe offering his playing for the choir. He couldn’t sing, but he could play. After school we waited outside in the nice weather, until Wally showed up to take us to the gym. We waited for about 5 minutes until daddy showed up. After we changed we went out and we learned Atlas had taken the day off so we worked with daddy and Wally a bit and then finished off running. After the run we went to the juice bar to get a small drink we could all share, a banana-strawberry juice. After we finished the drink we walked past the pool and hot tub and saw a hot looking man maybe in his 30s, blond hair, piercing blue eyes, ripped physique. We couldn’t tell what was below the chest as he was sitting in the water. He just winked as we continued to the locker room. We saw a few familiar acquaintances and greeted them as we went to our lockers, showered, and dressed. Daddy had been going a lot longer than us so he introduced us to many people. Of course before he and I started our sexual relationship, he actually only went only once or sometimes twice a week. The other day or days he was usually meeting for a hot fuck with someone. When we got out to the cars and Wally asked how KFC sounded for dinner. We all agreed so Paddy and I got in daddy’s car with him while Wally went to pick up the chicken. When we got home there was a message on the answering machine for Wally from my aunt. Wally walked in with the chicken and said “You should have seen that hottie at KFC behind the counter. He had the most gorgeous brown eyes, present company excluded. I hated to burst his bubble but “There’s a call for you on the answering machine.” He listened to the message and then looked at us. Daddy said “Take it in the study. We’ll wait.” About 20 minutes later Wally came out with a dazed look. “The house sold yesterday and the final financing cleared late this morning. I will be getting quite a large sum. Next weekend I will meet her at the storage unit where there are some things she has set aside for me. I’ll leave early in the day and I figured I stay the night.” I went out to put the chicken in the microwave and then the potatoes and gravy. While we ate we talked with Wally and I finally said “Daddy, why don’t you go with him? I’m sure Sean and Sadie would let me stay over.” Paddy added “Besides, I’ve stayed with you enough I know they’d love to have Benji over again, especially for the night. Even if they say no, he could stay with grampa.”—“All right. Wally, would you like me to go with you?” Wally grabbed daddy’s hand and said “Thanks.” Then he looked at Paddy and me. “Thanks to you boys too.” After dinner there was no chicken or potatoes left but there was some cole slaw. I put that in the fridge and washed the glasses and went into the family room with everyone else. It was about 9pm so we decided to turn in. I know daddy and Wally knew we wouldn’t be sleeping. We got into the spare room and Paddy noticed a picture on my dresser for the first time. “I never noticed that picture before.”—“I just beylikdüzü travesti took it out recently, it is my mom.”—“WOW! She was very pretty. Why did you have it put away? And what made you take it out?”—“I was mad that she left us although I know it wasn’t her fault.” I handed him my mom’s letter. “This is what made me put it back out.” He read the letter and I saw he had tears forming. He finished and said “Oh man. Was this the problem you had earlier this week?” I just nodded and said “The main part of it.” He grabbed me and hugged me tightly and when we stopped he put his hand under my chin and raising my face to look him in the eyes. “You didn’t have to keep this from me. I’m your partner now and I’ll always be there for you. No more secrets, except presents, between us. OK?” I nodded again smiling and kissed him. After we broke our kiss I said “Now I’m ready for some hot loving my stud.” We layed on the bed in a 69 and spent about 15 minutes sucking each other’s cocks. Then I pulled myself up and licked his balls a little, then moved to his taint, then finally I started licking and tonguing his hole. He was matching my moves and now we were deeply tonguing our asses. After about 10-20 minutes, I stopped and said “I want you to fuck me my love. Fill me with your love.” I layed on my back so I could look into my love’s face. He lifted my legs and put them up on his shoulders and pushed his cock into my ass and kept pushing until he was buried, then he bent down to kiss me. He rose up and started to fuck me. “Harder my love. Don’t hold back.” Hearing that he really started pounding me and making sure his cock was pushing far enough to hit my prostate. He was such a wonderful lover. He pulled out and told me to get on my hands and knees. As soon as I was in position, he shoved in and was able to drive his cock in even deeper. God did it feel good to have my sweet lover plowing my ass. After about 25 minutes he said “With all my love, I give you my love.” He pushed in as far as he could and started to shake with his orgasm. He fired off several shots in my ass. He pulled out and we collapsed together breathing heavily. We rested about half an hour just holding each other and touching each other. Finally Paddy asked “Ready for round two? Your turn to fuck me baby.” My cock had been leaking and we were both sweaty which means his ass and my cock were ready. I did all the same things Paddy did to me. I mirrored it almost exactly so he would know how I felt while he fucked me. I lasted a little longer but I finally couldn’t hold back and said “I give you my gift of love dear one.” I shoved in hard and shook with my orgasm filling his ass. Just as before, we collapsed and he rolled to face me and we kissed very passionately. After the kiss we got out of bed and went to the bathroom and showered and cleaned our asses out. We got back into the room, fixed the bed, climbed in, I turned to turn off the light, we cuddled together and fell into a contented sleep. ADAM Wally and I talked a little about the trip next weekend and we talked about leaving Friday afternoon instead. I could get off work after a half day and we could make the 6 hour drive and still get there rather early. Wally also said he could contact a couple friends and I could meet them and we could have a little fun. He told istanbul travesti me about a few of the hotter and better lovers. Stay 2 nights and return Sunday morning. After we decided that is what we would do, we started making out. Wally always was a magnificent kisser. When we broke our kiss, he had a predatory look in his eyes so I knew what was going happen. He pushed me backward so I was laying on my back. He lunged for my neck and started kissing it and also licking on my earlobes. He slowly started kissing his way to my tits and started licking, sucking, and lightly biting them; something that always drove me crazy. He started moving down my chest to my abdomen, to my belly and finally reaching my cock. That was not where he stopped after licking the entire length once. He moved to my balls and then he was planting kisses back and forth between my legs and then licked the bottom of each foot which sent a thrill through me. He started back up my legs back and forth again between my legs. When he got to right below my balls again, he lifted my legs and licked my taint and back to my ass. He gave each cheek a kiss and then started moving his tongue through the thick fur on my ass hunting for my love tunnel. He finally hit the mark and I let out a gasp. He dug in his tongue and started tongue-fucking me. He also started using his fingers digging them in also spreading my cheeks apart so he could try shoving his tongue deeper. Between 5 and 10 minutes of his tongue probing my hole, he decided that was enough and lined up his cock with my hole and pushed in all the way in one smooth move. He was all the way in and he bent down and kissed me. Then he said “I hope your ready for a good fuck brother.” He started thrusting his cock in and out. Going back and forth between long dick strokes and rabbit thrusts. He started speeding up his thrusts. So he was banging away at my ass with a predatory look in his eyes. He gets that way from time to time and even more so as he gets closer to his orgasm. “GET READY TO TAKE MY LOAD BITCH! I GONNA FILL YOUR ASS WITH MY NUT JUICE!” He shoved in really hard a couple of times making me grunt and then he ground his pelvic bone into my ass and started having orgasm convulsions. I could feel his load shooting into my ass. It was a pretty big load. He finally stopped shaking and with his cock still in my ass bent down to kiss me. When he pulled away the look of sanity was back. He pulled his cock from my ass and layed my legs down. My cock was rigid and an angry red, almost purple. Wally noticed so he dove down and deepthroated me and I was so horned and ready to blow it only took a couple moments and I cried out “OH FUCK!” I started orgasmic convulsions and I grabbed his head pulling him down as far as I could onto my cock. I’m sure my cum was going right down his throat right past his taste buds. I finally relaxed my grip on his head and he backed off a little because I know he loves the taste of my cum. I finally stopped cumming. He came up to my face and kissed me again. I could taste my cum in his mouth. We rested for about 5 – 10 minutes before getting out of bed to go to the bathroom and shower. Wally was playing touchy-feely while we were washing up. Then he helped me wash out my ass. After we were done, we climbed back into bed and I turned to turn off the light. I rolled back over to face him and we kissed once more. We snuggled together and soon we were asleep. MORE TO COME…… –Please remember to help support the Nifty Archives to keep it free. 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