Brooke Ch. 01


“Hi! Carlene!” Brooke waved across the crowded mall at her friend. It was Saturday morning and Brooke had a lot to do in preparation for college on Monday. First she wanted a pair of sunglasses to go with the Honda she was picking up from the dealership this afternoon.

She watched her long time friend stride toward her. Except that they were both nineteen and had shared a friendship for many years they were very different. The crowd parted for her without thought, which people just didn’t do for Brooke. It was Carlene’s dominant attitude and Brooke’s submissive nature that made the difference.

Brooke was a tall, beautiful large busted black girl with a gentle smile and irresistible lips. Carlene was petite, white and lesbian. They had both played together with toys that almost broke each other’s virginity, taking it in turns at pretending to be the boyfriend.

Eventually Carlene decided she preferred girls but the only thing that changed was that she always got to be the boyfriend instead of taking turns. From then on Brooke learnt to submit to her friend when they played their private sex games. It was a joke between them that Brooke had turned her high school friend into a total lesbian.

“Hi! I thought you would be picking up your car. What are you up to?” Carlene asked. She eyed Brooke’s light summer dress and noted she wasn’t wearing underwear and knew she was out to play rather than shop.

Brooke caught her staring and giggled. “I’m picking it up this afternoon but I’m so excited I just couldn’t sit at home waiting. I saw some sunglasses in there I just need to buy. They will look so cool in the car, what do you think?” she said, twirling her long curly hair at the window display.

They sauntered in to the store finding a lone white salesman. He was about thirty and looked married and unhappy. Just the way they liked them. The game was on, flirting to get an impressive discount; the poor guy didn’t stand a chance.

The guy couldn’t take his eyes off Brooke, trying hard not to be noticed, as he manoeuvred to get a good look through the thin dress.

“I’ll leave this one to you, it shouldn’t take you long. I’ll see you in the coffee shop.” Carlene told her. With a wink she turned and strode out.

“Hello there. Can I help you?” He asked with a smile. He looked more relaxed now Carlene had disappeared.

“Sure. I want to see those glasses from the window display. Yea, that’s the ones.”

He slipped them on balancing them on the end of her cute nose. She pushed them into place with a long pained fingernail and looked from side to side in a mirror studying each angle.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see some others?” He asked.

“I always know what I want.” She told him with a shy smile. “What kind of discount would you give me on these, for cash?” She asked.

“They’re top of the range. I could manage ten percent. Just for you.” He said giving her a meaningful look.

“I need more than that. I need all the money I’ve got to start college on Monday.” She said.

“We could make a deal I guess. Here, let’s look at what stock there is in back. I have just the thing you’re looking for.”

Brooke thought about what he might be up to while following him into the storeroom. She wasn’t stupid but after a little grappling she would have something over him and maybe the discount would bring them down to her price range.

“What about a hundred percent discount? You do me a favour and I do you one. OK?” He told her.

She stood there unsure of herself. Where did this machismo suddenly come from? He looked a push over out there and now he had an arm round her holding on tight. She tried to pull away but he was too strong.

“Hey, let go. I only wanted a discount nothing more from you.” She complained.

“Wearing a dress like that, what do you expect?” He said.

“My washing machine broke down. Can you see through this? I didn’t think anyone could!” She tried telling him but he wasn’t buying it.

His hand slipped around and pulled up the back of the dress. She felt his hand slide between her butt cheeks and she opened her mouth to yell. Before a sound emerged his mouth clamped on hers and a tongue began to explore her mouth. His technique was good, especially what he was doing to her arse, but she didn’t want him, just the discount.

She felt this finger press against her arse hole then circle it, just teasing away at her. He had her pressed hard against his pants where she could feel the bulge of his cock. He was ready but she wasn’t, not here, not now.

He lifted her off her feet then lowered her quickly to the floor where she fell on her knees. He had squeezed the breath out of her and she kneeled at his feet gasping for air. With her mouth open he thrust his cock in without thought to whether she wanted him or not.

The sounds of protest escaped around his cock as nothing more than muffled yelps.

“That’s it you tease, swallow it all.” He told her.

He izmit escort held her head still with a firm grip in her long hair while his hips thrust back and forth in a long slow rhythm. He jerked to a halt with a small backward movement and his legs quivered. He almost collapsed as he came, spurting his cum into her mouth.

Disgusted at the thought of swallowing this stranger’s cum she looked around for somewhere to spit but just as she made up her mind to spit it down his trousers he grabbed her chin.

“Let’s see it.” He said, squeezing her cheeks in his small smooth hands.

The touch of his hand alone was enough to make her skin creep. Opening her mouth wide he could see pearls of cum on her tongue where it was starting to dribble down her throat. She couldn’t spit with is hand squeezing her jaw and was sickened to feel it sliding down her throat. ‘Damn him.’ She thought.

“Well that’s worth a discount alright.” He leered.

Was it worse that she had submitted to him so easily or that he was paying her for it; she couldn’t work it out but either way she felt used and ashamed. To add to the humiliation she was wet between the legs. His use of her body, like some whore, had made her hot and there was little chance of him satisfying that feeling now.

Not that she wanted it to be him in any case. What was so annoying was that she knew from experience the feeling was going to grow all day. It would nag at her not letting her forget what he had done to her until she too received satisfaction.

He was making meaningless conversation as though nothing had happened and all she could do was glower at him. What could she say? Grabbing the sunglasses she huffed at him when he offered to wrap them and stormed out of the store.

Keeping to the shaded side of the mall Brooke made her way to the coffee shop. Brooke found her friend and plonked her body down upon a hard chair. She proffered a large smile wiggling the glasses with her nose.

“So you got them then. How much discount did you get? You were a long time. You must have haggled well girl.” Carlene said suspiciously.

“Fifty-percent.” Brooke said flatly. It was a lie but how could she tell her friend what had happened.

“You can afford to pay for coffee then. Here, don’t budge I’ll get them; you can wait all day if you don’t serve yourself.” Carlene complained with a glance at the waitress. “Just sit there and look pretty.”

Carlene sauntered back with two cups. She placed hers down first then bent over Brooke and kissed her.

Brooke’s eyes widened with embarrassment. Not from a kiss in public for they liked to shock people, but from what it revealed. She took a quick swig of coffee and swirled it around her mouth. Then swallowed quickly, grimacing.

“It’s too late to swill away the evidence girl. I know what you did. You gave that old guy a blowjob. I hope you got more than fifty-percent off. You’re becoming one hell of a slut Brooke. You should watch out.” Her friend said then clicked her tongue at her in disapproval.

“It was one hundred percent. I didn’t volunteer he just grabbed me and helped himself.” Brooke spat the words out in disgust. She grimaced and downed the coffee in one gulp. “So now we’ve both tasted his cum.” She said with a scowl. It was some small satisfaction seeing Carlene grimace at the idea of tasting a stranger cum from her friend’s mouth.

Carlene looked at her friend with a grimace. “I told you before; you’ve just got to watch out for yourself. It’s a nasty habit you have Brooke. You like to flirt and being submissive means you give in way too easily. No wonder you get into trouble. Anyway I’ve stuff to do. Swing by my place for lunch and I’ll give you a lift to pick up your car.”

Brooke poked out her tongue with a scowl and they both laughed. “Bye. See you later.” Brooked smiled. She didn’t feel happy though, for Mister Store Guy had left her feeling used. She didn’t even know his name. This wasn’t the first time she had got into trouble like this though performing for a pair of glasses was a pretty gross thing to do. What was worse she was feeling hot too. Still, there was a party tonight so maybe she would meet someone nice and get lucky.


“Hi! Mrs Wymore. Carlene said to come over for lunch, is that OK?” Brooke asked.

“Yea, sure honey, come on in. The foods nearly ready but Carlene isn’t back yet. You can help in the kitchen.” Carlene’s mother told her.

Brooke looked at Mrs Wymore’s breasts and wondered if she could press her luck. In high school she had taken a Health class and one of her assignments had been to give a breast examination to a close friend or member of the family.

The leaflets from school gave a serious message about regular breast examinations and the thought of breast cancer had seriously worried Mrs Wymore. At first she had reluctantly agreed to help Brooke with the assignment but after the first exam overcame her embarrassment.

Over the last few months Brooke had convinced izmit kendi evi olan escort her to have regular re-examinations so now she had free access to those lovely tits whenever she liked.

Brooke had chopped and diced the salad and the rice and peas was on so all they had to do was wait for Carlene to arrive.

“So, Mrs Wymore I start college Monday. I guess I won’t have much spare time with all that studying. I think I should give you another exam as we’ve got time and there’s no one around.” Brooke said casually.

She still felt hot and the prospect of fondling those large breasts gave her an extra surge, which she tried not to show.

“Are you sure Brooke? I mean it’s only been a couple of weeks, surely nothing could have developed since then.” She asked, showing some concern.

“Well you know it’s safer just to check.” Brooke told her, mirroring the concern on her friend’s mom’s face.

She followed Mrs Wymore into the bedroom where she removed her blouse. Brooke watched her slip both arms through the straps to pull the catch around in front. Unhooking it with a deft flick of her fingers it was off, to be discarded on the bed. She sat down on the edge of it ready for Brooke.

Brooke kneeled between her legs and moved in. “Put your arms up Mrs Wymore as I showed you.” The woman lifted both arms wrapping them around the back of her neck lifting the large orbs. Brooke took one in both hands and massaged it, lifting it up and around.

With fingertips she pushed at the soft flesh as though looking for a lump moving over every inch of the breast. Pinching a nipple between a finger and thumb she lifted the whole breast away from her chest stretching it upward.

“Does that hurt Mrs Wymore?” She asked kindly.

“Just a little.” She whispered.

Brooke felt the nipple swell between her fingers wondering how it would be if her friend caught her here. Carlene would know exactly what she was doing to her mom. She was teasing her breasts not examining them. It wasn’t a woman’s breasts that Brooke found so fascinating it was the illicitness of the game; it was her friend’s mom she was playing with. That she was enjoying it too was obvious but Mrs Wymore pretended not to.

Resting them for a moment she asked. “I couldn’t feel any lumps. Did that feel all right Mrs Wymore? Nothing hurt except the nipples?” Brooke asked.

“No that was fine. You’re doing a good job. Thanks.” She replied in a breathy whisper.

Carried away in a moment of exuberance Brooke leant forward and sucked on a nipple. “What are you doing Brooke?” She asked in astonishment.

“Oh! Sorry Mrs Wymore. Just checking that’s all. The nipple seemed a little different that’s all. Lips are more sensitive than fingers.” She blustered trying to excuse herself. Unable to look at the woman in case her flaming face gave her away she quickly took the other breast in both hands.

Again she kneaded it and pushed her fingertips into the soft warm flesh. “There might be something there, can you feel anything? It doesn’t hurt does it?” She asked.

“No dear. Keep digging just in case.” She said.

With her fingertips she delved into every soft niche of the large breast. Seeming to be satisfied she said. “No there’s nothing there. I had better test the nipple.”

Pinching it between a finger and thumb she pulled the breast up almost under her chin. It too swelled up and Brooke marvelled at its size even though she had seen it happen before. The nipples were so small until she did this, then they swelled up enormously.

“I’ll do the same as before if that’s OK?” She said trying to keep the smile from her voice.

Mrs Wymore nodded not even daring to whisper now as her breathing had become deep and ragged.

Brooke could smell her muskiness or was it her own excitement? She leant forward and sucked the huge nipple into her mouth. This time she bit on it eliciting a groan from her friend’s mom.

Brooke didn’t want to let go but instead took both breasts in her hands weighing them. “They seem the same size Mrs Wymore so I guess that’s OK.” She told her.

The image of letting the woman loll back on the bed was strong in Brooks’ imagination. Squatting between her legs it would be easy to lean forward into her crotch. She was sure now she could smell her friend’s mother’s muskiness and wanted to taste it too.

All Brooke had to do was pull the panties to one side and suck. That’s all it would take and the woman would be hers. She knew what to do and did it well, as her daughter had told her often enough.

The lust was strong in Brooke’s head and she very nearly spoilt the whole charade only there was a shout from the back door. “Anyone in?” Carlene called.

Carlene’s mom quickly pulled her bra and top on then scrambled back to the kitchen. Brooke sidled into Carlene’s bedroom to where she knew there was a vibrator in a bedside draw. She quickly went to the bathroom and locked the door hoping for some peace and quiet to concentrate on fulfilling the build up of excitement.

The memory of that awful salesman’s cock in her mouth was too real and the only way to rid the memory was to cum. The frustration had been building all day from when she first woke up and decided to wear the sundress without underwear.

She imagined the cock belonged to Danny, a biker friend, and added that to the feel of her friend’s mom’s breasts in her hands. Sitting on the toilet seat she opened her legs to find how wet and ready she was. A finger found her clit and she enjoyed the tingle against her swollen lips using just the tip of the vibrator.

Ready to thrust it in she felt the battery dieing and cursed. “Damn Carlene, how come I always have to buy the batteries?” Sliding it in between her wet lips she knew it would leave her feeling even more frustrated yet just had to feel something hard inside.

“You ready for lunch Brooke.” Carlene said while banging on the door. “We’ve got to hurry if you’re going to pick up the Honda.”

“Damn!” She wailed with a sigh of frustration.

“OK! I’ll be right out.” Brooke shouted back.

Mrs Wymore gave her a funny look as she sat at the kitchen table. Brooke knew her friend’s mom had enjoyed it although not as much as she had. She kept glancing at Brooke and looking away. Her nipples still stood out through the blouse. Brooke smiled at herself knowing the woman had been excited and was still hot.

Maybe the pretence of an examination was wearing too thin to continue. Next time it could go either way; she might continue with the teasing, refuse to play, or make a fuss. Not knowing was part of the excitement for Brooke.


Outside the Honda dealership Carlene smiled at Brooke. “I thought you would have put on some underwear by now.” She said and pinched a nipple.

“Hey! That hurt.” She complained.

“That’s the way you like it girl. I know you too well.” She laughed. “You know where the party is tonight? Good. I’ll see you there.”

Brooke watched her friend gun the car down the road with a skit into the traffic, pissing some guy off, and grinned. This was a great day. She felt so excited about picking up this great car and on top of that she felt so damn horny. Thinking about the car was probably what set her off this morning, not that she ever needed an excuse.

The paperwork had been prepared so all she had to do was collect the car but she had to see Marcia for the keys. Across the show room she could see the attractive woman chatting up some guy, a prospective customer. Impatiently she waited for them to finish.

Marcia was a cute Latin beauty with large flashing eyes and long auburn hair. Brooke watched her walk toward her flashing a wide saleswoman smile and dangling a set of keys in her left hand.

“So the big day has arrived Brooke.” She smiled. “I need to drive you to the gas station down the road and fill her up. You need to feel full don’t you?” She teased.

Brooke was caught off guard, had she been reading her mind, then quickly replaced the thought with the exciting idea of driving the Honda.

“Here, jump in, you can drive.” She told Brooke.

Brooke glanced at the stick and noticed Marcia’s long legs. She hadn’t bothered to pull down her skirt and was sitting with her legs slightly open. Brooke didn’t need a distraction she wanted to fill up with gas and hit the road.

“Those are nice tits girl. You should have them pierced. If you are going to show them off then do it properly.”

Brooke was surprised although she shouldn’t have been for Marcia had teased her before only she had assumed it was just a part of the sales pitch.

“Yea. Maybe some time. I’ll think about it.” She replied.

“I can get you a discount at Joe’s parlour.”

Thankfully they pulled in and Brooke got out to fill up while Marcia went to pay. The sun was low and it shone through the little sundress as though she were wearing a diaphanous wrap. When Brooke turned she caught Marcia eyeing her up and blushed.

‘Hell! I’m feeling horny enough I don’t need this.’ She thought. Looking across the oily concrete she caught sight of a bunch of guys eyeing her up. They were making comments about her breasts swinging. From where they were the sun shone straight through the dress leaving her practically naked.

“So many men, so few seconds in a life time.” She mused quietly.

Instead of driving back to the showroom Marcia guided her with a hand to her knee up a block in the other direction. Disoriented in the unfamiliar neighbourhood Brooke hadn’t noticed until they arrived and parked up. Taking her hand Marcia guided her into the store.

“I’ll have a look but I don’t think I will to today. It looks painful.” She grimaced.

“Come on girl, be brave, it won’t hurt at all. It’s on me as a treat for buying the car.” Marcia said. With a hand on her back Marcia guided her to what looked like a barber’s chair where she plonked herself down. She began to think of it as a dentist chair and cringed.

“I’ve thought about it but don’t really want them pierced. I guess I could take a look at some rings or whatever.” Brooke said.

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