Courtney’s Fantasy Ch. 02


I stood on the balcony with my back towards him with my head leaned to the side observing the people below. When he walks up and wraps his arms around me to pull close to his hard cock. I begin to rub her sweet ass against him feeling the hardness. I love teasing my fireman. Paul begins to nibble on my earlobe (he knows how much that turns me on). I turned to and begin kissing him passionately, thrusting my tongue into his mouth to do battle. He pulls me closer holding me tight so that I can’t break free. I reluctantly break the kiss saying that we need to move inside before we are arrested. He gives me that wicked grin of his and grabs my hand pulling me inside with him.

Paul led me to the couch where I immediately dropped to my knee in order to pleasure my horny fireman. It didn’t take much to undress him since like me he was only wearing a robe. He untied his robe and let it drop to the floor. I slowly reached for his cock, wrapping my hand casino siteleri around him. I’m not an expert cocksucker after all Paul’s is the first and only one I have every tasted but he enjoys what I do. I move my hand up and down his shaft while the other plays with his balls. I lower my head to lick the tip of his dick savoring the taste. Licking the head of cock with my tongue I slowly take him into my mouth. Moving my mouth up and down his cock, nearly pulling my mouth completely off his cock, licking the tip again before sinking in back deep into my mouth as far as I can without gagging. I lower again take his dick out of my mouth and nibble on his balls. Before using my tongue to make a bath back to the crown of his cock and begin to suck him once again. I enjoy sucking his cock for several minutes before he stops me, saying “If you don’t slow down I will be no use to you.” I laugh because I know that it’s not true. He pulls güvenilir casino me up and unties my robe which joins his on the floor.

He then lowers me to the couch and kneels between my legs. Once again he gives me that wicked smile of his before lowering his mouth to my pussy. He licks my pussy lips before nibbling on my clit. He then inserts his tongue into my pussy before replacing it with his finger. He begins to fuck me with his finger and returns to sucking my clit into his mouth. I lay on the couching moaning begging him not to stop. I love having my pussy licked by Paul. I felt him insert a second finger into my wet juicy pussy. He begins nibbling on my clit sucking it into his mouth. I am close to cumming and I think he can sense it because he only increases the pressure on my clit. Moving his fingers into my pussy faster. Suddenly he stops. I guess I had a disappointed look on my face because he says to me that we are canlı casino not done yet.

He lifts me from the couch and carries me to the bedroom. Paul lowers me to the bed and climbs in with me. He again inserts his fingers into my pussy fucking me until I beg for more. He moves his cock towards my pussy, rubbing himself against me teasing me. He does this several times before he inserts the head of his dick in my pussy. Slowly he enters me, fucking me slowly. I wrapped my legs around his waist moaning for him to go faster. But he keeps moving slow. I move my hips upward to meet him and lean over me kissing me. He nibbles on my neck telling how much he loves me. How much he enjoys fucking me. He then begins to spend up thrusting into harder and faster. I begin to scream as I cum but Paul doesn’t slow down. He continues thrusting in me over and over and over. I can feel the head of his cock at my entrance before he thrusts himself back into my tight pussy. He then pulls nearly completely out before thrusting again. He slams his cock into my pussy one more time before erupted deep inside me. He pulls out of me wrapping his arms around me to hold me close. He smiles and says thanks for inviting me to dinner.

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