Chastity with Ex as Keyholder Ch. 08

Big Tits

“So, that is what you fantasize about? Having my hot boyfriend and me making you our little sissy bitch? Pathetic,” my Ex said flipping through the pages of the story I had submitted to her, while I worshipped her sweaty pantyhosed feet per our already established agreement.

I still couldn’t believe an Ex of mine was actually a hot Hooters girl. Being one with a small, tiny, thing for uniforms, I couldn’t believe I had let this one slip through my fingers. Regardless, she was making me pay for it now.

She giggled, squirmed and jumped up and down at certain parts of the story, but in the end, I knew what the result would be.

“Aw, you are so adorable! To even think my bull of a boyfriend would accept you into our little arrangement is…well…it’s cute, but you know it’s never going to happen. I know you’ve had those kinds of tendencies since I first made you suck a strap-on, but it’ll be our little secret! Now, lick up, I want my shoes extra clean this week!”

I did as my Ex commanded and used my tongue as her personal cleaning sponge against her white sneakers. I could smell the sweat from her feet, but it only served to further instigate my trapped horniness. Before, with the plastic cage, I at least had the hope of breaking the darn thing, but there was no way my flesh would break the confines of a metal cage.

Oh, my Ex was a deviant, evil, and completely sexual advisory.

“Don’t you just love this little arrangement of ours?”she chimed, skimming over the pages of my story again, obviously a little more than stimulated. “Despite my boyfriend never being into doing anything other than give you an epic beat down if you disobey me, your story does stimulate some arousing elements.”

As she had commanded, I continued to worship her shoes, kissing and licking every inch of those precious white shoes while I remained naked, save for the metal chastity device keeping my pathetic cock from achieving an erection.

Just then, my phone vibrated on the counter on the other side of the room, but my Ex appeared to not hear it and kept talking.

“You are creative at times, but also contrived at others. I mean, who would believe any of this crap?” my Ex exclaimed. “You do have an imagination, I must admit. This is a fun arrangement for me, so I think we will keep this going, despite my boyfriend not knowing. I like having the fact I can call him at any moment to come kick your ass in the event you aren’t being cooperative with your chastity cage.”

My heart sank. Using violence against me now? How could this get any worse? The story I had hoped would guarantee my release was shrugged off, I was living under the threat of violence by my Ex’s BF if I didn’t follow her commands, which were especially intensified by the fact she had my cock locked up in chastity.

Not only that, but it had been at least a month since she had first discovered my secret. I could kick myself for having been so careless.

“Aren’t my nylons so appealing to you?” she said, her legs glistening in the light of my apartment. I could only hum in appreciation for her presence. I nuzzled her pantyhose clad thighs with my face while my cock pulsed against its cage, leaking pre-cum all over my carpet.

“There is something justified with keeping your previous lover locked up in chastity,” my Ex continued her verbal torment. “I mean, it’s great for me knowing you can’t cum or have an orgasm. It turns me on so much knowing how much this is torture for you. I’ll admit that when I fuck my boyfriend who has a real cock that I think about your predicament and it helps get me closer to climax…helps, but it’s always my boyfriend’s cock that does the trick.

“Your tiny little pathetic excuse for a cock couldn’t pleasure anyone, which is another reason I like to keep it all locked up,” my Ex said pushing me up to attention on my knees with one foot and lightly kicking my chastity with the other.

“Do you understand why I’m doing this to you?” she said looking at me in the eye.

“Yes, ma’am,” I said, looking down at the floor, completely humiliated by my clothed Ex, my cock pulsing against my will against the strict confines of the metal chastity device.

I was so horny I would have agreed to anything.

“I suppose you have been a good boy, all locked up in chastity for me and listening to me fuck a real man that is my boyfriend on the phone, but I should reward you somehow. Hmm, just how should I do that?”

My cock was bulging in the tight requirements of its aksaray escort tiny metal cage, and I could feel each rhythmic beat of my heart echoed in the constant horniness of my cock. Oh, how did it ever come to this point?

“I don’t suppose you still have any of those anal toys we got when we were dating, do you?” my Ex asked.

Unfortunately, I answered.


“Good, go get that pink, vibrating dildo. I think you’ve deserved a reward for writing your little story and being in chastity for so long, but you better crawl to get it!”

Humiliated, I crawled to my bedroom and retrieved the toy of which she spoke from my chest of items. My Ex had a memory like an elephant.

As I returned with the items, I couldn’t help but feel both extremely lucky and yet so unfortunate. Here I was, locked up in chastity by a beautiful, Hooters girl whose pantyhose fell in line completely with my extreme pantyhose addiction, yet she was also my Ex and cuckolding me in some inverse, perverse sense.

I was completely at her mercy. Not only did she have my cock under her personal lock and key, but if I did not obey, all she had to do was tell her boyfriend I was messing with her and I’d have a muscle bound moron at my door to contend with. Usually, I prided myself on my intellect, especially due to the requirements of my job, but this was a case where the person wouldn’t care if I could subnet a /27 network for them to provide accurate usable address space.

“Now, since you have been such a good little boy, here’s what I’m going to let you do. Since your metal cage has pretty much removed the need to ever take off that device, I’m going to allow you to cum, but only with your anal toys. You should thank me for this. You will not be released from chastity, but you will suck any cum you are able to release from my feet. I don’t want that junk on there,” my Ex commanded, flicking her hair and looking absolutely amazing.

And again, my phone came to life on the counter and vibrated. My Ex appeared to ignore this again.

“Now, you know what I want you to do,” my Ex said, sitting before me. “I want you to use your little anal toy to stimulate that prostate and ejaculate some cum over my feet. Then, you get the pleasure of licking that cum! Isn’t this such a nice arrangement?”

I could only moan into the feet I was still worshipping.

“Take off my shoes, slave,” my Ex said. As she commanded, I removed both socks and shoes from her feet, leaving only a couple of smelly, feet in front of me. I inhaled her slouchy, Hooter socks greedily.

“Now, take your anal toys and do your best to stimulate your ass while your cage hangs between my feet!” my Ex commanded. “I’ll be taking lots of pictures of this, by the way!”

My face, neck, and chest were turning beat red as I did as my Ex commanded. Normally, I wasn’t as much into anal stimulation, but being locked up and forced to be kept from orgasms, I was actually glad to have at least some measure of relief from my metal prison, despite it being of the anal variety.

As she commanded, I displayed the limited variety of anal toys in my collection. This included a bright pink dildo, a small butt plug, and a vibrating dildo/butt plug combination.

“Actually, I think you should be further disgraced by being dressed up in your maid uniform and pantyhose. Go and put those on, then you can show me what an anal slut you truly are!”

My cock ached within its chastity. Despite my pride, I loved it when she spoke and commanded me like this. As I slid my nylons up my leg, I stroked the poor cock that used to be mine within the bars of its chastity cage. Perhaps, this was what I had wanted all along and never knew how to ask for it. I lived for the degradation, the humiliation, and of course the tease.

The Tease. The big T. The thing that kept my horniness from evaporating away like mist in the wind was this chastity device. I knew once I had an orgasm, my rational mind would kick into gear and I would resist. Once orgasm was achieved, I knew I wouldn’t “want” to be involved in this backwards relationship any further, but until that time I couldn’t help myself. I actually wanted any measure of pleasure my Ex would allow me to have, including this humiliating display of anal stimulation.

I returned, dressed in my pantyhose and maid uniform, completely beaten and on my knees, my cock cage poking out beneath my petticoat and thigh highs.

“Aww, you are so adorable! Maybe someday I will actually alsancak escort have you come over and clean my place like this, but not right now, and definitely not like in your little story. For now, I’d like to see you fuck yourself from behind. I want to see you hit your prostate and ooze giz all over the place. In fact, I think you better get a saucer to collect it. You’ll be licking it off my feet before this is over, don’t you worry!”

As she commanded, I grabbed a saucer from my kitchen and kneeled before her again.

“Good boy!” she said, still looking immaculate in her tan pantyhose, tiny shorts, and compression-like tank top. Her breasts were bulging against her top; I wished she would have let me at least touch them like I used to do.

“With that saucer underneath your chastity, I want you to start fucking yourself in the ass. You better collect all the cum or else!” she said, her legs crossed and arms folded.

Even when we had been dating, she was never this mean, but I didn’t have any choice now. As instructed, I took the first toy from the coffee table, lubed it up, and began inserting it into my ass, trying not to moan in pleasure.

But I couldn’t help it. As soon as I had the first toy inserted, I exhaled deeply and with a meaningful moan because deep down, it felt awesome!

“You like that, don’t you little chastity slut?” my Ex chided me. “You like that ass being full, don’t you?”

Her words did not help, and as I rocked the dildo inside my ass, I felt that twinge between my legs, that unmistakable sense of intense pleasure with the male g-spot being hit. Before I knew what was happening, my cock was leaking cum all over the saucer I had placed before it.

“Good little slave,” my Ex coaxed in a soothing voice, her legs shimmering in their pantyhose excellence against the light.

The skirt brushing against the pantyhose thigh highs on my legs did not help, and neither did the fact that I was completely locked up in chastity! This was the most humiliating thing I had ever done, being locked up in chastity, dressed up in sissy girly clothes, and forced to fuck my own ass, resulting in the unfortunate leakage of cum onto a saucer which I knew my Ex would want me to clean.

In addition, the lack of orgasms had made my prostate more sensitive, and I felt my internal probing to be more pleasurable than I had imagined. Each stroke inside and out brought me closer and closer to something I hadn’t felt before. Surely, I couldn’t orgasm from this, right?

“You are oozing so much cum, this is awesome,” my Ex said. “If you can do it like this, then I don’t see why I ever need to unlock you, especially since this metal cage allows you to clean it every time you shower. What do you say about another month in chastity?”

Her words were NOT helping. For some reason, the idea of another month in chastity was extremely arousing, and I couldn’t help myself from fucking my anal toy even more.

She was right, of course, which was why she had purchased the metal chastity cage for me in the first place. The metal bars provided a much more convenient cleaning experience, despite my own chagrin. I was her complete slave…and I enjoyed it, despite my best efforts.

“Oh, I love this!” she exclaimed. “Just keep fucking yourself, this is totally awesome for me. I love seeing your pathetic cock, all locked up in its little cage while you fuck your ass and leak cum all over your saucer. Don’t you love it? Don’t you love knowing that you’ll end up licking your little saucer clean after all of this, and still be locked up in chastity?”

I moaned into her leg, her pantyhosed leg, as I screwed myself in the ass. Luckily, she allowed this and didn’t punish me for it. Over the course of a half hour, I had released the same amount of cum I would have shot out had she let me cum like a normal person, Unfortunately, this meant an extremely full saucer of my own doing.

“I think that’s enough,” my Ex said as I continued pressing the anal toy against my prostate, causing small orgasm after small orgasm with my locked up cock. It was a torture.

“Now, I think you have more than enough cum on your saucer to eat. Will this be humiliating for you?”

“Yes, I have no desire to eat this. In fact, it rather disgusts me. Please don’t make me do this,” I attempted to beg.

“Aw, the fact you don’t honestly want to do this makes it that much more pleasurable to me! I ate your cum all the time when we were dating, so don’t amasya escort be such a big baby about it. In fact, if you take off my socks, you’ll even get to lick the cum from my cute little feet!”

As she instructed, I slid off her slouchy socks and discovered her tights weren’t fully over the foot. Instead, they were ankle length.

“Most girls only wear the ankle length tights these days,” my Ex explained. “I only wear the footed ones because I like watching you smell them after my shifts. Regardless, you get to lick your cum off my bare feet. No pantyhose to soak up the ooze for you now!”

She was right, as I had the worst of both worlds. On one hand, her legs looked great in their shiny pantyhose status, but on the other, her feet were plain as day and would be the perfect transport from the cum in my saucer to my mouth.

I gave her the puppy dog look of all time, but she was beyond any begging.

“I am going to dig my toes into your cum, and you better lick them clean or else I am going to put pictures of you on Facebook!” she threatened, waving her phone around.

Slowly and diligently, my Ex dipped the big toe on her right foot into the pool of humiliation that was my cum. Teasingly, she stirred her toe around in a circle, forcing me to anticipate what was about to come. Finally, she raised her toe from the saucer and brought it to my face.

“Lick it, bitch,” she said almost quietly, barely above a whisper, not believing herself what was happening.

Without hesitation, I did as she commanded. The warm, salty, and almost syrupy consistency met my tongue and I almost gagged.

I know some sissy sluts “love” to eat their own cum, but not me. In fact, for some reason I’ve always put it in the same category as drinking my own urine, just to give you some personal context.

Being forced to eat my own cum off my Ex’s feet, locked in chastity, and dressed up as a sissy little maid was about the most humiliating act I could ever think to be doing. I only hoped she would finally let me out after this. This should have been the ultimate climax to our little adventure, and I was sure she’d be finished with me after this.

“Good boy,” she said with one of her hands squeezing her breast and the other moving between her legs. “Keep going, you have a lot more to clean off my sweaty feet.”

Introductions were over, this time she dipped all her toes in the pool of cum, the white stickiness oozing between each one as she lifted it to my face.

Again, in that barely audible voice she nearly whispered, “Lick.”

It was completely silent in my apartment save for her command and the sound of my tongue against her feet. I wanted to spit out the slimy, salty mess that had come from my own body, but I did as instructed and kept licking. She dipped her foot into the saucer time and time again until the cum was cold.

Finally, she said, “Kneel down and lick your saucer clean like a little chastity kitten.”

As I put my head against the floor, she pressed her feet on the back of my head, holding it in place in case I had second thoughts. Though her feet had served as a humiliating measure for transport of the cum, there was still a lot left on the saucer itself.

Instinctively, I attempted to jerk upwards but her feet pressed my face against the plate.

“Haha, you hate this, I know! I tried to snowball you once, and you nearly threw up. I love knowing this is something you would never do unless forced to do it! It gets me so hot.”

I could hear her hands exploring her body as I lapped up the remaining cum on the saucer. Strangely as it sounds, by the end it almost turned me on in a weird, perverse way. I couldn’t describe it.

“Are you done yet? I need to get back to my place because my boyfriend who has a real cock is going to come over soon and fuck me like a real man. You better have your phone charged up because you are going to listen to every thrust. Next time you eat your cum, you’re going to imagine it’s his like in your little disgusting story. And there will be a next time. In fact, mark this date off on your calendar for your cum eating day because you sure as hell aren’t being let out of your chastity device. I was serious when I said another month, so sucks to be you!”

“Please, I just…can we talk about this?” I pleaded.

“No, I am invested in your chastity with that metal device, plus my boyfriend will come beat your ass if I ask him to. Your cock is under my control and don’t even think about getting out of this because I also have all the photo evidence. Your life will be over if you resist.”

Just then my phone vibrated again.

“And why is that happening?” My Ex asked, walking over to the counter were my phone was. “I see you’ve met Kara.”

Oh no…

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