Bound and In Love Ch. 01


This is for all of my readers who have asked for Thomas and Michael’s story. Here it is…


Sweat dripped into his eyes and hands roamed on all parts of his body but he didn’t care. Michael ground his ass against the muscled man behind him and grinned widely as a Martini was placed in his hand from a pretty blonde woman. He tipped the drink to his lips and leant his head against the sweating flesh behind him.

“How about we go back to my place?” Mr. Muscles slipped his hand under his red mesh shirt and pinched his nipple.

“Why not use the alleyway?” Michael laughed and reached his hands above his head then grinned as Mr Muscles grabbed his ass hard.

“Come with me,” Mr. Muscles pulled him and Michael willingly followed. It had been years since he’d had sex and it was time to treat himself since Thomas wasn’t showing interest.

“No foreplay,” Mr. Muscles pushed him against the wall and pulled the tight leather pants from his

thighs and landed a spank on one ass cheek.

“Naughty boy likes that,”

“Condom,” Michael handed the man a condom and a packet of lube. There was the distinctive snap of rubber for the tip of the condom-covered cock pressed against his ass. There was a grunt behind him but no more movement.

He turned and frowned into the darkness. The sound of flesh pounding against flesh filled the alleyway and not in the pleasurable way either. Mr. Muscles rushed past him, holding his nose and running towards the club. He hastily lifted his pants and buckled the fiddly belt.

“Hello?” Michael cautiously whispered as he backed towards the mouth of the alley, he tripped over a rock and whimpered as a rough hand gripped his bicep and lifted him to his feet, seconds later he was being glared at with beautiful liquid dark chocolate eyes.

“What are you doing here?” Thomas growled at him, the hand on his bicep tightening painfully as those eyes searched his face.

“I was going to have sex. Let me go,” Michael tried to yank his arm away but all he managed to do was hurt himself more. He looked around for anyone but there was no one around. He knew Thomas wouldn’t hurt him intentionally but his heart was still pounding a vicious rhythm in his chest.

“I told you to go home. Your parents are going to be worried,” Thomas started pulling him towards the street, Michael tried to dig his feet in the ground but he was just grabbed by the waist and carried from the alley before depositing him on the side walk.

“My mother is probably too busy worrying about what is going to happen at her next garden party,” Michael spat as he straightened his top and scowled at him.

“Listen to me, I will fucking drag you home if I have to. I don’t want you and I never will. Get it in your fucking head,” Thomas yelled at him as he viciously tapped the side of his head as if trying to get a point across.

“No need to be horrible about it, Thomas. I know you want me,” Michael fiddled with the cuff bracelet on his right wrist, the metal chains split into two so they could be cuffed together if he wished them to be, as he chewed on his bottom lip. He wasn’t one hundred percent sure that he

was wanted.

“Where did you get these?” Thomas grabbed his wrists and looked at the cuffs.

“A friend got them for me,” Michael pulled his

hand away and rubbed his wrists.


“Blaine gave them to me. Why do you care?”

“They’re specially made for my club,” Thomas scrubbed his hands through his hair and glared at him. “I want them back,”

“No, admit you want me. Then you can have them,”

“Fine. I want you. I’ve wanted you since you were fucking my brother. Doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything about it so go home,” He turned and stormed down the street.

The beach was deserted so he toed his shoes off and wandered towards the icy water. He gasped as the cold water encountered his toes.

“What the fuck are you doing now?” Michael looked up and grinned as Thomas stood with his hands on his hips glaring at him from the sea wall.

“Walking in the moonlight, I’ve wanted to do it since I was like 14,” Michael laughed and kicked at water, he loved being in or near the water. It allowed him less time to think about his life and all its problems. He loved to swim. He loved how the water moved over his skin, like he weightless. Like the weight of life was lifted and he could be free.


“Join me?” Michael bit his lip and held his palm out to Thomas, knowing full well that he wasn’t going to take it.

“No. If you want to be ridiculous then fine, I’ll just wait,” He slipped his dress shoes off and sank down onto the warm sand.

“You’re dressed smart for a club,” Michael yelled across the beach.

“Wasn’t at the club on purpose,” Thomas brushed the sand from his knees and looked up at the hundreds of stars in the sky. They twinkled and reminded him of the rhyme he used to sing Chad to sleep with.

See that star over there? It knows where you are. You may think bahis siteleri that’s not fair. That is the little star will always know where you are. Whenever we’re apart, the star will be in the same place. So remember little brother, whenever we’re apart the star will know where you are.

“Why were you there?”

“A client,” he glanced out at the dark water for Michael and spotted the blue hair. It wasn’t just his body Thomas was interested in, even if I was mighty fine. Michael was a kindred spirit. He took everything over his head, compliments, insults, money, and worries. Nothing ever bothered him.

“Oh…” Michael turned around and tilted his head back to look at the full moon and the stars twinkling around it. It was stupid coming here; it was stupid trying to make Thomas want him. Tears rolled down his cheeks without permission and he angrily pushed them away, he stomped towards the sea wall and picked up his shoes with a sigh, before slipping the now sandy shoes on. He couldn’t think that he was the only person for him. The man was gorgeous and ran his own BDSM club and taught lessons in it. Of course he wasn’t the only one for him.

“Where are you going?” Thomas stood and walked with him up the beach, no further than four inches away from him the whole time.

“Home,” Michael wiped his eyes again and sped up but the man just kept stride with him. “I never slept with your brother,”


“I never slept with Chad. I couldn’t. I only wanted to be with you,” Michael bounded up the B&B’s stairs and turned around to Thomas. They were the same height now. “I still only want you,”


“Stop, please,” Michael held his hand up and looked into Thomas’ face. The dark chocolate eyes, the unruly dark brown locks, and the muscles that were on muscles looked tantalizing. His nose was slightly crooked to one side like he’d broken it at some time, the perfectly pink lips made him want to kiss them all day long and that sharp jaw made Michael’s cock stand up and say Hi. “Stop trying to convince me you’re not good enough, please,”

“I want my cuffs,” Thomas held his hands out and Michael angrily stripped them off and threw then at him, the metal chain hitting his chin. He felt a twinge of sympathy as he rubbed at the spot.

“Michael are you coming in, dear?”

Michael turned around to face Mrs. Barnaby the B&B’s owner, with white hair and only five foot tall she was tiny.

“Now coming, Isabella,” Michael turned away with one last look at Thomas, his face was screwed up as if he’d had an unpleasant thought. He entered inside the sweet little home, wiping the mascara lines from his cheeks before turning back to Isabella.

“Sweetheart…” she held her arms out and he rushed into them his heart breaking again as he sobbed against her knitted cardigan. “He doesn’t know what’s good for him,”

“I’m going to go to sleep. See if I can book a flight back home tomorrow,” Michael said as he stood before turning and racing up the pale blue stairs and collapsing onto his bed, turning to look at the picture of him, Chad and Blaine on their wedding day. They looked so happy.

“Why can’t that be me?” Michael stripped, showered and slid into bed before the tears decided to roll again, he didn’t even try to stop them this time. He didn’t want to stop them this time.


“Michael? Honey, are you alright?”

Michael looked up and smiled at Katie. She was beautiful. Her blonde hair cascading around her curvy figure as Kyle played on the games console next to him.

“I’m fine,”

“I know my brother can be a pain in the ass but you need to persist with him,” she sat down next to him and scooped Baby Chad from his arms, kissing his head lovingly.

“He doesn’t want me. Why bother?”

“He does want you. Remember what he said about you at the wedding?”

“That was about me?” Michael frowned as he recalled Thomas’ last words. Without you I would have never been able to admit how I felt about a certain someone. Welcome to the family, brother.

“That couldn’t have been about me,”

“Thomas has had a hard-on for you since we’ve all been married,” Kyle gestured around the room then smiled at him.

“That’s almost two years,” Michael shook his head before he took his bag from the sofa. “If you see him tell him that I’ve gone away for the week with my parents,”

“Michael’s gone away the week with his parents…I don’t know, Tenerife I think,” Nick said as he sauntered into the room, his mobile at his ear.


“Thanks. I guess,”

He jumped on his bike and pedaled the thirty minute walk to Tina and Jack’s house. He needed to

collect some items from Chad and Blaine’s room.

“I’m here to collect some of my personal belongings!” Michael yelled from the doorway, there was a crash and a curse before Jack appeared before him, blood on his white shirt. “What happened?”

“I dropped a glass,” he shrugged and squeezed the towel around his arm tighter, a sheepish smile playing canlı bahis siteleri at his aged lips.

“Sit,” Michael ordered Jack and left to find the first aid kit hidden under the kitchen sink before kneeling in front. He wiped the wound with disinfectant, much to Jack’s whining, and applied butterfly stitches to the wound to help it heal quicker. “There all fixed,”

“Thank you, Michael,” Jack reached out and ruffled his currently blue hair smiling at the slim boy.

“If you don’t mind…” Michael tipped his head to the side and bounced up the stairs before pushing into Chad and Blaine’s old bedroom. The sheets were still messy and there were clothes all over the place, Michael paused before he proceeded to clean the room up, taking his magazines and Xbox games and placing them in his bag as he went. Dirty clothes went in the hamper, socks and underwear in the drawers, clean clothes in the closet, sex toys in the chest under the bed, lube in the drawer and dust bunnies up the Hoover.

“Much better,” he said to himself as he closed the door, his head buried in an outdated gossip magazine. “Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson break up who would have thought,”

Michael tossed the magazine in his bag as he crashed into someone, he closed his eyes briefly and prayed but it was no use as he opened them to stare into Thomas’ beautiful eyes again. He kept silent.

“I thought you were in Tenerife,” Thomas growled as he gently pushed him to the side to walk into his room at his parents’ house, dumping his bag in the doorway. His room was just as messy as Chad and Blaine’s had been and it made him itch to clean it. He hated mess. It was almost compulsory that he needed to clean dirty things.

“Leave me alone, Thomas,” Michael grumbled as he walked passed his dark, erotic smelling room and hopping down the stairs. The scent of mint and sandalwood made him hard as rock.

“I’m off, Jack. Tell Tina I stopped by,” Michael waved as he opened the door, squeaking as the door was slammed shut the glass rattling in the wooden frame.

“No breaking furniture, Thomas,” Jack shouted from the kitchen, the chuckle in his voice evident. The sound of the television was raised as Jack tried to give them some semblance of privacy.

“What have I done to you, Michael?” Thomas breathed in his ear, his left hand trailing down Michael’s back before stopping at his waistband, effectively trapping him against him and the door.

“You know what you’ve done,” Michael huffed out, his hand tightening around the straps of his bag as his breath came in pants. He hated himself that he got hard the instant Thomas paid any attention to him.

“Is this because I told you I didn’t want to fuck you,” he said as he leant over his shoulder to look down at Michael’s tight white jeans, the fabric molded to his body. His cock was rock hard but not visible and it made Michael angry as Thomas chuckled into his ear. “Poor darlin’, doesn’t even show when he’s horny,”

“Get off me,” Michael glared at the red glass before his eyes as he pushed against Thomas’ hold.

“Let me go, Thomas,”

“Fine,” Thomas held his hands up and backed away.

“What the hell is wrong with you? I was only joking,”

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? One minute you don’t want me and the next you’re all over me. I can’t stand it; I hate not knowing what is happening. I want it to stop, Thomas. If you want me, great, but I’m not available whenever you’re fucking feeling horny,” Michael screamed at him and left leaving a shocked Thomas standing in the hall.

“You fucked up royally with him,” Jack handed him a scotch as he headed back into the living room, flopping down onto the leather sofa. Thomas frowned as he sat next to his Father gazing around the room at the pictures, him, Chad and Katie growing up.

There were pictures of Chad and Blaine on their wedding day, Katie, Nick and Kyle on their wedding day and Mom and Dad on their wedding day. He was the only one with no wedding picture. It wasn’t like he wanted to get married. He might someday if he met the right person. He was pretty sure he’d already met the right person but didn’t want to try for the fear of getting hurt again.

“I don’t know what to do about him, Dad,” Thomas rubbed the glass between his hands as he stared at the amber liquid sloshing around in the patterned glass.

“Do what he wants you to. He went to LA to get you to go do whatever it is you do to him,” Jack waved his hand in the air and sipped his scotch.

“He’s too young for me. There’s ten years between us,”

“And there are twelve between me and your mother,” Jack pointed out.

“It’s different, I’m different,” Thomas finally gulped the liquid down relishing the harsh scald of it as it finally burnt a path to his stomach.

“Son, I don’t know exactly what you do and I don’t want to but if Michael wants you this bad all you can do is try. I know what Rudy done to you was terrible but you can’t stop taking chances just because of him. You canlı bahis deserve happiness,”

“Thanks, Dad,” Thomas smiled and placed the glass on the table before leaving the house and climbing on his Suzuki, buckling the helmet in place as he roared down the black top towards his club.

Michael wanted him to train him and that was exactly what he was going to do. Things may be difficult in the beginning but they would get there. He hoped. Even if things did go wrong he would have the experience under his belt.


“Hello?” Michael asked as he picked up his Smartphone, the number unknown. He coated another nail in lime green polish and tilted his head slightly as it dripped onto the duvet.

“Meet me at my club, thirty minutes, don’t be late,” Thomas’ gravelly voice boomed through the line, causing Michael to harden instantly. His finger slipped and green polish went over his toes as the bottle oozed lazily on the bed. Nail polish was a bitch to get out of silk.

“Why?” Michael fiddled with the bedspread as he waited the answer from Thomas.

“I’m going to train you,” Thomas hung up and Michael quickly programmed his number into his phone before it finally hit what he been told.

“Oh God!” Michael stood and sped straight to his closet, before finally settling on black skinny jeans and an old Metallica shirt he’d snagged off Thomas’ floor when he’d first started dating Chad, he wondered if he would remember. Of course he wouldn’t remember that was almost a year and a half ago now.

“Mom, I’m off out. Don’t wait up for me,” Michael left before his mother could yell at him and slipped onto his push bike, pedaling as fast as he could towards Thomas’ club, he locked the bike around a post and fiddled with his backpack strap again, the insanely bright pink standing out against his black clothes, his hair didn’t help any either. He didn’t even know why he came here. He’d convinced himself he was going to get over him.

“I’m here to see Thomas,” Michael said as he approached the beefy bodyguard.

“Kid, they’re all here to see Thomas,” the tobacco roughed voice sent shivers down Michael’s spine and not in a good way either. The rattling laugh made him take a few steps back. “I’m free though,”

“Please, tell him Michael Santiago is here,” He slid backwards a couple of steps as the security guard laughed at him.

“Let him in, Gabe,” Thomas appeared behind the big guy and held his hand out to Michael who hesitantly placed his smaller one is his larger grasp. He was lead through the club, his eyes shooting everywhere, there was a blonde man strapped to a cross at the back of the room, two men on either side of him with whips. There was another man bent over a table being fucked roughly by a bear of a man and there was just sex in every direction. The smell of sweat, leather and sex was a heady combination.

It worried him. Was Thomas going to do that to him? Would he be on the cross like the blonde boy? Would he be fucked on that table thing? Would he like that to happen to him?

He was lead up a black, spiraling metal staircase and pulled into an office, the leather sofa was as white as the walls, it was quite a contrast between the black and red décor downstairs. He was gently pushed onto the sofa whilst Thomas grabbed a brown manila envelope from his drawer.

“What is that?” Michael asked as he placed his backpack on the floor next to his feet.

“It’s you’re contract and rules,” Thomas sat down beside him. “It’s rude to steal clothes,”

He plucked at the overly large faded shirt on Michael’s lean body and smiled at him. He was a bag of nerves, from the fiddling on the Hello Kitty bag to the nervous gestures with his hands. His blonde hair peeking through the blue, a sign that it needed dying again, the eyeliner making his wide pale blue eyes shine brighter and the small shine of gloss on his lips made him instantly hard.

“I’m sorry,”

“Here,” he handed over the envelope and watched as Michael chewed on his bottom lip before gathering enough courage to actually open it. He pulled out the five page document and looked over at him.

“You take it home tonight and we’ll talk when you’ve read it. Tell me what you will do and won’t do. Make sure you want this, Mikey,” Thomas stroked his palm down Michael’s cheek and smiled as he leant into it.

“I convinced myself I was never going to talk to you again,”

“Never say that, Mikey. Things will be tough but we’ll get there. After the three months we can talk,”

“The only person who calls me Mikey is my baby sister,” Michael smiled at him, he would ask about the three month comment later. His eyes darted towards the ring on his ring finger, pulling back quickly. “You’re married?”

“Huh? Oh no, I put it on there for a client this morning. I told him I was married. You would know if I was,” Thomas twisted the ring off and slipped it back on his index finger, the silver band glistening in the office light, the blue sapphires sparkling brighter than the ring. The blue sapphires formed a T.

“Oh…I have something for you,” Michael reached in his bag and pulled out a long box holding it out to Thomas. “You don’t have to wear it, it’s just I’ve been keeping it for a special occasion…”

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