Building A Table With Aunt Linda


The summer before I entered 12th grade my mother sent me to stay with my Aunt Linda. Now Aunt Linda was actually not my aunt. She was a childhood friend of my mother’s but I had grown up with her around and had always called her Aunt Linda.

This particular summer my mother thought it would be good for me to get out of the city, or so she said. I would find out the real reason later. So two days after the last day of school I packed my bags and set out on a three hour journey to Aunt Linda’s house on the shores of Lake Champlain. We arrived around 9:00 PM just as the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon. Aunt Linda came out to greet us. She was wearing a floral print cotton sundress and a pair of white sandals on her feet. She had gotten a haircut since I saw her last and instead of her blonde hair reaching all the way to her waist it was now substantially chopped and permed to look like one of those Vidal Sassoon models.

“Ellen, Tim, I’m so glad you came! Please, come in.” We followed her into her little cottage and she poured us some lemonade. We sat around the kitchen table sipping it and listening to mosquitoes getting zapped in the bug light.

“It’s been a long time, Linda,” my mother commented taking one last drink of her lemonade then setting it on the table.

“It certainly has been,” agreed Linda. “I can’t believe how big Tim has gotten. He’s turned out to be quite a handsome young man.” As she said this, she gave me a look that was rather lustful, now that I look back on it. I blushed.

“Yes he has,” my mother said. “I’m sure he’ll drive the girls wild.” I blushed again. “Well, it’s getting late and I have to be getting back to the city,” my mother said getting up from the table. “You mind your Aunt Linda, okay?”

“Yes, mother.” After my mother left Aunt Linda showed me my room and let me get unpacked kartal kendi evi olan escort then we played Scrabble until it was time to go to bed. During the game, she kept staring at me with those lustful eyes and twice she complained about the heat as an excuse to unbutton the top of her dress. By the time we had finished our second game, I had a very good view of her cleavage. My cock was growing hard and I was hoping she didn’t see it through my jeans.

That night I thought of Aunt Linda’s breasts and what I’d like to do with her while I masturbated. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, up to that point anyway. The next morning I awoke refreshed and walked out into the kitchen to find Aunt Linda cooking up some eggs. I sat down at the table.

“How did you sleep last night?” Aunt Linda asked, coming over and pouring me some orange juice.

“Fine,” I said.

“Good,” she said. “After breakfast,” she continued, “I was hoping I could borrow your strong muscles to help me put together a picnic table I bought.”

“Sure,” I replied, starting on the eggs she had brought over. So after I had had breakfast and taken a shower I went out to the back porch where Aunt Linda had already begun to unpack the parts of the table. I sat down next to her and began to read the instructions and arrange the parts. We were well into putting the table together when I asked her to hand me a wrench. She reached over and grabbed it but as she was straining to hand it to me from her seated position she fell over, right on top of me. I instinctively reached up to catch her. She fell right into my arms.

“Thank you, hon. Excuse me,” she said, a bit embarrassed. But instead of getting up she put her hands and knees at my sides, pinning me to the ground. A smile crossed her face. Then, almost escort kartal bayanlar involuntarily, a smile crossed mine. Her shirt was hanging down and I could see right down the top of it. She wasn’t wearing a bra. I took a quick glimpse. She had the most beautiful breasts and her nipples were growing hard. I returned my stare to her face. That lustful look was in her eyes again.

“You like?” she asked. I certainly did. My cock was growing hard, straining against the cloth of my shorts. I decided to put it all on the line. I cleared all reservations I had from my mind and raised my head, giving her a quick peck on the lips. I laid back down, waiting for her reaction. She returned the kiss. This time letting her lips linger on mine. I opened my mouth slightly, letting Linda slip her tongue in. I put my arms around her and pulled her down. She collapsed on top of me then broke the kiss, gasping for air.

“I like,” I said then rolled over on top of her.

“Oh, Tim,” she gasped, surprised by my action.

I kissed her on her lips again and began to massage her breasts through the cloth of her shirt. She reached up and pulled my shirt up and began stroking my chest. I did the same.

“You do it well,” Linda said. “I hope you are as well versed in the activities to come.” I lifted the shirt to expose two glorious globes of creamy white flesh then lowered my lips to their first taste of heaven. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and bit it gently with my teeth. Linda was ecstatic. Her moans encouraged me.

“Tim, that’s wonderful,” she gasped as she ran her fingers forcefully through my hair. Then she moved her hands down my back and around my waist to the front of my shorts.

“I see you have a little present for me. May I unwrap it?”

“Of course,” I said, lifting my face from kartal olgun escort her cleavage and helping her help me out of my pants. My cock sprung out and she began stroking it. I had never felt something so wonderful but something better was about to come.

“I want you inside me, Tim,” Linda cooed. She raised her butt as I pulled down her pants to reveal her womanhood.

“Take me now!” she moaned. I didn’t need an invitation. I slipped my rock hard member into her hot cunt. Her muscles grasped me tightly. It was an amazing feeling and as I began pumping in and out it only got better. I could feel the pressure building up in my balls.

“Oh, Linda,” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum.” I could feel her juices begin to flow.

“I’m cumming too,” she screamed. I shot off my load, mixing our juices together.

“Oh, Tim. That was wonderful.” She raised her head and kissed me lightly on the lips. I had a grin from ear to ear.

The next two months at the lake were two of the best of my life. That first night I spent at the lake was the last I spent in a separate bedroom. We slept together every night. She taught me things I never could have imagined, opened doors I never even saw before. I found out much later that she hadn’t just given me pleasure. I had given her more than she had had in years. Linda had lived at the cottage by the lake for the past five years and hadn’t been with a man in all of that time. My mother knew this. She also knew that I was coming of age. I was entering that stage in my life when I’d begun to look at women in a whole new way. She wanted my first experience to be a good one. So in the end both Linda and I had gotten what we wanted all thanks to my mother.

That following year in school I had a lot more confidence and I went out with more women than ever before. I didn’t go up to Linda’s cottage anymore either. She had sold it, moved to the city, and had become a very sexy person of her own. Not that she wasn’t before. It just took that summer to unleash her full potential. I have a girlfriend now. Linda has a man of her own. Every once in a while though we still get together and relive that summer we had together. That summer we built a table together.

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