College Sexfight


I can still see the picture before me when I close my eyes.

The other girls showed it to me the first night after I arrived at the campus, about a year ago. It shocked me at first: It was a picture of a girl lying spread on the ground, with a vibrator stuck all the way up her pussy, juices flowing everywhere, and nothing was censored but her face. They told me that all the girls come together once a month, and choose two people for a sexfight. I didn’t know what to think: I thought I should be revolted, but I actually got slightly turned on by the idea. So at the next event, a week later, I decided to attend.

It was very secretive, and I only got into the seemingly abandoned gym with a password the girls had given me, but when I got there I saw a boxing ring with about fifty girls sitting on the benches surrounding it. There were only female spectators; boys weren’t allowed. After about ten minutes, when we were sure no latecomers were still to arrive, the doors were locked and the fight could begin. The audience wasn’t that big, so the referee, a small but well-shaped woman in a black-and-white dress didn’t need a microphone.

‘Hello ladies, and welcome to our monthly sexfight! I will explain it for our newcomers: Every month, one girl in this room is chosen to go and fight last month’s champion. The battle ends when either one of them experiences an orgasm; At this point, the winner can do whatever she pleases to the loser, and a picture of the result will be posted online, with the face censored. Other than this, taking pictures or videos is not allowed! Both women will start the fight in their underwear.

‘The chosen girl is randomly chosen from all the girls here; if you have a problem with any of this, now’s your chance to leave.’ Nobody left. ‘Great. Now let’s choose our contestant. Everyone, draw a piece of paper.’

The referee went around the room and everyone was to pick one piece of paper out of some hilarious old fashioned top hat, and keep it face down. There were exactly enough pieces. ‘Now everyone, turn it around. To the lady with the red cross on her paper; congratulations. you’re our contestant of the month.’ With a weird feeling in my stomach, I turned around my paper, and of course… a red cross. Some of the girls around me spotted it and started to talk loudly; this attracted the referee’s attention. ‘You there, come over here!’ I climbed down the tribune and stepped over the elastic ropes into the ring. ‘What’s your name?’


‘Everyone, let’s hear it for our contestant Monica!’ Everyone clapped excitedly. ‘And now istanbul escort for last month’s champion, please give a warm applause to Brianna!’

From the stand came a tall girl that I had seen walking around the campus before. She had obviously dyed her hair black and red, but it was not so obvious that it bothered me; it actually looked very nice. She was wearing a very short skirt and a small tight top knotted together at her belly, showing off her round breasts. She really made a show for it like in real wrestling leagues; she walked towards the ring almost as if in slow motion, and once there, dit some very sexy poses for everyone to admire. I was very turned on, but tried to hide it. That plan failed as soon as we were bid to remove our extra clothes.

As I removed my jeans, some girls started to giggle, and Brianna said ‘Already? Be patient love, we’ll begin soon.’ When I looked down, I saw the large wet spot on my light blue panties. I blushed a deep shade of red and tried to hide it, but I think that only made it funnier.

‘Are both girls ready? The fight will start in three, two one…!’ A bell ringed to signal the start of the fight. Almost immediately, Brianna was right in front of me, grabbed me by the shoulders, turned me around and held my arms behind my back, effectively locking me in place. I tried to break free, but I didn’t even come close.

‘No offence sweetheart, but you’re about as strong as you look.’ The girls in the stands seemed to be entertained already. ‘Now what do we have here…’ She locked both my arms with her right one, and slowly navigated her left hand to my chest. Once there, she started to caress my left breast through my simple blue bra.


‘What no? You wouldn’t have come here if you didn’t want to be pleased, would you?’ I didn’t reply. Brianna tried to get under my bra, but the fit was too tight. ‘Seems like I need some more space.’ Only when I felt her fiddling at the back of my bra, I knew what she meant.

‘Please… D-Don’t take-‘

‘Please, girl, shut up or I will make you.’ That did shut me up, while she slowly took off my bra, and everyone could see my breasts. I felt myself turning red again, but I hardly had time for feeling sorry for myself as my opponent started caressing again. Without the bra in between, it felt way more intense as she softly squeezed my breasts and moved her fingers around my hardening nipples. It felt good, actually. Very good. And though I managed to hold my moans, it still showed.

As some spectators laughed, I felt a lot of wetness between my thighs, beylikdüzü escort and when I looked down I saw that my panties were completely soaked, and some of the juice was dripping through it, over my legs or directly onto the ground. ‘It seems that you’re really liking this. See? It isn’t so bad!’ I tried to replay, but only a soft moan came out. Everyone present, including Brianna and the referee, seemed to find that very comical.

Then I felt something going on behind me, and before I knew it, my hands were tied behind my back with some BD/SM bright pink handcuffs that Brianna must have been given by someone from the crowd, because I hadn’t seen her carry it before. In confusion, I didn’t react while my opponent slowly caressed my body all the way from my breasts to my ass, and when I started struggling and complaining, Brianna was done with me making sounds.

‘I warned you, love, now take this!’ She violently ripped off my panties, hurting me a little bit in the process. I cried out, wanting ever so bad to hide my exposed pussy from view, and while my mouth was still opened, Brianna put my juicy rolled up panties in my mouth, and tied my bra around my head at the same level, effectively gagging me with my own wet underwear. I had to focus on breathing with my nose, as some of my own juices dripped into my mouth. My head felt really light and as I tried my best not to pass out, I was more aroused than disgusted.

As a last resort, I fell onto the ground face first, to cover up my body, but Brianna easily lifted me up, and tied the handcuffs to the low ceiling, so I had to stand on my toes. My whole body – Naked breasts with stiff nipples, and dripping wet pussy included – were here for everyone to see. And they liked it. When I heard a moan, I noticed one of the girls actually fingering herself under her clothes to what she saw, and soon others joined her.

‘Now that I’ve warmed you up, it’s time for things to get real.’ Brianna, while looking at my face smiling, slowly reached down and slid a single finger in. I tried to say something, but because of the gag, all that came out was a soft groan. ‘Yeah, that feels good, doesn’t it?’

It did. As she included a second finger, it may have been the best thing I ever felt. But with everyone watching, it made me feel more ashamed and humiliated than satisfied and pleased. I started sweating and turning red; the three fingers that were now inside me were really doing the job. But just as I was on the edge of climaxing, she stopped. I wondered what she was doing, as she moved her head right between my legs, and before esenyurt escort I could prepare my body, she gave a long, wet kiss onto my clit.

That did it. My legs started trembling, I had a difficulty breathing, and the fluid just came spraying out like the previous wetness was nothing. It was the greatest thing I ever felt, and I let out a great moan of pleasure as my head tilted backwards. All the girls in the room started clapping.

‘I won.’ Brianna stated. ‘You remember the rules, right hun? I get to do with you as I please.’ I nodded; although I didn’t want to be humiliated even more, I respected her victory. She then loosened me and removed the gag, but I stood still and remained silent. She instructed me to sit with my back against the elastic ropes, and then slowly removed her panties.

They were also a bit moist; It seemed that she had enjoyed pleasing me. ‘You’re going to eat me out, until I cum all over you.’ Before I had time to react, her pussy was pressed against my face, and I started sucking and licking and nibbling. I ignored her juices flowing into my mouth, and I softly caressed her breasts when she directed my arms towards them. Soon, it was done. Her face turned red and she experienced violent spasms, as if she had a heavy cold, and suddenly, like a bucket of warm water, her pussy juice was all over me while she moaned loudly: In my hair, on my face, on my chest… Everywhere. Under a loud, pleasant sigh,

Brianna said: ‘That takes care of that. Now for you, I still have one big punishment. I’m sorry love, this might hurt a little bit, but in the end… you’ll like it.’

‘What’re you gonna-‘ Before I finished my question, she lifted me, and pushed me down again, with my pussy around one of the poles in the corners of the ring. She was right; It did hurt, but it also filled my nether region with so much pleasure that I instantaneously came again. I couldn’t keep my tongue inside my mouth as I very loudly moaned and groaned several times. And while I saw a lot of fluid dripping down the pole, I noticed the spectating girls were making pictures.

I saw it the next day. I almost didn’t recognise myself: On the picture was a girl, her whole body covered up in sexual fluid, with her legs spread upwards and a thick, dripping wet pole jammed in her cunt. My face what somewhat censored: There was a black bar over my eyes. The rest of my face – The juices and the very confused look that didn’t seem to be able to choose between pain and pleasure – was still very visible.

I have attended every sexfight since then, and was never chosen to fight again. None of the girls ever laughed at me, or even talk to me about the event; it was very secretive, and nobody blamed me for losing. Not that I would care if they did.

Of course, it was the best night I ever had.

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