Subject: Catching Daddy in the Act part 9 Catching Daddy in the Act part 9 Due to positive feedback I have decided to continue to tell my story. If you like this and want to let me know, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] Again, as before, this story involves a father and his underaged son having a sexual encounter. This story is pure fantasy so if this story offends you, please don’t read further. Also, support and donate!! This site needs your help, not just your hand! So take the time and donate to if you can. I woke up the next morning feeling happier than I had in a long time. Daddy was able to sneak into my room last night and feed me a big load of his cum. I remember what he said last night though and quickly walked to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror and make sure I was all cleaned up. I washed my face and tidied up to make sure no one could tell what I did last night! It was at that time that I remembered that daddy told me he had a surprise for me today and I smiled thinking about what it could be. I had no idea but I was excited to find out! I walked downstairs to find mom and dad around the kitchen table eating breakfast. I said good morning and smiled at daddy. He winked at me and nodded his head to let me know that I had cleaned up well and that we were all clear. “Good morning, son!” Daddy replied. “We got a nice breakfast over here. Make sure you eat up!” Mom made me a plate and we all sat and had a delicious breakfast but it was so hard to focus on anything other than that surprise daddy had in store for me. I came out of my thoughts when I heard mom say my name again and again. “Kev honey……did you hear me??” Mom asked. “I’m sorry mommy, no. What did you say??” “I was asking if you wanted to come with me to Aunt Carol’s house or if you wanted to stay here all weekend?” She asked me again. “Whaaaaat?” I said with a mouth full of cereal. “What did I say about talking with your out full??” Mom scolded. “Do you wanna see your cousins this weekend at Aunt Carol’a izmit rus escort house or stay here?” She asked I tried not to smile too big. “Can I just stay here mama? I don’t like Aunt Carol’s house!” “That’s fine baby.” She told me. Turning to my dad she asked, “are you ok taking care of him all weekend?” “Us men will be just fine honey, don’t worry about us!” He said and turned to me smiling. “Won’t we?” I smiled back, “yea moooom! Us MEN, will be just fine!” She laughed at the two of us being silly and left the room to go back. Dad turned to me and said, “this was only part of your surprise present baby. The second part you’ll get when she leaves!” The whole rest of the morning I didn’t know what to do with myself as mom was slowly packing and seemed like she was taking FOREVER to leave. It was lunch time when she walked in to kiss me goodbye and told me to behave myself this weekend and to listen to my father. I promised I would and kissed her goodbye. I heard her talking to my dad downstairs and finally her car drive off. It was then I started getting excited when I heard dad walking down the hall toward my room. “Hey baby….” dad said as he opened my door. “Mommy is gone.” “Yay! Is it just us now daddy??” I ran over to him and gave him a hug! “Just us son! I need to grab your present. One second. Why don’t you take off your clothes while I go get it?” He left my room and I took off all my clothes. I loved being naked and it made me sad that I couldn’t be naked with dad more often. I crawled up on my bed when I heard him coming back down the hallway. He walked in my room again but this time he had changed to into his robe and was carrying a small bag. He sat down next to me and smiled. “This is for you and us baby!” He handed me my present and I immediately opened it and was confused. I heard him giggle a little as he knew I was going to be confused. I held my present in my hand and just stared at it and at dad. “You know what that is baby?” Dad asked. I nodded no izmit escort and still looked confused. He laughed again and explained what it was. “Well….you see baby….adults call it a dildo. It’s a smooth cylinder that men put up their bums. Remember when I showed you that video of that man putting his penis inside that boys butt??” I nodded. “This is like a replacement penis. Cause you see…..I wanna put my penis in your butt baby, but I know it’s too big for you right now. BUT this will help you until we make it there. Understand??” He looked at me as I was looking back and forth from him to the …..the dildo? trying to process the whole thing. “So……so…..i put this in my bum???” I asked. He laughed, “yes baby…want me to show you how??” I smiled and nodded and got excited that daddy and I were finally playing together again!! “Get up on the bed baby and lay on your back!” I jumped on the bed and laid on my back. Dad got at the foot of the bed and lifted my legs up. “Hold you legs back like this baby!” I grabbed my legs and exposed my butt to my daddy for the first time. I was a little nervous and I think he could tell. “Don’t worry son. If at any point you don’t like it or don’t want daddy to do it any more just tell me and we will stop! Ok baby?” I nodded and immediately felt at ease. I felt dad squeeze some of the Vaseline he brought with him in his robe pocket and spread it around my butthole. I started to giggle but he looked at me very seriously and I stopped. I watched as his robe opened and he was hard as a rock. Harder than I’d seen him in a long time. He was focusing on my face as I felt the dildo press against my butthole. I tended up but he told me to relax and take a deep breath. As I breathed in I felt the tip of the dildo enter into my hole. I twitched a little but it wasn’t cause it hurt but because it was cold. It felt very odd but not bad. Daddy was staring at my face the whole time as he slide the dildo in and out of my butthole. “Do you like that baby???” Daddy asked. kocaeli escort “It’s weird daddy!” “Bad weird or good weird?” “Just different daddy!” “Why don’t you suck on daddy’s cock while I do this??” He rotated my legs down and move his legs up to the head of the bed putting his crotch right in my face as the dildo was still in my ass. I opened wide again and took his cock into my mouth just as I did the night before. He was so much harder than he was the night before though. It felt bigger and harder than I have ever felt it. It jumped in my mouth and immediately started leaking the second my tongue hit the head of his cock. “Ooooooh baby boy… feel so good sucking daddy’s cock! You like sucking daddy with your new dildo in your butt??” I nodded and started sucking harder than I ever had feeling amazing with my dildo in my bum. Daddy started moving it in and out of my ass faster as I sucked faster. He was leaking like crazy and moaning even louder. I loved it when he got loud! “Fuck yes baby….suck daddy’s cock! Oh I can’t wait til I can fuck your tight lil hole…..fuck son….suck it harder baby!” I started feeling funny as I started shaking all over as my ass felt amazing and loving sucking on daddy’s cock. “Oh yeeesss son. You like that??? Fuuuuuuck baby….daddy’s gonna cum…..” I was still shaking from my bum as I felt daddy’s cock grow in my mouth and immediately start flooding my mouth with his cum. I swallowed as much and as fast as I could but he was so hard it was tough and so much started leaking out of my mouth getting all over my face and chin. He was cumming more than he ever had before and I was almost afraid I was gonna choke on it when it finally came to a stop. The shaking finally stopped as well and daddy and I both collapsed into a heap. It took a few minutes but we both caught our breath and sat up in my bed as he slowly removed the dildo from my butthole. “So baby….” daddy said with a kiss, “how did you like your present?” “I loved it daddy!” I smiled at him with drying cum all over my face. “Good boy” he kissed me again. “Now, let’s go get some real lunch! We will use it again later.” He winked. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. I enjoy all questions comments and retorts. Email me at ail

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