Cindy’s makeover


I would like to share my latest cross-dressing experience. Like many cross-dressers, I dress up part-time. I am married and my wife does not know of my fetish of warning woman clothing. My dressing need stems from my enjoyment to the attention I received from admires. I am new at this cross-dressing having only started dressing five years ago. Many cross-dressers started their fetish when they were young, preteen or in their teens. As a cross-dresser, I now pay more attention to woman’s clothing, shoes and makeup. I shop on line and cannot wait for my new buys to arrive. My weakness was applying make up as Cindy. I have only dressed in public two times and paid a make-up artist to makeup. Even with makeup, I did not think I was passable. I decided a makeup lesson would allow me to ask all those questions I had about putting on my Cindy face. Included with the makeup lesson were glamour photographs of me posing in several outfits. London is CD friendly place having visited twice in the past few years. I did a search of business that offer glamour shoots in the London area. The dressing services had packages that varied from a couple of hours to all-day events. The cost averages one hundred pounds an hour with all day and evening out costing over one thousand pounds. That cost dressing services costs were expensive for my budget. As an alternative, I posted a message to a TV web site asking if anyone know someone that does makeup lessons. I received several replies and after comparing the prices decided on services of AD. I sent AD an email asking if she could not only do my makeup but to teach me and to include some photographs in various outfits. I receive an email back saying she would be happy to help me and provided the prices for here time. The cost for a four-hour makeup and photo shoot was two hundred pounds. I also asked if she could provide me a traveling makeup kit so I would have the right products, which were an extra fifty pounds. I work overseas and go to the United States on vacations to visit bahis siteleri my wife. When I am traveling, I can play dress up being Cindy. On my return from vacation, I scheduled a stop over of three days in London. I reserved the first day for my glamour shoot. The second day reserved to do my own makeup and a second photo shoot. I had arranged a photographer to do another photo shoot with pictures of me out in public on the streets of London. The last day in London was reserve to go to the CD or TV friendly club called Sweet Wednesday. I paid AD in advance, sending the funds by Western Union. While I was in the states, I went to Goodwill a used clothing store and picked up a few additions to my clothing. I could find a short red and black short skirt that would my long legs in stockings. Need I found a long gray skirt and white blouse that would be perfect for the secretary appearance. Continuing shopping I found a gold embroidered pullover top that would be good for an evening out. Cindy’s traveling suitcase was now stuff with a long dress that had a red and yellow floral pattern. I selected this dress for my first day in public. As well as the dress, I found a knit cardigan, knit belt and a lovely straw hat. I ordered from the Internet a pair of brown ankle high boots. The boots looked comfortable. The next tree days in London would include walking and standing; I needed to have shoes that would not hurt my feet. In my suitcase were my makeup kit, stockings, wigs, and panties, red knee-high PVC boots and fake silicone breasts. The suitcase weighted 25 kilo. I arrived at London Heathrow Airport at 10:45 on a Monday. I had two suitcases for my traveling but only need my Cindy suitcase with a change of guy clothing. I found a location to store my suitcase for eight pounds a day, costly but I would not be able to tote two rolling suitcases through the streets of London. With the two suitcases, I carried a backpack with my computers, cameras, phones and recharges. For items not fitting in the suitcases, canlı bahis siteleri I carried a small backpack. Clearing customs, I recover my two suitcases. I did not need both suitcases; baggage check for one suitcase would make my traveling on the Metro better. The ride on the Metro from Heathrow to Kings Cross Station took one hour. On arriving at Kings Cross Station one AM, I took a taxi to the Holiday Inn Express where I have paid for a room for my stay. It was not 1:30 in the afternoon with my make up lesson schedule to state at 2:30. I called AD saying that I am running late, she said not to rush. I shaved twice once with a razor and shaving gel then with an electric razor. When finished, I was baby bottom smooth with no stubble. The ride to AD house was about twenty pounds and twenty minutes. AD met me at her door and what a good-looking woman. I did not realize that AD was a TV, but she was stunning. We struggled my suitcase all the way to the second floor. AD had a room dedicated for makeup, and closets full of shores, clothing and wigs. After a few minutes of conservations and catching my breathe, AD asked me to remove my clothes. I did leaving on my boxers. She said to remove the boxers and that she has seen many a Willie. I am comfortable naked with strangers, although I have gained a few extra pounds. On my chest, I have a large scar from my gallbladder surgery. This scar might appear unattractive for some people. Off went the boxers, I was here for a make up lesson and for dressing as a woman. AD asked me to put on my stockings, panties and bar, which I did. I had to unpack the suitcase to find everything I needed. AD sat me in front of here makeup table, provided me the traveling makeup kit. She said that she would apply makeup to half of my face and I would do the other half. We started with the foundation; she had two in the make up kit. One was skin color and matched my skin color and the second was white. I applied the white foundation around my eyes and on my nose help to lighten canlı bahis up my eyes. The skin color foundation went on the rest of the face. Blotching the foundation was followed by a dusting of power sets the foundation. My face was the same color, even and smooth. The eyes were slightly lighter because of the white foundation. I was looking for not the drag queen makeup but looking for a normal makeup that not draws attention to my face and made me look passable and fifteen years younger. Next, we did the eyebrows, the eyes, and then added a blush to the cheekbones, false eyelashes, and a wig I had ordered and sent to AD home. AD directed me to look in the mirror and there was Cindy looking back at me. I was most please with my appearance and the transformation. Next, I put on the dress I have bought just for this occasion, my ankle high booths, belt and cardigan and Cindy was ready for a photo shoot. We walked down stairs entering AD backyard and a lovely garden. It was a perfect place to take some outdoor photographs. We went back to the dressing room where AD had me change into a splendid black evening gown with spaghetti straps reveling my shoulders and chest. I had shaved my chest so was smooth. With a black lace shawl, I was ready for more photographs. The last change was into sexy black nighty lingerie with a plunging neckline showing off my cleavage. My time finished, I loved ever minute of the afternoon. Dressed in my long dress packed up all my belonging, ready to go in public. AD and I carried my suitcase down stairs where a taxi was waiting to take me back to the hotel. The taxi driver did not know the way to my hotel, arriving late at the hotel at eight pm. I had arranged to meet someone from on line at seven pm, and now I am an hour late. I set up my laptop hoping to make contact and having him meet Cindy in my hotel room. The hotel did not have free wireless and you had to pay for the Internet service at the front desk. Dressed as Cindy and not sure if I was ready for this. Walking down the street as Cindy was easy but to talk to people would be Cindy’s first meet. I just had to talk to the desk clerk. Without Internet access, I could not contact my dates. I went to the lobby and asked for the Internet access.

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