Subject: Camp Site Butt Boy Part 2 This story is pure fiction, and the contents should remain fiction. It contains sex acts between men and boys. Do not read it if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET… DONATE PLEASE EVERYONE, DONATE. If you return to this site regularly, leave a little donation in the tin cup. Any amount would be appreciated. The hungry would love to eat – cock needs $$.! Go to the top of Nifty Page to DONATE some $$$$$. Money makes the cock grow fonder. Camp Site Butt Buy Part 2 At bedtime Jamie lay naked in his sleeping bag stroking his thick, seven inch cock wondering how much bigger it would get when he started growing. He wanted to be big like Jack. He fingered his sticky anus until he cock drooled, then started masturbating. Jack had not only opened the boy’s ass real good, he opened up a whole new world to the horny child. Jamie pumped his finger in and out of his puffy anus thinking about the father he wanted now. When he heard his mother start a fight in their tent he Cabled out, “Daddy?” Cab Luster slipped through the tent flap in his pyjama bottoms and went to Jamie’s little tent. Lifting up the flap he saw his son’s naked torso in the moonlight, so soft and smooth he drew in a quick breath at the boy’s beauty. “Are you OK, Jamie?” On his hands and knees he crawled closer. “What’s wrong?” The wavy dark hair hung around his son’s head like a silver halo. “I just got scared. I heard noises. Can you hold for a minute.” He reached out from his opened sleeping bag. His beloved father studied the moonlit boy’s silken hairless skin. Jamie pushed his sleeping bag down to expose his cock root and watched his father bite his lip. Cab’s dark lustrous hair shone in the full moonlight. His lightly haired chest excited Jamie like never before. They stared at each other not daring to move until Jamie whispered, “Come closer, Daddy. I want you to hold me.” Cab laid next to his son. Somehow the boy smelled different. He inhaled the sweet scent of male sex and held his son tenderly. Jamie snuggled to his bare chested father who stroked his hair. “Oh, my sweet, beautiful Jamie. You are so soft.” His father was almost as muscular as Jack. “I was scared, but I like you with me.” He ran his hand over the soft chest hair, rubbing a cheek over a nipple. “You’re nice and warm. And feel so good.” “Jamie, sweetheart.” Cab closed his eyes to feel the soft cheek on his chest, the boy’s hands caress him. “There’s nothing to be scared of, angel. There are no wild animals around here.” Without thinking his hands moved softly over the boy’s tender body. “I know. I just wanted you here with me.” He laid a hand on his father’s ass cheek, which sent a shover through the strong man. Cab’s hand slid down his boy’s back. Then he realised his son was naked. For the first time since he was a baby he caressed his naked child ass. “Jamie. Angel.” He began to pant lightly. “I love you so much.” His hand slid down over the inner thigh. “Maybe too much.” “No, Daddy.” Jamie pulled the string of his father’s pyjamas. “I heard you fighting.” Jamie pushed his sleeping bag down and moved closer to his father. His hard cock touched his father’s pulpy shaft through the thin silk pyjamas. “Jamie, you’re making me think of things I never thought of with you.” He kissed the boy’s cheek, rubbed his back. “Maybe things Jack and I thought of. Mama wouldn’t like it.” “Don’t worry about that. We’ll manage.” Cabs hands roamed over his son’s soft white body. “I can’t ever lose you.” Jamie gently loosened the pyjama tie. “I want us to be together.” He looked up into the dark eyes of his father that glowed like Jack’s did. “You know I love you, karşıyaka escort Jamie.” Cab’s hand slid over the boy’s naked buttock. “Oh, sweetheart. If you only knew how I love you.” “Then kiss me, Daddy.” Jamie slid his hand down his father’s back, then inside pyjamas to an ass cheek like his father held. Cab kissed his son on the cheek. “Kiss me like you love me.” He pulled his father’s mouth down to his. When their tongues licked each other Jamie slid his hips closer so their erections rubbed through the thin silk pyjamas. “Jamie, we shouldn’t. Your mother –. She’s… She might see us.” Then Cab felt his son’s fingers push toward his ass crack. “Oh Jamie. I have always loved you.” He pulled his upper ass cheek away. Jamie knew why, and his fingers found his father’s tender anus. “I was doing this to myself a minute ago.” He spat into his hand and deposited the slime into the ass crack. “Ohhh, Oh. Ja –, Jamie. Oh, oh, ohhh, yes.” He buried his face in his son’s hair and reached down. For the first time he held his son’s erection, dripping and ready. “You like it too, Daddy.” Jamie spat into his hand again and smeared it into his father’s ass crack. When a finger pushed into the anus the effect was electric, just like he’d experienced with Jack. He moved his father’s hand from his cock to his sticky anus. Man and boy fingered each other. “Angel, you’ve been fucked today.” Cab gently pumped his son’s loose ass hole, then pulled his fingers out, sucked them and deposited more spit back into his own ass crack before fingering his son again. “Yes. Twice.” Jamie had no idea how much his fingers lit up his father’s anus. The man seemed ready to do anything. “Now I want you. Please, Daddy.” He reached into the pyjamas and slid his hand over the drooling erection. “Your cock is so nice. I need you, Daddy. Please.” “Wait, Jamie. Please.” Cab got up and left the tent. Jamie lay back stroking his cock wondering what to do next, hoping his father wouldn’t be mad. Soon Cab returned with a bottle of salad oil, smeared some all over his son’s wonderful erection, almost as big as his own. “Oh, my Jamie is all grown up now.” And then he turned his back and began working the thick meat head into his anus. “Daddy.” Jamie reached between his father’s legs. Cab raised it immediately letting his son fondle his cock and balls as he worked the wonderful thick shaft up his ass. His father spoke softly, quickly. “This is the only thing your mother can’t do, won’t do, not even with a dildo. And I need –. I need it. Oh, oh, oh, oh. I need you.” The almost eight inch boy shaft slid smoothly into the warm oiled bowel. “Oh, Jamie, yes. Oh, fuck. Fuck, you’re in my ass.” He rolled his anal ring over the cock root, eager and happy. “Fuck yes. I never thought my boy would fuck me.” Jamie had never heard his father use the f word and whispered. “This is my first time, Daddy.” He stroked his father’s thick shaft hoping one day it would be up his ass. “Fucking someone? You only like it up the ass? Just like me.” “That was my first time today, with Jack and another guy, and I liked it a lot. I like this too, fucking you.” Jamie stroked his father’s thick cock shaft. “Like father, like son. That’s good. You never forget your first time.” Cab held his son’s hand. “Not too much, Jamie. You make me so hot. Let’s make it last a while.” Jamie let go of his father’s cock and eased up onto his knees to better pump his ass. “That’s it, Jamie. Fuck your daddy’s ass. It’s been a while, and I need it. You feel so good in me.” Jamie had already come that day so was in no big hurry. He loved the feeling of his shaft sliding in and out of his father’s anus. With his hands on Cab’s hips he bounced kartal escort from his knees watching his whole shaft slide in the moonlight through the buttery anal ring. “Fuck, Daddy. That feels so good.” Jamie could feel his balls swing against his father ass cheek. “I really like fucking you.” “That’s right. Fuck Daddy nice and deep. But go slow, baby. Make it last. I know what.” He dug a trough in the leafy ground under the tent floor for his cock and laid on his belly. “Now lay on top of me, Jamie. You feel so warm and good. So soft, except for your big fat cock so hard up my ass.” Jamie spread his father’s legs wider and spread his cheeks with the weight of his hands. Cab grunted for cock, and Jamie pumped like he was on a swing, sliding his cock back and forth in the oily anus. “Wow, Daddy. This is really fun.” When he heard a noise behind them he turned his head and saw his mother watching them. He tried to shoo her away with a wave of his hand and slipped out of the oily ass hole. His mother saw the gleaming erection bounce in the moonlight before he shoved it back into his father’s ass hole. “What was that?” Cab panted and rolled his ass pucker over the wonderful shaft fucking him. “That’s it, Jamie. Pump it around in all directions.” “Hold your cheeks apart, Daddy.” When his father obeyed he slid up to the cock root and lay over the warm body. When he felt his long hanging testicles nestle down against his father’s ass he spread their legs to give his mother a good view, then caressed his father’s strong arms and licked his back. “Everything is so perfect.” He gave his father a few deep lunges. “Yes.” Cab pulled his ass cheeks apart and arched back to meet his son’s slamming fuck organ. “Oh, yes. You have no idea.” “Yes I do. You like that as much as I do.” Jamie rammed his ass a few times. “Oh. I love you doing my ass.” Cab arched his spread hole back to his son’s shaft. “Everything is so perfect.” “That’s why I think we’ll be good together, Daddy.” Jamie melted over his father’s hard body. “I like this as much as getting fucked.” He slow fucked the creamy ass hole. “Just like you.” When they heard more leaves crunching Cab asked again, “What is that?” Jamie rammed his father hard and fast, then lay on top of him again. “That’s mom watching us. She’s leaving now.” Cab’s body jolted. “I should get up and talk to her.” Jamie pushed his head back down to the pillow. “Not yet. I’m not done with your ass.” Cab loved the command in his son’s voice. “Yes, Sir.” He pulled his cheeks apart in submission. He would do nothing to stop the fucking. His son was finally in him. And so thick and strong. “Oh, Jamie.” He wiggled his ass over the steel hardness like Jamie had done on Jack. “You’re better than your mother ever could be.” That made Jamie smile, knowing his father liked getting it up the ass as much as he did. He raised up, his hands on the ass cheeks, spreading them wider. And then he pumped hard and deep. “Fuck yes. I’m not stopping until I’m done. I like this.” “That’s my boy.” The paternal ass squirmed and wiggled over the son just like the boy ass had done over Jack. “Oh, Jamie, I love you up my ass.” He lay under his son for half an hour as his ass was pumped warm with cock meat. Fast, slow, slamming, gentle. Jamie tried everything knowing they both loved every stroke. Finally he said, “Let’s turn you over so I can kiss you, Daddy.” Jamie slid smoothly out of his father’s buttery anus. Cab flipped, pushed the pillow under his hips and pulled his knees up to his shoulders. Jamie watched the pink bulging meat flower, steel grey in the moonlight and surrounded by oily hair. He knew it throbbed for his cock. When kastamonu escort he bent down and sucked the swollen ass pucker his father gasped. “OH, fuck, Jamie. Where’d you learn to do that?” With both hands he held his boy’s head hard to his crack. “Oh, yeah. Suck my fuck hole.” He shamelessly smeared the boy’s face through his hairy ass crack. “From Jack today. Everything was so good.” After a thorough rimming he sat back on his heels and swiped his drooling prick head over the loose anus. Every time he popped the tip inside the pucker swelled and tried to suck his cock into it. He looked up and grinned. His father lay as he had earlier, waiting for the wonderful shaft to fill him. “Come on, Baby. Fuck Daddy. I want your big cock.” Cab held his ass cheeks open for his boy who watched the bloated hole pulsate with anticipation. Jamie slid right in to the hilt, leaned down and kissed his father. “When do you want to come, Daddy?” The boy deep fucked the warm cum chute. Cab smelled man lust and licked his son’s oily face “I’ll blast off whenever you do, Angel. I’m ready.” He rolled his anus over the pumping shaft. “You really know how to fuck a pussy man.” Cab reached behind and fingered his son’s anus. “Oh, Daddy, that feels good. It gets me hotter.” “Your mother’s watching again.” “Then let’s give her a good show. Finger my ass real good.” Jamie slammed his father’s loose hole ten minutes more before he got tired, then slowed to a gentle pumping. “Now get some fingers up my ass. Oh, yes.” He felt his anal ring pulled open. “I could do this all night, Daddy.” They kissed and kissed. “Is she still watching?” “Yes.” Cab pulled his son’s anus open with four fingers. “Fuck, you make my ass feel good, Daddy. You’re going to make me come. Let’s do it.” “OK, then.” Cab wrapped his arms and legs around his son who fucked like a wild bull. His heavy balls slammed his father’s ass back for another few minutes until they tightened up to the shaft. “Oh, Daddy.” “I know, Angel. I can feel it.” They both panted. “Cum’s rising.” Then a staggering slam. Ass slapping hard fucking sent Cab into anal bliss. All he felt was the warm, hard shaft banging into him, over and over. “Ohhh, Daddy. I’m coming.” “Ahhh, ahhh, Jammie – e -e . Ahhh. Yes.” And the boy bull let loose with a crash so strong it slid them both forward. And the son’s sperm gushed into the father’s hole. Jamie pounded and pounded, filling the hot hole as he had been filled. And as he came, he father shot cum over his chest and belly. They were stuck together, cock and ass, and chest to chest, in a gooey daze of cum and panting, kissing and licking each other. Then Jamie fell off him. Cab immediately bent down to the oozing fuck organ. His wife watched him squeeze up the sticky shaft and lick the last of the cream from the cum slit before licking the boy clean. Then she disappeared, and the two slept peacefully together. In the morning he took his wife to the bus station, and the woman went home to pack and move out. When he got back to the campground Jack was sitting at the picnic table with Jamie facing him in his lap, his cock up the boy’s ass, waiting for Daddy. “Jamie here says you like cock up your ass as much as he does.” Jack grinned at the dark beauty about his age. “And Jack has a really big cock, Daddy. Come feel it.” The boy kissed his new lover friend and squirmed on the fat shaft up his ass. “He told you that?” Cab blushed, then looked at his son. “He does?” From what Cab could see Jack was one big muscular fuck machine. His huge predatory blue eyes glowed like a true master. “Don’t be mad at him for telling me your secret.” Jack grinned again. “Nine a half inches is all I got. If that’s enough?” When he saw Cab adjust his swelling cock he continued, “Why don’t you get yourself fuck naked and get under the table between my legs and suck my balls. See for yourself first hand, and first mouth. I like my balls worked on when I’m fucking.” “Yes, Sir.” Cab was entranced by the blond nordic beauty. PLEASE, EVERYONE. DONATE TO NIFTY.

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