Bras and Panties


  Black bra and panties on the floor.Lord, who’s that knocking on my door?A lovely maiden – sweet and fine,who wants to be my concubine. Can’t help myself – she smells so good, and tastes just like a woman should.There’s another knock isveçbahis upon my door,LOUDER than the knock before. Then another and another KNOCKS.I fear I’ll need a BIGGER BOX,for all the women who need me,an ENORMOUS CASTLE, totally. Could isveçbahis giriş I rent a village or a town,when all these ladies come around,KNOCK KNOCKING at the speed of sound?Should I buy a forest breaking ground? Bras isveçbahis yeni giriş and panties on the floor,enough to fill a women’s store.A line’s outside – Please let them in.To make them wait’s an evil sin. I’m the first to say “Can’t help myself!”When the sun comes out what’s frozen melts.Bras and panties on the floor.Is anybody keeping score? Too many undies on the floor.To pick them up would be a chore.Which sexy pair belongs to you?No body has a fucking clue.

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