Chutes and Ladders


Dragging my ladder to the area where lighting needed to be changed, I gave in to the cool temperature in the room and took off my hat.  My hair tumbled down around my shoulders.  Most of this was behind the partition and no one seemed to notice my presence because they could only see from my neck up.  I could see the band relaxing after another phenomenal show.  Freddie had stripped down and was in his robe.  I couldn’t help but stare at that body of his.  It was breath-taking!  He looked over at me and I quickly looked away and got back to work.  As I pulled the tube lighting down, I felt a hand riding up my thigh and stopping on my ass.  I turned to see Freddie with his open robe.  He asked, “Would you like a hand?”  He fed me that line. “I’d prefer two, but I’ll take what I can get.”  isvecbahis The rest of the band and guests milled about glancing over now and again.  He took two steps up and began to remove my pants.  Could this really be happening?  I stepped out of my jeans.  I felt his mouth on my thigh and his hand inside my panties.  It took everything I had to stay cool and maintain a calm expression.  Rolling my panties down to the top of my thighs, he began to literally kiss my ass.  My breathing became heavier as I reach for the replacement tube acting as if nothing was going on.  He stepped up one more rung and reach around to my mound of hair.  Brushing it lightly with his fingers, I tried to open my legs just a little. “Are you ok up there?” Brian asked from the other side. “Yes.  I’ll isveçbahis giriş be out of your hair momentarily,” I answered in a breathy way.  Brian turned away. “Turn yourself around, darling,” Freddie directed me.  Taking a panel down, I did as asked wondering what would come next.  Using his fingers, he gathered some of my juices and stroked it over my hardening clit.  He took off my panties with his teeth.  My heart was pounding.  I hung on to the ribs of the ceiling and prayed I wouldn’t give anything away to the crowd that had gathered beyond the partition.  He spread my lips and using that world-renowned tongue, he lapped me up like a dog thirsty for water. He stopped and said, “Keep your head in view of everyone.  Do not change your expression, darling.  I am going to eat isveçbahis yeni giriş like I’ve been starving on an island somewhere.  Are you ready?”   I nodded, yes.  Lifting me off the ladder and resting my ass on a rung, he braced my legs on his shoulders.  Holding myself with one hand on the ladder and the other on the partition, his tongue reached my anus and he licked all the way to my clit.  I struggled to keep my eyes from rolling back in my head.  He went after me three more times, almost daring me to keep it under wraps.  Taking two more rungs up, he said, “Come down and finish undressing me with your mouth. I nearly lost my footing because my legs were positively weak.  Holding me by my wrists, he helped me drop to my knees.  His penis was popping out of his underwear.  How would it taste?  I couldn’t wait and began to lick what was exposed, then bit on, and pulled down his underwear.  He lifted his legs one at a time and stepped out of them.  I tried to get to his cock, but he would not let me.

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