Charlene the Entertainer


Tommy and Blake woke to the sound of bacon frying. Charlene was already up and preparing breakfast, having extricated herself from between Tommy and Blake, without waking either. The guys could see that Charlene was still dressed as she had been for bed – panties and short t-shirt. Charlene expressed no concern over their appearance for breakfast in only their skivvies.As they waited for breakfast to be served, Blake and Tommy remained focused on Charlene, her barely covered butt, her jiggling tits and prominent nipples. Charlene was aware of the effect her attire was having on her friends and while scrambling the eggs, delighted in watching their growing erections. Blake’s shorts were sufficiently heavy that she couldn’t tell much about his cock, other than that it was good-sized and growing by the minute. Tommy, on the other hand, was wearing briefs so thin she could even tell that he had been circumcised. She felt herself growing wet as she plated and served up scrambled eggs with bacon.Over breakfast, the three agreed that this would be a good opportunity for them to go to Wurstfest in New Braunfels. Blake, who had been before, suggested that it was unlikely to be very crowded during the morning hours and that they would likely have had enough of the oompah bands by three in the afternoon, which would still leave them plenty of time to get back and prepare for their visit to Gruene Hall that evening.Tommy and Blake watched as Charlene dug out fresh clothes from her duffel. With her back to them, as she had done the night before, she stripped off the t-shirt and hastily replaced it with one of her new purchases, a rather heavy white cotton top that zipped down the front. It was also fairly short, not even quite reaching her bellybutton. She also donned a denim miniskirt, so short, Tommy concluded it also had to be new, as he was sure there was no way her father would have let her even own such a garment.With the skirt riding low on her hips and still not covering much of her legs, Charlene was nearly as bare as she been on the drive down. “Is this going to be okay for where we’re going,” she demurely asked.“Well other than making it difficult for us to keep our hands off you,” Blake began saucily, “it is more than suitable for Wurstfest.”Charlene turned the tables on him with, “I see the problem. I’ll put on something else.”“Oh no, you don’t need to do that,” Blake said.“But if I don’t, you guys will be expecting to play.” Charlene’s face broke into a somewhat mischievous look.“And that would be so bad?” Tommy asked.Charlene was now grinning ear to ear. “I might have signed on as the eye candy, but I don’t remember any agreement to be the plaything too,” she countered.“Okay, so you did not, but you should know, especially after last night,” Blake argued, “that even though we might want to play, we are going to respect your wishes.”“So if I want to remain dressed as I am, and that is a possibility,” Charlene spelled out, “the boundaries will be where I set them.”“Absolutely! And you can count on us for that, right Tommy?” Blake confirmed. Tommy nodded.“Okay, so let me ask again then, am I okay?” Charlene turned right and left, inviting their inspection.“Finest eye candy I’ve ever seen,” gushed Tommy. Blake simply nodded.Charlene was beaming. “I thought this might meet with your approval,” she said while dropping her panties, allowing the guys, for a almanbahis şikayet brief moment, to imagine that she might actually be going commando. But to their chagrin, she pulled out a pair of fresh panties, lace and obviously new, tags still on them, which she pulled on under the skirt.Charlene opened the sliding glass door and stepped onto the patio, affording Tommy and Blake at least some semblance of privacy in which to change. Looking over the railing at the lake below and the hills beyond, she marveled at the beauty of it all. Turning and seeing that she was being watched, she teased the guys with her zipper, lowering it to mid way between her breasts, then back to the top, then down again, a few inches further and once again back up, then all the way to the bottom, grinning as the guys gawked, then back to the mid point between her breasts, where she left it.*****As they set out from the cabin, it was much as it had been on the trip down. Tommy was driving, Blake on shotgun and Charlene sandwiched between them, her bare legs on either side of the truck’s shifting lever. Tommy was again forced to shift repeatedly as they snaked their way back up the winding access road to the main highway.Charlene’s thighs were not spread wide but neither were they spread far enough to allow Tommy to shift without coming close to them. The first inevitable contact came as he was forced to downshift into second. His hand, wrapped around the shift knob, slid between Charlene’s upper thighs, no more than an inch or two from her exposed panties. His hasty but sincere apology was met by a surprise response from Charlene. “If I hadn’t been willing to accept a little contact, I wouldn’t have worn such a short skirt. Just do your best and don’t worry about apologizing.”In spite of Charlene’s voiced acquiescence, Tommy was still hesitant to press his luck. He did let his hand graze Charlene’s bare thighs when he had to shift, but made no attempt at anything more. Blake wanted to take advantage of Charlene’s apparent willingness, but without the shifting as an excuse, he too was hesitant. They arrived at Wurstfest in New Braunfels without further escalation.As they wandered from booth to booth and stopped occasionally to enjoy the oompah bands and their German style dancers, Charlene slowly inched the zipper of her top lower and lower. While Tommy and Blake were paying close attention to her increasingly daring display of flesh, in spite of, or maybe because of, the carnival type atmosphere and free flow of beer, it only attracted the attention of a few die-hard girl-watcher types. By the time they got back to the truck, only the very bottom of the zipper was still closed.As soon as the truck’s doors were closed, Charlene reached to pull up the zipper but was stopped by Blake. “Can’t imagine why you’d want to zip it up. I was actually thinking you might want to take it off.”“Even if I wanted to take it off, I wouldn’t. Tommy’s got to drive us home. With my bare legs wrapped around the gear-shift, he’s got enough distraction already. But I will compromise and leave the zipper where it is.”“So if you weren’t worried about Tommy maybe getting us into an accident, you would take it off.”Charlene sensed a trap coming. “I didn’t say that I would take it off – I just said I wouldn’t take it off.”But that’s just in the truck,” Blake argued, making it obvious that he trying almanbahis canlı casino to see through the gap in Charlene’s top. “How about when we get back to the cabin? I know you want to.”“What I want to do, and what I will do, are not always the same thing.” Charlene was becoming flustered by Blake’s incessant attacks. She grudgingly added, “Give it a break!”Blake was pretty sure he had the order. All he needed to do now, at least as far as he was concerned, was to shut up and wait.*****Back at the cabin, Charlene hastened onto the patio, followed closely by Blake and Tommy. Her top’s zipper was still all but undone, exposing a tempting sliver of flesh. Tommy took his smart-phone from his pocket and snapped a picture of Charlene with the lake and mountains behind her. “That’s not going to end up on the internet, is it?” Charlene attempted to ascertain.“Of course not,” Tommy replied indignantly, “You should know me better than that. I just want it for my personal collection – a reminder of the fun time we’ve had this weekend.”“If you’re sure then,” Charlene coquettishly remarked as she spread the top open, all but exposing her nipples. Tommy, not ignoring the opportunity, took another shot.Charlene, pretending to ignore the camera, but actually quite cognizant of it, struck several tempting poses while absorbing the beauty of her surroundings.“Why not undo the zipper completely,” Blake suggested.“You aren’t going to quit, are you?” Charlene looked around, as if there might be something beyond the railing other than just trees, hills and a lake. Satisfied that there was no one watching other than her two companions, she agreed that she might do that, but also made it clear that the guys should not read anything into it. She pulled the zipper apart and spread the opening of the top until her nipples were just barely covered.As Tommy snapped several pictures, much to the guys’ delight, she also unbuttoned her skirt and let it fall to the deck. Never satisfied, Blake pushed on. “You might just as well take that top off, now. You’ve given us little peeks of your bare tits, but it might be more fun, for you too, if you were to do it in the sunshine.”Right, and that would be fun, Charlene said to herself. Then, encouraging more coaxing, she said, “I maybe could be talked into that…” She hesitated, absorbing the looks of astonishment. “…but I’ve got to know, that you will accept it for what it is – just me enjoying the freedom and the sunshine – and that you will not try to read something else into it. And no pictures!”Tommy put his camera/phone away and the guys nodded as Charlene turned her back to them. They watched excitedly as she pulled the top apart, then allowed it to slide down her arms and drop to the floor. In just her panties, Charlene walked along the deck’s railing, stopping occasionally for what appeared to be brief looks at the scenery, while actually she was pausing to check out the arousal state of her audience.Blake had been toying with how to advance things further. He spoke, “Look, Charlene, Tommy and I both know that what you really want to do is get naked.” Charlene opened her mouth to protest but Blake cut her off, “No, don’t argue, just tell us what’s stopping you.”Charlene stood near the railing, facing Blake and Tommy, her mouth open in amazement at what had been said. Gradually accepting that what Blake had said almanbahis casino was true, however, her look became less defensive and more serious. “Suppose that what you said is true – and I’m not saying it is, just suppose. If I was to take the panties off, you guys would have to promise you’re not expecting anything more, and of course you could never tell anybody. Is that understood?”Both nodded silently, hoping that she really was going to do it. Charlene hesitated while thinking, It really would be super cool to be out here on the deck, naked with these two guys. Why not. She put her thumbs under the waistband of her panties and pushed them down.There was something exhilarating about being outdoors and being naked, not to mention the thrill she was getting from having two guys watching her. When the panties dropped, Charlene was facing the railing, away from the table where Tommy and Blake were seated. She clung close to the railing, turning only slightly from side to side. After nearly a minute without treating the guys to a full on frontal nude shot, she did turn and face the table. “Blake, will you please get me a towel,” Charlene requested, smiling sweetly. “There is a slight chill in this mountain air and I’d like to cover up a bit.”Tommy, respectful of Charlene’s desire, was no longer taking pictures, unless you want to count the images of his naked roommate, being locked away in his memory. When Blake returned and handed a towel to Charlene, two sets of eyes focused on her every move as she, with a considerable amount of tease, wrapped her naked body in the towel.As if naked modeling and her subsequent cover-up in a towel was an everyday occurrence, Charlene, as she sat down, began a discussion of the evening’s plans. “If I remember correctly, we are going to Gruene Hall, tonight.”Blake, still flummoxed by the situation, did manage to recover with, “Correctamundo.” Assembling his thoughts he continued with, “Gruene Hall is the oldest dance hall in Texas. You guys are absolutely going to love it.”“Stop me if I’m wrong,” Tommy challenged, “But I have heard this place has big name entertainment, expensive door charges, and requires reservations.”As Charlene continued to fiddle with the towel, trying to keep her nipples and butt covered, her eyes flicked back and forth from Blake to Tommy and back again as Blake responded, “That is generally true, but we are well past the vacation season and I have checked, there is no cover tonight. They do have a live band, but they are not nationally known – just a good band for dancing.”“Well, we still have a problem,” Tommy announced. “Charlene is only seventeen, and there is no way she is going to get a drink. She may not even be able to get in.”“Now that is a problem,” Blake lamented. “That could definitely mess up the evening, especially if she couldn’t even get in.”“Shit! And after you had made it sound like so much fun.” Charlene was shaking her head. “I forget that, even though I’m in college now, I’m still not old enough for a lot of things. Probably not worth the drive.”“I would agree with that assessment. But then, what are we going to do?” Tommy asked.“We could just stay here,” Charlene offered apologetically. “At least here, we won’t have to worry about how old I am. We can still drink, play some games, maybe even dance some…”“Yeah, like last night,” Blake excitedly remarked, “I could definitely get into some more of that!” Charlene was frowning. Blake threw it in reverse, cheerily tacking on, “Sure, lots of stuff we could do right here, and truthfully, there’s not a lot else nearby that we could do.”“So, we’re staying in then?” Tommy asked.

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