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After the party, Leslie felt odd. For starters, she had an absolutely killer headache. And a tingling all over her body. And she couldn’t find her glasses.

She rolled over and slapped the snooze button. Goddamned alarm. Did it have to be so loud?

Leslie stumbled to her feet and hobbled over to her nightstand, feeling around for her glasses. Nothing. She moved to the floor. Nothing. She looked under the bed. Goddamned glasses. Did they have to be so hard to find?

She put them on and shuffled into the bathroom. The fluorescent light caused her to recoil for a second. Goddamned light. Did it have to be so bright?

Frustrated with the world in general, Leslie stepped into the shower. Goddamned shower. Did it have to be so cold?

Eventually it warmed up, and Leslie stood under the stream, and thought about what she was going to do with her Saturday.

She blinked. Her pussy felt numb. Completely numb. Nonexistent numb.

Leslie rubbed some of the shampoo out of her eyes and felt around.

Nothing. As her hand passed over her groin, Leslie felt out the spot where her pussy had been. Now it was just flat featureless skin bordered on all sides by pubic hair.

She felt her heart pounding a mile a minute. Without thinking, she stooped down and felt around the shower floor. Maybe it had just fallen off. That was preferable to the possibility that it had just disappeared. Finding nothing, she stood and reluctantly soaped and rinsed what pubic hair remained, then stepped out of the shower.

Leslie went over to the full-length mirror and looked at herself. Just as she’d felt in the shower, her pubic hair vanished in an oval the same size and shape as her pussy. She patted the skin, tugged ineffectually at it, but it felt no different than a spot on her back or shoulder. She had no way to get off, and no way to take a piss.

Slowly, she began to tear up in frustration and walked over to the sink. Her pussy was gone. Gone without a trace.

Actually, not quite. As she stood hunched over the sink, she realized she could sense her pussy, as if it were somewhere else. There was a faint pressure just behind it. Did that mean it had been taken off her body and was now laying somewhere, lips up?

She rubbed her eyes, exasperated. It had to be on the floor someplace. Gross. She’d be scrubbing the hell out of it, when and if she found it. But somehow, it must’ve fallen off. She hadn’t had sex in at least a year. Was it some kind of weird STD?


Her grip on the sink tightened as a theory solidified. It had to be Shannon.

Her roommate had come from a family of witches. From time to time, the topic of magic would come up and Shannon would tell stories of growing up with magic as the norm.

Shannon had the ability, but what was the motive? Leslie was the bookish type, kept to herself, usually studying for a math test or engineering exam. She kept the dorm and the kitchenette clean. She couldn’t possibly have done anything to piss Shannon off.

She went back to her room, threw her pajamas back on, and marched into Shannon’s room. She was getting an answer, one way or another.

“Shannon! Wake the fuck up!”

“Oh God!” her roommate cried, lolling on the bed. “Why can’t it be Saturday again?” Shannon reached out to grab the curtains and close them back up as Leslie tore them wide open, but she missed by a clear foot and a half, and the effort caused her to slide into the space between her bed and the wall.

“Motherfucker,” she grunted, trapped. Leslie climbed up to the head of the bed to squat near her face.

“So I wake up this morning, and my pussy’s gone. What did you do to it?”

Shannon looked up, bleary-eyed, not quite comprehending.

“What? had a cat?”

“Vulva? Vagina? Vajay-jay? My cunt’s gone. I mean, I can still kind of feel it. I think. But it’s not where it ought to be. And I kinda have to pee.”

“I’m not sure I believe you,” Shannon said, climbing with some effort back onto the bed.

“Fine,” Leslie said, standing and pulling her pants down. Her roommate stared, in an engrossed, hungover sort of way.

“What the fuck…” Shannon whispered. “It’s just blank.”

“Exactly. So what did you do to me?”

“I don’t know.” Shannon rubbed her eyes. “I think…I think Melissa and I took some video last night. Maybe we should start there.”

Shannon stumbled to her laptop in the living room and plugged her camera in. Leslie dropped down next to her as she wheeled through the menu and a shaky video began playing.

“Okay, so tell the viewers at home what you’re gonna do.” The voice is off screen, presumably from the person manning camera. Leslie recognized it as Shannon’s friend Melissa.

“Well,” says Shannon, clearly drunk. “Mom was a witch, right? She used to know some magic. There’s this one spell that separates stuff. Mostly she used it to chop stuff in the kitchen, but it’s supposed to work on anything. So we’re gonna use that on Leslie’s cunt, and give her a night she’d never let herself have.”

Shannon moves uncomfortably close to the camera, staring into it, batman escort and changes her tone to one more maudlin, albeit still drunk, still slurred.

“Because Leslie, you study too much. You need to loosen up, have some fun, fuck a guy. Let loose. And does it really get any more loose than detached?”

She grins impishly as she knocks on her roommate’s door. Melissa giggles, and an angry shouting comes from behind the Depeche Mode poster.

“Dammit, Shannon, I’m trying to study,” says Leslie, throwing the door open. Her mouth’s still forming the last word, when a blast of green light flies from Shannon’s hand to the crotch of her pajama pants. A confused look passes over her face, and Leslie looks down at herself.

She reaches down the front of her pants, and Leslie’s look changes from confusion to shock. Shannon laughs and whispers something at Melissa.

Leslie pulls what looked like a floppy brown sponge out of her pants and holds it up to her face. The camera begins to shake with Melissa’s laughter as her eyes widen.

“A bird in the hand is two in the bush,” giggles Shannon, “but what’s a bush in the hand worth?”

Oh my God, Leslie mouths, and then “Shannon! What did you do to me? Put it back! Fix me!”

But she doesn’t wait for Shannon. She pulls her pants down as she stands in the door, revealing the blank spot of bare skin – a clearing in her pubic hair. Unceremoniously, she pushes her now-unattached pussy against the place it normally goes. As soon as she lets go, it tumbles back into her hand. She tries again and again, gets more and more desperate, but it doesn’t work.

“Relax, Lez,” says Shannon. She reaches down and snatches Leslie’s pussy. “You need to loosen up a little bit. I think we’ll pass this around tonight, give you a bit of fun. You study too much, you know?”

Leslie, dumbstruck, gropes for her detached pussy.

“I can, I can still feel it! Ow! You’re pulling my hair! Please, give it back, Shannon.”

But Shannon is already out of frame, disappearing into the crowd of people in the living room. Melissa sticks out an arm to offer Leslie some tequila as she hitches up her pajama bottoms, defeated.

Reluctantly, Leslie takes the bottle and has a sip.

“How is this even possible?” she mutters as Melissa turns the camera back to the rest of the crowd.

Leslie slapped Shannon as the video stopped playing.

“You stole my cunt as a joke?” she shrieked. Shannon, fighting her off, couldn’t help but laugh.

“Jesus, Lez, calm down! I just wanted you to have a good time, and I figured you’d never fuck a guy unless we stole it.”

Leslie folded her arms grumpily and turned away. “I have to pee.”

“Just hold it for a minute, will you?” Shannon said, standing up with the laptop. “Can you feel where it’s at? Is it on the front or the back?”

“I don’t know,” said Leslie, scrunching up her face in thought. “On the back, I think. Feels like my lips are facing up. Uh-oh. Shannon? Shannon! Somebody’s picking it up.” Leslie grabbed her roommate’s arm, as if she might float away.

“What?” Shannon exclaimed, dumbstruck. She put the laptop down, perturbed. Leslie squirmed.

“They’re rubbing my clit. I’m awfully wet. I think I’m about to fuck somebody.” She stared off into space for a moment, then closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. “I think I’m just gonna go to my bedroom now.”

“Jesus,” muttered Shannon.

Leslie stood and stumbled for the first few steps.

“Yeah,” she said, her face reddening. “I’m fucking somebody right now. Walking and fucking. Christ, Shannon, how is this even possible?”

Leslie got to her room and shut the door. Then she started screaming. Not a pained, angry screaming. A complicit, submissive screaming. Slightly grateful. Somewhat.

“Jesus,” Shannon said to herself, her hand wandering between her legs. She was still slightly buzzed. She slid several fingers outside her panties, under her jeans. “It’s like the ultimate glory hole. For women.” A thought of leaving her own pussy in Jacob’s dorm room flashed across her mind before it was interrupted by Leslie’s screams, which now came at a quicker pace. “Yes! Yes! Fuck that cunt! Harder! Deeper! Oh my God!”

Now Shannon heard a steady rocking, the sound of a bed slamming against the wall. Leslie’s cries became more guttural, more primal. She was screaming, cursing, and then moaning, and finally whimpering.

Shannon buttoned her pants up. Who was doing this? It had to be somebody at the party, but there’d been at least thirty, forty people around. She sat up.

Melissa would know. She hadn’t had a drop to drink. At least not until after they’d stolen Leslie’s pussy. She reached for the phone.

“Melissa, hey, it’s me Shannon.”

“Hey Shannon. Is Leslie up? What’d she say?”

“Actually yeah, it’s about that. Do you know who’s got her pussy?”

“You don’t remember? You gave it to Brett.”

A cold wave of dread hit Shannon in the face and then flowed through her, as if she’d been hit with a cold water balloon.

Of course. Of course she’d given it to the biggest motherfucker bayburt escort on the basketball team. Brett’s girth was legendary. All his ex-girlfriends were wheelchair-bound. The sheets on his bed were plastic. He had to wear extra-long shorts so nothing fell out of the legs unexpectedly. And she’d given up her roommate’s pussy to…that.

“Brett?” she managed, hoarsely. “Brett Pounder?”

“Yeah. I tried to talk to you out of it, but you’d had like five rum-and-cokes. There was no talking you down.”

“Okay,” Shannon said, sighing. “Thanks Mels. Bye.”

She went over to Leslie’s door and yelled for her to get ready to go to Brett’s dorm.

Leslie, predictably, had come long before Brett. He kept pounding and pounding, but thankfully kept lubing up every few minutes. However it was a challenge getting Leslie out to the car. Sensations still wracked her body, sweat still poured down her face, but Shannon got her into the car somehow, and half an hour later they stood (or as upright as Leslie could manage) outside Brett’s door.

“Open up, Brett!” Shannon pounded the door, nearly punching it.

Leslie seemed to come out of her daze.

“He stopped. He…I think he stopped. I’m still on him though. I think he’s putting his pants on. Jesus, I’m still on him. He’s wearing me.”

A minute later, a tall dark guy opened the door. He grinned at Shannon.

“Hey gorgeous girl, great party last night!”

“Wasn’t it? Only somebody took something of Leslie’s here” – Leslie waved weakly at him – “and we’re just looking around, trying to find it.”

“Okay, shoot. What’d you lose?”

“Well, she sort of, uh, misplaced her pussy.”

Brett paused for a moment, then doubled over with laughter. Leslie winced and whispered “Pulling my – ow – hair.”

“It’s not here,” Brett said. But he didn’t sound entirely certain.

“Come on, Brett. We know you’ve got it. Give me Leslie’s pussy.”

His tone became annoyed. “You know what, Shannon? You sound like you’re fucking crazy.”

Brett had barely gotten the last word out before Shannon’s foot connected with his groin. Both he and Leslie fell over in pain.

“Sorry, Lez,” said Shannon, unbuckling Brett’s pants. “I forgot you were still…uh, on him?”

She pulled her roommate’s snatch off Brett’s deflating cock and handed it to her. Leslie sat up, staring at the hairy vulva – her vulva – in her gloved hands.

On the one side, she looked down and saw the pussy she’d always known. She’d not trimmed in a while, and her hair was somewhat denser than she’d like to display to the world. Leslie noticed that her clit, which she’d always considered a little large, was still engorged from fucking Brett minutes ago.

She flipped it over gingerly. On the “back” side, her pussy was just an oval of flesh as featureless and insensitive as the spot in her groin where it should go. As it sat in her hands, lips facing down, she noticed that it had the faintest amount of weight to it, which she could sense in her lips and clit.

“Jesus, put yourself in your pocket or something,” Shannon interrupted, looking up and down the hall. “They could get you for public exposure for Christ’s sake.”

Leslie slid her pussy awkwardly into her coat pocket as Shannon rolled the still-moaning Brett back into his room, hit him with a blast of blue light – a memory-wipe spell – and closed the door.

Back at their apartment, Shannon sat on Leslie’s bed, waiting.

“This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen,” came Leslie’s voice from the bathroom. “But it feels so fucking good to finally take a piss. Jesus!”

Shannon heard toilet paper tearing – Leslie must’ve been wiping – and then a flush. Then the sink turned on, then off, and then Leslie walked out.

“Much as I enjoy not having to undo my pants to use the restroom,” she began, “nor even to fuck, I’d appreciate if you put me back together now.”

Shannon nodded. “You have to be naked, unfortunately, and I have to tie you to this bed.”

Leslie halted. “What? You can’t be serious.”

“As a snakebite.”

With a world-weary glare at Shannon, Leslie sighed, setting her snatch down on the nightstand, and disrobing. Lightly she pulled her t-shirt off and undid her bra, releasing a sizable pair of perky breasts. Next she removed her socks and slid out of her jeans. She took off her panties and laid them on the pile of clothing, unintentionally displaying her tight ass to her roommate.

“Why do you have to tie me down?” Leslie said, laying back as Shannon produced several bandanas.

“The magic has a tendency to make you thrash around. But we’ll stick it back on, good as new.” She leaned in close, cinching the last tether tight. “I promise.

“But I should at least let you know, since this is probably as good a time as any to tell you, I’ve always sort of liked you.” Shannon stepped out of her pants, swinging her leg over Leslie’s torso and straddling her on the bed. Leslie stared, nonplussed. “Actually, I’ve always wanted to have a go with you. Except I couldn’t exactly have a go with you until we got this back,”

She produced bebek escort Leslie’s pussy from the nightstand. With one hand, she held it just above its clitoris. With the other hand, she lightly brushed her roommate’s lips. Inches away, Leslie let out a soft whimper.

“Shannon, what the hell? You never told me this.”

But her roommate ignored her. “What’s it like to have your genitalia so close to your face?” she asked, moving it centimeters from Leslie’s confused stare. “I bet it’s weird. But weird in a sexy kind of way. I bet you’re really horny.” Shannon turned the pussy around and looked at it. “Actually I can tell. See how red you are?” She flipped it back around to display to its owner; Leslie’s folds were a deep crimson.

“Bet I can make it a lot more red.” Shannon leaned in close, cupping Leslie’s face with the hand holding her pussy. Softly, she rubbed her captive’s cheek with her own pussy. She saw Leslie’s eyes close in bliss. She drew the pussy across her mouth, slowly, then rubbed it against her other cheek.

“There’s nowhere I can’t put this, is there?”

She brought Leslie’s pussy up to her nipple, tweaking her clit against it.

“How does that feel?”

Still confused, still fighting her emotions, Leslie’s eyebrows lifted in bliss. “That’s…God, that’s nice. I always, ugh, always wondered what that would feel like.”

As she spoke, Shannon dripped some lube onto the severed snatch in her hand, and plopped it down on Leslie’s stomach, between her midriff and Shannon’s hand. Leslie gave a jolt.

Then, without preamble, she slid the separated sex up the length of its owner’s body, until her hand rested below Leslie’s chin. A long moan erupted from her captive as her jaw clamped down in pleasure. Shannon couldn’t help but grin.

“I bet that feels great,” she whispered, reversing direction and sliding it back down her body, stopping only when her pussy lips rested against the blank spot where they’d formerly been anchored. The spot was now turning a deep dull red as well, indicating the connection still present between it and Leslie’s cunt.

Slowly, Shannon started rubbing the pussy against the featureless patch of skin in her roommate’s groin. Leslie began to gently buck against herself.

“I’ve seen a lot of weird shit,” Shannon said, “but this is easily the weirdest way I’ve seen anyone masturbate. And the best. Did I mention it’s the best?”

Leslie’s moaning became more animalistic as her thrusts became more forceful.

“Wow,” Shannon said, surprised. “Looks like you want to come. Good thing I know just what to do.”

And then she put Leslie’s pussy, all of it at once, into her mouth.

“Holy fucking God,” gasped Leslie. Her eyes bulged as she pulled away from the sheets. “I can feel it all. Oh my God, that’s great. Your tongue’s all around me. Fuck! Yes!”

Shannon only smiled, chewing softly.

“Oh fuck, don’t stop. I’m going to fucking come!”

Shannon rolled the pussy around in her mouth, rubbing both side of it with her tongue, folding it backward and forward, twisting it, and even penetrating it. Its consistency was like soft rubber, like firm Jell-O.

“Oh God, Shannon, I don’t think I can take much more of that. Can I finish?”

Shannon pushed Leslie’s pussy out of her mouth halfway. It looked like a tongue. She smiled, and so did her roommate. Then she leaned in, coming in for a French kiss. Leslie smelled her juices on Shannon’s breath.

Her roommate stopped, centimeters away. She brushed Leslie’s face with her pussy.

“You want it?” she managed through her teeth, sending a vibration through the pussy that made Leslie shiver. “You want it in your own mouth?”

As gently as she could, eyebrows raised, Leslie nodded, moaning, and stuck her neck out and tried to take the cunt between her own lips.

“Watch your clit, huh?” she said as Leslie’s mouth wrapped itself around her lips. She seemed to slurp it into her mouth like pasta, no doubt savoring the alien sensations of her labia sliding into her mouth.

“Fuck,” Leslie grunted. “Don’t think I’ve ever been this wet.” Presently she shut her mouth and gave a squeak.

“Problem?” asked Shannon, leaning back to slide a hand into her panties.

“Folded in half. Fuck, that’s the stuff.”

For a moment there was a silence, a palpable tension as if something had to be said but wasn’t put forth. Leslie was enveloped in completely new sensations – too far gone to notice. Shannon’s face became redder and redder, until she finally broke the quiet fog settling over them.

“God, I wish I could do this,” Shannon said, whispering. “I wish I could take my cunt off my body and play with it, and still feel it. I bet it’s so fucking fun for you. You can do whatever you want. You’re your own best lover. You can love you better than anybody else. I wish my magic worked on me. I wish I could take off my cunt.”

As if they were magic words, Leslie began to gasp and moan the second she was done. Perhaps startled, perhaps instinctive, she spat her pussy out of her mouth between gasps. It flopped onto the bed lips down, and she put a hand on its back to grind her clit more forcefully into the sheets. Teeth clenched, eyes shut, she gave a muted scream for a solid ten seconds before dropping her hand from the pussy on the sheets and collapsing beside it. Her chest heaved, and she smiled.

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