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To make his life easier, I just reach into my bag and pull my own charger out. “Here. Use mine.” If I didn’t feel so bad for him, I’d laugh at how relieved he looks. “You’re a lifesaver,” he murmurs, quickly taking my charger and plugging it into the table’s outlet, thus saving his phone from dying. “All good now?” I ask. He just sighs, leaning back in his chair and closing his eyes as if taking a breather. “I need to get stoned out of my mind.” I don’t blame the guy. The new year hasn’t been too kind to him lately. His loans are all fucked up for this semester due to a clerical issue, so he’s in the middle of a feud with the school, and his car mysteriously broke down this morning right near campus, for which he’s waiting for an update. I know that the most serious one, though, has to do with his relationship. His girlfriend is pregnant. Somehow, her birth control let a few swimmers pass by, and because she has grad school plans across the country come autumn, she’s not exactly ready to be a mother. Hell, their relationship is on borrowed time as it is since they haven’t even decided whether or not they want to do long distance when the time comes. And Tommy? Love the guy, but I’m not sure he can put the weed away long enough to be a responsible dad — and he knows that. That’s why he’s in stress-mode over the fact that his girlfriend couldn’t go through with the abortion. I’m hesitant to offer any suggestions (like putting up the kid for adoption) because it’s not my place to dish out unsolicited advice. Besides, I know how Tommy gets when he’s in this sort of mood. He silently wallows, and though his feelings of indecision and anxiety are written all over his face, he doesn’t like to “talk” about the deeper things. I didn’t even find out about the situation from him — I found out from his girlfriend. The best thing for me to do is just let him vent when he needs to. “Didn’t you smoke this morning?” I ask. “Not enough,” he groans, rubbing his forehead. Just then, his phone starts ringing pretty loudly. I think he turned it up so that he wouldn’t miss the call, but we’re taking refuge in the library in between classes and making half-assed attempts to do homework, and I’m sure someone’s going to complain about the noise. He picks up the call within a second, though, having expected the shop to get back to him around this time. I watch nosily as Tommy has a short conversation with the mechanic, only saying things like “Really?” and “Uh huh” and “Okay, thanks” before hanging up. “What’s the verdict?” I ask. “They still don’t know what’s up with it,” he sighs, shaking his head as he sets his phone down. “Fuckin’ ridiculous.” “I’m sure they’ll figure it out before the end of the day,” I tell him, trying to be positive. “So what am I supposed to do ’til then? Chill here all night?” I shrug. “Why don’t you just come chill at my house?” I suggest. “I can give you a ride when your car’s ready.” Tommy blinks a bit. “You sure?” he asks. “I don’t wanna put you outta your way.” I snort. “Fuck that, dude. You’re my buddy,” I tell him with a smile. “Plus, we can get you nice and toasted.” Tommy finally cracks a smile anticipating that. “You got a deal, man.” He decides to skip his last class in the interest of relaxation, so once his phone is charged a decent amount, we take our leave. As we head home, I realize it’s been a long damn time since any of my friends have been over my house. We always just collectively group up at Tommy’s apartment. That’s the go-to hangout space. But today, it just makes more sense to have Tommy at my house. I live way closer to campus *and*, more importantly, the mechanic. Ten-minute drive, max. I park beside Dad’s truck before Tommy and I pop out of my car and head up to the front door. “Hellooo?” I call out as we enter the house. “Daddy?” I hear from the living room — and I smile when I see Mason’s head poking up from behind the couch. “Hey baby,” I say, and he grins widely, hopping off of the sofa and coming up to greet me. I squat down in time so that he runs right into my arms, giving me a lovely hug that ends with a quick peck on the lips. “You remember my friend Tommy, right?” I ask. Mason just looks up at my buddy and nods, even though he’s wearing a slightly confused expression. Maybe he doesn’t quite remember him too much. Tommy just laughs. “You grew up fast as hell, kid.” Mason beams at that, but I’m quick to embarrass him. “Yeah, he finally stopped sucking his thumb,” I tease. The boy instantly goes red, and I laugh and kiss one of those rosy cheeks apologetically before standing up. “What have you been up to?” “Just doing stupid homework,” Mason says, gesturing towards the living room where his backpack and schoolwork is scattered across the coffee table and the couch. Tommy laughs at that. “Stupid homework is right,” he murmurs, and I just slap his arm, wanting Mason to stay focused and excited about homework. “You fed Bowser, right?” I remind him. “Yeah,” he says meekly. He forgot to yesterday, so I had to give him a minor “talking to.” “Good boy,” I say, stroking his hair before he looks up at Tommy. “Do you want to meet him?” Mason asks. I chuckle softly because Tommy looks confused at first, but I clarify who Bowser is. “His pet turtle.” “Oh, sick!” he says with a laugh before nodding. “*Hell* yeah, I do.” Mason eagerly leads the way, always excited to show off his pet to newcomers — though he’s probably also more than happy just to take a break from homework. We make our way upstairs, where Mason speeds down the hall to his room. Just as Tommy and I are about to pass the bathroom, though, we both stop in our tracks at the sight of my Dad emerging — naked. Instead of being embarrassed, I snort. “Nice, Dad,” I comment sarcastically, noticing the steam emanating from the bathroom. Clearly he just hopped out of the shower. At the sound of my voice, Dad turns around and smiles at me. Thankfully he notices Tommy behind me before he says anything incriminating, though. “Sorry. Didn’t know you were bringing company,” Dad says with a little smile before nodding towards my friend. “Nice seeing you, Tommy.” Tommy just lifts his hand in greeting. “You too, man,” he says, chuckling to himself. “Tommy’s car’s in the shop so he’s gonna hang here for a bit,” I explain — though I suppose this conversation could wait ’til after Dad puts some fucking clothes on. “Oh, okay,” Dad says with a nod. He seems perfectly comfortable being naked in front of my friend, though, not making any effort to cover himself up. “You staying for dinner, bud?” he asks Tommy. “I mean… Yeah, if you’ll have me,” Tommy says. “Long as you like macaroni,” Dad says with a grin before pointing his thumb towards Mason’s room. “That one’s been begging me to make some for days.” Either Mason heard the word “macaroni” or he’s just wondering what the hold-up is, because he pokes his head out of his room and looks towards us. “Maybe put some clothes on first,” I say to Dad, eyeing my man playfully. Dad just smirks in my direction before turning around to head further down the hall towards the master bedroom. “Sorry about that,” I murmur to Tommy, watching Dad tousle his grandson’s hair as he passes Mason’s room. The boy giggles a bit, biting his lip as he watches his papa disappear into the family room before he looks at me. “It’s all good,” Tommy says before adding, “Your dad’s a stud.” I just smirk to myself, shaking my head. You’re damn right he is, buddy. Tommy and I hang out with Mason for a while in “his” room for a while, taking the turtle out for a little attention. Tommy actually seems fascinated with all the random facts Mason has in store for him, and my friend listens attentively while tracing the patterns on Bowser’s shell. It’s nice to just kick back for a while, but at one point, Tommy asks where my room is, and Mason’s quick to blurt out that we all sleep in the master bedroom. I gulp a bit, glancing over at my friend to gauge his response since I’m not quick enough to come up with a proper explanation. At first, he looks surprised while looking at my son, but then he just shrugs and goes back to petting Bowser, leaving that notion unexplored. After that, I decide to take Tommy elsewhere in case Mason decides to let something else spill. I bring him out to the back porch where he can light up one of the several joints he’s always carrying around. I don’t join him in smoking, though. I’m just here to keep him company and chat with him while he “gets blazed out of his mind,” so we talk about random, mostly school-related nonsense for a while before I notice that he looks particularly relaxed. “Feeling better?” I ask when he starts to get that look on his face. He just smiles stupidly at me. “Fuck yeah.” “Good,” I say, chuckling softly. “Your dad cool with this?” he asks, holding up his joint. I shrug. “More or less, yeah.” “Tight,” Tommy says approvingly, nodding to himself as he takes another hit before he starts asking questions. “You think you’re ever gonna move out?” I blink. “Uh… I don’t know.” In my head, there’s only one answer, though: never. “Y’all share a room,” he comments, gesturing vaguely towards the small house. “It’s a big bed.” Does that sound normal? He laughs, swirling smoke around with his hand. “Okay, but what about, like, privacy and bringing girls over and shit?” I snort, shaking my head. “What girls?” “Oh, come on,” he says, grinning. “You’re telling me you’re not bagging any chicks right now? This is prime time, man.” Should I just tell him? Should I just spit it out? I’ve never come out to any of my friends before, mostly because I’ve never felt the need to. Luckily, my buddies don’t talk about girls the way most dudes do, so the opportunity hasn’t even really presented itself. Besides, Tommy’s different from my other friends. He’s a little more down-to-earth than the rest of the guys, so I suppose that’s what makes me comfortable enough to spill the truth. “I’m not into girls.” Tommy pauses mid-huff to tilt his head and look at me curiously. “You’re not?” “Nope,” I say, feeling my heart racing. How’s he going to react? Honestly, it probably helps that he’s stoned. “Huh,” he says, eyeing me with intrigue before shrugging. “Never woulda guessed.” I just grin slightly to myself. “Guess I hide it well,” I say with a slight laugh. Tommy smiles amicably. “Guess so,” he says before looking curious again. “Your dad know?” I bite my lip but nod. I don’t need to say more than that. Tommy seems to find that funny, and he laughs to himself for several seconds while holding his stomach before he looks at me. “Jesus. And he still walks around naked?” I blush slightly but shrug it off. “Yeah. He’s just comfortable.” “Dang. That must suck, dude,” Tommy says. “If I were gay, he’d be the kind of guy I’d go for.” Tommy says. He spits it out so casually that I’m momentarily stunned. My friend isn’t the type to be shy about if he thinks certain guys are good-looking, but my dad? He’s adjacent to some dangerous territory. But before I can even fathom an appropriate response, he keeps asking questions. “Does Mason know?” he asks. I half-nod, half-shrug. “Kinda, yeah,” I say. “Hard to really tell at that age.” “Yeah, that makes sense,” he says with an affirming nod. “Cool that you’re open about it though. You seeing anyone?” How do I want to word this? “Focusing on family right now,” I say, satisfied with my response. Tommy seems to agree, because he smiles and points his joint towards me, more so in an acknowledging way. “Respect.” That’s as far as we get in terms of exploring my sexuality and circumstances since Tommy gets distracted by a couple of squirrels chasing each other through the yard. He seems to think it’s the funniest, most interesting thing he’s seen in years, and I mostly make fun of his reaction before switching gears randomly to politics — only for a short while, though. Once he’s finished with his blunt, we head back inside to warm up and play a few video games before dinner’s ready. Dinner goes by pretty smoothly. Mason, who’s apparently extra cuddly today, practically demands to sit on my lap during the “mac-n-cheese feast” while Dad and Tommy play catch-up. Dad of course asks all those “How’s life treatin’ ya?” questions since he hasn’t seen Tommy in a long time, so Tommy talks about all about his scholastic endeavors before Dad tells my buddy about the snazzy house he’s building, even showing him a few pictures of the progress. It’s strange having Tommy at the table — not because he’s weird or making me uncomfortable, but because I’m so used to only having only Dad and Mason at this table (and, on occasion, Jack). Half the time I have to resist touching up on my boy or giving him soft, romantic kisses at the table as we playfully feed each other. Tommy still bears witness to our affections, though, and I can’t help but notice how often he looks over to see Mason feeding me a bite of his veggies (since, like most kids, he hates them) or giving me a quick peck on the lips. I think Mason is only feeling comfortable enough to be our special kind of affectionate in front of someone who’s basically a stranger because I’m not telling him to stop with the kisses like I usually do when we’re in public. I get a little nervous at one point, worried that Tommy’s freaked out by it or something. Frankly, I can’t read his expression as positive or negative, but he looks damn thoughtful about *something*. Tommy gets a call from the mechanic right near the istanbul travesti end of dinner. Turns out it was simply a frayed wire, so his car is up and running and ready to be picked up. Before we take our leave, I let him take an extra helping of mac-n-cheese since his stoned ass loved it so much. Grateful for dinner, he shakes hands with my dad and bumps fists with my son, and of course, Mason insists he get a kiss from me on our way out. I know Tommy’s eyes are on us, probably silently judging, but I kiss my boy anyway before Tommy and I head out the front door. We hop into my car and he reminds me which mechanic it is before we start driving off. “You and Mason are pretty close, huh?” Tommy asks all of a sudden. I can’t tell if he sounds suspicious or anything, so I try to keep myself relatively calm. “That’s my boy,” I say with a laugh. Tommy chuckles too, nodding. “He’s a sweet kid,” he says. Then, after a moment, he adds another comment. “Affectionate, too. Practically demands kisses.” “Yeah,” I say slowly, biting my lip and looking at Tommy through the corner of my eye as I drive. “Sorry if you think it’s… weird,” I mention. “Not at all, dude, not at all,” he says. I can sense that he’s smiling without even having to look at him. “Honestly, I think it’s… kinda sweet.” I can’t help but feel relieved, breathing out softly as I drive through a few odd intersections. So he wasn’t judging, but merely observing curiously. “Just how he is, you know?” “Yeah, totally,” he says with a chuckle. Then, he poses an interesting question. “Do you regret it?” “Regret what?” “Having a kid so young.” Is this his way of indirectly asking for advice or words of wisdom? I shake my head without hesitation. “Not at all, man,” I tell him. “Mason’s one of the best things that has ever happened to me.” I look over at Tommy as he smiles. His eyes are a little bloodshot, but he’s clearly in a better mood than he was earlier this afternoon, and I’m happy to feel like I played a part in that. “That’s kinda comforting to hear.” “Yeah?” “Yeah, like…” He sighs softly to himself, and I give him a moment to collect his thoughts. “You can’t tell any of the guys this,” he says after a bit, talking in a low voice as if someone’s in the backseat and shouldn’t be let in on the secret. I raise my eyebrows, turning towards him while coming to a stop at a red light. “Sure,” I say, wondering what he’s going to tell me that he doesn’t want me spilling to our friends. He nods a bit, looking absentmindedly at the dash for a second. “Well… I’m pretty sure you know about the pregnancy by now, right?” I wonder if I wasn’t supposed to. “Yeah,” I say, nodding slightly. He clears his throat a bit. “Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve kinda been buggin’ out lately.” I decide to be lighthearted about it and tease him. “It’s pretty obvious.” He stares at me blankly before he bursts out laughing. “Shut up,” he murmurs, shaking his head. The light turns green, so I keep driving, still anticipating whatever he’s about to say. “I don’t know. Ever since Tiff bailed on her appointment, I’ve just been going crazy with a million different feelings. Do I give it up, or do I… fuckin’ try to be dad? On my fuckin’ own? Seems sorta fucked up just to give it up at the end, you know? I mean, that’s my *blood*.” Then he laughs slightly. “I know I’m preaching to the choir here.” I smile a bit. “That you are, T.” “That’s why I’m only telling you this,” he says, and even though I have to focus on the road, I feel him looking at me. “Plus, it’s kinda your fault.” That catches me off-guard. “How is it my fault?” I ask, surprised. “Seeing you with your kid… convinced me.” “Convinced you?” “Yeah. You can tell me if it’s crazy or not, but hanging out with you today kinda made me wanna be a dad.” Oh shit. I passed on the fatherhood bug, huh? “Wait… Seriously?” I ask, grinning from ear to ear. “You wanna give it a shot?” “Yeah man. I think I do,” he says, confirming his words with a simple nod. Well damn, Tommy. Frankly, I’m honored that Mason and I inspired him to shoot for that connection. “Fuck, dude,” I say with a chuckle. “Adding another single dad to the ranks.” Tommy laughs a bit, and when I look over, I see that he’s blushing. “Yeah, well… I don’t know. The way you’ve always described it made it seem not that scary, and then actually seeing you guys with my own eyes just… It clicked, I guess.” I beam over at him before reaching over to slap his thigh affectionately. “You’re gonna love it, dude. I promise.” “If my kid’s anything like yours, then yeah, I bet,” he says with a laugh. God, I feel a surge of pride right now. “Hoping for a boy, then?” “I mean… When it comes down to it, I don’t think I’d care,” he says with a shrug before smiling at me, high and happy. “But between you and me? Yeah. I fuckin’ hope it’s a boy.” After picking up his car, we end up having a long conversation about fatherhood and how I managed to find balance. I’m quick to remind Tommy that I wasn’t alone, though, because I had my dad — and I’m also quick to tell him that I’m always here for him if he needs me. Us dads gotta stick together, after all. By the time I get home, it’s closer to nine, and I’m feeling positively buzzed from Tommy’s confession and decision to keep the baby after his girlfriend carries it to term. I enter the house with a smile on my face, eager to tell Dad about this new development. I find the big bastard in the kitchen, still dressed from dinner, washing a few dishes in the sink. He didn’t hear me enter because the faucet is so damn loud, so I grin as I sneak up behind him and wrap my arms around his frame. “Mmm, I half expected you to be naked when I got back,” I muse. I hear Dad chuckle softly when I kiss the back of his neck. “I considered it,” he says, the smile still in his voice. “Wasn’t sure if you were gonna bring any other surprise gentlemen back, though.” I laugh a little. “Just me. Sorry.” “That’s perfectly fine with me,” he says, rinsing off a plate and then setting it aside. He shuts the water off before he dries off his hands with a nearby towel and turns around. “Now I can do this,” he says, leaning down to kiss me softly as he rests his hands on my neck. I hum, smiling into the kiss before it breaks. “Yeah, I was missing that,” I murmur softly, still keeping close to him as he slides his hands down to my sides. “What took you so long?” he asks. “I almost left without saying goodbye.” I grin a bit, knowing full well he wouldn’t have left this house without saying goodbye. “Got caught up in some conversation,” I say. “Tommy’s, uh… a soon-to-be dad.” At that mention, Dad’s eyebrows raise slightly, and I laugh. “Probably not *that* kind of dad,” I clarify, “but… Well, long story short, his girlfriend is pregnant, and he was stressed about being a dad, but he said after hanging out today, he felt like… like it was something he wanted to do.” Dad hits me with one of his more expressive smiles, putting his hands on my waist. “Look at you, converting your friends,” he says with a little grin. I laugh, shrugging. “All in a day’s work, right?” “Atta boy,” Dad says, running his hands up my shirt to lightly stroke my back. “He’d make a cute kid.” I hum softly, instantly soothed by his touch — and somewhat aroused by the tone he’s taking. “Mmm, do you really have to go tonight?” I ask in a somewhat whiney voice. We could talk a little more deeply about Tommy’s future kid, preferably with our pants off, but I know he has to leave. Dad’s keeping Jack company tonight, taking a trip up to Jack’s mom’s house and spending all day there tomorrow to help his buddy with going through his mother’s things. Jack’s mom fought bravely but inevitably lost her battle with cancer, and the big guy has been a bit distraught, too sad to handle dealing his mother’s belongings alone. “I’ll only be gone a day,” he says, giving my sides a squeeze. “Yeah, and two nights,” I say bitterly. He grins a little. “Gonna miss your daddy, huh, little boy?” “Yeah,” I say sheepishly before I sigh. “But Jack needs you.” “Yeah, he does,” Dad says before mulling something over for a second. “Y’know, I was thinking of inviting Jack to stay over for a few days,” he mentions. “Have him be around people who care about him.” “Hmm… That’s not a bad idea,” I say. Jack’s practically family, and since his real family is as small as mine (he’s only tied by blood to his sister and nephew), there’s no reason for him to be cooped up in his apartment alone. Then, with a grin, I add, “Mason will cheer him right up.” Jack’s all fun and games and smiles around that boy. Dad laughs softly. “Exactly what I was thinking,” he says. Just as Dad and I start discussing plans and sleeping arrangements, Mason comes waltzing into the kitchen. When he sees his daddy and papa are canoodling without him, he rushes over and inserts himself between us so that he’s in the middle of a family sandwich. “Well hi there,” Dad says, looking down with a grin. “We were just talkin’ about you, kiddo,” I say, playing with his hair. He looks up at us, his chin resting on my stomach and the top of his head pressed against Dad’s. “You were?” “Mhm. We’re gonna try and get Jack to come visit for a couple days.” “Uncle Jack?” he says excitedly, his eyes lighting up. “Yup,” I tell him, stroking his little chin with one finger. “And you’re in charge of making sure he’s happy.” Mason just giggles slightly. “Well, I’m good at that,” he says confidently. That gets a laugh out of Dad, who gives both of Mason’s shoulders a squeeze. “No better boy for the job, I’d say.” Mason tilts his head back a little more to look up at his Papa Joel upside down. “Can Uncle Jack come tonight?” “Not tonight, little man,” Dad says with an amused smile as he cups the boy’s chin tenderly. “Day after tomorrow.” “Ughhh,” he groans, pouting. “I hate waiting.” “You and your daddy will have fun without me,” he says, which just makes Mason grin in my direction. “Special fun?” he asks. I laugh. “All the special fun your little body can handle,” I tease before patting his cheek. “But I think it’s time for you to start getting ready for bed.” “Nooo,” he whines, pouting up at me. “Don’t make that face,” I say, pressing a finger to his puckered lips. “It’s a school night.” “But you have school too,” he challenges. “Nice try,” I say with a smirk, “but I don’t have class ’til noon. Now c’mon. Give Papa a goodbye kiss. He’s gonna go soon.” Mason pouts again — this time, up at Papa Joel. “Don’t go,” Mason softly requests to his grandfather, reaching up to grip Dad’s shirt in small fistfuls. “I gotta. I made a promise,” Dad says before holding the boy’s cheeks. “Can I still get that kiss?” That instantly breaks Mason out of his neediness, because he smiles widely and nods. “Make it nice,” Dad teases as he shifts enough to bend down, and Mason giggles before their lips connect in a sweet, upside-down lip-lock that’s held for several seconds. When they separate, both of them laugh softly, satisfied by the wet smack their lips make. He then pats Mason’s butt and tells him to start getting ready for bed so he can say goodbye to me. As if invigorated by the kiss, Mason giggles, says goodbye, and skips happily up the stairs to get his bath ready. I smile to myself before stepping in closer to Dad and taking his wrist in my hand. I toy with his little bracelet for a moment before turning my attention to our rings. “Gonna miss you,” I murmur, looking back up at him. He smiles tenderly at me before leaning in to give me a kiss, so soft and tender that I nearly melt into a puddle of Daddy’s boy. “Gonna miss you more,” he murmurs after our lips pull apart. “You gonna survive without me for two nights?” he teases. I just laugh, affectionately slapping his chest. “Barely,” I whisper before sliding my hand up to the back of his head and draw him into a deeper, fuller lip-lock. I kiss him good and hard, until his facial hair makes my lips feel raw — and then I kiss him some more. I’ve been idly watching TV in the living room, all cozy under a thin blanket, but I’m not focused on the screen at all. School was fine, and I got lots of homework done, and Mason and I hung out for a few hours before I put him to bed… But I keep thinking about Dad, missing him, wanting to speak with him. After being separated for only a day, I feel like a needy little boy, craving his attentions and affections — or, at the very least, his voice. Eventually, I get desperate to talk to him, so I lower the volume on the television, pull out my phone, and ring up “Papa Bear.” There’s a pause after the fifth ring, and at first, I think the call got disconnected. But then, Dad’s voice fills my ears, and subsequently my whole body. “Mitch?” I smile gently to myself. “Hey, Daddy,” I murmur. He chuckles softly. “Hi, son.” God, that deep timbre of his voice… “What’s up?” “I just missed you, is all. Wanted to see how today went.” “Went okay. Sherry didn’t have that much stuff, to be honest, so we pretty much got the entire house cleared,” Dad says. “Jack’s a mess, though.” Jack’s always been the type of guy to hide any negative emotions behind that cheery mask of his. I’m sure that mask only comes off in front of Dad, and *maybe* his sister, so I can only imagine what that looks like. “Did you invite him yet?” I ask. “I did, yeah.” “And did you tell him Mason’s excited to see him?” Dad lets out a soft chuckle. “That’s how I convinced him to stay. Something like, ‘Mason would be really disappointed if you said no.’ Made him smile, at least.” “That’s good,” I say joyfully. It’s undeniable that Jack and Mason have a fun-loving connection — and it’s no surprise, either. I mean, the kid christened Jack as his uncle all on his own. I’ve never even referred to Jack as such. “How’s your little boyfriend, anyway?” I glance up at the ceiling, picturing Mason curled up in bed. “Asleep by now, hopefully,” I murmur. For whatever reason, that makes Dad laugh. “You sound tired.” “He was just high-energy today,” I say with a soft sigh, recalling the way Mason was practically bouncing off the walls and distracting me from my homework. He must have gotten into a stash of sugar at school or something. “Hopefully that orgasm knocked some life outta him.” “Mmm,” Dad hums deeply, practically vibrating in my ear. I grin slightly, lightly biting my bottom lip. “You like that?” “You know I do, boy.” I laugh. “He kadıköy travesti particularly enjoyed bath time tonight, you know,” I tell Dad playfully. “You missed out.” Dad chuckles softly. “You tryna turn me on, kid?” he asks in a soft voice. “Is it working?” “Yes,” he admits, and I feel my cock twitch in my sweatpants. “You’re lucky I’m alone right now.” I gulp, trying to envision where he is. “Yeah? Where’s Jack?” “Asleep.” “And where are you?” “In the spare room.” Must mean there’s a bed nearby… “Comfortable?” There’s a long pause, and for a moment, I’m unsure as to whether or not he heard me. But then he speaks. “I can be.” “You should be,” I suggest, finding myself rolling onto my back and lying flat. “Long as you tell me something,” he says. I raise my eyebrow. “What?” “How’d you make my littlest boy cum?” I hum, resting my free hand right on my groin. God, I love it when he refers to Mason as his boy, too. “Oh, you want details, huh, you perv?” I ask teasingly. “Oh, I want details,” Dad says in a low voice — so low that it brings my semi to a full erection in record speed. Smirking to myself, I decide to tease. “Maybe you should come home so I can tell you all about it.” Dad growls lowly, sighing out through his nose before speaking. “Goddamn, you’re a tease, kid,” he says softly, making me chuckle. “Did you cum?” “Nah,” I say. “Focused on him.” “What a good little daddy you are,” Dad murmurs, a grin in his voice. “Wish I was there tonight to take care of you.” “Wish you were here, too,” I whisper back, giving my cock a firm grip in an attempt to match my father’s touch. “You know what I was thinking about today?” Dad asks. “What?” “When you and I used to watch porn together.” It’s been a long time since we did that — mostly because it always ended in sex and we never focused on the porn for longer than three minutes. The last time we watched porn, it was a steamy, raunchy, bareback leather-daddy clip that got my father super-charged. His hands were all over me, and when he tore his eyes away from the computer screen, I got all of his attention. He fucked me good and hard, rough and wild, and I felt almost decimated after he came but in the best way — especially when he made sweet, tender love to me as aftercare, making me spew a load so thick that my toes were sore from curling. This was before Mason started becoming more involved with playtime, so I haven’t given a ton of thought as to whether or not he should be privy to porn. I suppose if we chose specific, tame videos for him to watch, it could be a fun addition to family time. “Why were you thinking about that?” I ask. “Jack found some of his magazines in his old room. Made me think of you.” I grin softly. That’s not *really* how it all started with us, but porn definitely helped get the ball rolling on our relationship. “Mmm,” I say, smiling. “Bet you got hard.” “A little bit, yeah,” he says with a chuckle. “Did Jack poke fun?” I tease. “Jack?” Dad asks. “Jack was harder than I was.” I can see it clearly: Jack and my father, best buds, practically brothers, tenting their pants as they leaf through an old porn mag together. Frankly, it’s making me hornier. “Did you guys jerk off?” I ask with a grin. I know that the two of them have never had sex. The most they’ve done is masturbate side-by-side, usually with porn as a visual aid, and that phase of their relationship seemed to close many years ago. “Nah,” Dad says. “Would’ve been kinda weird, in his mother’s house.” Yeah, I guess the context could be a bit of a boner-killer if you think about it too much. “What about now?” I ask. “You’re alone. And horny, I’m guessing.” Dad responds in a quiet voice. “You’d guess correctly.” I chuckle softly. “Well?” I ask. There’s a long pause before Dad asks a question. “You wearing those lil undies, baby boy?” I grin, knowing exactly how he responds to them. “Mhm…” “Which kind?” I pull my hand out of my briefs, looking down and lifting my sweats to check. “The white ones with the little dinosaurs on them.” “Fuck, kiddo,” Dad murmurs, growling again. “Those are my favorite on you.” “I think they’re my favorite, too,” I say, smiling softly. I don’t know if it’s just the brand or the pattern, but I feel that perfect balance of comfortable and sexy. “Mason wanted to match tonight but we couldn’t find his pair.” “Sorry. I have them,” Dad says. I feel my eyebrows furrowing in confusion. “What?” “I have them,” he repeats. “Um… Why?” I ask, almost laughing. “Been using them as a cumrag.” My laughter quickly morphs into a moan. “*Fuck*,” I whisper, my cock twitching in my briefs. “You have?” “Yeah. I usually take a pair of his or yours with me, in case I’m gonna be gone all day and need to unload. Just happened to take that pair.” “Damn, Dad,” I groan, giggling lightly. “That’s hot.” “I thought you’d say that, you naughty little fucker.” “Your fault, Daddy,” I tease, grinning to myself. I’m already having a flood of visuals of my father sneakily dumping loads into little kid undies zoom through my head. God, what a turn on. Dad sighs heavily, sounding like he’s sinking comfortably into the guest bed. “You’ve got me so hard, baby,” he says. I close my eyes, picturing him in bed. Is he clothed still? Dressed for bed? Naked? “I need you,” I say, just on the edge of whining. “I know, Mitchy. I know. Daddy needs you too.” I hear him shift a bit before he settles with a grunt. “You touching yourself, kid?” “Uh huh,” I say, pushing my hand back into my briefs to grip myself. I make sure to use a sure fist, just like my father does. “Good boy.” I lick my lips a bit, humming. “I want you to be touching me, though.” Dad chuckles softly before murmuring, “Where do you want me to touch you, Mitchy?” I gulp before I answer him. “My hole,” I whisper, sliding my hand further into my undies and reaching past my taint to give my hole a soft caress with my fingertip. A soft sigh escapes me. “God, I wish I could see you right now,” he groans. I hesitate for a moment, and then smile as I respond. “I could show you…” Dad pauses on the other line before answering. “Yeah?” “My laptop’s right here,” I say, looking at the coffee table. “We could Skype…” Dad hums deeply. “Gonna show off for me, kid?” I just grin. “I’ll show you anything. You know that.” We take a few minutes to set up the app on his phone and update the program on my computer before we get the call up and running. I sit up on the couch, still dressed in my sweatpants and a long-sleeve, leg shaking as I ring up my father for a video chat. Soon, his face and upper torso fill my screen. He’s got his classic near-expressionless expression on his face, earrings glistening in the lamplight, mustache looking thick and formidable — and I smile widely seeing him shirtless, those bulbous pecs looking positively inviting. “Dad,” I say playfully, swooning like I do whenever I see him. “Son,” he murmurs back with a wide grin. “Are you naked?” I ask. “Wouldn’t you like to know,” he teases. “Yes, I really fuckin’ would,” I mutter, checking the pop up so that I can center my webcam properly. I adjust it so that my whole body is in view — and I spread my legs a bit, grabbing my crotch to tell him I’m needy. “Please?” But he continues to tease. “Show me somethin’ and I’ll show you somethin’, kid.” I huff a bit. “I asked first.” “I’m your father,” he says, grinning smugly. I squint, calling him a dick and making him chuckle before I give in. Lifting my ass off the couch, I slowly remove my sweats while keeping my legs closed so that he can’t see the briefs. I even block his view a bit with my arms. “Oh c’mon, baby,” Dad says with a laugh. “Show me.” “No.” “C’monnn, Mitchy,” he says, adopting a babying voice. “Don’t you wanna show me how me how sexy you are?” “No,” I repeat, trying my best to keep up a front. “You don’t?” he asks. “You don’t wanna make your big man happy?” I chew on my bottom lip for a moment before shrugging. “I do…” “Then show Daddy whatcha got on,” he says softly, eyeing me closely. “…Fine,” I mumble, and he grins as I reveal the dinosaur undies. I stand up and remove my shirt so that no other article of clothing is in the way, filling Dad’s view of me with nothing but my thighs, groin, and core. I love how I look in these. They’re tight without being terribly restricting, accentuating my muscled thighs and making my bulge look positively obscene. And not to mention my ass… These undies hug each cheek like a second, inappropriately young skin. “Goddamn,” Dad whispers, his eyes scanning me. I even give him a view of the backside, grinning to myself when he swears under his breath. “Absolutely beautiful.” “You like ’em, Daddy?” “Fuckin’ love ’em on you, little stud,” he says. “You wear them too well.” I smile as I sit back down, legs spread a bit while I lean in close to the camera. “Now show *me* something.” Dad just grins at me for a moment before shifting his phone, letting the camera scan down his furred, muscled torso and tantalizing happy trail before his cock, held in his left fist, comes into view. My mouth waters as soon as I see it, and I swallow thickly. Hell, I’m pretty sure my hole even flutters a bit. “Perfect,” I whisper when he shows it off for me. God, how have I not gotten bored of seeing his cock yet? It’s without flaw: perfect shape, perfect length, perfect thickness. And it’s my *father’s*. It’s the manhood that made me, that loves me, that comes alive for me. He teases himself with his fingertips and makes it twitch for me before his face fills the screen again. “Take yours out, stud,” he tells me. “I wanna see how hard my boy is.” I unveil my cock slowly through a striptease, watching the way his eyes stay centered on my groin while I slip the waistband down and tuck it under my balls. My cock swings free, wet-tipped and solid, and Dad grins at the sight. “Happy?” I ask, taking hold of my cock and giving it a few strokes for him. “Very,” he growls, licking his lips. I notice his left arm moving slightly — indicating that he’s jerking off right now. “Yeah?” I ask with a smirk before turning around and showing him my ass. It’s still covered by the briefs, so I pull the waistband back and let it snap back against my skin. “How about now?” “Mmf,” he grunts before murmuring, “extremely.” I get back on the couch but position myself on my knees so that my peach, clad in a childish pair of briefs, is arched for him. I reach back and slowly push the waistband down until my entire ass is exposed. I don’t know what it is about this position, but fuck, I feel sexy in it. Plus, I could be imagining it, but I’m pretty sure I hear wet stroking noises on Dad’s end as I reach between my legs, arch as much as possible, and pet my hole with a few fingers. “Jesus, Mitch,” Dad sighs, letting out a soft moan. I just smile to myself, enjoying the fact that Dad gets so turned on by my body. To please him even more, I coat my middle finger with precum before reaching behind me again. I wet myself with slow circles, teasing both my own body and the camera, before starting to penetrate myself. As my finger slips in past the first knuckle, I let out an exaggerated moan to fill my father’s ears. Deeper and deeper I push, rocking my middle finger steadily back and forth, giving my father full view of how the ring clamps down on me. God, it feels good — especially with him watching, encouraging me to push deeper, to make myself feel good, to show him what I want him to do to me when he returns home… I find myself dripping precum steadily onto the couch, but I couldn’t care less. I’m in the fucking zone. That is, until I feel a presence in the living room. My heart rate immediately skyrockets when I look over to see a figure standing beside the couch — but it’s only my son, holding Pandy, giggling slightly. “Mason!” I say in surprise before laughing and clutching my chest as I turn around and sit on the couch normally. Jesus, he scared me. “What are you doing?” he asks me. But Dad’s voice comes through the speakers. “That Mace?” “Papa?” Mason calls out in confusion before he notices the laptop. He comes into the living room more to check the computer screen and smiles widely at the sight of his Papa Joel. “Papa!” Dad laughs, grinning gently at Mason. “Hi, kiddo.” “What are you doing?” he asks. “What are *you* doing?” Dad retorts. “Shouldn’t you be in bed, mister?” “I couldn’t sleep,” the boy says before seamlessly transferring himself to my naked lap. I let him cozy up to me, adjusting my cock before putting my arms around his midsection. “Always the excuse,” I tease, kissing the side of his head. “When are you coming home?” Mason asks his grandfather, placing his hands on my forearms. “Soon, kiddo. Late-morning,” he says. “But I’ll be at school!” Mason whines. “And I’ll be home when you get off the bus,” Dad says with a reassuring smile. “Don’t worry.” Mason hums a little, distracted by me slipping a hand up his shirt to lightly scratch his back. “With Uncle Jack?” “With Uncle Jack,” Dad says with a nod. “Maybe I’ll have him pick you up after school.” “Yeah!” Mason says so excitedly that he nudges my balls a little too roughly. I grunt and laugh, holding his hip with my free hand. “I like that idea.” Dad chuckles softly. “Done and done,” Dad says before eyeing the boy playfully. “So, your daddy tells me you had a nice little bath time tonight,” he mentions, making eye contact with me as he grins. “Yeah,” Mason responds sheepishly with a small laugh. “Did he make you cum?” “Mhm,” Mason says with a nod before holding up two fingers. “Twice.” “*Twice*, huh? Lucky little guy, you are,” Dad says with another smirk. “Daddy takes care of me,” Mason says, leaning back against me even more as he looks up at me with a tender smile. I chuckle, cupping his soft cheek with my palm. “Always, baby,” I murmur before granting him a soft kiss. Mason hums softly at the lip-to-lip contact and decides to go in for another, and this time, I hold it a bit, wrapping an arm a little more tightly around him. When he lets out a tiny whimper against my lips, my heart flutters — as does my cock. In the background, I vaguely hear Dad groan to himself, and I open my eyes as I kiss Mason just to peer at him. He’s watching intently, biting his bottom lip, his left arm shifting up and down at a consistent pace. I almost grin against Mason’s lips. If Dad wants a show, he can have a show… I close my eyes again bakırköy travesti and let myself get lost in my son’s kisses, almost grunting when I feel his little tongue flicking playfully against my lips. I laugh softly before extending my own tongue and attempting to part his lips with it. Just as he opens up for me, I let a hand slide down his front and cup his bulge, making his hips shift automatically into the contact. He hums as deeply as a boy of his stature can, sighing through his nose as my tongue slowly explores his mouth. He still tastes vaguely of his toothpaste: almost candy-like. As I run my palm up and down the boy bulge, I feel Mason quickly rise to stiffness. My boy’s sexual response is a hair trigger, and as I feel him up, he settles even more into me. He even lets Pandy drop to the floor, totally focused on the sensations his daddy is providing. I pull back from the kiss to start tugging on his shirt and whisper against his lips. “Let’s take this off of you, cutie.” He smiles a bit, leaning forward just enough for me to lift the shirt over his head. Before he can reach back for more kisses, Dad speaks up. “Lookin’ mighty fine there, sexy boy.” Mason giggles proudly, sitting up a little straighter and showing off his body a little more. “Thanks, Papa.” “Would look *extra* sexy without these undies in the way, though,” I comment, kissing his neck as I slip a thumb past the waistband of his briefs. They’re space-themed today. “Should I take them off?” Mason asks me. I shrug. “Do you want to?” “Yes,” he says without a second thought. “Then you should take them off,” I encourage with a smile, kissing his lips. I have Mason stand up essentially right in front of the camera so that Dad gets a full view of me stripping his youngest lover. I do it slowly, much like I did for him earlier, but I start with his backside. Dad loves Mason’s little peach. He’ll often grope it or bite it playfully when the two of them are horsing around, and it always gets a squealing laugh out of the little guy. Once it’s in full view, I reach around and squeeze both cheeks with my hands, getting an approving smile out of my father. “Perfect, ain’t it?” I say to Dad, moving my face forward enough to nip at one of Mason’s brief-clad cheeks. “That’s the truth,” Dad murmurs before grunting once I give Mason’s butt a playful smack. “Take those damn things off.” I laugh. “Yes, sir,” I say, very slowly unveiling my father’s favorite part of Mason’s body. He watches with a transfixed expression, sight unwavering, as I lower the boy’s undies down to his ankles, rendering him naked — and beautifully so. Both my father and I take a moment to admire the kid, and he revels in our attention and compliments, blushing but grinning and wiggling his hips like he couldn’t be happier. “I’ve got the sexiest boys,” Dad says after a while, shaking his head as if in disbelief. “Goddamn.” “Damn right you do,” I say, quickly scooping Mason up and growling against his neck as he screams with glee. “C’mere and lemme play with you,” I whisper in his ear. Smiling, he looks up at me with a sparkle in his eye and a look that tells me one thing: “Yes, Daddy.” I have Mason lie down on his back before situating my knees between his open legs. I lean in and start by kissing his lips softly and tenderly before working my way down across his smooth pecs and lightly formed core. He even *smells* soft. I hum gently to myself as I inhale the scent of my boy, drawing closer to the hardness he’s bearing to me. In fact, the closer I get, the more he opens his legs in anticipation of the inevitable. I just smile when my chin bumps his pecker. It amazes me how stiff this boy can get, roaring to go in a manner of seconds — and it excites me to think about how he’ll grow into a fine fucking man. The cock poking against my chin will get thicker, double, triple, quadruple in length, spurt out cum, maybe make a child of his own… There’s so much to look forward to. But for now, I can still enjoy him where he’s at. I move my lips a little lower and don’t waste any time taking my boy into my mouth. Immediately, he whimpers softly, his hips arching just a touch as his fingers find my hair. I completely engulf him in my mouth, placing my hands on his inner thigh to keep his leg down. Can’t have him blocking Dad’s view. I usually work my boy really well, but right now, it’s partially a performance, so I add extra flair in the form of tongue, spit, moans, and head movements. All in all, I’m doing this as much for Dad as I am for Mason. Then, I start to move lower. Mason instinctively opens his legs even wider for me as I nuzzle my face between his thighs and kiss his little taint, so incredibly close to his hole. Upon me asking, Mason holds the back of his knees and pulls his legs back enough for that innocently-pink hole to come into my view, totally exposed, absolutely stunning. I nearly lose my breath every time I see it. Dad and I have agreed to wait on anal for Mason. “Whenever you feel is right,” he had told me, and even though the temptation is sometimes overpowering whenever I see that sweet little pucker winking up at me, that’s a serious step to take. But still, even if fucking isn’t on the table yet, that doesn’t mean I can’t stimulate my boy in other ways — and boy, he loves those other ways. It’s his little magic button, it seems. Mutual touching and oral is all fun and games, but when there’s stimulation to his hole, Mason really becomes a sexual being. He *moans*, squirms, gives in to the ecstasy, completely flowers. “Baby want a kiss?” I tease, smiling up at Mason. He grins down at me and nods. “Yes please,” he says, and I lean in to plant a soft, almost wispy kiss right on his hole. He sighs softly before licking his lips and murmuring, “Another.” So, I lean in again, giving him a deeper kiss. Then another. And another. Then, I part my lips and let my tongue touch his sensitive flesh, eliciting the sexiest high-pitched moan out of my son. The more firmly I push my tongue against his hole, the more Mason squirms and groans. I don’t slip my tongue in. Frankly, I don’t even have to stimulate him that much to get such a response. I just keep lapping at my boy, further encouraged by Dad’s soft murmurs of “Fuck yes” through the laptop speakers. His steady stream of expletives and compliments helps me stay focused, immersed, and incredibly fucking horny. I give my little guy one more special kiss down there before pulling back, mostly to catch my breath. It gives him a chance to calm down too, and I look up at him when I hear him hum and giggle, which brings a smile to my face. “Enjoying yourself, are ya?” I ask playfully. He nods a few times, hitting me with a grin to match my own. “Mhm.” “Yeah, I bet you are,” I tease before patting his inner thighs. “Wanna turn over for me?” He rolls over onto his stomach, showing me his almost elegant-looking backside. I rub his shoulders before slowly sliding my fatherly hands down his skin until they find themselves resting at his hips. There, I lift him up a bit and let his cheeks naturally part, biting my lip slightly. Damn, kiddo. What a sight. I trail a single finger through the crevice and test his heat before just lightly pressing the tip to his pucker. I swear, it kisses my fingertip. Before diving back in, I glance over at my father. He’s stroking himself a little more vigorously now, and I grin at him, wink, and then press my face deep into Mason’s sweet, plump little peach. I give him deep swipes of my tongue, focusing completely on that little ring and consistently adding just enough pressure to threaten to penetrate him. That’s what makes Mason moan the loudest — and what makes his hips move the most. Mason lacks the sexual maturity to rock in a consistent rhythm, but he makes up for it with enthusiasm, and that’s what excites me the most. As I make out with my son’s hole, I reach between my legs and stroke my cock. It’s so stiff and sensitive that I actually groan against Mason before continuing my wet lapping, throbbing against my own fingers, slick. Suddenly, my manhood is aching to be near my boy. I drag my tongue straight up Mason’s spine, which transforms his moans to soft giggles. When I get to his neck, I clamp my lips on his skin, making him squeal from how much it tickles. Both of us laugh playfully before I rest on his body a little more, ensuring my hips meet his ass. As intended, my cock slides right between his cheeks and I start to grind back and forth for friction. Obviously, humping on my boy feels good for me, but there’s a more powerful driving force at work here: the fact that Dad is watching. To him, it must look like I’m deep in his grandbaby, his young adult son making love to his only boy, hips moving with practiced rhythm, a rhythm he’s teaching me ever since *our* first fuck, that natural male rhythm perfected. After all the jerking off I’ve done tonight, it doesn’t take much to make me feel like I’m getting close while grinding against my son. I pant out against Mason’s neck, my skin erupting in goosebumps. “Daddy’s gonna cum, baby,” I murmur. He tilts his head back towards me slightly and whispers, “Okay.” Then he bites his lip in thought for a moment before speaking up again. “Can you do it in my mouth again?” I smile, nearly losing my load right then and there. “Turn around, cutie.” I lift myself off of Mason so that he can turn onto his back. Then, I straddle his chest while gripping my cock with one hand and the back of his head with the other. Automatically, Mason slackens his jaw, peering up at me with those precious eyes of his, telling me he’s ready for it. The sight of my cock so close to his lips is enough to push me over, and when I get right to the edge, I rest the head of my dick right on his bottom lip. I swear under my breath as I start to unload right into Mason’s mouth. My cum more so pours out than shoots, oozing out in thick, pearly-white ropes and collecting on my son’s tongue. Even with his mouth wide open, Mason smiles a bit as I feed him, waiting patiently for Daddy to finish before he closes his mouth, savors the taste, and swallows my entire load with two big gulps. He pants slightly when he’s done eating, giggling a bit. “That was a lot, Daddy,” he says, licking his lips and peering up at me. “And you handled it like a fuckin’ champ,” I say with a grin, nudging his bottom lip with my thumb. He glows with pride, as if I couldn’t have given him a finer compliment. “Christ, you two,” I hear Dad say, and both of us look over at Papa Joel looking sleepy — but I know what that expression is. It’s his post-cum look. I smirk. “Enjoy the show?” I tease. He laughs tiredly before murmuring, “You tell me.” Then he shifts the camera to show us his body, now covered in thick ropes of cum. Suddenly, I find myself feeling hungry, along with a terribly strong, physical urge to be near him. “I’m gonna say yes,” I muse, laughing. “Yes is right, beautiful boys,” he says before grunting as he pulls himself out of bed. He holds his phone idly in his hand, so it’s difficult to tell what he’s doing. He seems to be rummaging through a bag for a second before he pulls out something to clean himself off with: the missing pair of Mason’s undies. I grin as I watch Dad wipe his load up with those dinosaur undies — and I almost chuckle when Mason doesn’t really notice what our big man is using. But I suppose that’s only because he’s preoccupied with my nipples, tracing them with soft circular motions with his fingertips and very lightly tugging at the hairs there. “Alright,” Dad says. “I should get to bed. *You* should get to bed too, little man,” he adds pointing at the camera, clearly addressing Mason. It’s a school night, after all. Mason just grins. “But I don’t wannaaa. I just wanna kiss ‘n stuff.” “Well, that’s up to your daddy,” Dad says with a small smile. “Maybe a couple more kisses… but in bed only,” I say, lightly tickling him under his arms. He giggles, slapping my forearms and trying his best to wiggle away from my assault on his armpits. I keep it light, though, not wanting to get him all hyped up right before bed. The sugar rush was hard enough to deal with. “Say g’night to Papa.” “G’night, sexy man!” Mason says excitedly, quickly blowing a kiss towards the camera. Dad laughs heartily at Mason’s adorable display of affection. “G’night, sexy boy,” Dad says, hitting Mason with a private smile before turning to me. “And g’night to you, sexy man.” I grin. “‘Night, *babe*,” I tease, considering Dad’s been calling me that more and more lately. Dad rolls his eyes but I can tell he’s fond of it. He can’t hide that smile for shit. “Love you.” “Love you more,” he murmurs softly, as if for a moment it was just us in the room, sharing a tender few seconds of eye contact. “Jack and I will see you both tomorrow.” “Looking forward to it!” I say cheerfully. I shut down the laptop after we hang up the call. Mason, enjoying our newfound nudity, merely picks up his clothes from the floor along with his stuffed panda before standing there patiently. I chuckle, grabbing my clothes as well and then taking his hand, leading us both towards the staircase. “Daddy?” “Yeah, baby?” I ask, stroking his hand with my thumb as we start to head up. “When am I gonna get pregnant?” I snort so violently my throat gets momentarily sore. “What?” I ask, looking down at him. He peers up at me, confused. “Aren’t your sperms in my tummy gonna make me pregnant?” I laugh softly, looking down at him. “What makes you say that?” “Remember Papa said sperms make babies?” he reminds me, as if I was previously ignorant on the subject. I smile patiently at my boy as we get to the top step. “Of course, kiddo. But only girls can get pregnant.” “Oh,” he says, seeming to think about something as we enter the bedroom. I send him towards the bed while I toss our clothes in the hamper. “We can pretend, though,” I say after he climbs under the covers, fully prepared for some nighttime cuddles. He smiles widely at me as I come over to join him. After I lift the blanket and slide in behind him, I reach around and rub his tummy with my palm in soft circles. “How’s that sound?” “Sounds nice,” Mason says with an amused laugh. “Yeah? All happy that you’ve got a lil boy in here, huh?” I ask, grinning as I plant a quick kiss on his neck. Mason nods, holding his much smaller hand on top of mine. “Mhm! He’ll be cute like us.” I chuckle softly, nuzzling into my boy’s hair and inhaling. His head has such a soothing scent to it. I automatically feel relaxed, sleepy, in love — and I smile as I imagine a day where Mason brings home a son of his very own. No doubt that boy will be cute. He’ll be family. – End of Chapter 12 –

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