Collette’s Winter is Coming

Big Tits

I straightened my copper hair, lined my olive eyes heavy and dark, and reddened my lips. My white silk blouse had a neat bow near the neck and was fitted. My knee-length leather skirt, palm-length gloves, and sky-length heels matched the crimson of my lips.

I drove to my studio and prepped for another hour before Winter Green knocked. I opened the door, and realized I’d forgotten how sexy she was. Like a goth hooker. She handed me a bag of tacos for payment of services to be rendered, then got on her knees and kissed the toe of my shoe. “I am sorry for whatever I did wrong, Mistress.” She looked up at me.


She did.

“What do you think you did wrong?”

She kept her green eyes downcast, “I’m not certain, Mistress. But, I thought I might have offended you somehow, since I hadn’t heard from you in over a month.”

I wasn’t sure how a Mistress should apologize, but I believed it to be necessary. “Pet, I am sorry I didn’t contact you. My work has kept me busy, but that is no excuse.”

She didn’t know how to take an apology from her Mistress. “Yes, Mistress,” her eyes were confused.

It was my job to alleviate her confusion. “Sit on the couch and wait.” I stood in front of her and said, “Today, you will serve me. And if I see fit, you will be rewarded for your service.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to serve you, Mistress.”

“Stand. Now, take your clothes off. You do not serve your Mistress clothed.” I waited while she stared at the ground and removed her clothes. “Underclothes, as well. Fold your clothes, place them on the coffee table.” I allowed her to keep her makeup on this time. I sat at the other end of the sofa. “Fetch me a ginger ale from the fridge. Open it. Pour it into that glass. Good.” I sipped the soda once. “It’s warm. Another.” She opened it and looked for another glass. I watched her eyes slowly start to panic. She took the full glass, and headed to the bathroom, intent on using the sink. “Stop. Pour my ginger ale, slave.”

She stopped dead in her tracks. Then, she drank all of the warm ginger ale, poured the colder one into the glass, and came to me. “Here you are, Mistress,” her voice shook.

It was all I could do not to smile at her for figuring it out. “Set the glass on the table. Kneel.”

I clamped her nipples with bells, so her every movement reminded her of the submission she gave me. “I need a footstool, slave.” She got on her hands and knees, and I propped my heels on her back. I read potential Member files for 20 minutes, while I made her wait. She had to be uncomfortable. I leaned toward her rear side and saw her pussy shine. I swatted her ass and she moaned. Fuck, I nearly moaned with her.

I removed my legs from her back, but she didn’t move. Good Girl. “Rub my calf, your back made me stiff.” She turned and rubbed my left calf, followed by the right. “You have earned a reward, Pet.” She knelt and looked up at me. I stroked her hair and looked in her eyes. “Stay.” I walked to one of the implement tables near my X-cross, then picked up the pussy pump. “Crawl to the padded table. Lay on top of it, face up.” She was being so good. She jingled the whole way there. I took off my leather gloves, put on nitrile ones, and joined her side. She had a thin black landing strip down her middle.

I poured a tingling lube on her outer lips, blew on it, and she gasped. Her skin goose-bumped, as she murmured, “Thank you, Mistress.” She trembled slightly. Her bells jingled.

I placed the pussy pump cup on her, and she shivered. I pumped the bulb a couple of times, till the suction made it stay in place. ardahan escort She groaned and shook harder. God, I wanted to fuck her. But, I remembered Janice’s warning about Winter, and I knew better. She couldn’t share her toys, and I had too many toys to worry about someone like that. Still…she was a luscious thing, and I was heady from the temptation of her body.

“You’ve been such a Good Girl today.” I unclipped the nipple clamps, and she gasped. Her lips were black and glossed, and they parted with her every breath. I wanted to bite them. “Such a Good Girl,” I let my voice go soft, and her eyes stared at my mouth. I leaned close to her. Breathed her in. She smelled of raspberries. I pinched her nipples when she inhaled, let go when she exhaled. Then, I cupped her large breasts and massaged them.

“Oh God,” she whispered.

“No, no. Quiet girls get rewards. Noisy girls get punished.” I slapped her breasts and she howled. “Warned you.”

I bound her arms to the underside of the table and slapped her breasts again. She fought hard to be silent. I released the pump and she gasped, “Thank you, Mistress.” Her lips there were rosy and swollen. I ran my fingers over them and heard, “Oh, GOD, thank you Mistress!”

The enticement of her round willingness nearly won out over my better judgement. I grabbed a small flogger, a toy, really. I whapped her gorgeous D cups again and again. “Do you know why I beat you, Pet?” She didn’t answer. Her arms were trapped in the cuffs under the table, and she could not protect herself from my assault. “Why do I beat you, Pet?” Tears streamed down her cheeks. I went to her swollen, glistening cunt and flogged her there. “Why?”

“Because I need it!” she screamed.

I stopped flogging her wetness. “Yes, Pet. Because you need it.” I aimed for her clit and restarted my work. I kept at her as I interrogated her.


Not today. “How many men have you fucked this week, slave?”

“What?” she whined.

“How many?”

“Four, Mistress!” I hit her four times fast, and her hips jumped.

“How many women have you fucked this week?”

“Three, Mistress!” I hit her three times and wondered if she lowered the number out of honesty or pain. Her legs flexed as she tried to anticipate my next question.

“Are you a dirty slut, slave?”


“No, you’re not, slave.” She was close, and I stopped her pleasure, so she screamed her frustration long and loud. I slowly walked to her head, then bent to her ear. I quietly whispered, “If you were a dirty slut, slave, you would have cum by now.” I paced around her body. “You’re not a dirty slut, slave. You are a broken girl. And I’m going to put you back together.” I circled her, occasionally touched her skin, but only just.

Then, I rapidly flogged on her clit, and she came shrieking, “THANK YOU, MISTRESS!!” Her body writhed and jerked, her legs kicked and jumped. Her ribs expanded and contracted with her screams. I slowed the speed once I was satisfied. Then, I pulled it away. I rubbed my hands over her stomach, and she cried, while her body thumped against the table.

“This is where you are, Pet. Here, right here. You’re lost inside the dark of your mind, but I have you, and I’m not letting go.” I petted her stomach till she calmed again, body and mind. I released her arms, and they dropped hard. I cradled her upper body in my arms, stroked her long black hair. “You have been a lovely Pet. You did everything I wanted and more. You were wonderful tonight.” I kept on with the affirmations till she stopped holding so tightly artvin escort to my arm. I kissed her forehead, then asked, “Can you walk, Pet?”

“I think so, Mistress.”

I helped her from the table, walked her to the sofa, and gave her the ginger ale in the glass. “It’s better for the stomach when it’s warm,” I explained as I poured it into her mouth for her. I arranged her upper body on my lap and continued to play with her hair as she sighed pretty sounds for me. After a while, I asked, “How are you feeling, Winter?”

“Better, Mistress, thank you. I didn’t disappoint you?”

“No, Winter, you were a Good Girl.”

She smiled sublimely at the news, as though it was the only thing that had ever made her truly happy. “Mistress?” A trouble made her face frown.


“I know I’m just practice for you to hone your skills, but if you must be away for so long again, a text would be appreciated. If it’s not too much to ask.”

“Again, Winter, I am truly sorry for that. Won’t happen again.” There went that smile again, and my box clenched. “If you can stand, you may get dressed now.”

“I think I can manage,” she sat up, then fell back. “Maybe not. I’m sorry, Mistress.”

“Think nothing of it.” I continued to play with her hair, and wondered if that crossed some sort of line, since the session was over. But, if I didn’t play with her hair, I’d play with other things of hers, so to avoid that, I continued with her hair.

“That feels really nice,” she purred.

“I’m glad. You need to relax to gather your strength.”

“You’re very good with your hands, Mistress.”

“You are, too, Winter, but I’m going to need you to take your hand off my leg now.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Perhaps you should try sitting up again.” She got it that time. She dressed much slower than the first time I saw her, as though she waited for me to change my mind. I saw her out, watched her purple hearse pull out, and texted my girlfriend, Vaughn.

-Can I come over?

-Of course, Sweetie.

When I walked to her apartment door, blood thundered in my ears, nipples, and pussy. I knocked, but the door was cracked. I called out, “Hello?” as I pushed the door open. There were hundreds of candles lit everywhere, and soft music played.

“Down here,” she replied. I shut and locked the door behind me. I walked on shaking legs to her candle-lit bedroom. Vaughn was on her King bed, her hands tied to the headboard, a short white lace slip on her body. Her very black skin was luminous in the candlelight. “I’m yours, Mistress.”

“Yes, you are,” I took all my clothes off as fast as I could, then wedged myself between her thighs, and stroked her sweet pussy. She was already wet, and I wondered if it was anticipation, submission, or both. Her moans drove me crazy. I flicked my tongue on her outer lips, as she gasped. Her arms pulled on the white satin binds. I swiped wide across her bits as I flattened my tongue against her.

“Oh God!” she trembled. I made slow figure 8s around her clit as she murmured, “Yes, fuck, yes,” repeatedly. I gradually worked my tongue into her hole, and her hips rode my face. I held her pelvis to me while I tongue-fucked her, and the words from Vaughn’s mouth were replaced by guttural groans. I reached over her hip, toyed with her clit, and her breathing staggered. Her abs rolled her on me. I knew she was close; she wrapped her legs around me and “Oh FUCK!” shot from her mouth. I kept on her. “Mistress, may I cum?”

I stopped long enough to bark, “NOW!”

Her voice jumped up an octave, “FUCK!” as her caramel wetness ataköy escort came more freely. Her softness pulsed on my face as she orgasmed. I lapped up her sweetness, and she began to giggle from the sensation. “Oh my God, stop, stop, stop!” I kissed her button on my way up her body, then peeled her free of the lacy prettiness, and nibbled her abdomen. “Fuck, that tickles!” I giggled softly as I tormented my girl.

“Do you love this beautiful slip?”

“I can live without it,” she smiled. I ripped the lace from her. My fingertips graced her precious breasts as she groaned, “God, Sweetie, that feels good, but I’m so sensitive right now, it’s almost too much.”

“All I heard was ‘almost’.” I stayed on her, licked her sternum, and massaged her tits while she fought in her binds.

She fussed, “Sweetie-

“I’m not done with you.” I reached between her legs, and cupped her pussy.

“Oh my God,” she panted.

I gave her a light smack there, and she gasped as her dark eyes searched my face. “You set all this up, somehow tied yourself to the headboard, and knew I’d be coming from a session. You don’t want me to let you go. You don’t want me to let you have your way. You want me to have my way. And I’m going to.” She gasped as she slowly nodded her consent. I kissed her mouth, and fingered her pussy. She groaned in my mouth when she felt my fingers. I tapped her G spot rapidly. I watched her face as the intensity took her over. Her glorious dark skin glittered with sweat in the firelight. Her muscles twitched and shook as another one built in her.

“Mis, Mistress,” her voice shook and her eyes rolled back in her head.

“You’re going to cum for me, Girl. Just not yet.”

“What?” she whined.

I slid down her body, kept on her G spot the whole time, and sucked her clit into my mouth. She yipped at my teeth. Her entire body vibrated. Her pussy tensed up; she tried so hard to be good and not cum. I let her clit go and said, “Cum for me,” then went back to her.

A roar filled the room as she squirted down my arm. All her muscles locked and tensed, and her lungs were squeezed free of breath. She made a dreadful sound as her body tried to get more air. I backed off her clit, and realized I’d fisted her. My hand had made it all the way inside her without much effort on my part. She was so wet, and I was so taken with her theatrics that I hadn’t thought about what I was doing to her. I needed to take her, and my body did it for me. She made a different sound when I pulled my hand from her. “Fuck!”

I smiled at her, and felt myself begin to calm. I climbed up her body, and kissed her for a while, until she purred in my mouth. “I’m going to untie you now, okay?”

“Mm hmm,” she smiled sweetly. The binds were tight and impressive.

“How did you do this to yourself?” I mused as I worked the knots.

“I was going to explain it by saying, ‘I’m an engineer, there’s nothing we can’t do,’ but the truth is Gino came and helped me.”

“Oh my God, that’s so sweet,” I was really touched. Our boyfriend bound her like a present for me. I’d have to do something nice to him later.

She shook her hands to wake them, then groused, “Ow, ow, ow, is there some super-secret Mistress way to make the pins and needles go away?”

“Not to my knowledge, sorry, Sweetie. How long were you like that before I got here?”

“I don’t know, maybe twenty minutes.” She scooted down the bed.

“Did you two fool around while getting prepared?” I spooned her delicious, sweaty body and wrapped my right arm on her waist.

“A gentlewoman never tells.”

I giggled and fell asleep. A while later, I felt her leave the bed. “Where you going?”

“Fire hazard.”

“Okay.” I presumed she was blowing out the candles and faint wisps of smoke scented the air in her warm bedroom, as I fell asleep once more.

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