Carmen’s night out with Matt


Carmen’s night out with MattI stood there looking at Joe still on his hands and knees and then at Matt. My new black dress came off my shoulders and showed my cleavage prominently and I saw Matt grab hold of Joe’s hair and lift his head up. “Look at your fuckin’ whore wife” he said to Joe”Look at how the fuckin’ whore is dressed for other men to see” he added and I looked at Joe as he looked up at me.”Get over here whore” Matt ordered me and I moved over in front of Joe.”Anything you want to say to your pathetic man before we go?” Matt asked me. Looking intently at Joe, something inside me clicked and I suddenly felt anger at him. Slapping his face hard several times,”You fuckin’ piece of shit” I began as I slapped his face harder”You wanna see other men lookin” at your fuckin’ wife and wanting her to suck and fuck them don’t you you fuckin’ bastard” I added. When he didn’t answer, I looked at Matt and motioned for him to lift Joe up and when he did, I sent several hard kicks into Joe’s cock and balls.”You fuckin’ bastard” I said and with that Matt let Joe go and with one last kick, I sent him off to his side on the floor.”Lets go baby” I said to Matt.We drove out a bit into the country and soon came to a rather beat up looking building. As I looked at Matt,”Found this place on my last visit here” Matt told me”And I know your gonna like it” he added. I was a bit leery and when we went inside I knew my suspicions were right. There before us were mostly black men with a couple of white males and females thrown in. Looking at Matt,”Matt’ I began”We don’t do blacks as a rule” I softly said to him. Matt moved in front of me a bit and sent a hard slap across my face,”You’ll fuckin’ do whoever I want you to fuckin’ do and like it” he said as he slapped my face again.We moved inside and headed for a table off to one side. I sat down as Matt bahis siteleri went up to the bar to get our drinks. I kept looking around the room until I stopped at the far end of the bar and saw a black man staring at me. He raised his glass up in a salute and then got off his stool and started to come over towards me. Matt was now coming back and the two came to the table at the same time. Looking at Matt,”Nice man” he said to him. Matt smiled,”My fuckin’ whore Carmen” he answered back as both men sat down. Looking intently at me,”Your whore like black cock?” he asked Matt. Matt laughed a bit,”This fuckin’ whore likes any cock” he answered the man. I just sat there nervous as the black man now reached over and grabbed hold of my tit. “Nice fuckin’ tits man” he said as he squeezed my tit hard. I didn’t know what to do as the man slid over closer to me and without warning, reached up and pulled my top over my tit and let it fall out. Bending down he now started to suck on my tit, licking it around my nipple and then taking my nipple in his teeth, bit down hard on my nipple as the pain shot through me. When he let go and moved back a bit, I saw that others were watching and was about to say something to Matt when the man grabbed my cheeks in his hand and turned my head towards him,”I want your whore to suck my cock” he said as he looked at me. “No problem” said Matt and looking at me”You heard the man” he said to me”Suck his fuckin’ cock” and with that the man let go of my face, reached down and unzipped his zipper and took out one really huge cock. Reaching up he grabbed hold of my hair and pulling me down towards his cock,”C’mon you fuckin’ white piece of shit whore” he said”Show me how good you suck a fuckin’ niggers cock” he added and pushed me down until I opened my mouth and took his cock. He let me suck him freely at first; canlı bahis siteleri letting me lick around his cock head, his shaft and tweaking his cock with my tongue before he finally started to have me suck his cock hard and fast. I was gagging as he drove his huge cock into my throat, the saliva pouring out of my mouth as I tried to keep up and tried to catch my breath. After several minutes he finally pulled me off his cock as I rose up a bit and tried to catch my breath again. “I wanna fuck her” he told Matt and before I could do or say anything, he pulled me up off my chair and we headed down to the restrooms and went into the men’s room where I was told to bend over the sink and the man came up behind me, reached under my dress and pulled down my panties. Before I could even say a word I felt him spit on my cunt and then felt his cock as he rammed it into my cunt. For several more minutes he fucked my cunt hard and fast and as he did he reached under ne and was able to take hold of my top and pull it totally off my tits and while he fucked me hard and fast, he squeezed my tit and pulled on my nipples. My tits were hanging down and flapping as he fucked me when he cried out.”FUCK” and sent a huge load of cum deep into my cunt. I could feel his cock spasm as he unloaded his cum into me and it just about drove me wild. After another minute or so he finally stopped and eased his cock out of me. I was still in heaven as he backed off and didn’t realize that someone else had come into the room.”Was the fuckin’ white whore good baby?” I barely heard someone say. When I focused enough to look around I saw a black woman standing next to Matt and saw that she was jerking his cock. “Nice fuck” the man answered her”For a white piece of shit” he added as he moved back away from me. I saw the woman let go of Matt’s cock and canlı bahis move over to the man, kiss him and come up behind me. I started to straighten up when she shoved me back down.”Where do you think you’re going you fuckin’ white whore?” she asked me as she slapped the back of my head. She then kicked at my legs to spread them apart more and all I could do was what she wanted and not say anything. Grabbing my hair and pulling my head back a bit and turning it towards her,”Did you like my fuckin’ man’s cock you fuckin’ white trash whore?” she asked me. Thinking for a moment, I thought it best I answer in a way I hoped she would want to hear.”Yes this fuckin’ white trash whore loved your fuckin’ man’s fuckin’ cock” I answered back. She let go of my hair and as I bent my head back down,”Here’s for suckin’ and fuckin’ with my man” she said to me and a sudden blow to my cunt sent shock waves through my body. A second , third and fourth blow followed as she kicked away at my cunt sending even more waves of pain shooting through me. All I could do was cry out in agony until she finally stopped, moved back up to me, grabbed my hair again and lifting me up and turning me around, suddenly kissed me. When the immediate shock wore off, I now started to return her kisses and before long we embraced as we continued to kiss one another. When we finally broke off and she looked at me,”This is one fuckin’ white trash” she said of me and turning around to look at her man,”I want her fuckin’ husband” she said firmly. I just stood there in silence. Here was a black woman telling her man she wanted a white man to probably suck and fuck and I saw that he just smiled. When I looked around for Matt, I saw that he was gone. “If you’re looking for your man” the guy said,”He left you for us to take home” and I realized Joe wasn’t going to like it if I showed up with a black couple. I started to say something when the woman slapped my face hard.”You’re our fuckin’ white trash whore now” she said and as I pulled my top back up over my tits, the three of us headed for their car and back home.

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