Cellulite Desires Ch. 01


Ch. 01 – Lusting after the Cleaning Lady


My name is Ron. I am a mathematical genius. I graduated from a very prestigious university with no college debt because I got the full ride. Upon graduation at the age of 22 I went to work for a large insurance company in Hartford as an actuary. I got a cubicle in a large open space office building and a huge salary.

This company had a lot of grumpy old men who managed it. It also had tons of young beautiful bookkeepers, secretaries and marketers. I made lots of friends with the other young people and found a few mentors among the older men. Computers were revolutionizing the insurance industry and I shined. The company realized very quickly how big of a genius I was and gave me the most challenging tasks with the tightest deadlines. I always delivered and within half a year I was promoted out of the cubicles to a nice office of my own and an even larger salary.

As I mentioned, there were literally hundreds of young, model hot girls who worked for this company but the woman who turned me on the most was Kamila. Kamila was a three-hundred-pound plus black lady on the janitorial staff. She was a stern no nonsense woman that carried an air of authority about her even though she was one of the lowest paid employees of the company. Despite her perfect white teeth which she showed off often with the biggest smiles even the highest managers were afraid to mess with her and everyone treated her with respect. She was in her fifties and was a huge mass of rippling cellulite! I was enthralled by how her rolls made her clothes bulge and how she waddled around the building! I couldn’t take my eyes off her HUGE ass whenever she vacuumed the carpets, mopped the floors or cleaned the windows. I was mesmerized by the way her cellulite would wobble and sway as she did her work.

I would always “accidently” rub against her as I walked by her in the hallways. I would also always go to her janitorial supply room to ask for screen cleaner or paper towels.

On one of these visits Kamila asked me strait out, “It always seems like you are making an extra effort to bump into me and to come to my supply room. What’s up with that?”

My heart was in my throat, I was nervous as hell and I don’t know how I had the balls to admit to her that I found her to be the sexiest woman in the company!

“Well if that is the case, then why don’t you invite me to dinner after work tonight?” She asked point blank.

“Sure.” I quickly replied and she asked me if I knew of this Italian place not too far away from our office building.

When I told her that I had dined there before she said, “Good, I get off at six this evening. Meet me there at six thirty.”

I agreed and tried to go back to work! Instead of numbers and code I had visions of cellulite enveloping me!

At six I left my office to head over to the Italian place. I arrived a few minutes early and waited by the entrance. At six thirty-five I Saw Kamila waddling over to the entrance. I held the door open for her and enjoyed the sight of her HUGE ass swaying past me. We sat ourselves down and waited for service.

“So why do find me so sexy?” Kamila asked.

I answered truthfully, “I hope you are not offended. It is hard to explain, but I can’t take my eyes off you when you are around. I yearn to touch you and to feel your skin against mine. I yearn for you and my pulse races when you are near.”

“That’s sweet.” She replied. “I bet you are attracted to large motherly types.”

The waitress arrived and we ordered. During the meal I found out that Kamila had two daughters. Both in their early thirties and that her husband left her for a skinny woman after the second was born. Being so fat and with two young kids she was never able to meet another man but found the lesbian scene where other women were much more accepting, and even sought out her size. I was fascinated to hear about her having affairs with women and the fact that she has had close fuck buddies for a long time now.

“So, you see it has been over twenty years since I have slept with a man.” I heard her say, “It was not by choice, but men were just not interested in a huge older lady like myself.”

“I nearly choked on my beer when I heard her say, “If you are still turned on by me, I would afyon escort love to experience taking a man to bed again.”

“Sure!” I replied with the classic line, “Your place or mine?”

“I would prefer mine.” Kamila answered. With that I paid the bill and we left for our cars. It was not hard being a gentleman and holding the door for her. The sight of her massive backside was plenty of reward!

Ten minutes later I found myself parking next to her in a run-down apartment complex. I opened her car door and helped her out. I followed her to a small one-bedroom unit up a flight of stairs. Once again, I was in awe by the swaying of her huge ass cheeks and the rubbing of her thighs. I could stare at her massive ass forever!

Once I had walked in to her unit, Kamila locked the door and just pinned me to the wall with her girth and frenched me hard! She had the softest fluffiest lips ever and I kissed her back with passion. I tried hugging her as best I could, but my arms could not reach around her waist. I just held onto some rolls of cellulite and kissed her back for all I was worth. Kamila grabbed my head between her fat hands and kissed me fiercely leading me over to the sofa. Where she plopped down dragging me on top of her.

I attacked her with vengeance now that I was on top. I could not get enough of her huge soft lips! Her tongue was like velvet and it almost filled my mouth when she inserted it. It was also so comfortable laying in her fleshy folds of cellulite ridden flesh. It was almost like a waterbed and when she wrapped her huge fleshy arms around my torso pulling me in tight, I felt her warm, matronly womanhood. I was enveloped in her flesh and knew that I had found the place where I belonged!

Eventually Kamila forcefully lifted my head away from hers. “You weren’t lying when you said that you found me sexy!” She exclaimed, “I can feel how attracted you are to me by the passion of your kissing and how your body wiggles against mine!”

“I would worship you forever, Kamila!” I exclaimed. “I can’t get enough of you!”

Kamila pushed me off her and led me to her small bedroom. I noticed that the appliances and furniture in her apartments were old and cheap but was impressed to see that the place was neat and clean. Once we reached her bed Kamila removed her blouse. I could not believe the size of her bra! It was beyond HUGE! She smiled at me when she saw my astonished face. I was impressed by how white and healthy her teeth were and by how young her facial skin looked. I guess when you have a lot of fat it stretches out the wrinkles. I reached out and hefted her huge bra encased tits. Not only were they huge but they were heavy! They reminded me of huge water balloons and I almost came in my pants when she unclasped the bra and they spilled out! Her nipples were the size of cherry tomatoes and were a rich purple black color. The areolas were the same color and the size of coffee mug coasters! I bent forward and took the right one into my mouth. It was so much bigger than any nipple that I had ever sucked on before. I sucked and nibbled and played with it in my mouth. Kamila wrapped her huge arms around my head holding it onto her fat stomach. I had never felt so secure and warm before in my life.

I must have lost track of time because I heard Kamila joke, “Hey my other nip is getting tired of waiting for it’s turn!”

Almost as if on cue Kamila loosened her hold on my head and I turned it 180 degrees and took her other nipple into my mouth. I loved how big it was! I could lick, suck, nibble and softly bite it and feel like I had a mouthful!

After a few minutes Kamila released my head from her enveloping arms and I could feel her removing her sweat pants. I tried to stay attached to her nipple as I felt her climb up onto the bed but my mouth lost its succulent prize.

“Come on, get undressed and get up here with me!” Kamila demanded.

“Kamila, I wasn’t planning this and don’t have a condom.” I stated.

“Don’t worry about that Honey.” She replied, “I am way over child bearing age. You have nothing to worry about.”

I had not thought of it that way because I had never been with a woman more than a couple years older than myself before. Realizing the benefits, I quickly removed all my clothes and jumped up agrı escort onto the bed. I could not believe all of Kamila’s lovely rolls of flesh! They were all so lumpy and dimply with huge amounts of cellulite and I could not get enough of it! I started Kissing and sucking on Kamila’s folds all over her belly, tits and arms. It was glorious! Soon Kamila had me held down tightly on top of her and started kissing me again. She surprised me by quickly rolling over and pinning me under her fabulous girth. I was already rock hard from excitement and apparently Kamila was already soaking wet because when she sat up on my midsection her pussy just sucked my cock right in!

Boy was I lovely, the wettest pussy by far that I had ever entered! I could feel her juices immediately start to ooze and drip down around my balls and inner thighs. And soft too! Like the absolute softest velvet. Her pussy must have been huge because it was not tight, but it was just so soft wet and warm! I could feel her pent-up desire as she started rocking on me. I warned Kamila that I was not going to be able to last long because she felt so good!

“That’s ok baby she whispered hoarsely, because you will always worship me, right?” She stated with a slight hint of questioning.

“That’s right Kamila!” I exclaimed in passion, “I would do anything to make you happy and pleasure you!”

“We’ll see.” She moaned as she started rocking faster on my over-hard cock.

“I’m gonna blow if you don’t stop moving!” I exclaimed mortified that I would not bring her off before I came.

She just started grinding into me harder and within a few seconds I was blasting a huge load of cum into her wet folds! It was glorious and I wiggled in the throes of my first awesome orgasm with her! Soon that oversensitive feeling came over my cock and I struggled to get away from her but she was way to heavy for me to be able to escape.

“What’s the matter?” she giggled as she continued rocking her massive girth on my cock.

“I can’t take it!” I squealed through clenched teeth as the hypersensitivity in my cock caused my body to spasm. “I am so sorry that you didn’t have your orgasm yet.”

“Oh, I will get it!” She asserted as she rolled off me and plopped down on the bed next to me. “Now finish me off orally! You promised me that you would always worship me!”

I was revolted and stunned. I had never ever thought of eating a pussy out after having blown a large load into it!

With trepidation I scooted down between her massive thighs. They were huge. Each one was easily twice the girth of my torso. The skin was smooth with a rippled texture almost like sand on the beach after the wave backwash has shaped it, due to all the cellulite. I started kissing and licking her right thigh. I could taste her wetness as I moved up.

“Come on, get to it I am hot right now Baby!” Kamila moaned as she bent her knees up giving me easy access to her nether region.

She had the biggest kinkiest bush that I had ever seen with a clit as large as my thumb peeking out of the top of her slit, which was almost totally hidden under the mass of that huge thick matted bush!

Here goes nothing I thought to myself as I parted her bush with my fingers and sucked in her huge clit.

“Oh, that feels wonderful Baby!” She moaned, “But tease me first and make sure you get all your load out of me first so that I don’t have to sleep in a cold wet spot.”

With fear of what I would taste but with a desire to please this goddess I parted her bush once again with my fingers the best I could and licked all the way from her taint to her huge clit. I could taste and smell the heady aroma of aroused pussy but there was also a bitter bleachy flavor mixed in. I knew it was my essence that I was tasting too, and my stomach felt queasy and I burned with a delicious shame from what I was doing. By the fourth or fifth lick I had gotten used to the flavor and I really started going to town! I inserted my tongue deeper and was rewarded with more of our mixture of juices. I spent time just licking her taint and would catch a leak of ooze occasionally. I now looked forward to it and gobbled it down with relish. I sealed my mouth around as much of her lower opening as I could and sucked in hard. I was rewarded with a whole glob of akdere escort my cum seasoned with her essence! I rolled it around my mouth really tasting it and I liked it! I swallowed it down not understanding why most of my previous girls would not swallow. I sucked and pulled her lips with my mouth and nibbled on her as she moaned in delight. I buried my whole face as deep as I could in her wet folds and stuck my tongue in even farther. Eventually, all that remained was her wetness and I moved up to her clit once again.

I sucked on it as I imagined most of my previous girls sucked on my cockhead. It was that big! Easily as large as her nipples but a little longer and slippery from her secretions. I loved it! I gently dragged my teeth across it making Kamila moan with pleasure. I knew that Kamila was getting close now because her fupa was convulsing, she was also closing her massive thighs around my head. I loved this. It encapsulated me in her womanhood and warmth, giving me a feeling of security and shutting me off from the outside world. Now my whole world was her pussy! It’s flavor and pungent heady aroma, the brushing of her kinky pubes against my nose and cheeks, the weight of her bulging stomach on the top of my head and her huge clit in my mouth!

“Oh my God!” Kamila moaned loudly, “this is going to be a good one!”

I doubled down on my efforts creating more suction and lashing my tongue on the underside of her clit harder and faster.

“Ye. . . ” was the last thing I heard as all sound was cut off from me, when she clamped her thighs tightly around my head and started convulsing! I couldn’t breathe so I just continued lashing her clit with my tongue and hoped that she would not rip my head off. I thought I was going to pass out from lack of oxygen right before she let up on her death-grip of my head and I could hear her panting.

“Come up here baby.” Kamila commanded patting the bed next to where she was laying.

I scooted up next to her wiping the juices off my chin with my hand. Kamila hugged me hard and made out with me for a while before telling me that she just had the best orgasm in over thirty years! I told here that she had the juiciest best tasting pussy in the world and that I would eat it any time she wanted. She reminded me that I had a large part in making it so juicy and wondered how I liked the taste of my own cum. I let her know that I was scared at first but anything from her was priceless so I would eat her to orgasm any time I couldn’t make her cum with my cock.

We hugged and talked for a while. I explained to Kamila how I enjoyed the humiliation of knowing that I was eating my own load out of her pussy. A thing a guy should never do. Kamila told me that she understood the feeling. That she had female lovers over the years that got off on humiliation and that she would be happy to give me more.

With all this talk about humiliation I was hard again so I mounted this amazing pile cellulite and fucked her much longer this time. There was no hurry and since I had just cum an hour ago, I was able to last much longer. Once again, I was amazed at how soft and wet her pussy was. I also loved the way her wiry pubes felt on my balls. Kamila’s big belly and tits were like the softest warmest mattress that I ever experienced and we worked up a nice sheen of sweat that made her skin slippery!

Eventually I heard Kamila exclaim, “This is going to be the first time I orgasm from a cock on almost thirty years.”

With that she started convulsing and came under me. I literally rode her waves of pleasure. Her clenching set me off too and I blew another load into her amazing pussy. I kissed her deeply as we calmed down.

“You know what to do Baby.” Kamila stated in a very stern voice.

“Yes Ma’am.” I replied and I assumed my place between her legs and cleaned her of our mingled juices.

I had no fear or revulsion this time and I savored the taste as I sucked my sperm out of her swampy slit.

“Just imagine if all the people at work could see you eating your cum out of my old black pussy!” Kamila laughed. “You really do deserve to be humiliated and I will dish out as much as you want, and you will take it and love it if you want the right to serve me!”

I burned with shame deep down imagining my mentors and colleagues seeing me in this ultimate act of subservience and knew that I had found my true calling!

That night I slept in Kamila’s arms and smothered under a massive thigh that she threw over me. It was the best night of sleep that I ever had!

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