Chloe Discovers SPH Ch. 06


Chloe was looking forward to seeing Greg again all week. She had the feeling that the fun they could have together, or she with him, had just begun.

After her meeting with Jade, she had thought some more. She was surprised herself that playing with Greg could bring her so much excitement.

For the moment, she didn’t regret at all that he didn’t have a big cock. It was immensely fun for her to have a submissive boyfriend for a change, one who was primarily devoted to her needs. And playing with his nervousness was absolutely fantastic.

All she had to do was push the right buttons and he immediately became so aroused that she could probably talk him into doing all sorts of naughty things. And she still had many ideas in her beautiful head.

A whole new world was opening up to her. She had found delight in the thought of dominating, teasing, mocking, maybe humiliating and shaming her boyfriend. She would never really disparage him; she wasn’t the type to do that. But she saw herself in the role of the ultra-hot, sweet girlfriend to the outside world, who would take her boyfriend, who everyone else thought was a strong big man, to get down on his knees for her in the comfort of her own home, and do whatever she wanted him to do, being at her service, whenever she asked him to do so.

And if she was not mistaken, this was exactly what Greg wanted. And not just what he wanted, but what he needed, what he craved and pined for. This was the absolute best thing she could imagine. How incredibly hot would it be if she could live out all her dominant fantasies with Greg?

At least for a while, she could do without big cocks as long as she was satisfied in other ways.

The prerequisite for all this, she was quite sure, was that Greg had to admit that he had a really small penis. This would settle their power relationship once and for all. She would be nice to him, loving, tender, but it had to be made clear that his penis was actually too small to satisfy or even have such a hot girlfriend. All the things she wanted to do with him were to build on this sense of Greg’s natural lacking.

She knew that this was not going to be easy. But she had also now already experienced that all she had to do elvankent escort was excite him enough to make it impossible for him to think much and spout oh-so-clever, innocuous speech bubbles avoiding the facts. She would get him to say it himself.

They had arranged to meet during the week on Thursday this time. They both couldn’t wait, it seemed. Besides, they planned to do some activities with their mutual friends on the weekend. Tonight, however, should belong only to them.


It was already after 9 pm, Chloe had quickly eaten something with her colleagues after work and made her way to Greg’s apartment. She wondered whether he had properly followed her request to shave. Thinking about it, she actually had no doubts. So far, he had always done what she wanted. Even if the shaving must certainly be embarrassing for him.

Greg, who had taken the precaution of shaving his private parts yesterday already to avoid rashes or the like, was ready. He couldn’t really concentrate while working today, because his completely shaved cock felt different in his underpants, naked that is. Twice he had been to the bathroom while working. The first time he had used one of the urinals, only to immediately curse himself for it. He was standing next to a colleague and he suddenly realized that if this guy just slightly squinted over, he would be able to see his not only small, but completely bare penis. The second time he went into one of the cubicle, shamefully hiding away.

He arrived home early from work to do another round of shaving. He wanted to make absolutely sure that there really wasn’t any hair or stubble left. Chloe should be proud of him. Now he had just showered, got ready and sat nervously waiting for Chloe. She wasn’t late and he could have done something useful in the remaining 20 minutes of waiting time, but was too excited to start anything.

Chloe rang the doorbell.

Greg opened “Hi Beautiful!”.

“So cheesy,” Chloe thought. “Thanks, Handsome,” she smiled at him. “How’s my big man?”

“Big m..?…ooh…I…I’m great, really great, it was a good day at the office, yeah.” Greg wanted to slap himself.

“Haha, he’s already all alert that emek escort I might be addressing his tiny one,” Chloe grinned to herself, “that ‘big man greeting’ got him all confused. Poor Greg.”

“Would you like a drink?”, Greg tried to regain his footing.

“I’d love one. A gin and tonic for me, please.” Chloe accepted the offer.

“Your wish is my command.” Chloe liked this answer. Greg went to the kitchen and prepared their drinks.

During the next 15 minutes, the two sat side by side on the sofa and chatted about their work week. However, they both noticed how the tension between them was rising. They didn’t really feel like making petty small talk. Chloe was the one who took the initiative. The gin gave her additional courage and she leaned over to Greg and whispered in his ear.

“Now, let’s cut the bullshit talk. Have you been a good boy and listened to my request?”

Greg was surprised for a moment, but had also hoped she would broach the subject. It was the second time she had used the word ‘good boy’ in his presence, and this time she was clearly calling him that. He felt his face flush but decided to play along. “Yes, I did.”

“Let me check, if you don’t mind.” Chloe didn’t wait for confirmation and began to unbutton his pants. She slid a hand inside. “Wow, it’s smooth in here, ha-ha, good job.”

Greg immediately grew hard from the touch of her invading hand.

“Want to show me?” Chloe knew there was no way he would disagree. But she still wanted him to believe that it was up to him to decide.

She was right, Greg was incredibly embarrassed, but he was also aroused as hell. He had shaved because Chloe had told him to. It was illogical not to show her now, and he had a desperate desire to show her. He stood up in front of Chloe and dropped his pants and boxers to the floor.

Chloe’s face contorted into a wide smile. “That’s so hilarious. Just last Friday, my cute Greg was standing here in this exact spot, hoping so hard not to lose his underwear. And just a few days later, he’s standing there again in the same way except his little pee pee is as slick as a pubescent boy’s and I’ve made him sooo eager to drop his pants, willingly exposing and eryaman escort ridiculing himself in front of me.”

Chloe couldn’t stop grinning. She stared at Greg’s small penis, which of course was stretching hard towards her again. Small, pink, cute and throbbing. She could see a drop of precum dangling from its tip. Shaved, he looked even smaller than he already was.

“Wow, thank you Greg,” she beamed at him. “It looks fantastic, really just like the teenage boy in my memory. That’s so hot. I know it is just a very little…….effort for you. But it is so cute…….of you doing that for me.” She loved these pauses.

Greg was utterly embarrassed. She hadn’t said anything nasty, but these words, teenage boy, cute, little, they all felt like sweet little slaps to his dick. And yet he was rock hard.

“Let me thank you properly,” and with that Chloe reached out her hand and grabbed his stiffy with two fingers and pulled him closer. She sat up comfortably, Greg’s penis directly in front of her eyes. With her thumb and forefinger, she pushed back his foreskin and exposed his penis head. “It sure is a cute little one, though,” she thought. She looked up at Greg and gave him her best smile. She licked her lips and finally stuck her tongue out. Very slowly she licked his penis head like she was eating an ice cream. Then she moved a little closer and enclosed his head with her lips.

Inside, she had to laugh. How difficult it could be sometimes to get a cock into her small Asian mouth at all. Sometimes her cheekbones hurt for days after a blowjob. But with this particular specimen here, it felt like she was practicing a blowjob on a finger, her mouth relaxed like she was sucking a lollipop. She stopped short and smiled at Greg again.

“I love sucking your penis. It’s so comfortable. Look, I can deep throat it completely” Chloe made a point of opening her mouth as wide as she could (way too wide for him) and took his little penis back inside chuckling with it in her mouth. Of course, this was no case of a deep throat, not even of a throat involved at all.

Greg was nevertheless in paradise. Her licking and talking and chuckling around his penis gave his body and mind all kinds of sensations. He didn’t really like Chloe’s “comfortable” remark, but it also excited him and in fact he didn’t know what a deep throat should feel like. He was aroused and embarrassed enough as it was.

Chloe stopped.

“Don’t you cum yet, I still need you tonight. Let’s change to the bedroom.”

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