Subject: Busman’s Holiday 3 Busman’s Holiday-3- JAS This is a work of gay fiction containing scenes of sexual activity between consenting males. If this is offensive to you, leave now. If you are underage or this type of literature is ilegal in the place where you reside leave now. This work is under copyright to the author. Do not copy or reprint this story without the author’s written permission. Comments welcomed: ail Please contribute to to keep his free site going. _____________________________________________________________________________ I walked back to the Anco, my hotel, with my three friends. They went to pay their admission to the party while I went up to my room to change. Since I knew that I’d be staying in the building decided that my outfit would be suitable for the party. I put on my leather harness, a black jock, my boots and my black chaps. I took a last look in the mirror beore taking the back stairs to the basement party scene. I entered a large, dark room. The only lights were from back candles and red spots lights around the room. I noticed a sling placed in the center of the room with its own spot light. There were rubber mattresses scattered around the room on low platforms. Music was playing at a low level in the backround. A bar was in one corner with two kegs and plastic cups on another platform next to it. Tubs of lube were on small shelves next to the candles. I grabbed a cup and a beer. Looking around the room for my friends I finally noticed them talking to a young, leather dressed young man,a leather twink. They were sharing a joint with him while talking. I stood bursa escort off to the side while watching them. They were feeling his body as they talked, hands roaming over his chest and back. They finished the joint and began moving him over to the sling. As I watched they moved him onto his back in the sling,securing his feet and arms. He did not seem to object to this. Once postioned with his cute ass exposed, they began kissing him and pinching his nipples. The man-boy responded with loud moans as they moved down his body. His back jock was cut away by an interested bystander, exposing his hard uncut cock. They both began licking his cock and fingering his hole. Another man brought a can of lube over and coated the hole and their fingers. Men began to gaither around the scene, now the main attraction. One of my friends the blond bartender from the Nest, moved down between the spread legs of the twink. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out an enormous cock. It must’ve been 10 inches of hard, thick meat. He rubbed it around the man-boy’s hole, lubing it up. He lined the fat head up and buried the entire thing into that young man. His screams of shocked pain turned to moans of pleasure after a few minutes. Other men moved up to the sexual sacrifice. One offered the boy his hard cock to suck, others twisted his now pert nipples. Hot wax was poured onto his chest. A brown bottle of popperes was placed under the boy’s nose. He inhaled deeply. The bottle was then offered to the man whose cock was enjoying the boy’s warm hole. The blond man began a furious deep fucking of the hole his cock was buried bursa escort bayan in. In just a few minutes he let out a deep growl as he filled the welcoming hole with his load. As I’d watched this another of my friends had released my hard cock from its imprisonment and into a waiting mouth. When I was properly prepared I was led over to the sling. The boy raised his head to look at my weapon as I approached him. He moaned at the thought of his second impalement. Again poppers were offered and gratefully accepted by the boy. His own cock stood hard and straight as I centered my large head on his dripping hole. I was not going to be gentle, knowing that he had already been bred and well lubed by the first man of the night. I plunged all the way in. He let out a soft moan as he was offered another cock to suck. I moved slowly in and out of his ass. As I did so, I felt a tongue at the point where I joined his body. Another man was on the floor under us. He was licking my cock and the boy’s hole as I withdrew. He moved from there to my hole. He greedily began to suck my hole, further stimulating me. I went into overdrive, fucking the boy relentlessly. Before I could cum I pulled out to give our friend on his knees the opportunity to suck my cock and the boy’s hole. I moved aside to watch as he eagerly extracted the cum from the hole. Another man stepped up to push his large cock head into the empty hole. The boy’s moans grew even louder. I moved to the bar to get another beer. But the person manning the bar, stopped me. He offered me a shot glass of a milky green liquid. I downed it in one gulp and escort bursa then followed it with my beer. Within two minutes it hit me and I felt my head spinning. I was led to one of the mattress platforms to lay down. I lay flat on my back as I felt my legs being lifted by two men. I saw the blond bartender kneeling next to me, his hard cock inches from my mouth. I opened to say something to him but felt his hand on the back of my head. He moved my face towards his cock. I instinctively opened my mouth to receive it. As I nursed on the sweet flesh offered to me I felt my legs being lifted. A tongue was licking my ass crack, seeking my hole. I gave in to the feeling coursing through my body. I was on fire! I wanted cocks, many cocks filling both ends of my body. The cock in my mouth was removed and he moved to my outstretched legs. Standing between them he looked into my eyes and I saw a lustful grin on his face. He leaned over to me and whispered, “I’ve been waiting all day for this. I hope you enjoy it as much as I will.” With that he slowly pushed the head into me. I had not been fucked in many months and the pain surged through my body as I let out a scream. Someone pushed a bottle of poppers under my nose and I inhaled deeply. In the back of my mind I knew that I’d need this to enjoy this fuck. As the poppers took over my moans of pain turned to pleasure and I began to move back on his cock. My body was on fire with my desire for this man’s cock and any other man’s cock who wanted me. That night, my last in Amsterdam, I took many cocks, some more than once. It was near dawn as I returned to my room. I woke to find my cloths on the chair. ______________________________________________________________________________ Ok guys, our man has finished his stay in Amsterdam and now will continue his holiday in Europe, going on to Germany.

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