Cheyenne’s Revenge Ch. 04


Sierra was on the ground on all fours, elbows on the ground and legs bent at the hip slightly with her thighs widely spread. Cheyenne had snuggled in between those legs and rested her body on top of Sierra’s. Cheyenne was kissing Sierra on her shoulder blades. One hand slid smoothly down Sierra’s side, brushing against her tip, teasing the areola, but leaving the nipple untouched. Cheyenne’s other hand coaxed the skin along the leg from the knee up to the thigh, inside and out. She brushed Sierra’s thin pubic strip all the way down to the very tip of her labia, but staid one breath away from her clit. Sierra was covered in goose bump, he teeth clenched and her breath had become ragged and labored.

Sierra’s blindfold kept her from sensing any of the things Cheyenne was doing to her until fingers and lips touched flesh. Sierra’s fingers pulled and kneaded the two pillows stacked in front of her. She could lower her head on them if she had desired, but she found that encouraged Cheyenne to take little pinches from her breasts and inner thighs, to which she alternated attention. Anytime she wanted it to stop, all Sierra had to do was say the word. Cheyenne held her on the edge of orgasm, but refused to send her over the edge, without ever penetrating her with finger, tongue, or tool. For Sierra it was maddening ecstasy.

The rules of this little game were simple. The Camille (in this case Cheyenne) chose a place in the house and could setup pillows and cushions for the blindfolded Ingénue (played by Sierra) to move around and take comfort on. She could not inhibit the movements of the Camille. She could not take off their blindfold unless she wanted to end the game. She could not articulate words. She could not touch herself or the Camille. The Camille was limited only in that she could use no tools and could not make penetrations. Any other kind of stimulations was allowed. Victory went to the Camille who kept their Ingénue from orgasm longest.

I remained at a safe distance because my presence was barely tolerated. Watching was pleasant and informative. These were techniques anyone who could be patient with the female form could master. You only needed a woman to teach you and I swear it’s worth it. I could tell that Cheyenne was winning.

Sierra’s stomach kept pulsing as she gulped in air. I could spot shivers of fatigue on her healthy thighs. Cheyenne licked up the sweat gathering along her back, causing Sierra to rise up and push her back against her tormentor. Cheyenne rocked back with her, nuzzling into the cusp between her ear and throat giving gentle, wet kisses. Cheyenne’s hands moved up and cupped Sierra’s larger breasts. She avoided the nipple which brought a whimper from Sierra. She kneaded and massaged the succulent orbs, squeezing them together so that their nipples barely touched. Sierra gave out a petulant moan.

Now Cheyenne leant forward, pushing her crotch into Sierra’s ass in a gentle fucking motion. There was nothing going on, but the memory sense of being sexed from behind had the effect of giving Sierra a tighter moan that was repeated every time Cheyenne pushed forward. Cheyenne would rock forward just enough to leave Sierra with the sensation she was about to fall forward, then Cheyenne would pull against Sierra’s breast to bring her back down into Cheyenne’s lap. Now Cheyenne began working her sweaty hips and stomach into the mix, she would grind against Sierra whenever she was down in her lap. We finally heard a piteous whimper.

“Please. Please Cheyenne, let me cum. I can’t take it anymore.”

“Very well,” Cheyenne purred. “I am so hot for you right now, I nearly lost it myself.

Cheyenne changed her tempo, now one hand began to knead her breast and pull and pinch the nipple, the other hand went down to Sierra’s pussy and with one finger began gently brushing her clit. The kicker was Cheyenne kissing along Sierra’s shoulder until she could take a bite of her neck.

“AAaahhhhhhhh!!!” Sierra screamed as she flooded both herself and Cheyenne with her love juice. That warm rush was the final straw for Cheyenne, who tripped into her own orgasm. Sierra lurched forward and crashed into the two pillows strategically placed there earlier. She hugged them tightly as her body was racked with aftershocks. Cheyenne fell on top of her, fighting for breath and shaking violently.

I gave them time to huddle together in the afterglow. To me, that is my favorite part of sex — the vulnerability that comes right as you come down; knowing that you’ve done it right and that your partner is feeling the same way. I waited for Cheyenne to prop herself up and look for me. I’m a stealthy bastard, so I’m usually not in the first place you look. I nodded. I got some cold juice drink in tall glasses, one for each of us. Cheyenne accepted one gratefully, but Sierra gave me that confused look.

“Are you gay, or do you only like to watch?”

“You are hot. almanbahis şikayet I seriously want to have sex with you, but right now you are into Cheyenne. This makes Cheyenne happy, so I don’t mind. I keep telling you both; I’m a simple guy with straightforward needs.”

“Do you want to fuck me right now?” Sierra challenges. I respond by taking off my clothes. “What if I don’t want to have sex with you?”

“We are going to have a fight,” I promise. She is getting to know me. She’s not afraid. I’ve never raped a woman in my life. She is grinning at me savagely.

“What do I get if I win?” she purrs.

“You and Cheyenne get the big bed for two days and nights. If I win, I get you handcuffed to the bed for three hours.” Sierra seems to weigh the offers.

“Deal,” she says as she extends her hand. I shake it warily because she’s not above tickling to get her way.

“What are you going to do to her when she’s handcuffed to the bed?” Cheyenne asked seductively.

“Oh,” I responded matter of factly, “I thought we could step out for some ice cream.” Cheyenne laughed. Sierra howled, grinned wickedly and hurled herself at me. I was really getting the impression she wasn’t trying to win. Likewise, I didn’t tell her I had all the ice cream I was going to need here in the freezer. Sometimes I can be a total bastard, but I think Cheyenne would like licking mint chocolate chip off Sierra’s stomach. Afterwards, cleaning Sierra off in the shower would be its own reward.

Sierra gasped and shivered.

“Cheyenne, if you lick that scoop any further down I’ll make you” (gasp) “pay.”

“Shut your sweet mouth,” I murmured. “I want to lick some off of your lips.” Sierra glared up at me with mock-outrage. I put a small finger scoop on her pursed lips then slowly began licking it off. I pushed my lips down, forcing the ice cream into her mouth. Her tongue met mine, and the ice cream in a rush of icy cold and burning passion.

“That rocked,” she panted with minty breath as I broke the kiss. “Where do you come up with this stuff? Tell me later, I want to do that again.” I obliged her readily, but in the middle of this round, we both discovered that Cheyenne hadn’t gotten every bit of the cold treat before it reached something highly sensitive.

“Yewoh!” Sierra exclaimed. “That’s COLD!” Cheyenne giggled. “Bitch,” squawked Sierra, “you did that on purpose!” That got another giggle.

“Here,” Cheyenne whispered apologetically, blowing cold breath onto Sierra’s exposed womanhood, “let me get that for you.” Cheyenne moved Sierra’s legs open and moved her mouth between them. Cheyenne dove in.

“Cold tongue!” Sierra yelped. I knelt down over Sierra’s breast.

“Don’t be such a baby,” I teased. I rolled my cold tongue over her nipple which really got her squirming.

“You two are going to pay,” Sierra promised, but her moans were increasing. Cheyenne was getting into it.

“What do you want?” I grinned up from her taunt nipple.

“You want to fuck me, don’t you?” she snarled sexually.

“Yes, but that doesn’t matter. I’m asking you what you want,” I said I took in her nipple and teased it with teeth. A spasm hit Sierra. I moved up to Sierra’s ear, took a quick look to check if Cheyenne was busy, and whispered to Sierra.

“I know you are here for her. I’m good with that.”

“Does … does she know?” she whispered back to me. I shook my head. Sierra stared at me as if I’d turned purple and sprouted a unicorn horn. “I … I … don’t get …you,” she panted.

“I deal with evil fucks and real idiots every day; real scum of the earth,” I confided. “When I make Cheyenne happy, it makes it not so bad.”

“Wha … what about … me?”

“Okay, I admit it gets me hard just thinking about you have an orgasm under my touch. You are so fucking hot. But, like you, I’m here for her,” I confided. Sierra gave a guttural groan.

“Mmmm … what are you two talking about?” mumbled Cheyenne. She looked so fuckable, her lips covered in Sierra’s juices.

“Who gets the handcuffs next?” I lied playfully. Cheyenne volunteered herself with a raised hand.

“Damn it!” shouted Sierra. She looked into my eyes. “Would you fuck me already? I need a dick in me — NOW!” Cheyenne came up again, grinning wickedly. She panther-crawled up to Sierra and gave her a deep kiss. “I love the taste of me on you,” Sierra panted between kisses. I moved down and settled in between Sierra’s well-muscled thighs. They felt great against my hips. Balancing my weight on my arms, I eased myself into Sierra’s very wet snatch. Sierra’s groan came from deep within.

“Give it to her,” taunted Cheyenne. “I’ll keep her tongue busy.” With that, Cheyenne straddled Sierra’s face, looking into my eyes. As she settled into Sierra’s face, I saw Sierra reach up with her tongue, lapping up Cheyenne’s love slit. Cheyenne began working her hips, and I worked my rhythm to almanbahis canlı casino match her moves. Sierra brought her thighs up and wrapped her legs around me, pulling me in with greater urgency. The three of us began racing toward climax.

Cheyenne came first. I marveled how quickly and often Cheyenne could cum. I was afraid that her thighs clamping together would suffocate Sierra. Sierra’s hands were handcuffed to the bed so she couldn’t have pushed Cheyenne off even if she’d wanted to. Whether it was my grinding my pelvis against her clit, or the fact that she was running out of air, Sierra lost it. Her juices flooded over me. That was my cue. I shot off so hard it hurt. Sierra’s inner walls were milking me like a wet, velvety glove.

I felt Sierra’s legs releasing me and I rolled off to the side. I helped Cheyenne off to the to the side as well. We all lay there panting. I knew I was grinning like a madman.

“Would you please release me now?” groaned Sierra. I looked over at the bedside clock.

“Nope,” I smiled. “You still have an hour and a half. Cheyenne get your strap-on. We are going to DP her.” Sierra’s eyes went wide and I could see the lust in them.

“You are trying to kill me,” she gasped. Cheyenne turned and kissed Sierra once more, now both their juices mixing on their lips.

“I think the term is ‘loving you to death’,” Cheyenne panted sexily. Sierra had no good reply. While Cheyenne was getting her trick from the box under the bed, I asked Sierra,

“Who do you want in front?”

“Well, I feel like drawing some blood, so come and take me, Mr. Eden, if you can. I promise to rake you with my teeth and lick up your blood,” she replied with flashing eyes and devilish grin.

“Got it,” Cheyenne declared. She was still stumbling with the lashings, but was making progress. Sierra quietly observed the large artificial cock.

“I keep forgetting how big that thing is,” She moaned. Cheyenne began to move forward on her knees.

“Lube, Luv. You’ll tear her up if you don’t,” I cautioned.

“Well, he doesn’t have to lube and he’s bigger,” Cheyenne playfully pouted.

“I’m going in the front and I know she’s ready for me.”

“How about we un-cuff her from the bed, you get on bottom, and I’ll be on top?” Cheyenne suggested. I nodded my agreement, got the keys and unlocked one of the bracelets.

“Lock my arms behind me and I’ll bikini wax you in your sleep,” Sierra threatened. I looked duly chastised and brought her hands around front and snapped the bracelet on again. I took Sierra’s place, gently lifting her to be on top of me. She straddled my hips and my cock immediately felt her damp entrance. The heat coming through the opening was enticing.

Cheyenne began pour some lube onto the crack of Sierra’s ass. With two fingers, she traced the line of oil down and ran circles around her sphincter. When Cheyenne stuck the first finger in, Sierra reached down with her pinned wrists and grabbed my member. She rose up and aimed my head at her vagina. Slowly, teasing me because she could see I wanted her so bad, she took inch after inch in. I was stretching her out so that my shaft rubbed against her clit, which made her more cautious. Sierra wanted this to last.

Cheyenne had to finger in and out and decided she was ready. With Sierra’s help, we pushed the middle partner high enough so that Cheyenne could slip the tip of the vibrating dildo into Sierra’s anal opening.

“Damn!” Sierra growled. “I keep forgetting how hard and thick that thing is.”

“Do you want me to stop?” Cheyenne asked with concern.

“Girl, don’t make me come back there and slap you. I don’t care how much I cry, you both keep going in.”

I steadied Sierra the best way I could. I placed each hand under one elbow, so that as she spread her arms, I could let her slide down, and if she brought them together she could rise up. It took a minute for Cheyenne to find a comfortable place.

“You are awful hard,” Sierra noted seriously.

“You come home to find two gorgeous women playing Camille on your white fur rug and see how horny you get. I was minutes away from going to the frig and pouring all the ice I could get down my pants.

“It is your own damn fault. You taught the game to Cheyenne,” Sierra noted.

“It is meant to be played by two women. Men get caught up in the whole ‘cannot penetrate’ thing,” I admitted. Sierra’s hands were coming down as she was able to take more of the pressure from the two cocks onto her hips. Her bound hands came to the top of my chest. My hands travelled down to her buttocks and pulled her body forward. Cheyenne followed with the expedient of pushing the last two inches in.

“You Bastards!” Sierra cried. She now had to cocks fully inside her. I could move mine and feel the pressure on Cheyenne’s on the other side. Sierra wasted no time in twisting and pinching one of my nipples. almanbahis casino It really hurt and I gasped in pain, which only seemed to excite her more. I moved my hands from around Sierra’s ass and brought them up to grab both of her breasts. I didn’t hurt them. I wanted to play with them and struggle to get them to my mouth to tease and tempt. Sierra kept pushing me down and racking her fingernails across my chest. I didn’t knock her away. I didn’t defend myself either; I went for her nipples and fought back by increasing her pleasure.

Cheyenne was doing even better than I on that front. She had a good pace set up; short-short- big push then withdraw to start again. She also was pressing down on Sierra with her body. With one hand she spanked Sierra’s bottom and the other grabbed a fistful of hair and was using it like a bridle to control Sierra. She’d yank on the bridle with each big push. Sierra would scream as her head was forced up and the large dildo was driven entirely into her ass.

I saw tears of ecstasy drew lines down her cheeks and began to fall into my face. I pulled myself up and kissed her lips, cheeks and lips once more. My hands were free to play with nipples, but I had a plan. I rubbed one finger down to Cheyenne’s device. I slipped a finger inside and soaked it in Cheyenne’s juices. I brought that finger back up and put it on her tongue. Sierra smiled at me and began sucking and liking my finger. Right then I heard the vibrator come on. Sierra crashed forward into me and I was afraid her legs would give out. As it was, I got a deluge of Sierra’s fluids all over my lap. She thrashed and shook, but Cheyenne kept pounding. I reached down with both hands this time. I brought back juices for Sierra’s lips. The other stayed. When Sierra began sucking in, I grabbed her clit between my thumb and finger and squeezed really hard, painfully hard.

Sierra lost it again. This time she was all over the place. I swear her eyes rolled back in her head, her breathing stopped, and she lost all motor controls. Vibrating dick still in her ass, Cheyenne asked,

“Did we break her?” I felt for a pulse, which was very strong. Sierra mumbled something. I brushed the hair away from her face. She murmured something that only I caught. I laughed.

“What did she say?” Cheyenne ask worried.

“She says she wants to do that again,” I laughed. Cheyenne reached out and spanked Sierra’s ass. Sierra made it wiggle even more

Cheyenne stood up on her knees and, waving the false penis around, declared that Sierra would get no mechanical sex from her for the rest of the month. Sierra raised a wobbly head.

“I should be able to walk again by then,” she joked. I scooted the edge of the bed.

“How about we go out to eat?” I crawled back to Sierra and undid both bracelets. Sierra gave me an odd look.

“I still have time left,” she pouted.

“I think you have been in charge long enough and I’m starving. Let’s go out to eat.”

“I’m all for food,” Cheyenne joined in.

“We should shower first then get food,” Sierra said. I nodded. And we all made for the shower. Two was nice; three was crowded, but fun if you liked one another. I was getting the impression that Sierra was finally warming up to me. I had no problem being the third wheel in the Sierra-Cheyenne relationship and Sierra decided that she still liked dick, which I was a happy to help out with. I’m never been one who associates sticking your dick in a hole making you owner of the hole, or the person attached to it. A lot of men waste their whole lives being miserable because they can’t handle that simple truth.

On the downside, I think they are going to buy me a whole new set of living and dining room furniture — for when we have parties. See, I know how this works. I make the most money. I own the place. I’m the toughest son of a bitch in the room. So when two little girls come up and tell me, a very private man, that I’m going to have strangers crawling around my place.. What do I decide to do? I have all the cards.

I give in. I want to keep my women happy. I will be at the party and I will look nice and be polite and not break anybody. And strangers will fuck in my bedroom and through up in my toilet. This only makes sense to me when I’m in bed, back to the headboard, with them cuddled up next to me, hair billowing out like silk spider webs of auburn and brown. One or the other, sometimes both, will have a hand on my chest while they sleep. I can smell their sexiness and their freshness. I can smell our passion still in the air. Their body heat radiates into me. If I stir, I might wake them, so I stay where I am.

They’ve learned. If you ask me to make a decision concerning them, or this place in the daytime, I will normally say no. If they let me sleep on the matter, I will say yes. Why? Because I love them. I hate the word, but I’m enough of a realist to know what’s going on.

The Kicker of this story? Nicholas is showing up with his new girlfriend. I’m not worried about me. I’m worried about Sierra, and Cheyenne’s reaction to whatever Sierra does. Me, I’m Mr. Calm, Cool, and Collected. I also have a drop cloth and four syringes if necessary.

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