Conquering the Fearsome Foursome Ch. 02


As a reminder to you, my name is Jack. A few years back, I made a bundle from stock options I was granted for working for next to nothing for a start-up internet company. I got myself into shape and bought a house on a golf course. As a bonus, I sort of weaseled my way into a group of middle-aged women, better known around the club as the Fearsome Foursome, due to their abhorrent, and often dangerous, golfing skills. The ladies were very attractive and I was fortunate enough to have been seduced by one of them, Irene.

The others in the group were Anna, Rebecca and Sylvia.

Anna had been fretting about her investments and was worried that the money she got from her divorce settlement would run out. I recommended she give my financial planner a call. She did wonders with my portfolio and positioned me so that I could minimize my tax bite to Uncle Sam but still have a return that would ensure I wouldn’t have to tap into the principal.

I didn’t mention that she also loved to suck cock. I couldn’t help remembering when we started screwing. Whenever I hear her name, Marian, my cock gives a jolt.

I remember the beginning like it was yesterday…

Marian is also a member of the club and I met her in the bar. She had already had a few martinis and was flirting with all the men. Marian is probably in her late 40’s to early 50’s, and could almost be a Dolly Parton look-alike. I say almost because rather than the bleached blond hair, she is a brunette. And I am sure that is colored too. But her tits entered a room long before the rest of her did. She had been widowed for a number of years and, probably due to her looks, built her late-husbands financial planning business into quite a successful venture.

She was having a great time teasing the married men when she noticed me sitting alone at the end of the bar. She came over to me and said with a smile “Hi. Is this a private party?”

“Sure is. But the conversation is a bit lacking. Would you like to sit down?”

“Why, yes, I would. My name’s Marian. You’re new here, aren’t you?”

“Yes, sort of. I joined a couple of months ago. I am still trying to find my way around here. I’m Jack.”

“Jack? Don’t hear that name much anymore. It seems mothers have taken to using soap opera names now-a-days.”

“Soap opera names?”

“Yea. Names you here on those afternoon soap operas. Names like Dylan, Tiffany or Joshua.” We both laughed at that. Growing up, I had a bunch of friends with those types of names. I doubt they would have found her comments as humorous as I did.

“So, Jack, what kind of work do you do?” I laughed and said I am happily unemployed. The look on her face said she didn’t understand, one, how I could be happy about being unemployed and, two, I could afford this club with no job. I gave her the short version of my story, and when I got to the part about making a bunch on the options, her eyes light up and her interest in me became more acute.

“Jack, I am glad we met. I think we can make each other very happy.” Now it was my turn to give the “I don’t understand” face. “Jack, I run a very successful financial planning operation here, and I am positive that I can help you with your investments without costing you a bundle in fees.”

“Ah, I see. So that’s how I get happy, but how do you get happy?”

She just sat there, smiled and said “You come by my office day after tomorrow, which is Friday, right, and we can discuss a plan, ok? Say, 4:30ish? That way we can talk and won’t have any distractions.”

“I’ll be there.” She handed me her card and before standing up, put her hand on my thigh, giving it an innocent squeeze. “Bring your latest financial information and the names of the professional people you use, such as lawyer, CPA, broker, ok?”

She walked away, swinging her ass in such a way to ensure that every straight male in the room would turn their heads. Hell, I bet even a gay male would have looked too.

I spent Friday pulling all my records together. I thought I had done a pretty good job of diversifying my portfolio, but was interested to see what she could do for me. I threw it all in a brief case and, after playing a round of golf, went over to her office. The building was in a new office park, where there were maybe 5 towers, 10 or 15 stories high. Hers was the tallest and her office was on the 15th floor. Getting out of the elevator, I got a feeling of dread. Her office took up the entire floor and was decorated in what appeared to be expensive antiques. This was going to cost me some serious money. But, since I was already there, it wouldn’t cost me anything to hear her plan.

I walked up to the receptionist desk, which looked more like a command center than an office desk. There were 2 computers and a huge telephone console. The pretty young thing, young being probably 21 or so, looked up and smiled, “You must be Jack? She is expecting you. You’re a little early so why don’t you take a seat. Can I have a drink brought to you? Soda? Coffee?” Looking at her watch, bonus veren siteler she added “Beer?”

“Thank you. A cup of coffee would be fine.”

“We have espresso, cappuccino or maybe a latte?”

I laughed and said, “Do you have just plain coffee, black?”

“Yes sir, coming right up.” She hit a button on the phone, told the person on the other side my order and hung up. “It’ll be here soon. I’ll let Ms. Thomas know you are here.” She punched another button and announced my arrival.

Before I could find a magazine to peruse, a college-aged kid, dressed in a black pinstriped suit came in with my coffee. “Thanks.” I really felt uneasy now. This operation was obviously successful because she must be charging some suckers exorbitant fees.

Marian came into the waiting area with a huge smile on her face and a sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there the other night. I guess the booze dulled them. But today, she looked absolutely radiant. She wore a v-neck knit sleeveless blouse that revealed her ample cleavage. The knitted fabric also assured that it would fit her snuggly, making her large breasts appear even larger. The black skirt came to just above her knees and had a slit in the back that went up almost to her ass. She also donned black hose and sandal-like heels.

“Jack! Glad you came. Come on back with me and we can get better acquainted before we assess your portfolio and your goals.” I couldn’t help but feel a little excited at seeing her dressed as she was. I stole a glance at her tits a time or two while she spoke to me, and I am sure she knew it.

As I followed her, I noticed her figure really was quite nice for a woman her age. She knew how to work what she had to get the attention she obviously enjoyed. Her personal office was as elegant as the rest of the place, maybe even more so. It was very spacious. She had a large executive desk by the windows, a small conference table, which could seat 6 comfortably, and an area, which was decorated like a model home living room, complete with an overstuffed sofa, chairs and coffee table. She even had a big-screen TV and Bose stereo equipment.

“Quite a set-up you’ve got here” I said looking around at the décor.

“Thanks. I spend a lot of time here so I thought I should make it as much like a home away from home as possible. Sandy, the receptionist out front, thinks that I need to get a life and not spend so much time here.”

“She may be right. But if you have to be here, I agree with you that it should be as comfortable as possible. Now if you had a bar….”

“Oh, I do. Behind those doors is a completely stocked bar that could entertain a large group.” She smiled at me and gave me a look, asking me if I would like something.

“Whatever you’re having will be fine.” She went into the ‘closet’ and retrieved two bottles of imported beer and two frosted mugs. I took the mugs and filled them slowly to avoid too much of a head.

When I turned to hand her the mug, she was sitting on the couch looking through my paperwork. I placed the mugs on the coffee table and sat in the chair closest to her. Marian’s legs were crossed and her skirt had ridden up slightly. She scanned through each statement, pausing at the detailed investments. I took this opportunity to survey her body, wondering whether she was a wild lover or a “lay there and take it” one. I figured she was one who liked to take charge and dominate her partner.

“Hmmm, you have made some interesting choices in stocks.”

I explained to her my investment strategies and philosophies. I wasn’t concerned so much with growth, but with preservation. I could live comfortably on the income and didn’t want to dig into the principal.

I won’t bore you with the detail of our conversation, but it basically was a mutual interview, her getting my story and me getting comfortable with her character and her handling my finances.

“So what have you heard about me in the men’s locker room at the club?”

“Not much, really. Mostly that you enjoy flirting with the married men.” I lied. I heard she liked to get the men all worked up and then leave. Those that did manage to get in her shirt were lucky. But then, that’s locker room talk and none of it first hand.

“Yes, that is true. Those men are my clients and I like to make them feel special. However, in the ladies locker room, they all know that in order for me, a woman, to compete with my male counterparts, I have to provide something they can not.” She laughed at the last part. “Those men have egos the size of Montana and need a lot of stroking. Their wives know this and they also know that I do not go any further than flirting. Not that those guys haven’t tried, though. Now the single men….” She smiled and left that statement hanging.

“To be honest, I could care less what is said in the locker rooms. From what I hear there, I sometimes think that place is a high school for adults. I can understand why those guys have tried; you are very nice looking woman. bedava bahis Looks and a brain. Just what the ego calls for.”

She blushed slightly at my subtle compliment, “Thank you. It’s nice to hear things like that from a young man.” She re-crossed her legs in such a way that I would be sure to look. “Now, you are probably wondering how I can afford all this”, motioning to her office décor, “and say that I can keep your fees down? My other clients pay the freight on this place. You see, they are interested in amassing wealth, wealth that you already have. That is time consuming on my part, therefore it’s expensive, and I deliver. You are interested in maintenance and long-term growth, which does not require a lot of my time over the long term, so my fees to you can be much less. Understand?”

“Yes. What do you have in mind for me then?” She stood up, drained the last of her beer from the mug, and went over to her table to retrieve some charts. As she did, I couldn’t help notice her tits jiggle beneath her blouse. As she explained everything to me, she would bring materials over to me from the table. She could have easily picked up the whole bundle and brought them over in one trip, but every time she handed me something new, she would bend over, giving me a close-up vista of her generous cleavage. When she returned to the table, she would bend over, giving me an eyeful of her curvy round ass. During her presentation, the receptionist poked her head into the office.

“I am the last one here. You want me to lock up?”

“Yes please. Have a good weekend.”

“You too. Nice meeting you Jack.”

“Same here. Good night.”

And the office was quiet for a second or two, and then she resumed her “speech”. While handing me one pamphlet, she dropped it and it landed in my lap. Before I could retrieve it, she reached down and pressed her hand into my cock, which was getting aroused watching her bounce around. I figured it was inadvertent, so didn’t make any thing of it. But when it happened a second time, I knew I had to act.

As she was retrieving another brochure, I followed her. When she turned around, I placed my hands on her cheeks, pulled her to me and kissed her. Startled, she attempted to pull away, but I held her head. Her hands went to my hips and gave me a gentle push, but not one that would convince me that she wanted me to stop. I moved my hands from her cheeks to her shoulders and pulled away, but only slightly.

“What…what are you doing?” She was still a bit shaken but her tone of voice did not indicate indignation or anger. “I am kissing you. I am going to do it again too.” And I did. This time I pulled her into me, pressing her breasts into my chest. They felt wonderful, still very full. I parted my lips slightly, pushing my tongue to her lips. She opened her mouth and our tongues met. She was still unsure of what was transpiring, which is just what I wanted. As we kissed, I felt her hands moving in little circles on my hips. I wasn’t going to be teased.

I began kissing her cheek, and then whispered in her ear, “Go ahead, and touch it.”

“What?” she breathed.

“Touch it. You want to. I want you to. So do it.”

One hand moved to my growing cock. Again I whispered in her ear, “Use both hands.” She giggled but complied. Both hands were now massaging my member through my khakis. She was a bit tentative but as she felt it harden, she relaxed. She tried to pull away as she unzipped my pants, but I held her to me. I had other plans. She undid my belt, rather expertly too, given the fact she couldn’t see what she was doing because her breasts obstructed any view she would have of anything below them.

As my pants were being undone, I moved my hands from her shoulders down her back to her ass. I continued to kiss her lips, cheek and neck as I did this, both because she was a good kisser, but also to prevent her from moving. I ran my hands over her ass cheeks, squeezing them every so often.

“Most men go straight for my tits. Not you. You go for my ass. You like my ass, huh?”

“I do like your ass. I like those tits too. I plan on giving them a lot of attention, too, just a little later.”

She was enjoying my hands on her ass too. In addition to stroking my now exposed cock, she was rubbing her tits from side to side on my chest. This woman knew how to use her body. She was also trying to regain control, but I was not going to relinquish it.

I found the zipper to her skirt, pulled it down and the skirt dropped to the floor. I put my hands back on her ass, only to be pleasantly surprised that she did not have panty hose on, but rather thigh highs. “I like your choice in undergarments. Particularly your silky panties.” I slipped a hand beneath the elastic and fondled her soft fleshy butt.

“You like them. How does this feel, then?” She took my cock and rubbed the head between her legs, over her panty-covered pussy. It did feel good. But she wanted the control back. Not gonna happen. She was still unable to see what deneme bonus she was doing, and my cock hadn’t yet reached full erection. I put my hands on her hips and began to slide her panties down. As the panties descended, since my dick was between her legs, the panties pulled my dick downward too. She was pulling it up too, so that it would maintain contact. When the panties cleared the head of my cock, it struck back into her wet pussy lips with a slap. She jumped slightly at the unexpected pussy spank.

I was now very hard and she was beginning to get an idea of the size of the member down below. We looked each other in the eyes and she began to move her hips back and forth, gliding her pussy over my thick sausage. With each stroke, she became more and more aware of, not only its length, but girth as well. She would pull her hips backward, until the head was touching her clit and then push back in, pressing down on my shaft.

“You pretty big, aren’t you? It feels wonderful. I want it. I want it bad.”

“All in due time.” I was struggling myself, not to ram it deep into her wet hole. I could feel her juices flowing and soaking my cock. She whimpered at the thought of having to wait. I didn’t want to wait that long myself, so I grabbed her hips firmly and pumped myself into her. The friction between my cock and her pussy lips became intense. She matched my every stroke, moving in such a way that her clit was being rubbed.

“Oh…yes! Give it to me. Oh, OH, OOOHHHH. I’M CUMMING.” She shuddered violently, squeezing her legs together to hold my dick where it was. I was glad she came when she did, because I was on the verge of shooting my load between her legs and onto the table behind her.

She continued to grind me after her orgasm faded, but I needed my release, and this was not how I wanted to get it. I pulled away and turned quickly so that she would only get a fast glance at my cock. I knew she wanted to see it, just as I wanted to see those globes on her chest, but, if I was going to maintain the upper hand, I had to keep her wanting more.

I walked toward one of the side chairs. I motioned for her to follow. I turned around and sat down, spreading my legs so that her view of my dick was unobstructed. She stared at it intently. Finally, she was getting a good look at the thing that just gave her so much pleasure.

“I need to cum too. I would love to cum in that pussy of yours, but the way you kissed me, the way you used your tongue in my mouth, I want you to use it on my cock. Would you like to suck it? Or would you rather I …”

Before I could finish, she interrupted me. “Yes. I want to be fucked by you right now, but I really want to feel that thing in my throat.” I could tell by the look on her face that she liked sucking cock and was probably very accomplished at it too.

She knelt down between my legs. She pulled my pants and boxers down and off. Her hands caressed my thighs, inching closer to my aching cock. When she leaned forward to kiss my erection, I felt her breasts press against my legs. Her left hand went around the base of my dick, while the right cupped my balls. She guided the tip to her lips and kissed it softly. She repeated that two or three times before opening her mouth and using her tongue. A bead of pre-cum formed and, using her tongue spread it around my purple helmet, making it shine in the phosphorescent light. It felt so good, I couldn’t control myself and I moaned and pushed my hips up.

Her tongue continued to swirl around my dick, going down my thick rigid shaft, right over my balls and to the sensitive spot between my asshole and balls. I had the arms on the chair in a death grip, biting my lower lip and praying I didn’t blow my wad now.

She must have sensed my ‘problem’ and gave the base a good hard squeeze and stopped for a few seconds to let me regain myself. She smiled at me with a look of self-satisfaction, knowing she now was in control. At that moment, I really didn’t care. She had my balls in one hand and my dick in the other, she could have it.

She continued using her tongue, lightly licking my cock and cock head. Whenever a bit of precum oozed out of me, she lapped it up hungrily. “This feels so good. Suck me, I want you to suck me.” She gave me a throaty “mmmmm” and took the head into mouth. Again she swirled her tongue around it as her head went slowly down. I watched as she edged my cock deeper into her mouth until I felt the back of her throat. She held it there for a few seconds, using her tongue some more to stimulate me. And it worked too. I was again on the verge of exploding. I wanted to cum but also wanted to enjoy her sucking for a while too. I needed a distraction, if only for a moment, and I could make this last. I hadn’t noticed, but her hand was no longer on my balls. I looked down and saw her right shoulder moving slightly. Was she playing with herself? So I asked, “Is your pussy really wet?”

She nodded slightly, not sure why that question was being asked.

“You are very good at this. Do you like sucking my cock?”

“Ummm Hmmm.” She nodded and her eyes flared. I took that as a yes. Pulling my cock from her mouth, “Your cock is delicious. It’s been a very long time since I had a cock even close to this. And I really want to taste your cum.”

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