I was on my way home from having a few drinks after work with the guys when I suddenly realized I had to take a mighty whiz. I was driving down a secluded block, a street filled with nothing but dark warehouses and a few abandoned cars. I pulled over and killed the ignition. I practically jumped from my car, I had to go so bad.

I dashed to the nearest warehouse, and in the dark, pulled down my zipper and released my cock from my jeans. I began spraying a stream all over a graffiti covered wall and letting out a loud “ahhhh.”

Just as I was done, while shaking my pecker to let the last few drops spill out, a floodlight hit me full blast. I felt like I was some standup comic on a stage, but standing there with my dick in my hand, I soon realized the joke was on me.

“Stop right there,” a stern female voice instructed. “What are you doing?” she asked me as I frantically stuffed my eight inch tool inside my pants.

“Uh, uh,” I stammered.

“This is the police, you filthy pig,” the speaker crackled again. “Put both hands on your car and spread ’em”

“Oh shit,” I muttered beneath my breath.

“Do it!” Her voice crackled through the loudspeaker when I hesitated. The seriousness of her voice suddenly made me realize I was in deep shit.

A lone female figure emerged from the car. I squinted, trying to make out more, but the flood light shone so brightly beside her it made it difficult to see anything else. All I could hear was the crunch of the gravel beneath her shoes as she approached me.

“Didn’t your mother teach you manners?” the lady cop scolded. She tapped the nightstick in the palm of her hand. She was behind me now, poking the nightstick on the inner part of my thighs, urging me to “spread wider.” I heard her holster the stick and she began frisking me. “Keep those hands on the hood or you’ll spend the night in a hospital instead of jail.”

“But officer, I…”

“Shut the fuck up!” she barked, and pushed my head down. She started at my ankles and worked her way halkalı escort up my legs and sides. She then went back to my legs, my inner thighs to be exact. I felt her strong hands press hard against my balls. Her fingers traced the outline of my tool through my pants. “That’s some weapon you have concealed there,” she quipped. I smiled, and was about to offer a witty comeback when all of a sudden I was thrown to the ground with the deftness of a judo champion. I was lying face down, eating dirt, as I felt my arms being pulled back behind me and cuffed!

“Get the fuck up, slob,” she ordered as she helped me to my feet. She was behind me as she led me to the squad car and began reading me my rights.

“You have the right to remain silent…”

“Oh, shit,” I muttered. I was being busted for peeing on a wall.

The cop swung open the rear passenger side door of the cruiser while placing her hand on the top of my head, helping me into the car. Once I was in, she gave me a violent shove, knocking me against the inside door.

What happened next is why I’m writing this.

First off, I was somewhat surprised that she was alone. I always assumed cops patrolled in pairs. Then she totally shocked me; while standing in front of the rear door window, she began undoing her belt and pants. I could only see her from the waist down, but make no mistake, she wiggled out of her pants and panties and opened the front door, placing them on the seat along with her belt. She then removed something from her belt and opened the rear door to join me in the back.

When the light hit me in the face I surmised a flashlight was what she had taken from her belt. I was quickly blinded again as she directed it into my eyes. She closed the door behind her.

“Okay, you filthy fuckin’ slob. For peeing on that wall I want you to lick me where I pee,” she demanded. She put one leg up on the back of the seat and spread them both. “In this hand I’ve got a mace canister, and if that don’t work this flashlight will crack başakşehir escort your head open like an eggshell. So don’t be stupid Eat my pussy, perp!”

I was dumbfounded and hesitated again. She didn’t like this a bit and reached forward and grabbed me by the ear lobe. I couldn’t see a thing as she pulled my head down between her legs. I caught a whiff of her box just as my nose nestled into her pubes.

“Lick it, bitch!” she demanded as she held my face firmly against her twat. My mouth was all over her cunt. She had large, elephant ear pussy lips, that mashed themselves against my face. Her box was dripping as she began bucking her hips. “That’s it, do it. Eat me you fuck! Eat me good!”

She pulled her legs further back and ordered me to stick my tongue in her ass. Soon I was lapping up her tangy bung, and she was relishing every second. “Nice,” she purred and dropped her legs a little. Again my tongue was in her snatch, gliding all over her fully erect clit. “Suck on my clit, perp. Suck it like it was a little dick. Hmmm…. You lick pussy good. Such a good clit-licker you are. Keep it up mother-fucker.”

Beyond belief my tool was rigid and just bursting to escape from my pants. The cop kept right on bucking, staining my face with her juices.

“Yeah, perp, yeah! Ohhh, yeah!” she moaned, and after a few more delectable dealings of my tongue, she came, lifting her ass off the black leather back seat while grabbing a fistful of my hair.

After she finished creaming, she pushed me away hard and turned to get out of the car. That was the clearest view I got of her. She was still wearing her police hat. Her hair was tucked up beneath it. I couldn’t be sure, but I think she was a brunette. As she climbed out of the car I got a bird’s eye view of her well rounded ass and her tasty sphincter.

She walked around to my side of the cruiser and threw open the door. Again the beam from her flashlight pelted my tired eyes as she ordered me to get out of the car kadıköy escort bayan and sit on the ground. I did as I was told. She then took her foot, put it on my right shoulder, and with her leg, shoved me to the ground. I was flat on my back, my hands cuffed behind me, as I felt her pull down my zipper. She reached into my pants and unleashed my rock hard poker. She tore open a condom packet and wrapped my throbber. Soon she was straddling me, lowering her glistening cunt onto my aching dick. With the flashlight still trained on my face, she began humping my meat.

“Ahhh,” she moaned loudly. “You’ve got a nice cock, perp. That’s why I busted you. I saw it when you were peeing. It hung so nice.”

“Oh yea?” I made the mistake of speaking.

“Shut the fuck up, lowlife! Speak only when you’re spoken to!” she barked, and pounded her hips harder onto my tool. “Yesss,” she hissed after a few more minutes of impaling herself on my boner. “I’m gonna come,” she announced. She lifted herself off my schlong and stood above me. Suddenly droplets –of what I thought were pee– began spraying all over the place from her twat. I guess that’s what you call poetic justice, I get busted for peeing on a wall and part of my punishment was getting peed on, literally. But I was wrong, she wasn’t tinkling at all; she was coming! She kept on spraying me as she moaned louder and louder. I’d never seen a girl ejaculate like this, and I wasn’t seeing it now because of that fucking flashlight, but I sure felt it all over my cock, shirt and pants. When she was done, my clothes were drenched.

When her torrid cum-fest was over she calmly walked around to the cruiser and got dressed. A few seconds later she came back with the flashlight again, the beam of light hitting me in the face full blast. She helped me to my feet and undid the cuffs before pushing me down on the ground. “Jerk off for me, perp!” she demanded as she got into the squad car. “Don’t come until I leave the block.”

She put the cruiser into drive and spun the tires, leaving me in a cloud of dust while pulling on my hammer. I was on my knees, blowing a wad of load, as I watched the red tail lights of the cruiser turn the corner. Regretfully, I’ve never met that cop again, even though I often cruise that block with a full bladder.

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