Country Bumpin


My parents have a cottage in the countryside. There is a farm about a mile down the dirt road where this hunk, who is the son of the farmer, lives. I’ve caught him spying on me when I would be alone at the cottage. The exhibitionist in me loved dressing and undressing for him. He never approached me, but from watching him jackoff while I put on a show told me that he might be interested in a more personal encounter.

It was a hot July day when I got to the cottage. As I was opening the door I heard the engine of a vehicle as it slowed down on the road behind me. I entered the cottage and turned to see my farmer stud starring back at me then driving off in his beat up old red pickup truck. Suddenly I got goose bumps just thinking of my little plan to getting together with him.

I hurried to the bedroom to make myself up; blue eye shadow, red lips, I already have long eye lashes. After that I put on the pig tailed blonde wig, that I just purchased at a costume store. Then I put on my yellow bikini top and stuffed it with the gelatin filled balloons that I had in the cooler that I brought with me. The balloons were still pretty cold when I put them in and this just added to my excitement. Next I put on my short faded blue jean skirt and brown cowboy boots.

I was admiring myself in the mirror when I heard that familiar sound of the pickup trucks engine coming down the road towards the cottage. I quickly grabbed my sunglasses that were on the table and then closing the door behind me rushed outside to the road.

In the distance I could see the pickup with a cloud of dust behind it heading my way. Folding my fingers into the palm of my hand I put my thumb out to signal hitchhiker.

In the cab of the truck I could see my hunk Ankara bayan escort smiling from ear to ear as he approached me. The pickup slowed and pulled up. “Where ya headin Sugar?,” he said eyeing me up and down like I was first prize at the county fair. He was dressed in old worn bib overalls with only one of the straps buttoned to hold them up on his muscular physique. He had crystal blue eyes and brown wavy hair with a dark blue bandana sweat band. He was every inch of 6 foot 4 and I hoped he was just as oversized down below. He looked to be in his mid to late 20’s.

I put my forearm on the door of the truck and taking my free hand I moved my sun glasses down to peek over the frame at him. I wasn’t referring to a place when I hissed to him, “Where do you want to take me?”.

“Come on in Sweetness,” he invited me into the truck. I climbed into the truck sat next to him and we drove off. “What’s your name honey?,” he asked. “Michele, what’s yours?,” I asked back. “Zak,” he answered.

“Well Zak, I know you’ve been watching me from the woods when I come up here,” I informed him. “You mind?,” he asked. “No, not at all,” I told him as I looked down at the bulge in his jeans that was growing bigger and bigger between his legs. I moved my hand onto his confined cock and slowly massaged it through the blue jean material. It was the size I hoped it would be. “You look so uncomfortable in you jeans,” I said as I then moved my hands around his neck and unbuttoned the strap that held the bib up. “Why don’t we make you more comfortable,” I said as I out my hands on each side of his jeans. Zak rose out of the seat just enough, and amazingly kept control of the truck, for me to pull his jeans down to his ankles.

I wrapped my left hand Escort bayan Ankara around the shaft of his 7 inch pecker and massaged his balls with my right hand then lowered my open mouth to his groin. He had been doing his chores all day so his cock tasted salty from his sweat. I love salt.

“Oh yea Sugar, suck on me…suck on me,” he groaned as I felt his hand on the back of my head as I bobbed up and down sucking on his big country sausage. I held his rod and lapped at it with my tongue while Zak drove through the countryside.

Finally he stopped the truck then said, “Come on Michele we can go in here”. I withdrew his saliva-covered cock from my mouth to raise up and see we were parked in front of an old dilapidated barn deep in the woods.

Zak pulled up his jeans buttoned them and got out on his side and I did the same. We walked to the barn and entered. “Over here baby,” he said taking my hand and leading me over to a horse stall with bales of hay strewn about in it. Zak then put his arms around me and pulled me to him. He smiled closed his eyes and I did mine. Our lips met and I opened my mouth to allow him to slide his tongue in. From the way he held and kissed me I could tell he was very passionate.

Zak then moved his hands down to the zipper on my skirt and unzipped me. My skirt fell in a crumple pile at my ankles. Zak’s hands were now palming my bare ass cheeks. I broke off our kiss so I could unbutton his bib. Zak then stepped back and pulled his overalls down and took them off. Now naked he took me back into his arm for another kiss. Our cocks rubbed each other as we grinded our bodies against one another.

Zak then led me over to a large bale of hay. “Lie back,” he instructed me. I laid with my back Bayan escort Ankara on the hay as Zak knelt between my legs and spread them apart. I watched through my sun glasses as he took my cock in his hand and put it into his mouth. I closed my eyes as I felt the wet warmth of his mouth suck me. I put my hands under my fake boobs and twisted my hard nipples. “Oh Zak..oh..oh,” I moaned my pleasure to him as he coated my balls with his spit and jacked off.

Faster and faster Zak sucked up and down on me till I couldn’t hold back any longer. I cried out, “Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh….,” as I spewed my cum into Zak’s hungry mouth.

I was spent, but not totally. I wanted Zak in me. I needed to be joined with Zak. “Fuck me…Zak Please Fuck me,” I pleaded with him as I rolled over got on my knees and stuck my ass back at him.

Zak stood and spit some of my cum onto his hand then applied it to my man pussy. I moaned softly as I felt one then two fingers enter to loosen me. He then put his left hand on my left ass cheek and holding the shaft of his cock he rubbed the head of his dick into the mixture of saliva and cum that was smeared on and in my hole.

Then I felt the head of his dick begin to penetrate me. Slowly he eased his long thick meat muscle into me as he held onto my hips. Back and forth he rocked. Every time he moved forward I gasped with delight from the feeling that his cock was bringing me. “Yea Zak..fuck me..fuck me..I’m a dirty whore..fuck me,” I called out to him.

Encouraged by my words Zak fucked faster harder. Grunting louder and louder as sweat began dripping from his brow as he pounded and pounded me. Finally he arched his head back and groaned as I felt spurt after spurt of his hot cum shoot inside me.

Zak stepped back and collapsed into a pile of hay and I laid down on the bale exhausted. In a few minutes we regained our strength and dressed. We kissed again before he rode me back to the cottage for what was only the beginning of an adventurous weekend.

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