Come Here, Honey


My friends never described me as shy. Instead, I was self-contained and naive. And perhaps that combination of naiveté and fear of being judged drove me to silence. Either way I made it through high school with a few close friends but was never comfortable in a big crowd and certainly never sought to be the center of attention. I think it was prettiness alone that drove my popularity as a petite blonde with long straight hair and sea blue eyes. My high cheek bones, thanks to some distant relative gave me a more exotic look than the wholesome girl next door.

All that being said, I was plenty wholesome when I struck up a friendship with Michelle. She was a petite dark eyed girl with short black hair. Perhaps because we were so different physically, we were attracted to one another. Or perhaps it was Michelle’s adorable step-brother that drove our attraction. Certainly, David with his curly blond locks, perpetual tan and candy sweet dimples attracted me as well.

We attended high school in a larger suburb of Phoenix so there was a mix of middle class kids with lots of recent immigrants.. There were few wealthy families but I was vaguely aware that my family was better off than Michelle’s. We had math class together and spent our time feigning attention whispering about this and that while Mr. Palmer droned on. I don’t recall discussing David or Michelle’s boyfriend Jed but certainly I was familiar with them both. I think David must have met us after class enough times that we began what I thought was an innocent flirtation. He would make a joke and gently bump my shoulder with his own, our hands would brush as we were walking and small volts of electricity would shoot up my arm, he would lean over to whisper in my ear and his breath would tickle in such an enticing way.

Michelle’s boyfriend Jed had graduated a year or two ahead of us, so I would only see him occasionally as he picked up Michelle from school. He was a tall thin towhead blond with a constellation of light freckles across his cheeks. Pulling up in his beat up pickup truck he looked like trouble. I am sure that is what first appealed to Michelle when she saw him. To my naive eyes he looked too old to want to bother with anyone in high school. Aside from him being my friend’s boyfriend, it would have never crossed my mind that someone like Jed would look twice at me. His relationship with Michelle only elevated her standing in my eyes.

As Michelle and I were occasional friends, our respective groups of friends didn’t overlap. As such, I was surprised when Michelle invited me to her house for a sleepover. I had not met her parents, in fact had never been to her house. But I was flattered to be asked and always eager for a close friend so I readily agreed. I will say, I also had some trepidation. While I didn’t know Michelle’s friends I assumed they were a rougher crowd. Maybe I made that assumption from Jed alone.

Regardless, I was surprised when it was Jed who picked us up from school that Friday afternoon. I was a bit embarrassed to climb into his rusty pickup. Moreover, as Michelle and I squeezed in, Jed took a swig of beer from the can resting between his legs. A moment of panic swept over me. Certainly I had been to high school parties with kegs and occasionally pot but I was never interested in participating. And those parties so often seemed like kids playing at being grown up. There was just something so adult about Jed’s casualness. His indifferent “Hey” as we climbed in. I had a quick flash of fear. Getting into Jed’s car suddenly felt like a quick journey to adulthood that I had been trying to avoid. I briefly considered backing out of the car and coming up with some excuse to bow out. But I quickly realized that not only was I was without a ride home, I was overreacting. And of course, I didn’t want to appear silly and immature (though I was!) in the eyes of Michelle and Jed. And in their defense, all of this was my own internal dialogue. kartal yeni escort They just saw an eighteen year old young woman that they barely knew. As we sped away from school Michelle turned to me.

“I thought we would go to David’s house this afternoon,” she said.

“Oh, okay.” I replied softly.

My insides turned over. I knew instantly it would be the four of us in an unfamiliar house. I thought quickly. I hadn’t realized David and Michelle didn’t live together but as they were half siblings I could see the possibility. And I knew her choice of David’s house destroyed any chance of there being a parent present. Now I was on my way to a strange house with people I scarcely knew. I was nervous about the situation. What would we do together? My mind raced between snacks and television or an afternoon of beer, pot and making out. What if Michelle and Jed left David and me alone? I realized I was old enough to experience these things but I also hadn’t had these experiences. I felt as though I was alone on a precipice in danger of falling off. And I was.

Jed pulled in the drive of a small dreary stucco house on the more depressing side of town. The yard was a neglected scrubby lawn with a planter that had long been ignored. As we made our way inside, Jed grabbed the remainder of his six pack from the back of his truck. The front door was covered with a strong metal screen door that announced the tough times of the neighborhood. Jed pulled it open and Michelle and I followed into the small dimly lit living room. As Jed made his way to the kitchen, David walked passed him toward Michelle and me. As always, I grinned at the sight of his sandy blond curls and bright blue eyes that sparkled in the darkened house.

“Hey.” he said and kissed me.

I’m sure I turned three shades of red. I blushed from his forwardness, I was angry at his presumption and I was embarrassed to be kissed in front of Michelle. Michelle knew David had never kissed me before. Of course, my mind also swirled with the knowledge that David liked me beyond our mild flirtation. Something I wasn’t sure of before that moment and then instantly realized I was still unsure. Was he just assuming since I was standing in his house he had the right to kiss me? How could he be so confident that I wanted him to kiss me? What did he think of me that gave him the confidence to try? Looking back, I realize David was experience enough to know I was a lamb being led to the slaughter.

He calmly took my hand and we followed Michelle and Jed down the hall. We entered a small bedroom that barely fit two shabby but neatly made twin beds. Jed and Michelle sat on the far bed facing the door as David and I sat on the other. I felt terribly awkward as the four of us looked across at one another. Jed and Michelle sat so comfortably next to one another, his arm draped casually around her waist. David had his arm across my shoulders and I’m sure I looked as I felt, ready to jump out of my own skin.

“Why don’t you relax?” Jed said to me, smirking. Easier said than done. My butterflies had grown to a small hurricane in my stomach. David turned to me and lifted his finger to my cheek. As I looked his way he tilted his head and kissed me yet again. This time it was soft and I inhaled his own sweet smell mixed with cigarettes. The tempest calmed a bit. His kiss continued and I felt his tongue softly invade my mouth. I quickly withdrew with a nervous laugh and glanced to Jed and Michelle. Their kissing looked much more practiced, more fervent and I watched them shyly as David’s hand made small circles on my lower back, gradually stroking the skin between my shirt and the top of my jeans.

I felt David’s curls tickle my neck as he brushed my hair away and begin to kiss along my jaw and under my ear. I couldn’t find a place to put my hands so I clasped them in my lap. David knew what he wanted though and with one hand kartal escort still on my back his other slid neatly between my own. When I realized I was staring at Jed and Michelle making out my embarrassment drove me to look away and I saw David’s fingers entwined in my own. I took stock of my body. My neck was alive with David’s kisses, my hands were damp with David’s much stronger fingers grasping mine, my cheeks were flushed and heat was now radiating between my legs. David pulled back a bit and spoke softly: “I want you to give me a blow job.”

My mind raced. But I quickly shook my head.

“No,” I half whispered. Ironically, it was the first word I had spoken since entering the house. And as much as I was aware of my feelings of deep desire but they could hardly trump the fact that I had never even touched a penis. I was torn between wanting to please David and feeling incapable of doing so. Couple that with an intense yearning to continue feeling all these new sensations. Jed interrupted my thoughts with a small laugh.

“Dude, she doesn’t know what she’s doing.” Now it was David’s turn to blush and Michelle laughed. David’s reaction gave me some small comfort. At least they didn’t all assume I was as inexperienced as I was. Of course that didn’t alter the fact that Jed was completely correct. Jed pushed Michelle away.

“Why don’t you take care of your brother? You can show her what to do.” While I knew Jed was referring to me, he never looked at me. Instead, he looked into David’s eyes as some long-standing agreement passed between them.

Michelle slid gracefully to the ground and kneeled between David’s legs looking up at him. He ran his fingers through her short brown hair and she reached for the button of his jeans. He leaned back on the bed as she unzipped him and pulled his jeans and boxers off in one smooth motion and dumped them on the floor. David sat up again and pulled his faded yellow tee up over his head tossing it onto his pile of clothes. I couldn’t move. All I could do was admire his smooth tan skin unblemished from top to tail and the thin trail of blond hairs that led from his belly button down. I took a gulp as I realized what I was seeing for the first time. Not only had I never seen a naked man stretched out before me but I knew I was welcome to enjoy him to the limits of my imagination and beyond. In the meantime, Michelle ran her hands up his thighs with a naughty grin, her eyes glued on his. It didn’t seem to faze him that he was now naked though the rest of us were fully clothed. I doubt it crossed his mind as Michelle took him into her mouth, sucking him until he was fully hard before us. Before I could gather my thoughts Jed spoke to me.

“Do you see what she’s doing? See how she sucks her brothers cock? She likes to lap her tongue against it.” I was riveted to both the scene before me and Jed’s words. Michelle and David seemed oblivious to our presence. David was leaning back on his arms, his feet still flat on the floor watching Michelle as she kneeled on the floor between his legs.

“Come here, honey.” Jed said to me. “Come here.” he had to repeat himself before I realized he was speaking to me. I took a breath, tore my eyes away from the scene before me and took myself from one bed to the other. I sat next to Jed and returned my gaze to David and Michelle. David was leaning on one elbow now, his free hand guiding Michelle’s head as she focused her energies on making David cum. He breathed heavily watching her head bob up and down. I could see that her hand was wrapped around David’s cock. Her other hand was splayed on the bed for balance. David made a low guttural noise and sucked in his breath.

“Ahhhhhh,” he moaned as he came in Michelle’s mouth his body curling up, both hands now holding her head in place.

Jed turned to me. “Do you think you can do that?” he said. I looked down at my lap nervously. Suddenly, his hands kurtköy escort were on my waist and he was lifting my shirt over my head. He reached behind my unclasping my bra. He was so quick about it, almost perfunctory.

“Stand up,” he commanded. I did as I was told and he unbuttoned my jeans. He paused and looked up at me. I did what was expected of me by lowering both my jeans and my panties to the floor and stepping out of them. He grasped my hand and pulled me gently but firmly to the ground. I kneeled before him in much the same way Michelle had in front of David. Jed unbuttoned his shirt, grabbed my hand and placed it on his chest. I placed my other hand on his chest and ran my fingers along his collarbones. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders and as I did so, he kissed me hard. I was instantly lost in his mouth. It was at that moment I felt a very naked body press up against my backside. I recognized the hands that brushed my hair away from my neck as Michelle’s and I felt her kiss along my shoulder blade. Jed opened his jeans in one quick move, pulling them off and tossing them aside.

“Take it in your hand,” he said to me. I did as I was told and looked up at him questioningly. Michelle’s hands slid over my tits. She rolled my nipples between her fingers. My breath caught in my throat as I tried to focus on Jed’s instructions.

“Give it a lick,” he said. I leaned over and tentatively licked the tip of his cock.

“No, no,” he said, shaking his head, “Give it a good long lick.” I started at the base and licked my way up, looking again into his eyes wondering.

“That’s it. Suck my cock,” His hand wrapped around the back of my neck as he guided me back over his cock. I settled onto my knees and tried my best to fit him in my mouth. Before I could register the new sensation of him filling my mouth, the texture, the taste, Michelle’s hand slipped between my legs. I gave an audible gasp, not easy to do with Jed’s cock pressing against the back of my throat. She dipped to fingers into the juice of my cunt and swirled her way up to my clit. Her hand was soaked as she pressed the flat of her palm against me and held me for a moment. Then she ground her palm against my clit as she slid two fingers into me and then back up to my clit so excruciatingly slowly.

I moaned against Jed’s cock. He took my hands from his thighs and slid them toward his cock. Tentatively I wrapped my fingers around his cock. He covered my hand with his own and began to show me how to jerk him off as I sucked as much as I could.

“Mmmm, that’s it, sugar.” he said softly. My attention was divided between Jed’s cock in my mouth and Michelle’s hand between my legs. The closer I came to my own climax the faster I worked on Jed’s cock. He sucked his breath in through his teeth and I knew then that my first time would be a success.

“I’m going to come soon and you’re going to need to keep sucking. Do you understand me?” I nodded as well as I could give the circumstances. I could hardly concentrate. With one hand wrapped around Jed’s cock, my other hand now slid between my legs holding Michelle’s hand in place. My knees were spread wide now. She had two finders buried deep in my cunt. Her other hand was working away on my clit. My climax crashed over me and as much as I wanted to curl up into myself Jed’s hands now held my head firmly in place.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah.” I heard the urgency in his voice as he again sucked in his breath and then gave a low “Uhhhhhhh,” as his cum shot down my throat. My instinct was to pull away but Jed’s hands reminded me to stay where I was. I swallowed, swallowed again and again. I tasted the unfamiliar saltiness of him on the back of my tongue. I pulled my mouth off and looked up at Jed. But his eyes were on Michelle who still knelt behind me. She unwrapped herself from me and crawled up onto the bed. Together they laid on the narrow bed. Her back against the wall as he turned away from me to face her.

I turned to David. He was laying on the bed with eyes half closed. His blond curls splayed against the pillow, the sheets loosely draped over his waist. When he saw me he grinned that startling white smile as he lifted the sheet. I crawled into bed beside him.

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