Chapter VII – Mandi’s First Assignment (Part Four –The After Club Party)

Big Tits

It was about 1:30 AM, and our little group of six partiers was gathered in one of the prime private booths in the crowded, ultra-popular nightclub in the Las Vegas hotel where I and my “business associates,” including Niccolo, are staying. Niccolo was sitting at one end of a leather sofa in our private both, while I was standing proudly in front of him.  My hands were on my hips, and I was staring straight into his eyes as I wiggled my hips and gently shook my firm, tan, and fully exposed breasts. I gave him my best sultry smile and said, “As I’m sure you saw, I’ve been enjoying some obviously dirty dancing and some, shall I say, intense sexual action on the dance floor with everyone in our little group except you.  So now it’s time for you to quit being a poop-head and to hit the dance floor with me so you’ll be in the right frame of mind for your After Party.”With that, I held out my hands to urge him to stand and join me, which he immediately did.  I took one of his hands to lead him onto the steps to the crowded dance floor.  I felt him lift the back of my skirt, exposing what little of my butt had remained covered.  I made no effort to pull it down and turned to give Niccolo an approving wink and a quick kiss.I suddenly remembered that it was well past midnight and that it was supposedly acceptable for me to be naked. So I thought, ‘Okay, let’s find out if that is true.’I stopped and turned to face Niccolo with a big smile on my face.  The rest of the group was right behind him and were looking at me.  I wiggled my hips a little in the hopes the skirt would slide down my legs.  But the skirt was too tight to slide over my ass, and had to I use my hands to pull it past my hips and about halfway to my knees, clearly threatening to expose my bare ass and glistening pussy for all to see.Looking at Niccolo and our group, I moved my legs far enough apart that the skirt stopped sliding down and waved my hands in a way to indicate I was asking for encouragement to drop the skirt altogether.  Everybody hollered “Yes” and displayed the universal two-thumbs-up sign of approval.I let go of the skirt, raised my arms above my head, shook my hips again, and let the skirt fall to the floor, leaving me wearing only my slutty high heels, jewelry, and a sexy smile.The thrill of displaying my naked, fully tanned (with no tan lines), twenty-three-year-old, 5’ 8”, 118-pound body with measurements of 36-24-34 inches, firm D-cup breasts that needed no support, and long, well-toned legs, unexpectedly resulted in my being stunned by a mini-orgasm.  Pussy juices began running down my thighs.  I had no idea that I could climax simply from such erotic mental stimulation.  So I simply stood there for several seconds, relishing the fantastic orgasmic feeling.I bent over at the waist, picked up the skirt, and tossed it onto the table in the booth.  Then I grabbed Niccolo’s hand and practically dragged him after me toward the dance floor.  To say I was exhilarated by this public display could not be exaggerated.  My horniness was beyond description, and I hoped the view of my dripping pussy when I bent over was appreciated by those behind me. I was so horny for Niccolo’s magnificent cock I knew I wanted him to fuck me somewhere in the middle of this crowded dance floor.  But I didn’t want him to cum.  I wanted him to save it for the party.As we worked our way into the jam-packed, gyrating dancers, I received still more fondling and squeezing that was not only inevitable but appreciated. So naturally, I returned as much as I received and would “accidentally” allow my tits, legs, or ass to brush against others as I moved through the crowd. But, of course, I always accompanied this by eye contact and a sexy smile. My breasts and ass received the most attention, and a few women even tried to touch my pussy.  I knew if I stood still for even a few seconds, they would have been successful, and another orgasm would have swept over me.We finally found a spot that looked large and welcoming enough for Niccolo and me to enjoy the music.  I turned my back to him, started dancing with an ultra-suggestive twerking motion, and drew isvecbahis his hands around me to cup my breasts. Then, we began enthusiastically grinding to the beat of the music.  I was ecstatic when I felt him press his impressive erection between my butt cheeks while he squeezed my tits and gently twisted my nipples.  My body was absolutely on fire.It wasn’t long before I sensed that Niccolo’s cock was no longer inside his pants.  I reached between us and wrapped a hand around his rock-hard cock, and it was clear that he was ready to slide his beautiful, nine-inch love stick into my hungry pussy in front of everyone.  I turned my head so he could hear me and said, “I’d love you to fuck me right here, right now.  But you must promise me you won’t climax, and you’ll save your cum to spray onto my body during the After Party.””No problem,” he assured me.  “I have excellent self-control.” With Niccolo’s pledge, I was now in an erotic overload.  I bent over far enough for him to guide his steel-like cock into my soaking wet pussy.  Once I felt he was clenched by my pussy, I resumed dancing and twerking my ass. It was no accident that a woman’s twerking dance motion mimicked how she might move when she was actually fucking.  So it wasn’t totally obvious, except to those nearby, that Niccolo was truly fucking me on the dance floor. But, since I had gotten away with a DP earlier, I saw no reason to avoid the extreme pleasure I was enjoying with Niccolo fucking me in the midst of a sizable audience. After about fifteen minutes of this delightful naughtiness, I needed to use what little brain power I had left from its constant battle with my ultra-greedy pussy.  I knew it was time to gather the partiers together and head to my room for the After Party Niccolo wanted. ~~~~~~~   As the six of us, along with Candy, headed down the hallway to the elevators, I decided not to bother putting any of my clothes back on.  After all, anyone out at this time of night would probably be more likely to appreciate what they saw than to complain. As we got into an otherwise empty elevator, I snuggled up to Kurt and almost breathlessly whispered into his ear, “I can’t wait to have your hard cock inside me.” “The feeling is definitely mutual, Mandi,” Kurt enthusiastically replied.  I squeezed the impressive hard-on that I found growing in his pants and knew this party was going to be something to remember.As the elevator continued its climb, Vanessa and Candy only took a few seconds to become as naked as I was. But, surprisingly, the guys seemed to be holding back a bit. When the elevator doors opened on our floor, the three of us led the guys down to the end of the hall where my suite was located.  I was disappointed that no one else was in the hallway to witness the three naked nymphs leading a group of four handsome men down the hallway to begin what would undoubtedly be some incredibly erotic, late-night debauchery.Vanessa, Candy, and I wasted no time getting the party rolling.  Once inside the door, and without any outside encouragement, we each pressed our young naked tits together, slid our pussies against one another’s thigh, and began passionately kissing, dry humping, caressing, and fingering each other wherever we could reach.But that was clearly not enough, and within just a few minutes, we were all in a tangle of three horny sluts on the beautifully carpeted floor. Almost simultaneously, we each realized that we wanted to taste the other’s pussy. So we untangled ourselves and got into a three-sided “daisy chain,” with each of us lying on our right side facing the other two, with our left leg raised and bent at the knee.  I buried my face between Vanessa’s legs and began attacking her beautiful, wet, bare pussy with my tongue.  While I did that, Vanessa was pleasuring Candy in much the same way, and I was writhing in ecstasy as Candy was attacking my gushing cunt.  Her tongue was so long and wide that she rolled it into what almost felt like a small penis as she probed the depths and the inner walls of my pussy. We were all reveling in this intense pleasure that was made even more erotic by knowing we were isveçbahis giriş being intensely watched by four fit, well-equipped, and horny guys who were more than ready to fuck us.  They had all quickly undressed and were stroking their hard cocks, as they intently watched our antics. I alternated plunging my tongue into Vanessa’s pussy and using it to attack her clit.  That technique quickly spread to the rest of us, and it wasn’t long before all three of us were screaming and shaking as orgasms seemed to envelop us at the same moment.  I found out that Vanessa was a squirter, and Candy discovered the same thing about me. Right in the middle of all this action, I became vaguely aware of a knock on the door.  Niccolo realized that I was not about to untangle myself from all this girl-girl naughtiness to answer the door, so he walked over to the door and opened it. I hadn’t been paying much attention to what was happening around us, but suddenly I became aware that there were more people in the room.  I looked up, recognized Josh, and then noticed that he and two other handsome and fit-looking black guys were standing there with big grins on their faces, looking down at the three of us naked girls pleasuring each other on the floor. I immediately turned to Vanessa and Candy and said, “Hey girls.  Look who’s here.  It appears that Josh came through for us. So let’s do something to make them feel welcome.”We quickly disengaged ourselves and stood up.  I said, “Hi guys.  We were just getting warmed up for the party,”  I led the three of us smiling, naked, gorgeous, and horny young women toward the three guys.  I embraced and kissed each one and briefly rubbed their crotches.  I was pleased by what I felt.  In return, my tits and ass were appreciatively caressed by each guy.  Candy and Vanessa didn’t hesitate to follow my lead.  My pussy juice continued running down my thighs.I was also delighted to see that Josh had also managed to bring a room service cart loaded with light beverages and stacks of washcloths, towels, and bed linens.  Josh was my hero.He quickly handled the intros for him and his other two buddies, Jamal and Daniel.  I could readily see that three good-sized tents were growing in their pants.Trying my best to be a good (not to mention an ultra-horny) hostess, I briefly turned toward Candy and Vanessa and said, “Let’s get this party started.  I’m ready for some hard cocks.  How about you?”  They both gave me the thumbs-up sign for complete agreement.  Then, nodding toward where Niccolo, Kurt, Jack, and Eddie were standing, I said, “How about you two grab those four naked guys while I get acquainted with the three newbies?  And please remind your guys about the bukkake action before the party breaks up.” Candy and Vanessa enthusiastically agreed.  But before they turned away, they smiled seductively at Josh, Jamal, and Daniel.  Vanessa said, “It won’t be long before we’ll also be getting well acquainted with you.  So don’t you let Mandi keep you all to herself.”The three guys all smiled enthusiastically. I licked my lips, grinned back at them, and said, “I already know what Josh has for me, so let’s see what pleasures Jamal and Daniel are bringing to the party.”  With that, I reached for Josh’s belt buckle and zipper.  Jamal and Daniel were only moments behind.  In mere seconds all three were magnificently naked, and I had three hard cocks pointing right at me. But before I got things rolling, I quickly asked Josh if he and his two buddies knew the plans for the party. Josh confirmed their understanding, saying, “First is the gang bang.  Mandi wants to be sure she has fucked everyone in this room tonight.  Multiple partners are encouraged, and anal, DP’s, and even air-tights are welcome.  She wants it known that she has properly prepped for all that.  The guys are all welcome to enjoy Candy and Vanessa when they aren’t with you, and both girls are good with the same things as Mandi.“Second is Bukkake Time.  Before the party is over, you want your naked body to be covered from head to pussy in cum.”Jamal and Daniel nodded their heads emphatically to confirm they were aware isveçbahis yeni giriş of the plans.I added, “You guys are all young and virile, so I’d expect each of you will recover quickly from any climaxes and can cum more than once.  I have every confidence that you’ll be ready to coat my body with copious amounts of your pearly love juice.  My more-than-able young and sexy assistants, Candy and Vanessa, have assured me that they will do their best to keep you entertained when I’m occupied and have you ready for the money shots at the end of the night. All three grinned and nodded their heads once more, and I took that as the signal to get the party rolling.  I lifted my arms and raised my voice, saying, “Okay, everyone.  Let’s party.”I promptly crouched down in front of Josh and his pals and was absolutely mesmerized by the three examples of magnificent naked masculinity standing proudly in front of me.  Josh’s thick and at least eight hard inches of white cock was impressive, and Jamal and Daniel were both at least an inch or two longer and even fuller.  All three were circumsized, and had a big helmet head that already had some precum running out of its little slit.  Daniel’s cock had a slight upward bend, and the skin was a bit smoother than Jamal’s.  I couldn’t wait for all three of them to be inside me, preferably at the same time.From my experiences earlier today, I knew the other four guys all measured up equally well. Since Jamal was standing between the other two, I immediately engulfed his impressive manhood into my mouth.  I sensed him almost shutter in surprise as he was astounded (or perhaps shocked) that I was able to immediately deep-throat such a massive member so easily. I heard Josh say, “I told you Mandi was the best cock-sucker I’d ever experienced.”At the same time, I wrapped my hands around each of the other two cocks, started stroking them, and used my thumb to smear the precum all around the heads while I vigorously stroked them.  I had never felt quite so slutty, yet so utterly turned on, as I did at that moment. When I momentarily stopped to take a breath while deep throating Jamal, I glanced around the room and saw that Vanessa and Candy had followed my lead, and each had crouched down in front of two of the other guys and were vigorously sucking their erect cocks.  Candy was alternately blowing Niccolo and Kurt, while Vanessa was doing the same with Jack and Eddie.It almost looked like the opening scene of a triple gang-bang porn video.  I was delighted with how the party was starting out and was anxiously looking forward to having had every one of those hard cocks in me before the night was over.  God, I genuinely love a gang-bang. The bedroom had two queen-size beds, and the living room had a fold-out sofa and a sturdy wooden coffee table.  There should be enough room for everyone to enjoy whatever happens.  I noticed that no one had headed to the bedroom yet,  So I stood up, grabbed the two hard black cocks in my hand, and along with Josh, led my three guys into the bedroom.  As this was only my second gang bang and my first bukkake party, I was unsure exactly how to orchestrate it.  And I was anxious to find out if Josh and his buddies did anal and had experience doing a DP or an airtight. Since I already had enjoyed a DP tonight (while on the dance floor in the nightclub, no less), my ass should be close to ready for another intrusion.  I looked at Josh, wrapped one arm around his neck and kissed him passionately, and wrapped my other hand around his cock and said, “Since you were cut short in my room a few hours ago, and you have done so much to enhance this party, you get the first choice on which of my holes you want, and what position you want me to be in.”  Josh put my worries aside when he said, “I picked Jamal and Daniel to join us tonight because I’ve partied with them before.  They definitely know their way around a woman and how to please and satisfy them.  So you just lie on the bed and let us lead you to an encounter in total sexual euphoria.” I looked Josh in his eyes and said, “Ever since I let you get away this evening, I’ve been thinking about your hard cock sliding slowly into my pussy.  So that’s how I want to start our fun tonight.  After some good pussy pounding you can fuck me anywhere you want, but I want you in my pussy first, and I want it there NOW. 

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