Caught in the act Part 1


Damn it she thought, managed to leave the training course a day early and she couldn’t get hold of her husband to tell him. Never mind it will be a nice surprise for him to see her home a day early.The rain didn’t help, nor the delayed train. Getting in at 9pm at the station dampened her spirits a little, but not to worry, a warm fire, a glass of red wine and a nice hot bath beckoned. And with luck, a nice massage and who knows something warm and hard to round off the day.What luck, a taxi was waiting. She waved and the taxi pulled almanbahis up beside her, she climbed in and gave the address to the driver. It was warm in the cab, and she felt good, the fifteen minute journey soon passed as she felt sleepy and dream’ t what might lay ahead. Strange! she thought, as the taxi pulled up outside the house. No lights were visible, although she could see the fire flickering through the net curtains. She paid off the taxi and walked up the drive, thinking that her husband will get a shock seeing her almanbahis yeni giriş home early. She put her key in the lock, thats odd? she couldn’t turn the key. Can’t be locked, someone’s home. Probably fallen asleep in front of the fire she thought, I’ll knock on the lounge window. As she peered through the window she became aware of movement in front of the fire, her eyes became adjusted to the gloomy interior and as the flames flickered she could make out two bodies on the carpet, not just bodies but naked bodies. almanbahis giriş It didn’t register at first, had someone broken into her house? who were they? why are they naked? She wanted to hammer on the window to let them know that she was there, but something made her stop. There was something strangely erotic about this couple exploring each other’s bodies oblivious to everything around them. She could see his hands caressing the woman’s breasts and as his mouth found one of her nipples, she saw an ecstatic look appear in the woman’s eyes. She saw her nipples grow as the man caressed and sucked at them. She looked hard at the woman, there was something vaguely familiar about her, it took a while in that dim light before she was recognised as her best friend.

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