Cannonball Belly Fever Pt. 02


He looked down at her titanic belly as he said this and then let his eyes fall to the floor. She reached out to him at that moment and touched his shoulder.

“Is that why you were staring at me that day?” she asked, “In the parking lot of the school…”

He only looked up at her quickly and nodded.

“I thought you were so beautiful.” He told her sheepishly.

“You did!” she replied with a glowing smile.

“Sure. I think women are much more attractive when they’re pregnant.”

“You do!” she answered again with even more surprise and delight.

“Yes!” he insisted as he turned and smiled at her.

She put one hand atop her ridiculous mound and shook her head.

“My husband says I’m too fat!”

He knew about this; how many Latin men traditionally won’t go anywhere near their wives during late pregnancy. He figured she probably hadn’t been fucked in months, maybe longer. He also knew how horny women became during their last trimester when their cunts were getting pushed open from the downward force of their baby loads.

“No! You’re one of the most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen!” he complimented.

She blushed brightly when he said this, obviously enjoying all the positive attention.

“Can I… do you think I could…” he stated hesitantly as he looked down at her stomach and moved his hand towards her.

“Oh, yes, yes! Please!” she replied as she reached out and happily guided his hand down onto her crowning belly peak.

He was thrilled as his fingers touched down on it. It turned out to be just as firm as he had imagined.

“My god!” he exclaimed, “It’s… so perfect!”

She was glowing with pride now as she guided his hand to different spots.

“He kicks a lot! Maybe you can feel it here.” She invited.

He felt a movement just then.

“Yes!” he said loudly, “I felt him move!”

“I told you!”

“Can I listen to him?” he asked.

“Yes, yes!” she said as she lifted her arms up and he put his head down on her stomach.

His ear pressed against her snugly and he was amazed by the pulsing sound of a heartbeat.

“Wow! He’s strong! I can hear the heart!” he reported.

“Yes, he is!” she agreed.

She put her hands on top of his head now as he continued to press his ear into her as his right hand rested on her underbelly. Suddenly a strong kick hit him in the cheek!

“He just kicked me!” he yelled.

“Oh, sorry, Senor Bill!” she said with happy pride, “He’s very impatient!”

“I guess so!”

But the baby wasn’t the only one who was impatient now. He looked down from his awkward position at her jeans that were somehow still holding together under all this pressure and protuberance. He could just barely catch the scent of her cunt from here. He imagined his fingers pushing easily into its gaping wetness.

“Is he still kicking you?” she asked to fill the silence.

“No, but I think I can hear him speaking!” he told her.

She laughed at this.

“In Spanish or English!” she joked.

“I think in English!”

She laughed again.

“Oh, so you are a very good English teacher after all! Even he is learning from you!” she mused.

“Can you lift your shirt?”

“Yes.” She replied as she reached down and rolled her knit shirt up to just under her bra without a thought.

Even in the dark light of the car’s front seat, her naked belly was a revelation to him. The rubber-like texture of its warm skin against his hand made him physically shutter. And to his glee, her belly button had been pushed out and distorted by her growth! But a firm knot remained there that he immediately found with his thumb. He set his face down again just over it and started to give that navel knot of hers special attention. As he pretended to listen to her unborn brat, he moved his thumb in circles around it. Then he flattened his hand out and began to rub the entire peak. It rolled smoothly under his hand and felt so erotically voluptuous that he forgot he was in a conversation for a moment.

“Do you hear anymore English?” she asked with a little more tension in her voice.

“Not yet.” He replied, trying to sound like a fascinated clinician.

He continued to circle his hand around the peak and extend the circles downward until he was almost to her waistline. She was tensing up a little now and getting a bit self-conscious. He had to keep her mind busy a while longer.

“Wait! I think I heard a sentence!” he suddenly called out.

“Oh really?”

“Yes! He said ‘I want a hotdog!'”

She laughed, but this time more nervously.

“Wow! He likes American food already!” she observed.

“It seems so.”

Now his hand stopped at her waist and taksim escort began to rub back and forth along the edge of her jeans. She was still going along with his game; either unwilling or unable to object.

“Wait!” he called out again, “I think he’s ordering more food!”

“Oh no!” she said with a breathless hint in her voice.

“Yes! He wants a taco!”

And just as she started to laugh at his comment he inserted his hand forcefully under her jeans. He found he easily bypassed her loose-fitting underwear and quickly broke through down into her dense mother-bush. Her body tensed, but she didn’t resist. She only squeezed his hair in her fists.

“No senor!” she uttered with weak conviction.

“Yes, he wants a fish taco with extra hot sauce!” he continued to joke as his hand plowed down in the tight quarters of her jeans towards her fuck slot.

“No senor!” she said again, but again with no real resolve.

His index finger then tumbled over her bloated clitoris and slipped into the gaping crevasse of her cunt with ridiculous ease.

“Iye!” she called out as her body went rigid from the sudden penetration.

He felt his large finger slosh down into her depths against perfectly wet muscular resistance and it became clear at that moment that she was walking around in a constant state of sexual readiness. Her libido had obviously been at a fever pitch for months. He pitied her for a brief moment and then pulled his hand back up out of her pants and unbuttoned her jeans. He started kissing and licking her belly now, especially that puffy navel knot. He got her unzipped and then dove back in, down under her maternity panties to that wide open cunt that quickly drew in two of his fingers.

“Please senor!” she said in breathless objection.

But soon his fingers were pulling the wetness out of her spacious twat and working it up around her hormonally inflated clit. A tidal surge of heat moved up her body as he did this, flushing her face like a wild fire.

“No senor!” she said as she shut her eyes and gripped his hair even tighter.

His fingers kept pulling the poon out of her and using it to diddle her pleasure head. They flicked back and forth and worked her up and down, guiding her slippery cunt sweat over her engorged gland in a teasing dance. The trembling came over her abruptly.

“Oh senor!” she pleaded as she began to clutch at his entire head with desperation.

But he only continued to kiss and lick her belly with relish and work his fingers faster over her love meat.

“Senor!” she cried out forcefully as her legs straightened and her body became wooden.

He managed to look up at her just as her orgasm broke. One of her hands madly gripped the back of his neck while the other she put over her mouth to attempt to muffle her cries of exultation. Then he put three fingers back inside her and felt her muscles close around him and contract strongly ten of eleven times. He knew now that her cunt was insatiable. He pulled out of her after that and started on her again. She opened her legs for him this time as he pinched her meat between his thumb and forefinger. Then he put two fingers back inside and fucked her as he tickling her bloated gland with his thumb. She gripped his head with two hands and soon she was wracked with trembling again.

“Senor!” she yelled a moment later as if in disbelief.

This time she didn’t try to muffle her vocalizations as she climaxed. She arched her neck back and bellowed to the moon. Her cunt clamped around his digits again and pulsed like the love engine it was. After two amazing minutes her body finally went limp.

“Oh senor.” she said weakly shaking her head, “Please.”

But he knew what needed to come next. He pulled his hand out of her and began pushing her jeans off.

“No senor!” she protested again.

But he soon had her beautiful bushy cunt and legs uncovered before him and her big ass free of all of those binding clothes. Her nakedness astounded him now as he saw before him the model cherubic figure of maternal lust. The natural state of her body brought all his primitive aggression to the fore.

As soon as her jeans and panties were tossed aside he helped her into the backseat where he got her shirt and bra off and laid her down. She continued to play the role of the virtuous Catholic mother however.

“No senor!” she implored again.

But his cock was already out of his pants by then and headed directly for her wide-open fuck hole. He moved over her in a rush and plunged his pre cum-covered dick down into the slick, loose recess. Then he stopped for a moment from his position atop her to take in all the sensory details. His cock was now buried seven inches down into her, kadıköy escort but it felt deeper. And her belly was still standing straight up in the air beneath him to his amazement. Her tits fell to the sides a bit, but they retained their fullness for the most part above her birth mound. And as he gazed up he saw she was holding her arms over her head and looking at him like the good, compliant martyr she was.

“You’re so fucking beautiful!” he told her as he started to delve into her cunt.

He kept his eyes on her face as he slid into her. He liked her expression. The expression that told him she was only a begrudging giver of sex pleasure.

Her fuck hole was so roomy he was able to enter it from different angles, plunge down into it from above and then push up into it from beneath. But he soon got serious and started pumping her hard. This made him feel like he was fulfilling his role as procreator and that he was completing his social mission by getting the cum where it needed to be. He imagined that she was his wife and that they already had ten kids together. Yes, he thought, he would keep her in this condition all of their married life!

Either way she was his now and he was going to use her body for the purpose it was intended for: fucking and procreation. He started pushing harder into that gaping cunt of hers with this thought in mind, and he soon saw that the violence of their pelvic collisions was beginning to arouse her. He tried to lean forward more so his weight would land on her freakishly huge clitoris with maximum force. This strategy worked as well as his fingers had on her and soon she was stiffening and shuttering. He kept fucking her with growing desperation as he watched her body jiggle up and back beneath him. Her belly was rippling with each thrust and her tits were being knocked around in circles. Finally he felt the contractions in her cunt as her clit throbbed to climax. They were long, muscular pulses that made her fuck canal suddenly feel like a massage machine. Her deep cunt muscles gripped him as they convulsed and soon he realized they were milking the cum out of him. His face pounded with blood as his penis evacuated into her again and again. When the climax reached resolution he saw that she was still laying there with the same expression, as if it was meant to be that she would have her sloppy hole filled up by him that night.

The lights of a car driving past lit the interior up momentarily, but luckily the road they had parked along had little traffic that time of night. The momentary illumination allowed him to see that his cock was still rock hard as he withdrew it from her. She saw it as well.

“Senor, there’s no time!” she said to him as if reading his mind.

“Get up and kneel on the seat facing back.” He told her authoritatively.

She complied, her head and shoulders now over the seat in the darkness of the SUV’s cargo section.

“Senor, my husband is waiting!” she continued to complain from this position.

He moved up and over her, unfazed, and put his hands down on her broad ass. He separated her brown cheeks and slid his gleaming cock in between them. His enflamed gland rubbed up against her anus as he did and this seemed to concern her.

“No senor! Not there!” she pleaded.

The thought of fucking her ass hadn’t crossed his mind before this, but he let the thought pass and allowed his member to slide down slowly after that until it was leaning against the opening of her swollen fuck slot. Then he let it fall in, like a person dives into a pool, and push down into its muscular vacancy.

“Iye!” she cried out as his big dick pushed apart her cunt walls.

He really got turned on seeing her in this position even though her big belly and tits were largely out of view. He could smell her cunt and ass better from here and get his hands around her dimpled brown butt cheeks in a way that gave him a feeling of mastery. He slow fucked her like this for a while and then reached down and clinched both of her free swinging udders tightly in his fists.

“Oh Senor!” she gasped as her bumpy, dark nipples protruded out from between his fingers.

From here he fucked her in slow, short, deliberate movements, his hips angling up into her hairy birth hole in little violent thrusts. He seemed to be trying to climb her in this posture, clinging to her tits as if he were afraid to fall. He let one of his hands wander down to her belly as he worked her. Its size and mass amazed him still. He was fucking a huge, powerful woman he realized at that point, a woman who could probably carry him around on her back all day if need be. This thought made him feel small and weak suddenly. It didn’t matter if he came in her cunt he now halkalı escort bayan realized. That meant nothing to her since that part of her was already well used and occupied. No, he didn’t want to be a sloppy follower anymore. He wanted to make her his in his own way! That’s when he pulled his dick out of her cunt and let it spring up against the split of her ass. Then he stood up and put his hands on the seat back next to her shoulders.

“Senor?” she questioned.

From this angle there was only one hole he could access. He directed his dark-red, poon-covered cock to the target and gingerly began to push it in.

“No! No!” she protested as his bulbous gland slid in.

“Sssshh! Nice and easy!” he assured her.

Then he slowly buried his cock down into her rectum. He met with only minimal physical resistance after this, and marveled at how good it felt. She continued to complain however.

“Iye! Iye!” she repeated with each down stroke.

He felt good now because he knew he was taking her virginity in a way her husband never had. He would be the one she remembered now whenever she thought back to her first anal fuck and this made him feel important again. He started fucking her harder, and as he did, her pained complaints started to sound more like pleasure sighs. He thrust into her as deep as he could, making sure to pull it out slowly. This rhythm seemed to please her and she was soon vocalizing with each penetration.

“Uh!” he heard as she exhaled each time, “Uh!”

Her ass was nothing like her cunt. His cock was tightly gripped from all sides and squeezed the further down he traveled. There was no sloshing, no up and down play, just firm, dry rubbing with only minimal lubrication from her leftover pussy secretions. When it got too dry he pulled out of her and reached into her juice box for more birth poon. After slapping it on his shaft, he went right back in.

Soon her rectal muscles began to relax and she started enjoying the slow, deep penetrations. Moans began to rise up from her throat and she started to grind back into him.

“Ah yeah! Your ass is so amazing!” he blurted as he reached down to grab one of her milk-laden tits again.

Her moans became louder after this as he fucked her with more anger, and this made his balls tighten. But it wasn’t until he tried to diddle her by reaching around from the side that he realized she was masturbating herself! This is when he reached down and firmly grabbed the other tit and started riding her like a bronco in heat.

“Oh Jesus!” she cried as her body began to be wracked by his animalistic thrusts.

At that moment a feeling of completeness came over her as her body surged and rebounded mercilessly from his movements over her. She was the object of masculine desire again and she was sexually excited for the first time in years. She plunged her finger into her hole and worked it furiously over her clit.

“How do you like this!” he said through his gritted teeth.

“Iye yeah!” she replied in a breathlessly dazed voice.

The sensation of his dick plunging into her rectum and her own finger in her sloppy cunt caused a different kind of pleasure wave to well up in her. She felt it lower in her body and it rose more slowly. She kept her finger busy between her legs, flicking and rubbing as this unique orgasm came over her. She felt incredible tension through her torso as she fingered herself more desperately, and then a rumbling tremor started. After this something opened in her anus and a gushing wave surged up into her stomach and brain. She cried out vociferously.

“Wooo!” came her trembling vocalization, “Ohhh! Ohhh!”

He paused as he felt the orgasm take her. Her ass shock beneath him and her anus pulsed forcefully around the base of his member. He realized then this was the most powerful sex experience of his life.

“Ohhh! Ohhh!” she continued to wail as his cock was held captive by her muscular contractions.

Her orgasm lasted for minutes it seemed. But finally he was able to draw his dick back out of her asshole and jerk himself off onto her butt and back.

“God damn!” he exclaimed as his gland continued to pulse and throb long after his semen load had run dry.

His brain remained as engorged and enflamed as his gland for many minutes. This was followed by a sensation of floating in a peaceful river. Then she collapsed to the seat beneath him and he did the same. He was drenched with sweat now, but his cock was still standing tall.

“Oh senor Bill, I never felt it like that before!” she panted.

“No. Me neither.” was all he could say.

“So you like your big mamacita?” she asked as she confidently grabbed and squeezed his erect manhood.

“Yes.” was his simple exhausted reply.

“She likes you too!” she said, tapping a finger on his chin.

After that he got regular rides home from Mrs. Alvarez. It seems once a soon-to-pop mother awakens her desires, there’s no stopping her. He was happy for that.

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