Change Room Quickie


It was one of those warm summer days, those days where you’re either baking out in the sun or inside in air conditioned paradise. Me and my girl had decided to hit up the mall for a bit of shopping, in other words I was gonna get dragged around for hours doing nothing. Now I’m not gonna brag but my girl is pretty fine. She’s about 5’5”, with beautiful green eyes slightly curly brown hair that falls to her mid back and an ass to die for. She isn’t one of those preppy girls either, she’s down to earth and great to talk to and she makes sure that when she’s around I’m never bored. Like I was saying it was pretty hot out and that definitely suited me because that meant my girl was dressed in my favourite short skirt with this sexy tank top that showed off just enough cleavage to turn me on. We had gotten through maybe five or six stores and I had sat and etlik escort waited for what seemed like hours while she changed into new outfits, remembering to tell her how beautiful she looked whenever she asked for my opinion. About her fifteenth outfit she came out dressed in this sexy, pink tube top that showed both the tops and bottoms of her boobs. It took every ounce of will power in my entire body just to look up to her face. Despite my best effort she must have noticed how distracted I was because she walked right up to where I was sitting and stood maybe six inches from me with her boobs right in my face for a good five second. She finally got my attention and asked, “Do you like?”By the way she said it, I knew she was purposely trying to turn me on. “Mhmm” was all I could choke out. Then something that I did keçiören escort not expect at all happened. She grabbed my hand, checked to see if anyone was watching, then pulled me into the change room with her. I had never noticed how small a change room is until right that second, we were packed so close I could feel her boobs pushing into my chest and I smell her perfume. “I thought it would be easier if you just told me what you thought as I put things on” she told me and I wasn’t complaining. She turned so her back was facing me undid the short shorts she had tried on and bent over to pull them down, knowing full well that her ass was rubbing against my dick. When she finally got them off she turned to me and said “like that?” in the most mischievous voice. I couldn’t even talk so I just nodded. She then turned kızılay escort back so she was facing me full on and lifted off her top revealing her perfect perky B cup breasts. Then she looked up at me and said, “I’m not sure I can get my panties off by myself. Do you think you could help?”I’m pretty sure I said something like “I think so” as I bent down to pull off her panties. As my hands reached for her waistband she put both hands on my shoulders and forced me down so I was kneeling in front of her. My hands finally got to her waist band and I noticed that there was already a little wet patch on her panties. I pulled her panties down slowly until they were on the ground and she stepped out of them. I brought my hand up to touch her pussy but she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up so I was standing. She looked up at me and said “your turn” then she winked at me and grabbed the bottom of my shirt with both her hands and lifted. I raised my arms so she could get my shirt off and she threw it to the side. She pushed her body up against mine and forced me against the wall as she lowered her hands and undid the button on my shorts.

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