Chapter 12 of Wife’s Story


Chapter 12 of Wife’s StoryFast forwarding to current times… Since we last saw JC and her husband Mike, they began a cuckolded relationship with JC’s co-worker Reuben. The following few months, Reuben was a regular houseguest at JC and Mike’s home, and JC was a routine visitor to Reuben’s home, mostly for lunchtime trysts. The redheaded Tina would also make it into Reuben’s bed when he wasn’t playing with JC. Mike finally got his orders moving them away from the area to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, and on the last day in North Carolina, Reuben stopped by to wish JC and Mike farewell. “You two better stay in touch and you know that if you come back here, you have to let me know,” Reuben told them. “Oh, we will, Reuben and I hope if you’re up to Virginia, you’ll let us know for sure,” JC replied back.Settling into life in Virginia, JC and Mike took a break from the lifestyle. JC finally got pregnant with Mike and delivered a 10 lb. blonde headed baby boy. JC was hired as an accountant at management firm that would find her travelling quite regularly, providing her the opportunities to once again be promiscuous away from home; those tales are for another time. JC did stay in touch with Reuben and the day came that Reuben wrote back telling her that Tina had filed for divorce from her husband and is moving in with Reuben. JC was a bit jealous of Tina but was glad that both her and Reuben had somebody to love and enjoy great sex all the time.It’s been a while since JC has been with a black man. She still stays in touch with 5 or 6 of them, and still meets a couple of them from time to time for coffee or drinks, but so far that’s all she has been interested in. She doesn’t want to string anybody along, but after all the years of different men she’s been with, JC was in a rut and maybe burned out. Her Husband Mike was now in his 60’s and is showing his age in his sexual drive, and their sex life is far and few in between. Mike has always told JC she can play on her own, and she has, but it has been a very long while when she did. One of her friends, Robby, wants to get back with her on a regular basis, but that’s not enough for her to commit.JC’s sister, Janey, suggested that they both go to her vacation condo in Ocean City, Maryland for a girl’s weekend and the idea really appeals to JC. Looking forward to the break from the norm, JC spends the next few weeks hitting the YMCA with yoga and cycling classes. JC is blessed that she never really had to work out to look fit, but she hits the gym with renewed vigor, relishing the work outs which help give her some lost confidence and firms up of those areas that needed firming. JC still maintains her regimen of nails and toes and the occasional tanning and massage and she still looks the fit MILF and hot wife in her 40s that hide that fact she’s in her early 60s.The time has come to depart for Maryland and leave Mike to fend for himself. The k**s have grown and have flown the nest, so Mike will enjoy his quiet time, really hoping JC hooks up with somebody in the party town of Ocean City. They’ve always had an agreement that JC will send pictures of any encounters she may have for Mike to enjoy and is an integral part of their sex together. JC stops to get a case of wine on the way out of town and then jumps on to Highway 13 North across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to Maryland. The traffic is light, and JC gives her Mercedes a chance to stretch its legs and pushes past the speed limit. Reaching the Maryland state line, JC decides to pull over to the state welcome center to use the bathroom and maybe get something from the vending machines. Wearing her usual yoga pants, running shoes, t-shirt worn over a sports bra, JC pulls into a parking spot in front of the welcome center.Being January, the weather is mild enough to get by without a jacket or coat, but JC has neither readily available as she jumps out of her E350 and jogs to the welcome center entrance. As she reaches the door, a gentleman is exiting, and they almost collide. “Hey sweetness! In a hurry?” asks the black man in coveralls holding a broom and dustpan. “Oh my, I’m so sorry,” JC says looking him in his dark eyes. Smiling, the black gentleman says, “It’s ok missy. You look cold so you better s**t inside before you freeze.” “Thank you,” JC replies and steps around him and goes inside.Justis was watching JC retreat to the lady’s room appreciating this well-preserved blonde MILF. Seeing her drive up in the Mercedes, she must be quality white pussy. Justis’ name was an ironic twist, since he has been in and out of the Maryland penal system for most of his adult life. He was able to get the custodian position at the welcome center through his parole officer, and he was doing ok lately staying out of trouble. It’s been a while since he’s had a white woman, let alone bahis şirketleri a classy one and not some meth head, so the old urges start to get him to consider his options. Tired of having his dick sucked and ass-fucking fags in the pen, he’s liking his options with this blonde honey. Winter weather is moving in and depending on where she’s headed, it may delay her, he thinks. Maybe she’ll be safer here until the weather passes, as the first snowflakes begin to fall. JC exits the lady’s room and stops by the vending machines to consider a drink and snack. Justis walks up to her and says, “You know missy, the weather is turning bad real soon. You may want to wait it out until it passes.” JC sizes up Justis as he’s speaking. Not bad looking if you can get over the many tattoos but he looks to be very fit as she estimates him being 5’10” to her 5’3” frame. His hands are very large as they grasp the broom he’s holding, and he seems to be polite too. “Thank you for your concern, but I need to get to Ocean City this afternoon,” JC replies. “That may be tough. I hear the roads are already bad heading up that way. You might want to consider staying here a while until the roads get cleared. By the way, I’m Justis,” he says grinning.JC’s mind is reeling. What is the right thing to do? She’ll text her sister to let her know she’ll be delayed, but for how long. She feels safe here and Justis seems safe enough and kind too. “Hi Justis, I’m JC. Pleased to meet you and thank you for the advice,” as she looks out the windows at the increasing snowfall. “Miss JC, you can stay in my office and be comfortable until the weather passes. I’ll just be tending to things here as best I can. Lots of folks will be coming here to get off the roads.” JC considers that and decides it may be the best thing to stay here. She decides to run out to her Mercedes and get her tablet and cell phone and wait the storm out. When she comes back in, Justis is holding the door open to his small office for her to settle into. With a bottle of water and some peanut snacks, she sits in the over-stuffed chair behind his desk.Settling in, JC powers up her tablet to continue the ebook she’s reading and send a text to her sister and husband letting them know she’s safe and hunkered down at the welcome center. The hours pass and its now dark and must be 6 inches of snow on the ground and covering the parked cars. JC nodded off in the comfy chair only to be awaken by Justis coming into his office. “Miss JC, you are doing ok. Can I get you anything?” Justis offers. “No, Justis. Very kind of you to ask. Are you stuck here too?” JC asks. “Yep, seems that way. I can’t drive and my ride can’t make it here so here I am,” Justis smiled. “Well, nice to have you as company, Justis,” JC smiled at him. Justis likes her smile and takes that as an invitation to get close. “Miss JC, I need to change out of these coveralls, so hope you don’t mind,” as he stands up to unzip. Justis steps out of his coveralls with nothing on but his t-shirt. His manly cock is semi-erect and must be at least 9 inches as JC reflects later. Another uncircumsized cock, these have become JC’s favorites.“Oh my, Justis. That’s a bold move,” JC says smiling. She felt a tinge in her pussy she hasn’t felt in a very long time. “Justis, have you been with a white woman before?” JC asks, with a wink. “Yeah baby, but not as fine as your sweet ass,” says Justis as he starts to stroke his growing cock, walking towards JC. JC savoring the moment, takes her t-shirt off, unties her running shoes, slides her sports bra over her head and pulls her yoga pants down exposing her still perfect 34C breasts and always clean-shaven pussy. Justis’ head is swimming and the first thing he does is bury his face into JC’s clean-shaven pussy. JC can’t contain herself and feels the familiar surging of orgasmic gushing coming on. Poor Justis was hungrily licking and sucking on JC’s cunt when a gush of pussy juice fills his mouth and splashes down his chin. “Damn, bitch… what the fuck!” Justis laughs out loud. He’s never experienced that before with the ho’s he ate in the past, but this white honey tastes so good and sexy, he wants more, and he continues to work JC into one orgasm into another.JC is out of her mind with what Justis is doing to her, and she grabs him by the face and pulls him near… “Justis, fuck me,” is all she can say. Justis moves up the front of JC and brings his fully erect 9-inch cock to her waiting pussy. JC reaches down and guides him into her hungry pussy. Justis hasn’t been in a pussy in a while, and never into a white MILF’s pussy, and can’t believe the sensation as he’s picking up the rhythm of fucking JC. JC wraps her legs around Justis and the two are now one entwined in their lust.Over the next few hours, the two new lovers exchange positions repeatedly bahis firmaları with JC orgasming multiple times, and Justis holding off for a big finale. JC is at the point that she has to bring this to an end, pleads Justis to cum. “Justis, baby, please cum for me. Let me feel your cum in me,” JC implores. Being past menopause, JC has always felt the freedom of men cumming in her without the fear of pregnancy. STDs are another thing, but another story for later.With JC’s prompting, Justis feels his nut coming, and after so long without cumming inside a pussy, let alone a white pussy, Justis unloads so many pent-up ropes of cum into JC. “Oh damn, Miss JC,” is all Justis can say as he thrusts into JC’s pussy. JC can only kiss Justis’ chest and neck as he winds down, and then brings his face down to her’s for a passionate kiss. “That was very nice, Justis. You’re a wonderful lover,” JC whispers to him. “Baby, I don’t want you to leave. I want to keep you here for myself,” Justis says, worrying JC a bit. “Justis, you know that can’t be, but we can stay in touch. I may pass through here again and we can always be friends,” she says hopefully. Justis pulls out of JC just as a flood of cum flows out of JC’s cunt. It was a beautiful sight to Justis. Finally, his black dick was in a white pussy, instead of some fag’s ass. “JC, you’re the best thing to happen to me in a while,” Justis says as he lays his head on her chest. JC hugs him and kisses the top of his head. “Justis, you’re sweet, and I hope your life starts to be good. You’ve got a good heart and are a wonderful lover,” JC coos in Justis’ ear. With that, the two lovers remain embraced and doze off to sleep like that into the morning.BANG BANG BANG… someone is pounding on the office door. “Justis! What the fuck you doing in there?!” yells a loud voice from outside. Justis, scrambles to his feet to get his coveralls on. JC not recognizing her surroundings just lays there as Justis opens the door to his supervisor Wendell. Wendell steps in to see a naked JC in the chair and Justis zipping up his coveralls. “What the fuck, bro? What did I tell you about fucking the tourists?” Wendell demands. “I know, but she really didn’t resist. And it was kind of nice for both of us,” Justis offered. JC can’t believe the predicament she finds herself in and moves to gather her clothes to get dressed. “Bitch, what you trying to do? Sit the fuck where you’re at,” demands Wendell. JC, not sure what to do, does as she’s told. Wendell walks over to where JC is sitting, eyeing her hungrily. “You’re a fine-looking white bitch. Justis did well with you. Now it’s my time,” as Wendell unzips the fly to his work pants. JC knows there is no way out of this without submitting, assists Wendell in undoing his trousers. Wendell’s a bit older than Justis and his cock is the smallest black cock JC has seen, much like her husbands, but still works it with her hands and takes it into her mouth. Wendell didn’t take long to cum and JC took his cum down her throat like so many men before. Wendell’s attitude seemed to change to be more mellow, and he allowed JC to get dressed and even joked with Justis.Dressed, JC had to use the bathroom and freshen up. The snow had ended, but her car was covered with a few inches of snow. Justis came out with a broom to sweep the snow off the car and Wendell prepared some coffee for all of them. The snowplows came through and made a path for all the cars parked overnight to get out. With a hot cup of coffee courtesy of Wendell, JC gives both her new friends a kiss and hug. “Justis, always reach out to me if you need anything to help you get through anything troubling you. And, Wendell, don’t be such an asshole!” JC smiles at both men. With that, JC backs out of her parking spot and heads towards Ocean City as fast as the elements allow.Slowly driving, JC is reflecting on the last 12 hours. Oh my God, JC, what were you thinking? Have you resorted to fucking felons now, she thought to herself. Considering she didn’t really have options when confronted with the situation, she got out of it pretty good. Justis was what she’s needed in a long while, and Wendell was a fun blow job that seemed to settle him down as an asshole.Arriving in Ocean City and her sister’s condo, JC was glad to be off the road. Her sister Janey had arrived earlier and eagerly welcomed her sis with a glass of her favorite chardonnay. Enjoying the ocean views from the 12th story balcony, the sisters swilled wine through the afternoon. Realizing they needed to get something to eat, they headed to the nearest bar that served food.JC changed out of her yoga clothes and put on leggings, oversized sweater and heeled boots. Her sis Janey was only 13 months older, but the two of them couldn’t be different in appearances. Where JC was blonde, Janey was brunette, where kaçak bahis siteleri JC was a 34C, Janey was 36D, etc… Janey was a bit more conservative and JC was sure her sister knew nothing of her exploits over the past few decades. Finding a bar right next to the condo on the strip, JC and Janey found a couple of bar stools open and ordered dinner there as well as gin and tonics as is their tradition together.JC and Janey caught the eye of a group of 5 men in town for a meeting of local elected officials from the state of Maryland. One of the men invited the two ladies to join them, and accepting the invites, JC and Janey became the center of attention. The teasing and flirting progressed through the evening until Janey offered to move the party to her condo. With that, the two ladies and five men proceeded to Janey’s 1-bedroom condo. Both ladies feeling the affects of early wine consumption, were no match for the advances of their male guests. Upon entering the condo, both JC and Janey were besieged by multiple men, with Janey taking 3 men to the bedroom and JC on the sofa with two of them; both mayors of some smaller cities in Maryland. Before JC realized it, she was disrobed and both men sucking on her breasts and fingers in her cunt. Regaining control of the situation, JC commanded both men to get out of their clothes just as she hears a commotion in her sister’s bedroom as 3 men descend upon her. JC observes that her 2 guys are a bit older, and white and not quite up to the task. She does her best and actually gets one guy to cum on her tits and the other leaves apologetically as he gets dressed. Janey’s trio of guys fare a bit better and all got to fuck her.After they all leave, JC and Janey sit on the balcony overlooking the ocean. “Well, that was bit disappointing. Janey, I had no idea you were so promiscuous like that,” JC says to her sis. “Well, I’ve always been like that, sis, just you were never around, and therefore I’ve stayed single my whole life. I don’t want to challenge a relationship by playing the field, so to speak,” Janey smiles at her sister. “But, you, Miss Prissy, you’re the one that surprises me! Does Mike know you are not faithful?” “It’s not unfaithful if he approves, Janey,” JC responded. And so, with that, JC begins to tell of her first time with Reuben and all the times, and men over the years, and how she has reached a point that she found herself in a rut. This getaway was just what she needed, and she hugged her sister at the conclusion of her tale. Janey couldn’t believe what her sister had just told her, and of all persons as well.The next morning, the two sisters awaken late in the morning and decide to get cleaned up and grab brunch and bloody marys. At brunch, Janey wanted JC to tell her more of the details of her exploits, and how those black men compared to the white guys they’ve dated. “Most of them have been very nice and respectful, like Reuben eventually became, but there was something he did early on that took me by surprise when he rammed his big cock into my ass,” JC told Janey in hushed tones. “After that, seems all these black men had to have anal sex with me as a rite of passage, or dominate over me, I guess. But it wasn’t so bad when I got used to it,” JC said. “Have you ever considered going with a black man?” JC asks her sister. “Me? No way. Well, let’s just say I haven’t been in a situation that has been a consideration,” Janey replied.After brunch and a couple of bloody marys, the sisters decided to spend the afternoon at a nearby sports bar. JC was hoping one of the TVs had golf on it as she’s become very fond of the game and plays routinely with her two ladies’ leagues. As they are sitting at the bar, JC gets a text from an old friend. “Hey pretty lady! I hear you’re not too far from me ?I’m in Delaware working a job at Dover. You busy?”It was Lem, who she hasn’t seen in a couple of years, but it was nice to hear from him. “Janey, you’re not going to believe this, but one of the guys I know is in Dover and wants to come down for a visit. What do you think?” JC asks her sister. “I’m assuming he’s a black guy?” Janey asks. “Yes, he’s a very well put together black man. I met him through Reuben and we had fun a few times. Otherwise we just have texted back and forth, flirting most times. You’d like him; he seems to be pretty well off too,” JC says. “Well now you have me curious. Go ahead and invite him down and I can cook us a nice dinner when he arrives,” said Janey.Without waiting for a reply from JC, Lem is in his car heading south to Ocean City. Lem is slowing down a bit as he nears 65 years of age, but he has always maintained his health and fitness, and he’s looking to validate all of that by getting with that sexy JC again. “Lem, please come. My sis and I are looking forward to seeing you and we’ll have dinner waiting. Kisses, JC.” Sister? There’s two of them? Nice! Lem smiles to himself. This should be a fun evening, and too bad his old Army buddy, Reuben isn’t here, but he’s got that hellcat redhead Tina, Lem muses to himself.—-To be continued

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