Subject: Boys by the Sea: Chapter 4 Boys by the Sea: Chapter Four Hello everyone! If you’re loving all of the fun and sexy content on Nifty, please show your support by donating to the fty/ This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to incidents or people alive or dead is purely coincidental. This story contains depictions of brothers engaging in sex. If you are a minor or are offended by material such as this, please refrain from reading any further. ****** Dean leaned his head back and closed his eyes as his brother wantonly sucked his thick, ten inch dick. Letting his mind wander, he thought back to the time when he and Troy were still young men, and his brother first came to Florida to live with him. ****** Fourteen years earlier… Carefully scanning the platform, twenty four year old Dean, standing in board shorts, an open hoodie and flip flops, nervously rubbed his toned, bare chest as he waited for his little brother to emerge from the train. It had been around six months since he had seen his twenty year old brother, and now that he knew Troy was going to be moving in with him permanently, he almost couldn’t contain his excitement. It was at that moment, Dean locked eyes with a young, handsome, blond in jeans and a t-shirt as he stepped off the train. Even though he had picked him up several times from the train station over the last few years, every time he saw his little brother’s smile, it warmed his heart. “Bro!” Yelled Dean. “Hey Dean!” Troy quickly ran up to his big brother, embracing him as tightly as he could. Dean hugged him back, tenderly. “You look good, dude!” Dean ran his fingers through his brother’s pale blond hair, getting distracted by his sparkling blue eyes. “So do you.” Troy couldn’t help but notice how tan and fit Dean was. Seeing the small bit of hair on his chest and his six pack abs drove him absolutely crazy. He also liked that he had let his brown hair grow long enough to fit in a small ponytail. “Ready to go home?” Dean put his arm across his brother’s shoulders as they headed to the parking lot, talking and laughing. ****** On the ride home, Troy looked around Dean’s vintage convertible Camaro, admiring how sleek it was. “This is a hot car.” He said. Dean glanced sideways at his brother. “You’re not so bad either.” Troy always blushed when his brother complimented him. “Speaking of hot, it’s a scorcher out today. Why don’t ya lose that shirt?” Said Dean Troy pulled off his t-shirt, exposing his muscular chest and stomach. Dean couldn’t help but reach out his hand and touch his brother’s hard body. ****** Walking through the front door of their new apartment, Dean enveloped his brother in his arms, leaning in to kiss him as he proceeded to move his hands all over his body. While he was kissing his brother, Troy saw something that captured his attention. “Whoa, we have a patio! Let’s go out there!” Dean suddenly remembered that Troy hadn’t seen their new apartment yet. Wanting to appease him, he did what he asked. “Go on out, I’ll grab us some beers.” Said Dean. Troy excitedly flung open the sliding glass door. Stepping out onto the patio, he drank in the scenery as he admired the beautiful palm trees that encircled both the courtyard and the pool area two floors below. Dean stepped out onto the patio shirtless, handing Troy a bottle of beer. Leaning against the railing, he took a large swig from his own bottle. “Whatta ya think?” Dean asked. “It’s perfect.” Troy clinked his bottle against his brother’s as Dean pulled something resembling a home rolled cigarette out of his pocket. “Know what else is perfect? This joint. Look how smooth that role is!” Dean admired his own handy work as he lit the spliff. Troy istanbul travesti smiled and shook his head, “You’re not gonna have any brain cells left when you get old, ya know that?” “Fuck it.” Dean took a large toke off the joint before handing it to his brother. Troy apprehensively took the joint from him. “Don’t worry, little brother. I wouldn’t give you anything I didn’t think you could handle. Besides, this weed is supposed to make sex feel really good.” Said Dean. Trusting his brother, Troy took a toke. A few minutes later, the Hanson boys couldn’t stop laughing as they reminisced about old times. Suddenly, Troy felt an overwhelming urge rise up within him. Opening the sliding patio door, Troy made his way back into the apartment. Once inside, he turned to face Dean as he unbuttoned his jeans. Dropping them to the floor, he immediately began to jerk his erect eight inch cock as he stared at his brother. Salivating like a hungry wolf about to devour a sheep, Dean moved towards the patio doorway. Walking up to his brother, he firmly grabbed his ass cheeks as he kissed his mouth. Moving his head down, Dean roughly kissed his Troy’s neck as he molested his naked body with his large hands. “I’m gonna fuck you so good, tonight.” Troy panted loudly, impatient for the time when his brother would do what he wanted with him, and penetrate his eager hole. Pushing him down by his shoulder’s, Dean got Troy on his knees, “Take my cock out,” he ordered. Happily obliging his brother, Troy untied the string on his board shorts. As he tugged them down, he took Dean’s long, beautiful cock in his mouth. Troy greedily sucked on Dean’s cock, gagging on his warm, large member as he tasted his precum. “Lay down,” commanded Dean. As Troy did what his brother told him to do, he watched as Dean got into the 69 position, lowering his crotch onto his face, at the same time, taking his cock in his mouth. Troy continued to suck Dean’s cock, at the same time moaning with pleasure as his brother blew him. Picking himself and Troy up off the ground, Dean led him towards the couch, pushing him back on the cushions. Troy put his legs up over his head, pointing his ass skyward. Dean placed his hands on Troy’s ass cheeks, separating them so that he could see the pink inside his hole. With lust in his eyes, he lowered his head, placing his mouth on his ring, penetrating it with his tongue. Troy held on to his ankles, panting and moaning as his brother voraciously licked his tight hole. Unable to keep from touching himself, he spit on his hand which he then used to jerk his cock. Not wanting his brother to keep it for himself, Dean pulled Troy’s dick from his hand, taking it into his mouth, alternately sucking it while eating his hole. Feeling sexually euphoric from the weed, Troy began to plead with his brother, “Dean, please fuck me?” Dean stared into his brothers eyes as he ate his hole. Raising his head, he responded. “Not yet,” was all he would say. Troy pouted like a child, “Deannn, please? I need your cock!” Though he tried to hold out, seeing the urgent look on his brother’s face quickly broke his resolve. “Alright, turn around and get on your knees.” Dean watched his brother’s hard cock bob up and down as he positioned his nude body over the couch. Seeing Troy bend over, Dean put his large hand on the small of his back, pushing it down. “Come on little brother, show it off for me.” Wanting to please Dean, Troy beared down further, sticking his ass outward. Dean began to tease Troy’s anus, slowly stretching his hole with his fingers. Troy teased his brother as well, moving his butt in a circular motion as he jerked his dick. Feeling his own dick was hard as a rock, Dean kadıköy travesti slathered it with lube. Rubbing the head of his cock against his brother’s hole, he slowly but steadily began to push his cock inside of him. Troy remembered to breathe evenly, in and out as he waited for his brother’s ten inch cock to penetrate him. Suddenly, without any warning, he felt his cock pass through his ring, filling his body. Feeling him from the inside, Dean noticed his brother’s body tense up, but it was only a matter of seconds until he felt Troy give himself up to him. Grabbing him by his hips, Dean began to pump his hole. Sweating profusely, both brother’s connected with a primal passion. Troy pushed himself against Dean, using his body to beg for his hard cock. Dean hammered himself inside Troy, desperate for the pleasure of his soft flesh. Dean bent forward over Troy’s back, wrapping his arms around his chest as he continued to fuck him. “I want you,” Dean breathlessly spoke in his brother’s ear. “I want you, too.” Troy turned his head, putting his tongue inside his brother’s mouth, his brother accepted it, willingly. Throughout the night, the Hanson brothers fucked in every room of their apartment. Dean took Troy on his back as he lie on the kitchen table, then later bent him over the bathroom counter. Finally, both young men ended up in their bedroom. Dean lay on his back on the bed, spread eagle, pinching his own nipples as he watched Troy drive his cock inside his hole. “C’mon little brother, fuck me, Aaahhh!” Troy did as his brother commanded, penetrating him wildly with his erect cock. Firmly grabbing hold of Dean’s inner thighs, Troy let go, shooting a load so huge inside his brother that he saw his own spooge squirt out while he was still inside of him. Collapsing beside Dean, Troy asked for what he wanted, “Cum on my face, Dean. I want to taste you.” Smiling wickedly, Dean jumped up on the bed, straddling his brother’s face. Wiping his hand across his ass crack, he brought Troy’s cum up to his mouth, licking the creamy load his brother shot into him from his fingers. Fiercely jerking his dick, Dean looked into his brother’s eyes. Troy lay below Dean’s cock with his mouth wide open, anticipating being fed by his brother’s load. Within a couple of minutes, Dean shot his wad all over Troy’s mouth and face. Troy excitedly tasted his brother’s jizz on his tongue, playing with it in his mouth. Lowering himself down on top of his brother, Dean began to push his own jizz inside Troy’s mouth with his tongue, snowballing the creamy load back and forth between he and his brother’s lips. Exhausted from their raunchy sex session, Troy laid in the crook of Dean’s arm, resting his head on his shoulder as the two relaxed in their afterglow. “God damn, little brother. Been awhile since we fucked like that.” Dean said with a grin across his face. Troy smiled broadly. “I know, right?” He replied. Without thinking, Troy let his brother know how he felt. “Dean?” “Yeah dude?” “I love you.” Dean grinned warmly before turning his head toward Troy’s face, “I love you too.” Hearing his brother’s voice, Troy was in heaven. Since they were both kids, all he had ever wanted was for him and Dean to grow up and live together. Now that he was getting his wish, he felt like the luckiest boy in the world. ****** Still half asleep, Troy swore he was having a dream when he heard the sound of a woman’s voice in his bedroom. With his eyes still closed, he shifted his body, feeling his brother’s hand touch his bicep. “Hey Troy, wake up, dude. There’s someone I want you to meet.” Troy slowly opened his eyes. Before him, he saw a pretty, young woman with long, dark hair sitting on bakırköy travesti the edge of the bed. Not quite awake, he noticed that she and Dean were looking down at him. “Wow! He sort of looks like you, Dean.” Said the young woman. Lifting his head up, Troy realized he was completely uncovered, and that his entire naked body was on full display. Quickly sitting up, he pulled the bed sheet over his crotch in an effort to cover himself. The young woman realized he was startled, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Seeing the confusion in his brother’s eyes, Dean spoke. “Maria, this is my little brother, Troy. “Hi Troy! Oh wow, it’s so cool to finally meet you. Dean’s told me so much about you.” Maria stretched out her arm, offering her hand to shake. Troy timidly accepted it. “Um, hi.” Replied Troy. “Troy, this is my girlfriend, Maria.” Troy was astonished. Shocked by his brother’s announcement, he realized he had a surprised expression on his face and quickly fought to soften it. Sensing the tension in the room, Maria excused herself. “You know what, I got a busy day ahead of me, I should get going. It was so nice to meet you, Troy.” Troy smiled awkwardly, “Uh, yeah…you too.” “I’ll walk you out, babe.” Said Dean. Troy was again surprised when he watched his brother get out of bed, showing Maria that they both had slept together, naked. Once the two of them were out of the room, Troy stretched his body over the side of the bed in order to see them in the hallway. He couldn’t help but watch as the two of them smiled and giggled together. He stopped watching once he saw Maria start fondling Dean’s cock and balls as he leaned in to kiss her. After he walked Maria out, Dean came bouncing back into the bedroom like a kid high on sugar. “So, what did ya think? She’s hot, right?” Dean asked his brother. Troy was dumbstruck. It took him a few seconds to remind himself to speak. “Dean, she saw us in bed together…naked!” Dean chuckled. “Ah, don’t worry about that, dude. She knows all about us. I told her awhile back that we have a special relationship. She doesn’t mind. Actually, she told me it turns her on.” Troy could tell by his brother’s behavior that he really liked the girl. “When did you meet her?” “About five months ago. She’s a dancer down at the “The Classy Lady.” It’s a strip joint over on 103rd. She’s really a cool girl, Troy. You’ll see when you get to know her better.” Dean replied. Troy was at a loss for words. On one hand, he was glad that his brother had found someone he wanted to be with. On the other hand, he couldn’t help but feel disappointed that it wasn’t him. Looking at his little brother, Dean knew something wasn’t right. “Hey, what’s wrong?” Troy couldn’t hide his disappointment as he looked directly at his brother. “It’s just that…when you asked me to move in with you…I-I guess I thought it was just gonna be you and me.” Suddenly, Dean understood. “Oh man…I’m a fuckin idiot. I’m so sorry, Troy. I swear, I didnt realize-” Dean put his hand on Troy’s face, gently stroking his cheek with his thumb. “You don’t have to worry, alright? You’re my baby brother, and nothing is gonna come between us, I promise. Look, if you want me to, I can break it off with her?” Troy thought about it. Though he desperately wanted to be the only object of his brother’s affection, he could tell how much he liked Maria, and he didn’t want to demand something that would make him unhappy. “No, don’t do that, Dean. I-it’s okay. I mean, she does seem nice.” Said Troy, quietly. Dean embraced his younger brother, wanting to comfort him as much as he could. Troy wasn’t sure about where his relationship with his older brother was going. All he knew was that he didn’t want to lose him. ****** I hope you are enjoying the story. If so, please return to find out what happens in the next chapter. Also, feel free to email me if you have any critiques or comments you’d like to share. I welcome all feedback.

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