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Subject: Caring for Cody Chapter 5 Chapter Five I unlocked the door and we entered the house. Cody had asked if I was rich and I guess he was right to ask. My grandfather had started the pharmaceutical company for which I now worked. When he died, he was filthy rich and left me a very comfortable monthly income. The company itself went to my parents and my dad took over the day-to-day operation. We all lived here in this old sprawling house of my grandfather’s on the bluff overlooking the Del Mar beach until my mother died about six years ago. I was just twenty-one, recently graduated from UCSD and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. My dad was totally devastated by mom’s death and said he couldn’t live in the house we shared any longer. He couldn’t take it. It’s funny. My grandfather loved this house more than anything. It was in the midst of one of the most desirable areas in the country yet it was totally isolated from the comings and goings just a private driveway away. His will stipulated that no one got the estate. As long as any of his children or grandchildren or their children for that matter were alive, they had the right to live in the house which he called Vista Del Mar Y Cielo. If there was not an heir, the land and the buildings were to be given to the State for a reserve of some sort. Dad asked me to go with him to England to live. He would manage the company from our British headquarters in Slough. We had a beautiful house along the Thames near Windsor but the memories of my mother would not be as strong there. I declined. I really love San Diego and winters in England are depressing. It was then I asked if I could go to work for the company. Although my father was disappointed that I was gay, he took some pride in the fact that I wanted to work when I didn’t have to. “You can have Vista, then,” he said to me. “Somebody’s got to keep an eye on the place.” I couldn’t have been happier. Vista was a wonderful house. So, at twenty-one, I had a grand old home, a new job and a substantial income in addition to what I made from the company. “Wow,” Cody said in a hushed tone. “This place is awesome!” I showed my wonder boy around the huge kitchen, the library, the family room, the living room, the den and finally the bedrooms. “This one here at the end of the hall is mine,” I said as I opened the door. The master bedroom had a king-sized bed, large dressers, a walk-in closet that was like a room itself and a full bathroom with a Jacuzzi. “Wow,” he said again. I grinned. “I’m pretty lucky,” I said and I told him the story of my family and this house. “You can have any of the other five bedrooms,” I offered. The boy explored all five, some with twin beds, some with queen size beds. “Can I have this one?” he asked his eyes shining in amazement as he chose the one next to my room. “You bet,” I said glad that he wanted to be close. He set his knapsack on the dresser and then pounced on the queen-sized bed flopping spread-eagle on his back. Shit he was gorgeous. I still didn’t know what I’d gotten myself into but I now had a roommate in this big old house. I wanted to pounce on him right there, tear his clothes off and suck him again. I resisted the temptation. I had done some thinking about this in one of my lucid moments after I’d asked him to come home with me. I say lucid because I was still overcome by his beauty and the love that I felt for him. You must know that feeling. Your gut is tied up, you’re dizzy with infatuation and you never want to be out of sight of ataşehir escort your love. I didn’t love Cody, it was too early for that after only four days with him, I was IN love with him, a totally different feeling of almost unbearable intensity. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up. “Come on. You’ve got to see the rest of the place.” Cody pranced along side of me as we went out the French doors from the family room into the back yard. The sea was glistening in the afternoon sun and you could hear the waves crashing although you couldn’t see them since the house was set back from the bluff. The pool was crystal clear and clean. Cody stuck his hand in the water and announced that it was warm. “All year around,” I laughed “What’s this house?” he asked as we walked through a break in a hedge to the north of the pool. “That used to be the maid’s quarters,” I said. “I don’t have a maid, with just me here. I have a housekeeper that comes in one day a week, Thursdays. She’s all I need. The gardener is here two mornings a week too. I opened up the maid’s quarters and led him in. “This is my man cave sort of place.” I just let Cody look explore because it was impressive. Special lighting in the ceiling, a vast array of computer monitors, cameras, keyboard, various mouse-like tools and a large printer on one side. The other side wall was covered with bookcases filled with volumes. The back wall had a huge flat-screen TV and was connected to the best surround-sound system you could get. Video game consoles were shelved below the TV along with necessary controls including virtual reality gear. “Oh man, this is so awesome!” Cody exclaimed. “I majored in media in college,” I explained. “I didn’t know what I wanted to with my life. But I do have fun in here.” “I could have fun in here too!” Cody said excitedly. “Anytime you want, nephew!” I grinned. I was thinking of all sorts of fun that might be created in here with a drop-dead gorgeous boy. We went back in the house and I told him to unpack. I went into my bedroom and threw my dirty stuff in the hamper. The housekeeper would take care of it on Thursday. I was still unloading my suitcases when Cody came into the room. “I only had to use one drawer,” he said with a laugh. “We’ll take care of that,” I said realizing that all this boy had were, his tattered old clothes and the two outfits I bought him. “I’m okay,” the boy said. It was almost 3:30 and I knew I didn’t have any food in the house. “How about we go for a swim then we’ll go grab some dinner and get some groceries?” “I don’t have a suit,” Cody reminded me. I laughed. “This is one place you don’t need one. The only time you need to cover up at the pool is when the housekeeper or the gardener are here or when you hear a helicopter flying along the coast.” “Okay,” he said happily. “I think you just want to see me naked again!” he winked and grinned. I blushed. “Can’t think of anything I’d like better, kid. This time in full sunshine!” Cody wore his underwear out to the side of the pool. I brought out a couple of towels. Before he even removed the Jockeys I was marveling at his cute ass again. The cotton fabric was pulled tight across his cheeks yet you could still the chiseled features of those wondrous globes. I tossed off my shorts and jumped in the water. I instantly began swimming laps. I had been off my routine for two weeks and it felt good to be pumping away at the water. It might take my mind off my new companion too. avcılar escort Cody watched me do about twenty-five laps before he dove in in all his boyhood beauty. I kept swimming and he tried to pace along side of me. He soon found that he couldn’t keep up. This was my sport and although I hadn’t been on a swimming team for six years, I tried to keep in good condition. I’d never be in the shape I was in on the team at UCSD. “You’re good,” Cody complimented. “Thanks,” I said pulling up on the steps and sitting next to him after I finished another twenty-five laps. I loved the way the water glistened on his chest, little bumps appearing around his erect nipples. I was starting to get hard again. Cody noticed. “You too?” he asked with a grin. “Damn you’re a sex monster!” I said shoving him off the steps and dunking him. Cody came up for air laughing as hard as I had ever heard him. Fuck, it was nice to see this boy having a good time. We played tag and grab-ass for a few minutes, trying to put the tag on the other’s dick. We were both horny now. “Want to try out my auto-blowjob?” I asked him. “What’s that?” Cody asked, his eyes glowing with lust. “Come on over to the side of the pool here. See this hole? It’s the water intake for the circulation of the pool. If you put your dick in there it will suck it. It used to be my favorite way to get off,” I said with a wink. Cody looked at me curiously but then trustingly positioned himself so that his hard cock was at the entrance to the intake. Slowly he allowed this boyhood to be sucked into the hole. “Wow, that’s incredible!” he said beginning to fuck the hole. I knew what he was feeling. By fucking back and forth, the water swirled around your cock while the vacuum sucked it. It really was a great way to get off. My pole was raging as I watched my boy. His long arms were up on the edge of the pool, his eyes closed and under the water his thighs thrusting back and forth. I dove under and watched his boymeat fuck in and out of the intake, his butt tightening with each forward thrust. His light pubic hair danced like a wisp of fan coral. I ran out of air and popped up to the surface just as he came. I loved his soft “uhhhh” and his rapid breathing as he emptied his loins. Finally, he pulled out and just dangled in the water, enjoying the afterglow of his orgasm. “How was it?” I asked. “It was great,” he said and then with a smile added, “But not as good as you!” I blushed again. “My turn,” I announced. “No!” Cody said forcefully. I looked at him as he slid along the side of the pool until his feet were touching the bottom and his chin was just about even with the edge. “Get out and sit here,” he ordered. “What’s this all about?” I asked but did as I was told. My dick was rock solid. “Move just a little further toward the shallow end,” he said. Again I bumped myself over just a little. Cody swam up and pushed my legs apart, putting his face between them. It was then I realized what he was thinking. Before I could comment, my cock was buried between his lips. I couldn’t believe a thirteen-year-old kid would want to suck the cock of a twenty-seven-year-old but as I watched his beautiful lips slide along my hard shaft, I didn’t question it. I placed my hand gently on his head and allowed the boy to suck and lick away. His position in the pool was just right for this job. Everything was too perfect; a warm fall afternoon, I was at home, I had a fabulous boy with me and that boy was busy avrupa yakası escort sucking my cock. I couldn’t hold out any longer. “That’s so fucking good, Codyboy. I gotta cum so you’d better get out of the way and watch me fill the pool,” I warned him. Cody, as before in Montana, kept on sucking. And as before, when I spilled my hot juice into his sucking mouth, he swallowed ever drop, his lips staying locked on my dick until he was sure I was finished and I began to soften. “You’re something else,” I said dropping into the water and giving him a hug. Cody dived under, took a mouthful of water and then came up swishing it. His golden eyes narrowed with mischief and he shot the water right into my face. Screaming with laughter, he tried to swim away but I was quickly upon him dunking him again. Two satisfied males emerged from the pool, toweled each other off and headed back into the house. We showered, he in his bedroom and I in mine and then we dressed and headed for the village. “Ever had Mexican food?” I asked. “Sure we had Taco Bell in the town I lived in.” I noticed he was careful not to mention the name of the town. “Yeah, right!” I said. I drove into an area that would usually not be frequented by anyone after dark, but this was Solana Beach’s secret. There were at least four Mexican restaurants here and all of them good. I parked at Tony’s Jacal. This was true Mexican food and it was good. I ordered a Margarita for me and a Coke for Cody. We munched on chips and salsa until our orders came. I studied Cody’s face with joy as I watched his expressions trying traditional Mexican items. `Could this last?’ I thought to myself. `It’s only been three nights and four days and I feel like I’ve known this kid for years.’ After dinner, we drove a few blocks to Whole Foods where I spent a fortune on groceries and some eight million calorie desserts that Cody marveled over. I drove us back to the house and we put the groceries away. There was a slight chill in the air so I lit a fire in the family room and the two of us sat on the couch watching TV with only the light of the screen and the fire in the room. It probably was just after 9:00 when Cody yawned. I followed suit. “You ready to turn in?” asked him. “Yeah, I really am,” he answered. “It’s been a great day, Jeff. My first plane ride, a neat afternoon, good food. I think I’m ready for some sleep now. I’m still on Montana time.” I stroked his soft hair. “Thanks for a great day yourself,” I said lovingly. It seemed like weeks ago that I had picked him up. Cody moved toward his room with adolescent grace in his stride. I followed shortly after, locking the doors, turning off the TV and turning on the alarm. I stepped into his room to say good night. “Don’t go outside during the night,” I warned him. “The alarm is set and it’ll go off. Sleep well.” “Thanks, Jeff,” he said. I went into my room but I didn’t close the door. I climbed under the sheets and tried to go to sleep but my mind just wouldn’t shut down as I reviewed the events of the past few days. All I could think about was the boy. Try as I might, I was unable to drift off and I knew I was tired. It was then I realized what was wrong. I hadn’t slept alone for the last two nights. About midnight, I got up and went to the bathroom. On a whim, I checked on Cody. “Why’re you up?” the boy asked. “I don’t know,” I lied. “Having trouble going to sleep.” “Me too,” he said. “Maybe you’re just not used to this place. It’ll get better.” “Jeff?” Cody asked. “Yeah?” “Can I come in with you just for tonight?” I sighed openly. He sounded much younger now. “Cody, you can come in with me anytime you want to.” The boy leapt from his bed and we went back to my room. We crawled under the sheets and he pressed his young body up against mine, his arm across my chest, his face nuzzling at my neck. We were both asleep instantly.

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