Curious Male Finds a Release


I’ve been curious for quite a while now. I’ve watched videos and I’ve read some stories. But watching and reading isn’t the same as doing. Or feeling.

When I get horny, I slide my hands into my pants and fumble with myself for a short while before the pleasure gets too much and I have to take my penis out and wank myself off. But it’s not fulfilling my needs. It isn’t satisfying me.

I can’t stop myself from needing that extra something … I need filling up. I need stretching. I want to be fucked by a man.

Some days, I sit online and I watch other men on their webcams. Playing with their balls, spurting their cum. And every time, I wish I was there, satisfying them with my lips wrapped around their thick shaft’s, sucking them dry.

Today is one of them days. I’m talking to a male online, his cock is in his hand, his camera as close as it can be and he is slowly pumping his hand up and down his length while talking to me. Telling me what he wants me to do to him.

I’m Ankara escort so horny. I’m holding onto my penis, my own webcam positioned so that my online friend can see it.

“Pull back your foreskin.” He tells me. “I want to see your head.”

I follow his written instruction and slowly pull my foreskin back over my shaft. My mushroom head fully on show, I waggle it at the camera.

“Ohhhh my god. I’m so turned on right now. I want your cock. I want you here.” He writes to me.

I smile to myself. “We’re not far from each other …” I hit enter.

He waggles his cock at the camera and types, “Be right back. I need a fix.”

‘A fix?’ I think to myself.

While I’m waiting, I pump my cock harder, thinking of everything I could do to him. What I’d like him to do to me.

He comes back into view on the camera, his backside is facing me, his hands resting on his cheeks, pulling them apart. I moan loudly at the sight of his puckered anal hole. I’d give anything to ram my Ankara escort bayan cock into that. I sigh.

I grunt as I move my hand faster up and down my cock. I watch him slip a finger into his ass hole and begin to slide it backwards and forwards. I start to leak pre-cum.

I can’t take my eyes of the screen. My cock is throbbing, I need a release … and seconds later he gives me what I need.

I watch him reach over, out of view, before he comes back in. He has a dildo in his hand and he guides it between his cheeks. I hold my breath as I watch him press the dildo to his ass hole and push. He uses one hand to pull at his left cheek, trying to make it easier for him.

I groan and lick my lips. I watch him pull the dildo back, and re-position it to his hole. He pushes harder and I let my breath out as it seems to slide in. He pushes and pushes until it is all the way in.

I can’t take any more. I grunt and yank my hand up and down on my cock. Harder, faster.

I’m Escort Ankara so horny, I still need something else.

I pop my finger in my mouth and cover it in saliva then direct it between my cheeks. I rub it up and down my crack and around my hole before pushing slowly at my virgin passage.

I moan out as I push harder against my own ass hole, wanting more. I’m worried about the pain, but I need more of a release. I push my finger harder and feel it slip through. “Ugh!” I grunt. I push it further, wanting more. I groan as I try to get used to the slight pain and the feeling of my finger in my ass.

I shift my body, trying to get used to the feeling and I try to insert a second finger. As I push my second finger through I moan in pain, but I don’t want to stop.

I jab my hand forward, trying to force it in and as I feel myself become fuller, I yell out in pleasure and grab my cock with my other hand. I squeeze it and sigh in contentment as I let loose with a barrage of cum.

I grab my webcam and show my male friend my fingers in my ass. I show him my cum and then I smile at the camera before setting it back in front of my cock.

“Come on round.” He writes to me, followed by an address.

Oh boy.

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