Subject: Bridging the generations Latino style incest gay Bridging the generations Latino style This story is fake its not real. If its illegal to read it where you live then stop reading. If not then enjoy. This is the third sequel to the unforgettable vacation. Which includes the Ramirez clan. Last time Grandson Michael decided to give Grandpa Eric a blowjob then Michael returned the favor. This time the story will include Eric’s father Jaime’s grandfather Michael great grandfather. Watch what happens when Grandpa Eric and his eighty three year old father Victor get together. Well this was fun I thought Once Michael left. It was now back to the normal. I’ve got a lot to do now in order to get myself ready for this trip. I’ve got my passport renewed. Finalized air travel for the vacation to the Bahamas. Including care of my elderly father whom I visit once or twice a week. While I was cleaning the house up I got a phone call. It was the hospital saying my dad had been admitted. I raced out the door into my car. I tried to stay calm. But they were horrible scenarios playing in my head. Once I got I was relieved to discovered he had minor case of food poisoning from eating bad shrimp. I was even more relieved that let him go home şişli travesti early then usual. The doctor signed his discharge papers and released him to me. After I’ve made the usual round of phone calls to family. I decided to spend time with my father before I leave for my vacation. Once we got into my car I said “dad I think you should stay with me for few days till I’m comfortable with you being in your house alone.” My father said”no said its a bad idea I don’t want to interrupt your life “I’ve have to be firm on this one you are staying with me until I said so.” I don’t want to do this to him but I have to. My dad lives alone since Jaime was nineteen years old. That was the year my mother died in a car wreck. He has been good taking of himself. My concern for him deepened when Michael was three he had slipped and fell at home when he lost his balance. Now this , I made up in my mind I’m getting him a twenty four around the clock nurse. Once we got home I made him something to drink. Then dropped the bomb about the nurse thing. He got furious. “There is no way in hell you are going to do that.” “Yes I am dad its for your own good”. “No absolutely not”. “Dad can you try just one time”. “No”. “Its beylikdüzü travesti either that or live with me”? “Do have a choice”? “No dad its for your own good”. “When is the nurse coming”? “I have to hire one first then I’m going get your things cause you’ll be staying with me for few days which will give me time to find a nurse.” I then made arrangements for someone to watch my dad while I went to get his things. When I came back home he was napping on the sofa. I just put his clothes in the room. I then made lunch for us. I then woke my dad up. We then ate. We then talked for a bit catching up. My dad went up to the room and took a long nap. I then finished up my travel plans for the vacation. Then I washed the dishes and started dinner. Then my dad woke up to me putting dinner on the table. “Well hello stranger”. “Very funny”. “Just sit down eat”. We ate and talked a little bit. I told him about our upcoming family vacation. Which is good thing. He agreed with me.I then suggested we get ready for bed. He willing agreed. Twenty minutes later we are both sitting in the living room. My dad watching TV I’m reading a book. I look up its almost ten o’clock. I made my move. I decided to reveal the istanbul travesti truth about me Jaime and Michael. My father looked stunned. He said” that’s disgusting son.” “Oh you never did anything disgusting”. “But son its wrong.” “I get that dad but we never did any of that stuff?” “Cause I know its wrong Eric son.” “Can we try dad please ” I said pleading tone. “Alright son if you say so but I think we may need more room.” I knew what he meant lead him to my room. I closed the door behind me once he got in. He sat on the edge of the bed. He said ” ok son what do we first”? “I don’t know dad what ever suits you”. My dad not sure what to do. He then motion me to come to him. He then proceeds to push my boxers down. Out my soft cock. He then grabs my cock and then proceeds to put in his mouth. I know my dad is a amateur not pro. My cock gets hard. He gagged a bit. Which made me go crazy. This went on for ten minutes. I then took my cock out of his mouth I jerked myself to off which didn’t take long I then shot seven shots of cum. Which amazed my dad. “I see son that size run in the family”. That of course made me blush a bit. “Want to see what your old man has ” he said grabbing his crotch. He reached in and pulled out a big Orpheus which he proceeded to grab my hand and made me jerk him off which didn’t take long for him to cum. He shot eight jets of cum in the air. We both fell asleep in my bed that night. Now I can’t wait for this impending vacation.

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