Coming Out to My Girlfriend


All characters in this story are over the age of 18.


“Sweetheart, I need to tell you something” said Jack as he entered the bedroom.

“What’s that honey?” asked his girlfriend Amy, a thin blonde with a nice pair of breasts, as she looked up from her computer.

“This may come as a shock to you, but I’m bi.”

“What? How could you not tell me this? I need some time to think about this. Why don’t you go out and grab a drink. I’ll text you when it’s time to come home.”

Jack left their apartment, hopefully not for the last time he thought, and headed to the local bar. He was halfway through his second drink when he received a text from Amy. He glanced down at his phone and read It’s ok to come home now. You’ll see how I feel about you being bi when you get here.

Jack did not know what to expect when he opened the door.

“Amy, where are you?”

“I’m in the bedroom. Get in here.”

Jack entered the bedroom and was totally surprised and to be honest a bit turned on by what he saw. His girlfriend Amy was lying on the bed in a pair of lacy black panties and black stockings. She was gently rubbing her pussy while looking at the TV. Jack looked over to see what she was watching and saw that it was a very hot gay porno , one of his favorites to be honest. On the screen he could see a preppy looking white boy bent over a desk while a rough, what some would describe as ghetto, black man was fucking him hard. Jack could feel his dick almanbahis getting harder in his pants while he looked at Amy.

“Jack, I kind of suspected that you were bi to be honest. I mean I’ve seen you glance at men”

“Are you ok with it?”

You’ll see said Amy as she returned her gaze to the video.

“Alright, well Amy you need to…”

“Shut up and go to the bathroom. I left something there for you. Put those on and then come back in here.”

Jack was thinking about saying something, but decided not to. Amy had never been this controlling or forceful with him before, but to be honest he liked it. He had always preferred being more submissive and hoped that this new side of Amy would be around for a while. Jack entered the bathroom and saw a pair of black panties lying on the toilet. He quickly undressed and put the panties on. They were a bit tight though and could barely hide his hardening dick. Jack returned to the bedroom and was shocked to see what Amy had on.

Amy stood before him wearing a strap-on and was stroking it gently. She gave him a smile and then told him what she wanted.

“Get on your knees and get it wet”

Jack dropped to his knees and began licking and sucking on the strap-on.

“I can see that you’ve sucked cock before. I want to see how deep you can suck on this one.”

Jack started deep-throating the strap-on.

“You are such a little cock-slut. I have never seen anyone suck a cock like that before, almanbahis yeni giriş and I’m surprised that my boyfriend deep-throats better than most of the girls I know.”

Jack continued sucking on the strap-on. Amy grabbed his head and pulled him closer and in doing so the strap-on went farther down his throat. He fought against his gag reflex and continued sucking on the strap-on. He was so into this and felt himself getting harder. He moved his hand towards his panty-covered cock.

“Don’t you dare touch that cock.”

Jack continued sucking on his girlfriend’s strap-on. He glanced over at the TV again and saw that another one of his favorite scenes was being played. In this scene another white boy was bent over the hood of his luxury car in a garage while an older mechanic was fucking him from behind.

“That’s enough! I think it is wet enough. I want you to get up and bend over the bed.”

Jack did as he was instructed and bent over the bed. He felt Amy pulling down his panties, panties which were now covered in pre-cum. He then felt her rub his ass which felt so good.

“Get ready my dear.”

Amy began massaging his ass with lube and gently inserted two fingers into his hole. He couldn’t wait until those fingers were replaced with her cock. Amy continued to lube his hole and inserted a third finger. It felt so good to have something in his ass again. She then pulled her fingers out.

“I hope you enjoy this you cock-slut” she almanbahis giriş whispered to him as the dildo entered his ass.

Amy pushed the dildo into his lubed ass and began fucking him hard. Jack was in heaven as his girlfriend fucked him harder and harder. He could not resist moaning out loud and pushing back against the strap-on.

“Fuck me harder” he said.

Amy complied with his request and started fucking him harder.

Jack looked down and saw how hard his cock was. It had been months since he had been fucked like this and he had been missing it. Before he met Amy, he had needed a cock in his ass on at least a weekly basis.

“Are you close?” asked Amy as she continued to pound his ass hard.


“I want to see you cum sweetie.

Jack started cumming hard as his girlfriend fucked him harder. He looked down at the bed and saw that the sheets were stained with his cum. He then felt Amy pulling the dildo out of his ass. He glanced back at her and saw a look of ecstasy on her face. Clearly she had enjoyed this as much as he had. She took off the harness and got on the bed. She moved up and lay back, her back propped up against some pillows. Her pussy was soaking wet. Jack joined her in bed and moved down to her pussy. He loved eating her out and started doing so as she stroked his hair.

“Sweetie, thank you for being so honest with me about your being bi. I think it’s something that we can both get used to. However, we need to go shopping tomorrow and get some new sheets. I also think we need to get you some new toys’ said Amy.

Jack did not reply as he was too busy eating his girlfriend out and thinking of all the fun they were going to have in the future.

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