Cloud Nine Ch. 9


Cloud Nine Ch. 9“I can feel your cum squirting in my cunt, darling,” Cynthia wailed. “God, your cock feels so fucking big! Fuck me, darling, fuck me good, I’m going to cum again!”She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, and swung her hips from side to side and up and down rapidly. She had another wailing orgasm and sucked the last drop of cum from him before his cock changed from a bar of steel to a piece of limp rubber.She kept her legs locked around his waist as they rolled onto their side. His cock still slipped out of her cunt, but she liked the way it felt nestled against her cunt lips.He sighed with deep contentment. She was warm and fragrant, and the enticing aroma of her healthy young body filled his nostrils as he toyed with one of her fat nipples with the tip of his tongue.She wiggled her hips to rub his cock against her pussy and kissed him on the lips. “Thank you for a wonderful fuck, darling.”“You’re welcome, dear,” he replied. “But I should be thanking you, you’re a terrific piece of ass.”“Just as Libby predicted,” she chuckled. “You must keep her very happy with your gifted tongue and marvelous cock.”“You keep mentioning her. Why?”“Because I’m a girl, darling,” she replied, the tone of her voice implying he ought to know, “and I like for my sisters to be happy. Good fucking isn’t the only thing that makes a girl happy, but it’s a damn good start. A bad fuck can ruin a girl’s whole week.” She shivered and giggled. “God, I can’t imagine putting up with night after night after night of bad fucking.”“I’m glad I don’t disappoint you.”“Far from it,” she exclaimed. She wiggled her hips again, the head of his big prick pushed between her pussy lips, and she continued to wiggle and felt his cock begin to grow. She squeezed his half-hard tool between her thighs and said sweetly, “How about an encore? I’m still turned on.”“Yeah, I can feel your motor running,” he teased. “I can’t think of anything I would rather do than fuck you again.”“And again and again,” she giggled. “We’d better go in my bedroom. My roommates will be home soon.”“Okay, I don’t want to embarrass you.”“Oh, I don’t care if they watch me fuck, but they would want some of your cock, and I’m not going to share with them tonight. I’m selfish, Gene. I share the average cocks with them, but I keep the best for myself. And believe me, darling, you’re the absolute best!”She released her leg-lock and let him roll away. He got to his feet and helped her up, and she held onto his hand and started toward her bedroom.“What about our clothes?”“Leave them,” she replied. “That way, they’ll know I have company and won’t come barging in to tell me about the average fucking they got tonight.”She pushed him onto the bed, tumbled in after him, rolled him on his side and scooted up to him with her back against his stomach, then pulled his arms around her and put his hands on her tits.“I like your tits,” he said softly. “They’re so firm and springy. Nice big fat nipples, too.”“I like your hands on them.” She put one foot on the bed and opened her legs wide with her knee in the air. “If your lips were longer, you could suck them.”“If my lips were that long, they’d hang down to my knees,” he laughed.“Like your gorgeous cock,” she giggled. She reached kaçak iddaa between her legs and cupped his balls and pressed them against her ass. “Libby’s tits look like they’re a little bigger than mine. Are her nipples as fat as mine?”He pinched one of her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Yep, at least.”She laid her leg over his hip and scrunched her ass closer to his groin. “Fat nipples are more fun to suck.”“How do you know?”“By sucking them, of course, darling,” she giggled. “How else would I know?” She grasped his partially erect cock and dragged the head back and forth through the damp, warm crack of her cunt and rubbed it over her clit as she wiggled her hips and slid her hand up and down his shaft. “Mmmmmm,” she murmured, “your cock is getting harder.”“You have magic in your hands.”“Mmmmmm, in my mouth and cunt, too.” She groped with his cockhead, opened her pussy lips, then stuffed the big knob into her tight sheath, and a wide smile spread across her face and she sighed with satisfaction. “Now it will get hard a lot faster. I like to have your cock in my cunt, darling.” She cupped his balls, pulled them up against his cock and wiggled her hips. “Yeah, I can feel it growing. Do you fuck Libby in the ass?”“Yes, quite often,” he said. “She likes it that way.“Good for her. A girl isn’t a really good piece of ass unless she takes a cock in all of her holes.”“Then you can say that my wife is a really good piece of ass. She-likes me to fuck her tits, too.”“Yeah, that’s fun. I’d like to watch you fuck her.”“Sounds like you’re a voyeur.”“I am, and an exhibitionist, too. Your cock is nice and hard. Would you like to put it up my ass?”“Can you take me there?”“Of course, darling, but you must promise you won’t pussyfoot around or go wobbly on me. I want you to fuck my ass the way you fucked my pussy. Okay?”“Okay, but you promise to tell me if I hurt you.”“If you prepare me properly, you won’t hurt me, darling. I might be tender on the outside, but I’m tough on the inside. You won’t be the first one to fuck my ass, or the biggest.” She reached over to the bed table and got an accordion-shaped bottle of lubricant equipped with a long nipple applicator, handed it to him and turned her ass up in the air. “Just stick the applicator in my ass and squirt me full, then put some on your cock.”He primed her asshole and coated his cock with the slippery goo, then got on his knees behind her. She reached back with both hands and spread her buttocks and he put the tip of his dick against her tightly puckered asshole and slowly pressed forward.“Go slow at first, darling,” she said. “But when I tell you to give it to me, really ram your cock into me. Okay?”“Okay, baby, whatever you say.”His cockhead entered her back door and she murmured softly. “Aaahhh, it feels fine, darling. Give me a little more now, that’s it, nice and slow, good, now a little more, darling. Give me more, damn it! You said you wouldn’t hesitate. Aaahhh, yes, that’s it, now, give me all of it, darling. Let me feel your cock hair on the bottom of my ass.”He crouched over her shapely ass and buried his cock in her gorgeous body. The feel of his cock sliding into her tight anus sent wild sensations tearing through him, and the notion of such a beautiful young woman kaçak bahis giving him her tender ass to fuck boggled his mind.She writhed and murmured, twisted her ass from side to side and rocked back and forth. “Ooohhh, yes, darling, ohhh, your cock feels good! Now fuck me, darling, fuck my ass hard!”He gored her tender ass with fierce stabs, his emotions suddenly careened out of control and he had to grit his teeth and fight back the urge to dump his load then and there. “God, your ass is tight,” he muttered.“Is Libby’s ass as tight?”“Yeah, I believe it is,” he grunted.Cynthia put her head down on one arm, stuck her hand between her legs, and started diddling her clit. “Your cock really fills my tight little asshole, and you’re fucking me just the way I like. I want your cum up my ass, darling.” She caught her breath and shuddered. “Bang my ass hard, darling, I’m going to cum!”He grabbed her hips and plunged his cock into her relentlessly, his belly slamming against her buttocks as he plowed her ass.She screamed as her climax started and fingered her clit as fast as she could, striving for a double orgasm. She rocked back and forth a few moments, then thrust back at him as she triggered the second orgasm in her clit.He slammed into her so hard, he nearly knocked her off her knees, his own orgasm started and cum gushed into her guts in thick gobs. He lunged into her again and again.She rocked back and forth again, meeting him move for move, taking everything he could give her and reaching for more. He hit her with another powerful lunge and knocked her forward, rode her down to the bed and continued to pound his cock into her, driving his cum into the depths of her accommodating body.“God, darling, that was a stupendous fuck,” she whispered. “You gave it to me just the way I wanted it.” She felt him move and said quickly, “Stay there, I like the feel of your cock in my ass.”“I’ll mash you.”“I can take your weight a few minutes, darling. I’m not that little.”“No, you’re not,” he agreed. “You’re a marvelous, mature woman. Guess I never realized that until now.”“You’ve only seen me at the office. Now that you’ve seen all of me, you won’t think of me as just another piece of office equipment.”“No, I’ll think of you as a fantastic piece of ass,” he quipped. “But don’t worry, I won’t cross the line at the office. I never mix business with pleasure.”“Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask Libby if you can take me to lunch once in a while.” She wiggled under him. “Better let me up, darling, I feel your cum dribbling down my pussy, and I hate to sleep in the wet spot.”She took him into the bathroom and tenderly washed and dried his cock, then looked at herself and giggled. “God, you really filled my cunt and ass, darling. Look at me.” His cum was spread all over her ass, cunt and thighs. “I hate to remove it, but I want to start fresh. A quick PTA, and I’ll be ready to go again.”“What the hell is a PTA?”“Pussy, tits, and ass, darling,” she giggled.She didn’t ask him to leave, so he didn’t, and she seemed totally unconcerned that he sat on the stool with his elbows on his knees and his chin in his hands. Watching her perform such an intimate act made him feel especially close to her. She finished her ablution, wiped the water off the sink, hung up illegal bahis the washcloth and towel, then took his hand and led him back to the bedroom.“My chair isn’t as comfortable as the ones in the living room, but it’s comfortable enough.” She sat him down, knelt between his legs and stretched up to kiss him. “You fucked my pussy and my ass so well, darling, now I’m going to finish what we started in the living room.” She kissed his chest, nipped his nipples, kissed his bellybutton, then licked his limp cock. “I love to suck cock. A big, stiff hunk of meat in my mouth gives me a feeling I can’t describe. Sucking pussy is fun, too, but my favorite is cock. Not that I prefer cocksucking to fucking, you understand.”“Do you suck pussy very often?”“Oh, sure,” she said. “When my roommates and I don’t have a date, or we wind up with a dud, we lick a little clit, just so we can sleep well.”“One of the best tranquilizers I know,” he said. “I don’t know how Libby feels about it, but I’d like a threesome with you and her. How do you feel about it?”“Oh, I’d love it, darling. A threesome with a guy and another girl is my favorite. You’ve got enough stamina to fuck both of us, and I could lick her pussy and watch you fuck her and she could watch you fuck me.”“She might not be willing to lick your pussy.”“Oh, that’s okay,” she giggled, “you can do it for her.”“I’ll let you know. Now, how about letting me eat your pussy while you suck my cock?”“No, darling, I lose my concentration when you lick my clit, and I want to enjoy sucking your cock to the fullest. You can eat my pussy again later, while we wait for your cock to get hard again.”He groaned inwardly. He was in for a long, arduous night. He wondered if Libby had any idea what he was going through just so she could spend the night with Aaron. Ah, well, anything for marital harmony.Cynthia lifted his limp cock and kissed the shaft from the base to the tip, then reversed course and licked the big organ all over. By the time she reached the knob again, the shaft was swelling and he was almost fully recovered. The tip of her pink tongue flicked out and swiped across the slit, and he groaned as her hot, moist lips engulfed his cockhead and she slowly swallowed him. Her teeth grazed his shaft as she went down until his cock hair was tickling her lips, and to no one’s surprise, his prick expanded and pulsated.She cupped his balls with cherishing hands, fondled them, rolled them gently, then held them in her palms and slid her middle finger into the crack of his ass and tickled his asshole as her head bobbed up and down slowly. When she reached the top, she let her tongue tickle quickly over the glans and trace the ridge at the base of the knob, then with an audible slurp, she swallowed the head and repeated the process.The combination of her mouth and hands drove him rapidly toward orgasm. He caressed her head and her cheeks and hunched at her mouth, and she pressed the tip of her finger all the way into his asshole, rubbed his prostate gland, and he came instantly.Bobbing her head rapidly up and down and gobbling noisily, she drained every drop of his sticky cum and swallowed it avidly, then let his limp cock slip out of her mouth and sat back on her heels.“Tasty,” she said, smacking her lips. “You gave me a good mouthful. Now, you have a choice. We can drink some more coffee and brandy, or you can drink the juice from my pussy.”As he expected, it was a long night, but he was up to the task.¦¦¦

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