Chance Encounter


My name is Paige and I’m a twenty four year-old single white female. I live in the suburbs and love it. I work in the city and hate it. Though I love my job, I spend most of my day driving alone from place to place hawking my business. It gets lonely and after doing this same job, on the same routes for two years lately I’ve been trying new things to entertain myself while I make my tiring commutes. The other day I tried something new after a late-night commercial stuck in my head. I recalled a phone number for a phone-dating service. Newly single I thought, “What the hell do I have to lose?” So I call the local number and reached a voice recording saying leave my name and message to connect with local guys ‘now.’ I did and eventually I was connected to 24 men who all seem to be on the phone for one thing, phone sex. I’m an open-minded woman of the twenty first century, so I trade some steamy messages. But the only thing all the risqué talk did was make me even hornier than I was when I started. I actually found myself gently rubbing my thighs together to increase the sensation tingling beneath my skirt. I hung up. A passing thought çankaya escort over the fact that I hadn’t seen another car for a few miles crossed my mind but was interrupted by my over-active imagination about the last time I was with a man. Two months to the date to be exact. I pulled off to the side of the road in frustration. I stepped out of my car almost before it stopped moving, slammed my car door and leaned against it, the dust cloud settling on my car and on me. As I stood there I noticed that it was a sunny day, no clouds in the sky, a light breeze, as I tried to get my last sexual experience with my ex out of my mind. I found myself standing in front of a service road that power company trucks used to get to some huge towers located in the middle of a big field. There was deep wild grass covering everything but the road. There was a power company truck parked about twenty five feet off the main road I was parked on. And there was a guy dressed in a hard hat, wide sunglasses, orange vest, jeans and work boots sitting in the tailgate of the truck eating his lunch. I looked up to see rus escort that he was looking at me, probably thinking I was a freak for veering off the road like I did. I gave him a friendly smile and he gave one back. As I turned my back to him and leaned on my car I head footsteps on the dirt road approaching me. I must confess that I got scared for a minute until I head a friendly voice ask, “Are you okay?” I turned back to see the man, a very broad-shouldered, tall man crossing the road. I unconsciously noticed that the parts of his skin that were exposed were covered in a light sheen of sweat, I smiled and said, “I’m fine. I’m just frustrated, that’s all.” When he asked why, I said, “Because of my job.” He asked, “Are you in a hurry?” I said, “No, I’m on my lunch break and have an hour before I need to be at my next appointment.” He joked about getting a drink and I said, “God! I could use a cold beer.” He smiled and ran back across the road to his truck and returned momentarily with two long neck bottles of Budweiser. “Are you serious?” I laughed. “Completely,” he said back. I thanked him and eryaman escort took the beer. Popped it open and took a swig and I have to say it did calm me down. “I’m Christopher, but you can call me Chris,” he said after his swig. “Nice to meet you Chris, I’m Paige,” I answered back. We sat on the hood of my car and for some reason it never struck me as weird. Well, maybe a little but I have to admit, Chris’s physical attractiveness is what kept me there. My hormones were raging worse with each of his baritone laughs after conversations about the Rangers, the Cowboys and Dallas in general. When I stood up and looked at him, it caught him off guard. “What?” he said as I looked at him in his sunglasses covered eyes. When I pulled them off his face, he said, “What?” again. For an answer I leaned in and kissed his full lips. When our lips met it ignited my body in flames. It felt amazing to lose my inhibitions and to act on my first instinct for once in my life. He was still a little startled when I pulled back, but after a couple of seconds of eye contact, he stood up. Towering over me, I’m only five foot four; Chris leaned down and kissed me back. The forcefulness of this second kiss overpowered me. As I slumped limply into his arms, he held me in his big muscular arms and kissed me again. About that time a car went by so we separated. Taking my hand, Chris led me across the street to his truck.

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