(C) 2005 Rachel Gumm. Ani stepped out of the taxi and closed the door, shivering. She knew better than to wear her small, black dress in the rain, but had made an exception for tonight. Glancing in both directions, she walked to the list of companies next to the door, each step making her knee high, heeled boots sound on the old, concrete floor of the street. She could still back out, she told herself. But she didn’t. Not when booking a room for the night, not when phoning for a taxi and certainly not now. Floor fifteen: Cocoon. She pushed the corresponding button.”Hi. I’m Ani,” she faltered into the microphone below the list. “I have an appointment.””Come in,” a voice greeted through the nasal sounding speaker next to the microphone. The door clicked open. Ani slipped inside, closed the door behind her, and took the creaky lift to the fifteenth floor.When she got out of the lift, the receptionist behind the glossy desk greeted her with a warm smile. The floor owned by Cocoon certainly had better interior decoration and heating than the main entrance on the ground floor, which made her feel slightly less apprehensive.”You must be Ani,” the receptionist deduced.”That’s right, I was going to stay here overnight. I think.” She was starting to feel intimidated now that she was actually here. It was one thing to book yourself in overnight at a professional cell when you’re drunk and horny and browsing the company’s web site, but it was quite another to be there a few weeks later. “What if I change my mind half way through?””Out of over four hundred customers, no one has yet.” The receptionist smiled at her again.She led Ani into a small room and introduced her to their medical technician, a rather shy looking young man, before returning to her desk. The technician carefully took a blood sample from Ani and fed a few drops of it into an expensive looking machine, causing it to emit a low hum while it analyzed the sample.The technician placed a headband on Ani’s forehead, explaining that she needed to keep it on no matter what happened. He gave her a contract to sign, detailing what the business couldn’t be held accountable for. Shortly after Ani signed it and handed it back, the machine chimed to let the technician know it had finished the analysis. He read the print-out and remarked on how healthy Ani was before telling her to return to the front desk so that the receptionist could show her to her room.”OK, we’re ready for you now,” said the receptionist once Ani got back to the lobby. “You’ll be in cell four. Just remember to keep an open mind. I guarantee you’ll have more fun that way.”Ani crept along the corridor, past the first three doors. They were all marked, cell one, cell two, cell three. The last one was open so she couldn’t read what was on the door. She figured it was cell four, so crept into it. The door slid shut behind her with a hiss. It looked bahis şirketleri identical to the metal wall surrounding it, shiny, smooth and featureless except for equidistant horizontal and vertical ridges about half a metre apart. The other walls and even the floor and ceiling were made up of the same metal squares. Suddenly, a synthetic voice talked to her. She looked around, trying to work out where it was originating from.”Hello Ani.” It seemed to come from the ceiling somewhere, so she looked up.”I am your owner. Do exactly as I command you and we will have a fun night. Take off your clothes.” With another hiss of decompressing air, a drawer slid out from one of the walls, made up of two of the metal tiles.Ani looked up expectantly. Surely he, she, whoever, couldn’t just launch into roleplaying without an introduction.”Now.” She did as the voice commanded, and unzipped her black boots before putting them in the drawer. She then unzipped her black dress, slid it off, and folded it next to the boots. She looked up expectantly again.”I didn’t tell you to stop, my little pet.”Ani let out a small sigh, then unhooked her bra and put it on top of her dress. She unhooked her suspenders and slid off her stockings. After putting them all neatly on the pile, she looked up again, nervously. Her feet were getting cold on the metal surface of the floor.”One left,” the voice said, still emotionless.She reluctantly slid off her lace thong and put it on the pile before looking back up to where the voice seemed to come from. The drawer closed again, blending into the background of her cell.”Good, slavegirl.” Another drawer slid out from the wall to the left.”Put this gag on, slave.” Ani nervously walked to the drawer and picked up its contents, a phallic shaped gag. The drawer closed again. She looked at the gag curiously, trying to work out which way up it went. She suddenly felt a strong stinging sensation in her feet for a split second.”Now, slavegirl.” That voice! thought Ani. It must have given her an electric shock via the floor. She wanted to run for the door but had read in the contract that once a session was started, there was no way to stop it, and the door would not open until the predetermined specified time. That wasn’t until the morning. The room was empty except for the gag and Ani, so there was no way for her to avoid another shock if she didn’t comply with her temporary owner’s wishes. She turned the gag around so it appeared to be the right way up, and reluctantly slid it into her mouth. As soon as she took her hand off it, two straps extruded from it, wrapping around her face until they met behind her head. They bonded to each other and tightened, plunging the gag further into her mouth. Once they had finished, four more straps started coming out of them, over her cheeks. One on each cheek went below her chin, and they similarly bonded before bahis firmaları tightening, while the other on each cheek went up diagonally, meeting between her eyes, where they formed one final strap that went straight up above her forehead and down the back of her head, to meet where the first two straps had joined, and bonded with them.Ani tried as hard as she could to get the gag off her face, but it was firmly stuck on. There was nothing she could do to remove it.”Now go to the toilet. I don’t want you to make a mess later.” Accompanied by another hiss, several tiles on the wall on the right moved towards the room, containing a toilet, complete with toilet paper, a sink, soap and a towel. She used it, washed her hands, and dried them. It slid back into the wall.Another drawer tile slid out, revealing what looked like another phallic shaped gag.”Slide this into your cunt, slavegirl.” Ani looked up at the ceiling in disbelief, but all that got her was another electric shock. She carefully slid the phallus in. Two straps inched their way up from it, until they got to her waist. Two straps then went out of each of them horizontally, wrapping around her waist, until they all met at her sides. They tightened around her hips until she was slightly uncomfortable, then stopped. Four more straps extended from the phallus, and they all joined onto the ring around her waist before tightening. She now had underwear she couldn’t remove, except it wasn’t underwear so much as a wearable dildo. She felt so humiliated she wanted to cry, but she tried to stay as calm as she could.”Good girl. You have pleased me so far.” The drawer closed as another slid open.Ani walked up to it, dreading to think what she would find inside. It looked like a bra, only without the straps to go around her back or shoulders, and it was made of the same material as the two phalluses.”Hold this over your breasts.” The voice was as calm as ever, and hadn’t changed tone since it first greeted her. Remembering the electric shocks, Ani didn’t need to be ordered a second time. As soon as she held it in position, a strap came out of either side of it, wrapping around her back and meeting in the middle of it, before tightening. Similar straps went over her shoulders and met the first ones behind her back. Finally, it looked like a regular bra, except for the smooth, shiny material it was made of. Last of all, eight straps trickled down from it, three down her front, one down each side, and three down her back. They all joined onto the belt around her waist, meeting where the straps went around her crotch and at the sides. Two new horizontal rings were formed between her bra and the original ring around her waist. She was finally wearing a whole body suit, which slowly tightened until she was slightly uncomfortable, then stopped. Part of her wanted to look in a mirror to see how humiliating it looked, kaçak bahis siteleri but she couldn’t bring herself to do it, even if she had the opportunity.To complete Ani’s outfit for the time being, four new straps went down from her head harness to her bra, one at the front, one at the back, and one at each side, forming three new horizontal rings around her neck as they went. Once they had finished joining each other and shrinking to fit her exactly, she knew her body truly had no escape. She was completely covered in shiny, smooth, black webbing from the top of her head to the bottom of her crotch. She honestly didn’t know if she was humiliated, upset or aroused.”I know that you secretly want to be dominated by another woman,” said the voice. There was no way it could know that, thought Ani. She hadn’t told _anyone_. “…so I took the liberty of inviting one of your cellmates who wants to dominate you. She’s on her way now.” Ani tried her best to shout that she _really_ didn’t want to lose her lesbian virginity, but all that came out were muffled screams. She half expected to get another electric shock for making such a noise, but instead her gag started to writhe around inside her mouth. She let out a muffled exclamation in surprise. She had no idea the phalluses could move. It was almost like giving fellatio to a man wearing a condom, she thought. She tried to protest even more but couldn’t muster the energy, the phallus in her mouth sedating her into merely groaning. Some sort of liquid that tasted like precum, from what she could remember, oozed out of it and slid down her throat. So much for it being like a condom, she thought. She quickly swallowed it to avoid choking. If she had realised how real the phallus gag was, she would have thought twice about putting it on so willingly.”You like giving head, don’t you, my little slut?” The voice always sounded the same, completely emotionless. “Just like you enjoy being groped.” The bra tightened around Ani’s breasts in such a way that it felt just like someone was groping her. She tried to vocalise her objection to that as well, but the muffled protests just got her another trickle of precum from the ever-moving phallus in her mouth. She tried to rip the gag and bra off, but that just got her another electric shock, stronger than before. She fell to the floor and squirmed around into any position she could think of, just in case any of them eased the groping or fellatio sensations. They didn’t, and she just felt like someone’s hands and dick were following her around, regardless of whether she was on all fours, lying on her back, or curled up.Ani was on all fours when the door slid open in front of her. She had lost track of which wall she was facing until then. A cute, young woman with short, spiky hair and a big grin on her face walked into her cell, her heeled shoes echoing around the room with each step, and the door closed behind her. She was wearing a strapless faux leather corset, complete with suspenders which were holding up her sheer lace stockings, and a matching thong.”I see you’re expecting me, slut.” She grinned even more.

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