Cat – College Cowgirl Ch. 02


– “I think it’s time to introduce her to the herd.” Keira mused. You had collapsed into hers and Aaron’s arms after cumming again and again from the milker’s demanding tugs. Aaron shifted out from under you and Keira let you down gently onto your side onto the stall’s soft straw. Again she brushed the stray hair out of your eyes, this time also giving you a cheeky ear-to-ear grin to go with it.

Aaron had moved towards a shelf up above and behind you somewhere. In your exhausted state you just breathed heavily while looking up at the girl who now cradled your sweat-glistened body, her arms now underneath your shoulder and hip after easing you down. Each heavy breath lifted your left breast up and down slightly over the straw. With the need to be milked now sated you could begin to feel the sensitivity of your nipples, a new fire on your chest.

Aaron reappeared in view with a bottle in hand. Motioning to Keira to roll you onto your back he squirted a little bit of the bottle’s contents into his hand. Thoroughly exhausted, you lay your head back, staring up at the abidinpaşa escort barn’s wooden crisscrossing beams and the high roof. Skylights on the raised sides let in golden rays of mid-afternoon sun. The soft straw felt amazing on your tired body – rather than the straw wetly sticking to you, it felt like the straw was coolly wicking away your sweat and heat. Sitting down beside you he said “just some lotion to help.” Even if you had wanted to, you probably wouldn’t have been able to protest.

His fingers expertly worked in the lotion, soothing the burning feeling greatly. Some remaining milk bubbled out and he simply worked it into the skin of your areola along with the lotion. Recovering enough to move your head again, you arched up to look at his hands tending to you. Your small, pert nipples were significantly redder than their normal dainty pink selves.

“It’s a goat milking model that’s been under powered so it doesn’t rip a woman’s tits off” he explained. “But it’s still mighty powerful, far more than a standard consumer adana escort grade breast pump.” You certainly couldn’t disagree. You felt that Aaron’s milker had milked you more thoroughly than your small hand-held pumps ever had.

Aaron finished his tending, much to your dismay. You wanted his strong hands all over you right now, save for maybe your nipples, which were finally beginning to dull. “Back in a minute” he said. “Going to see if the others need help”.

That was right! When you’d first walked to the stall – and even during your milking – you had heard mooing from some of the other stalls in the barn.

Keira interrupted your contemplation of this with three light taps to your stomach, which was still rising and falling heavily, but now your breaths had slowed to a rate just above normal. “Come on Cat, you can’t lay here forever.” You shot her a look that said ‘just you watch me’ before she dug under your lower back with both arms and helped roll you over onto all fours again.

Your elbows and arms were still wobbling somewhat as adıyaman escort Keira used her hand to wipe away the straw and dust that had stuck to you along your left side and over your back. You gave her an appreciative little lick on the back of her hand that made her giggle. “Thank you Keira. For all of this.” She blushed a little. You thought about putting the cowprint bra on again, but a new pang of pain and aches shot through your nipples at the very idea, so you thought better of it. You had let a man you’d only just met to see your tits, massage them and to hook you up to an industrial milker to be used like an animal. He might not have fucked you but the attention on your breasts had made you cum. You had orgasmed in front of him. Because of him. You had let him see that with no attempt at hiding it. You thought back to the moment. You thought you should maybe feel more embarrassed or ashamed at the situation, but mostly you felt pride. You had been a good cow and made more milk than you ever had before. At this point what would it matter if a few other women also saw your breasts? They were here to have the very same done to themselves.

Aaron returned through the stall door. “They went out to the field about ten minutes ago to give you some privacy, but now I’ve called them back in. Gotta say, they’re very anxious to meet you, Cat.”

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