Candy Ass

Big Tits

After a nice steamy shower, my companion of 8 years and I were feeling very randy after a long day on the hot beach.

We are both in our early thirties and very sexual creatures. We have done most everything as far as sex goes with the exception of anal sex.

This seemed to be the only elusive act that had evaded our repertoire, and that being due to her “fear” of the act.

I guess she had heard to many of her girlfriends talking about it and the disastrous and painful episodes that occurred to them. My response was always the same, that their partners were not willing or disciplined enough to have the patience to do it correctly.

I have never really pressured her into trying it, but on the other hand, I frequently bring the topic up, saying that I was sure that she would enjoy it IF she would allow me to show her.

My name is Rocky. I am six feet tall with blonde hair, blue eyes and I stay in good shape by being physically active. Living very near the beach all of my life has helped in keeping me active. There is just too much to do, to sit at home and veg out like so many people do these days.

My one and only true love is Ann. She has black hair and stands about five feet eight inches tall. Her eyes are ice blue and her physical attributes are her most obvious features. She has a beautiful set of thirty-six inch breasts and a full B cup size. She has a tan that would make any man swoon and most women jealous. Her outgoing personality only enhances her great looks.

Ann and I do everything together. We both have various tattoos and a few piercing, which we had done together. Her piercing began with a tongue ring, then a clit ring, both of which she professed to be done for my pleasure.

And she was not far from the truth. I have enjoyed them both, but I’m sure that she gets more enjoyment from the clit piercing than I do, or at least until this night.

I have a tongue piercing, and my left nipple pierced. I am sure, that Ann has enjoyed the tongue piercing as much, if not more than I have. She always called me a candy ass after my piercing, because I would openly display the pain that I had endured. She never did.

When she walked out of the fog that rolled from the opened door of the steamy bathroom this night, it was as if I was watching a mirage appear before my very eyes. Her short black hair was still damp and gave her a freshly tossed look. Her breasts hung on her chest in their usual pert manor with the chocolate nipples erect from the cooled air in the bedroom, adorning the white soft mounds.

Her tan was accented by the very light flesh that was protected from her thong bikini. Her ass was luscious round mounds of firm flesh with one thin white strip from the small of her back down into the center of her meaty, firm globes. She had always kept her pussy shaved clean and slick since I’ve known her. This made her lips very pronounced and enticing to me. I could most always tell when she was aroused just by seeing how puffy and full her lips were.

Tonight, they were fuller than I’ve ever seen them. She was two days beyond her monthly, a time where she usually shuns my advances, and in a dire need to be fucked.

I never let her “special” time interfere with my advances, but she most times refused for whatever reason.

I stood from my reclined position on the bed and walked to her. Her eyes were already beginning to turn a deeper blue from her lust and desires. As I walked, my cock which was already at an excited state swung side to side as I walked to her.

When I reached her, she grabbed my cock in her hand and squeezed it. Her warm hand felt good encompassing my rigid shaft. We began to kiss while standing.

After several minutes of deep, wet kissing, I began to slather her form with wet hot licks, falling slowly to my knees as I did. I was now kneeling in front of her standing position and I licked her thigh up to the crease where the folds of her puffy lips met. I did the same to the other thigh.

I could smell the aroma of her musk in her excitement the nearer I became to her soft plush folds. Her lips were becoming shiny with the emitting of her juices as I taunted her with my tongue.

I leaned almanbahis her backwards so her back was resting against the bathroom door jamb, while her pelvis was still protruding outward. I grabbed one leg and tugged it outward to allow me more space to get in between her legs.

As I did, I could hear her stickiness as her wet lips spread apart from each other. Her inner labia was spread apart just far enough to where I could see the dark pink opening of her sex. It glistened in the dim light of the lamp beside the bed on the far side of the room.

I held my pierced tongue out as if I was going to take a long slow swipe of an ice cream cone. The heavy curved barbell in my tongue was perched about an inch from the tip of my tongue.

The shiny rounded ball was stark in contrast to my deep pink, wet tongue. I took a long slow lick right up the center of her partially opened lips, making sure that I lapped up the cumulative juices that practically dripped from her aroused opening. Once I tasted the sweet nectar on my tongue, my mind went into a flurry of wanton lust for her. My cock began to throb and my heavy balls ached.

My tongue curled upward as the tip began to probe her opening. The tip of the tongue ring rubbed at the upper part of her opened lips and actually made a popping noise as the round ball was forced from inside of the opening to just above where the bottom of her clit was. With the firm lick causing my tongue to jump from barely inside of her to her clit, the hard warm steel ball of the tongue ring thumped against her swollen clit. Her hips bucked out when it did.

My tongue began to lick across the lower part of her clit with the same slow firm lick that I had lapped at her weeping pussy opening. My tongue was wide and flat against her sex now, as I dragged it firmly upward. The round tip of the barbell skimmed firmly across her sensitive flesh and up onto the thick crown of her engorged clit’s hood. As the ball and my tongue rode up her fleshy mound, she groaned with pleasure.

When my tongue licked her swollen clit, my tongue ring got caught in the ring of her clit jewelry. Now with the up force of my tongue lapping upward and the end, the barbell hooked securely in the circle of the clit ring. The barbell tugged on the ring moving her flesh trigger. When she moaned louder, I began to wag my tongue side to side. The clicking of the two metals against her clit and the fact that my wet fleshy tongue tip was now placed against the top of her opened hole, Ann grabbed my hair atop my head as she began to cum.

I could feel her legs quake as the energy of her entire body was now being released through her hot dripping twat. I kept my tongue wagging as fast as I could during the first few seconds of her climax, giving her trembling clit a ride of vibrations through her entire pussy. She was always very fluid when she climaxed, but none such as this time.

Her quaking pussy literally gushed her cum from her. In fact, I think that I actually felt a couple of splashes of her girl cum against my lips and tongue.

My lust was at an all time high right now. I had gotten her off by licking her many times before, but never like this. Her cum was speckled across my lips and chin and her musk was more powerful than I could ever remember. Who needs Viagra when you have the redolence of a hot wet pussy under your nose? Not me!

The main thing that I noticed most of all about her cum, was its slippery texture. I turned Ann around where she stood and had her lean front first, against the door jamb. She was still panting with her powerful orgasm as I remained kneeling, this time at her firm luscious ass cheeks.

I used both hands to grab her meaty globes and part them a little. I knew that if I was going to tease her into trying anal sex, I would need to use finesse. I began to lightly lick her firm butt cheeks, placing hot short licks and then quick little nips with my teeth.

Eventually I began licking straight up the center between her cheeks. Each lick, I pressed my face deeper inward and extended my tongue out further. Finally, I knew I found my mark when Ann stepped up on her tip toes. I also knew by the texture of the sweet meat that my tongue almanbahis yeni giriş was devouring. After having it pierced, my tongue became very sensitive, even to texture. When I felt the wrinkled texture of flesh beneath it, I knew I had hit my target.

By now, my hands had a firm grip on either cheek and they were spreading them apart far enough for me to visually see her dark pink asshole when I would pause, lean back and look. My tongues pressure became more persistent with each onslaught of her puckered hole. I would lick, then probe as if trying to gain entrance. I knew that I could never achieve that, due to her tension and strong muscles there, but the thought of “maybe” kept both her and I at a fever pitch. Ann was now diddling her swollen clit with her fingers while I licked and probed her ass.

After a good length of time, Ann pushed back and then stood and turned around, looking down at me.

“Stand up,” she said in a commanding way.

I did as she asked. When I was now standing, she laid down on the floor onto her back.

“Squat down over my face, Rocky. I’m going to give you a tongue lashing you won’t soon forget!”

My balls burned with excitement just with the way she said that, not to mention the idea of what she was getting ready to do. This was such nastier behavior than she had ever shown before, and I was Loving it!

I did as she told me to do. I faced her feet and lowered myself downward until I felt my balls resting against her lips. When she licked each of my burning, aching balls, I thought I would shoot right then and there.

She used my meaty thighs like a jungle gym. She grabbed each thigh in each of her hands and lifted her face and head up to my crotch. She lapped at my heavy balls for what seemed like an eternity then she licked and bit the insides of my thighs and butt cheeks, very near my vulnerable and expose asshole.

Ann blew her hot breath against my anus and I could feel the heat cascade over my thighs and dangling balls, too. She then lifted her head again and pressed her lips against my ass cheeks very snuggly.

Then the first flicker of her tongue grazed my asshole. Oh my God! I’ve never felt such an erotic feeling nor envisioned such a nasty imagine in my mind as I was experiencing right now. I looked down at my cock and the swollen head was purple and coated with clear pre-cum. It was so swollen that the head looked like a polished plum.

Then Ann began an unrelenting assault with her talented tongue. She performed a kiss on my asshole that could be best described as a French kiss. Her tongue was pressing against my rosebud with such force that I swear she could have been buried deep inside of me, even though that was just my imagination. My cock ached. My balls burned like they had white lava roiling inside of them.

I removed her hands from my thighs and stood up. I leaned down and scooped Ann up into my arms and carried her to the bed, laying her down like a fine piece of China. I scrambled between her legs, spreading them apart enough for me to situate my body between them. Ann spread them further apart, very wide. I aimed my swollen cock head at her pussy, then slid the head inside about an inch and stopped. She moaned when she felt the heat of the plum shaped tip inside of her sopping wet twat.

I removed the tip and began to rub the head all over her clit. I thumped it against the metal ring that surrounded her clit, flipping it up then back down using nothing but the slippery hot head. Ann was very near another orgasm when I stopped. Her eyes shot invisible daggers at me when I did.

I smiled, then in one easy slow motion, buried my throbbing cock inside of her up to my balls. I remained still while I felt the velvet sides of her pussy grasping at my size, while she felt my hot flesh spear, fill her completely. I began to slide in and out of her, starting slowly, then picking up a faster pace.

Ann’s breathing was becoming raspy and quick as my cock glided in and out of her. My balls were slapping against her ass cheeks with each full thrust. I stopped when I knew she was short of her pinnacle.

I withdrew and asked that she roll over. Surprisingly, she did. I grabbed almanbahis giriş the tube of KY jelly from the side table and applied a very generous amount to my hand. I smeared it all over my aching cock and then squeezed another puddle into my hand.

I reached under her pussy and leaned down and whispered, “Arch that pussy up in the air for me Baby.”

Ann arched her hips up and held it there. I slathered the lubricant in between her meaty firm cheeks.

I inserted my little finger into her ass, very slowly. I slid it in and out as slowly as I had inserted it. There was very little resistance from her. Without missing a stroke, I inserted my ring finger as well as my pinky. Again, very little if any resistance.

I leaned to the night stand with my free hand and grabbed her vibrator wand and handed it to her. It was humming within a second of her grabbing it. As I used my middle finger along with my other two fingers to penetrate her virgin ass, I could feel the strong vibrations against her clit through the thin membrane of her pussy and ass.

I played and fingered her through a strong orgasm she acquired from the vibrator. I removed my three fingers and smeared the slippery ejaculate that seeped from her pussy from her climax onto her relaxed asshole.

I got to my knees and placed the tip of my hot hard cock between her cheeks. I leaned over her back and whispered to her, “You tell me to stop, and I will. I want you to tell me that you want me to fuck your ass. Say the words.”

With my engorged cock head pressed firmly against her slippery asshole, I mustered all the restraint I could to keep from plunging in. But I knew better. I loved Ann. No way would I ever do anything to hurt her, intentionally. I also knew that if she enjoyed this the first time, she may be willing to try it another time.

I began to press harder, then back off with my cock tip as she pressed the vibrating rubber tip hard against her clit. I noticed her hips bumping slightly in rhythm with the undulating stimulations of her vibe.

Again, I pressed my cock head against her puckered asshole. This time when I leaned inward with more pressure, I felt her asshole relax.

Then I heard the words, “Rocky, put that hot hard cock in my ass.”

I leaned in further but just as slowly as before. I felt her bung relax and allow my aching, drooling tip acceptance. I was in. I now began to slowly fill her ass with the five inches of my remaining cock. Each inch seemed to take an eternity to become fully enveloped.

Sweat was beading on my fore head now. My balls churned for release. But I kept my composure. I began to saw out of her tight hole, stopping just at the opening before slowly re-submerging back in until my balls dangled at her pussy lips. Faster my strokes became as Ann was lost in her own world of familiar feelings of lust and a new found delight of my cock in her butt.

She came hard! Her tight asshole cinched around my girth as she did. Her cries and moans reverberated through the room. She was now bucking back and forth on my spike with a vengeance as she rode her climax to the hilt.

I kept my strokes fast and deep, feeling my own climax that I had so longed for begin to stream up from my depths. Just as her butt began to subside from the intense contractions of her climax, I emptied my first volley of hot cum deep into her sweet ass. Then another and another.

When she felt the heat from my pent up lust flooding her insides, she came again. Harder than the last this time. For a brief moment, I thought her ass would snap my cock in two, she came so hard.

After my spasms stopped, I slid my half erect cock from her hot, firm ass. A trail of sperm oozed out then down her thigh when I did. What a sight! Her dark pink asshole with a white line of cum dripping and drooling down her dark tanned inner thigh. I felt a twinge in my loins and knew that this night was still young.

We lay together and embraced. She cooed, and I moaned, while I kissed her soft shoulder and lightly brushed her breasts.

“Did I hurt you, Baby?” I sincerely asked her.

“Noooooo, you didn’t hurt me. I think liked it.” she cooed.

Tonight began a new realm for us.

Thanks for reading my story. If you liked it, or not, please let me know. I ask that you be constructive in your feedback and all feedback with a user name other than anonymous, will remain in public comment for others to see.

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