Brad’s Solution


Brad was a guy who loved his wife to bits. But his curiosity got the best of him when got to chatting to Pete on a gay dating site. Having been hitched for thirty years he lived, up to recently, a normal and loving relationship with his wife Pauline.

In his mind he knew he had homosexual tendencies, especially when he was young but, on meeting Pauline, all those notions went out of the window. She was some girl whose passion was relentless.

But for a year now Pauline had developed a hip disorder that confined her generally. A rare disease numbed her muscles and she was soon confined to a walking frame.

For a woman aged fifty, (Brad was a year older), she had true grit and tried earnestly to maintain her resolve in pleasing her hubby in every way. But her passion had to take a back step because, although for a while she was able to have some reasonable sex sitting astride Brad, the pain created by the necessity of the sex act, started to completely restrain her until she was in tears, angry because she could not satisfy her man in a way to which he had become accustomed.

But Pauline was not one to give up the ghost. She’d try every way to keep Brad happy using various sex toys and the regular early morning hand job. Although she could no longer take Brad inside she did enjoy keeping him happy and that was her aim. She understood his on-going passion, because once she had shared it with hers.

But sadly, for Brad it was no plover enough. Poor Pauline was trying her very hardest to satisfy his ardour but for Brad it became like she was doing it by numbers, although she tried hard to maintain her hand massage, the way he liked it. But all the time, no matter how she tried, by hand or by mouth, he lost his ability to maintain an erection. Pauline’s wrists ached terribly as she tried with both hands alternately to make him cum.

She cried and cried but Brad told her not to beat herself up. That if it was the other way around she would expect him to carry on loving her no matter what, and that is how he felt about her.

There was a kaçak iddaa girl called Cynthia in the office that was always chatting him up and he could easily have succumbed to having an affair. A least it would solve his never ending need for sex.

But somehow it didn’t seem right. If he was going to indulge in anything out of the marriage bed it could not be with another woman who may hold him to a committed relationship. The consequences of that would make a strain on his mind and his marriage and in turn, on Pauline whom he continued to love so very much.

He thought that maybe the solution was to find someone with who he could have an understanding casual relationship. It would need to be a relationship that would not have any bearing on his marriage. He had never discussed with Pauline anything about his homosexual tendencies. There was never any need to because the normal relationship they both enjoyed kept that part of him at bay.

But now, the curiosity he remembered from way back returned. He felt it was a way he could maintain his marriage but also relieve his acute sexual demands.

Then he met Pete. A young guy of about thirty who said he liked older guys because they were more steady and mature.

“So you have never been with another guy before, Brad?” Pete asked when they eventually met after many long conversations on Skype. They got to learn a lot about each other. Of course they went through the usual stage of revealing each others maleness to each other, which somehow created, even although somewhat crude, a certain amount of humour between them, each pretending to be larger that the other.

“We shall see the truth in real life” Pete suggested. You look good to me, good enough to eat. And anyway I like big!”

A certain togetherness developed between them. With Pete talking the way he did, in a way which aroused Brad and made him more aware of his new leaning, watching each other masturbate too was a very heartfelt experience for Brad. The curiosity was beginning to wane, now he felt he really wanted what a good guy to guy relationship kaçak bahis could.

“We must fuck soon Brad!” Pete came out with it, no messing. He said he wanted Brad inside him with all the trimming and how would he feel about that?

So the soup was stirred and the first date made. Whilst Pauline was having a short break with her after who was a nurse.

The arrangement was above all to be discreet and Pete wanted that too.

Brad told Pate all, maintaining that he loved his wife dearly but explained the circumstances.

“How long is it since you have indulged? Pete asked,

“A year gone. Then it was a hurried affair, She on top of me which she liked best but that was hurting too much so it was down to the wanking, she did try so hard but it was not enough.”

Pete was a very understanding guy.

“Are you still curious. I mean after what we have done online Brad?”

“I am still a little apprehensive when it comes to reality. Don’t get me wrong Pete. I want you of course, but I have no experience.”

Pete smiled warmly and said he would have to fix that.

“Have you anything to cut the ice Brad?”

“Like brandy?”

“That’ll do” Pete replied and so they enjoyed a drink whilst getting more acquainted.

It was breaking the ice. Brad felt himself chill as for the first time, looking at Pete in his very smart skin tight jeans he began to feel an urge tantalise his libido.

Pete could see how Brad’s expression changed and how he seemed to be undressing him..

Pete stood up and gave Brad a twirl, bending seductively to show his bum off and watched Brad develop a lump beneath his chinos.

“That’s interesting Brad, very tempting indeed. Can I touch?”

Brad was hesitant but said he’d like that. And when he felt Pete’s first touch the reaction was immediate and he felt a surge within so strong and wonderful.

“Still curious Brad?”

“Getting there, hey that’s nice, Pete”

Pete wasted no time, unzipped Brad and there it was for real. Beautifully crafted and uprising for Pete’s illegal bahis appraisal.

“You have a beautiful cock. I could do with some of that.”

Brad flushed and enjoyed his new found lover, He chilled and let Pete have his fun. He felt him tease his cock and balls all over like a bunch of expensive jewellery.

“What would you like me to do next Brad?”

“It is nice just what you are doing.”

“Like this Brad?” Pete continued to feel and tease there, bunching his balls and squeezing his cock again and again until it was throbbing to cum.

“Hey not yet, Brad. Do you mind. I want your fuck first!”

“Sorry Pete it is just this is so nice.”

“This will hold you back” Pete advised placing a cock ring around Brad’s heaving cock.

Pete was going to have his fill both ways, First to suck cock which was one of his specialities he confessed to Pete taking breather between deep sucks.

“That is so nice mate” Brad breathed. I am so glad I made a decision to meet you.”

“Do you like this Brad?” Pete asked tinkering with his small finger around his p-hole.”

“I like Pete. Makes me feel I just want to be all cock for you.”

“And would you like me to be all asshole for you Brad?”

“I would like that yes, I feel I am ready for it.”

“How would you like me Brad, just tell me okay?”

“Maybe on all fours, that is how I used to fuck Pauline when she was fit.”

“Up the ass, you fucked her ass?”

“Yes, we always did that from the word go, she adored it too. She called it a double whammy because I would always fuck her pussy after.”

“You have got me going now Brad. Give it to me, your wonderful full seven inch cock.”

Pete arranged himself how Brad wanted him. Brad realised just how appealing Pete’s ass was.

He’d developed a really stiff ripe cock for the offing and presented it to Pete’s asshole, stretching his ass cheeks wide apart.

“Okay go for it Brad. It feels lovely, Fuck the ass off me!”

For Brad’s first man to man fuck it was a delight and he loved the feeling there. Pete so tight and fuckable, He came like a volcano shooting his load over Pete’s bare ass.

The deed was done and now Brad’s curiosity was solved.

And this was just the start…

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