Subject: Book not even the slightest arch of an eyebrow. She is quite non-reactionary and difficult to read. Her only negative response was to dad speaking Spanish; that pissed her off.” “For me,” Alex said, “She kind of scared me when she first entered the courtroom, but after we were talking for a while, I felt better.” “What about you, Bray? What do you think?” Tommy asked as they arrived at the restroom. Bray pushed the door open and waited to see if the room was occupied before he answered Tommy’s question. Just like the first restroom, this one looked exactly like the first. There were two urinals, one stall, and the same hex tiles on the floor. Bray stepped up to the first urinal and Alex and Tommy shared the second. Bray unzipped, hauled out his cock, and turned slightly towards the boys who were in the process of unzipping. “To answer your question, Tommy, overall, I kind of like her. I think she will be fair with us. I’m hopeful anyway,” he told the boys with a smile looking down as they held their respective dicks in their hand. Alex looked down at Bray’s dick and licked his lips. “I wish we had time for me to suck you guys off,” Alex said. “Unfortunately, we don’t have time for that, stud; however, we have a little time for something else if you want,” Bray said coyly. Alex gave him a big smile and bent over taking Brays cock knob in his mouth much to Tommy’s surprise. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Well within the allotted amount of time given to them by the judge, everyone congregated around the courtroom door waiting to be scanned again by the bailiff before being permitted to enter the courtroom. As they ambled into the courtroom, they each took exactly the same seat. Barney, the bailiff, was standing guard at the door of the courtroom and Marcy, the court recorder, had her face buried in her book again. Promptly at 11:30, the short bailiff walked into the courtroom and approached the pony wall. “Docket Number L-9301-428 is now back in session. The honorable Gloria Bayne, presiding. Please remain seated and come to order.” The judge stepped back into the courtroom as the bailiff made his announcement. She walked over to the desk and placed her manilla folder down on the desk and took her seat. “The court would like to thank everyone for their promptness; it is greatly appreciated,” she announced. “Let’s proceed. Mr. Booker, I have a copy of a visitation request, submitted by your council, Mr. Sam Brooks, to see Alex’s biological father, Umberto Estrada. Less than 48 hours later, the visitation request was withdrawn, again by your council, Mr. Sam Brooks. Can you elaborate about this request and subsequent withdrawal please?” the judge asked Book. “Yes, of course. When we were notified by Mr. Brooks that Umberto submitted a letter of protest, for the lack of a better term, regarding us (Bray however, I knew about the physical and emotional abuse that Alex experienced with his father because Alex told me about it. In my personal opinion, I considered Umberto to be a hostile man. I did not want him to have physical contact with Alex because I was concerned that Umberto could hurt him.” “I see,” the judge said, “Please continue, Mr. Booker.” “When Sam told me that there would be a solid partition between Alex and Umberto, I was relieved. The next day, I believe it was the next day, Alex came to me again. Once again, he was extremely upset and emotional. He was having second thoughts about seeing his father. Personally, I was relieved. I did not want Alex to see his father in the first place. Alex and I talked and decided to call the visitation off. I immediately called Sam and asked him to withdraw the request.” “Mr. Nash,” the judge addressed Bray, “How did you feel about Alex visiting his father?” “The only way I can answer that question, your honor, is to say that I have istanbul travesti learned to trust my husband’s instincts. I have never met Alex’s father personally. When Book and Alex came home that day; I’m referring to the day that Book met Alex’s father, they both shared with me what had transpired. I supported Book’s decision not to pursue a possible relationship with Umberto. I understand that perhaps this may sound like blind acceptance, however; as I have already stated, I trust Book’s instincts wholeheartedly.” “Mr. Booker, what was your primary reason or purpose to initially make an attempt to contact Alex’s father?” the judge asked him. “Honestly, I thought that it was the right thing to do. My son, Tommy, and Alex were best friends. Alex was at our house all of the time. He ate with us, he played with us, we did most things together. He only slept at his house; when he wasn’t in school, he was with us. He quickly became a member of our family. We all fell in love with Alex. I would pick him and Tommy up from school and he would spend the rest of the day at our house until it was time for me to take him home. I never let him go home by himself at night. Alex and Tommy’s birthdays are about nine days apart. When I found out that Alex had never had a birthday party in his life, it broke my heart. I talked to Bray and we decided to throw a birthday party for both of the boys. At that time, I told Alex that I wanted to meet his father. I felt that it was appropriate to get his permission or approval for the birthday party. If someone was doing something with, or on behalf of my child, as a parent, I would want to know about it. Alex freaked out when I told him I had to meet his father. He begged me not to approach him; the thought of me meeting his father really scared him. However, I insisted; it was not negotiable. I felt that at the very least, I should introduce myself to Alex’s father since Alex spends so much time with us. Alex reluctantly agreed and we drove over to his house so Alex could make the introductions. May I also add, that my interaction that day with Umberto was conducted exclusively in Spanish. That is why I wanted to meet Alex’s father. I thought it was the right thing to do.” “Thank you, gentlemen,” the judge said, “Let’s move on to something else. Mr. Booker, Mr. Nash, are you aware that if the court grants you custody of Alex, you are entitled to supplemental financial support?” the judge asked them. Book and Bray looked at each other not comprehending what she was talking about. “Um, with all do respect, your honor, we do not require nor have we requested any kind of financial support. Bray and I both make a very respectable living. We are quite willing and capable of supporting Alex without assistance. That’s our job as his parents. In fact, we have already set up a college fund for Alex should he decide he wants to get a degree,” Book immediately responded. “Gentlemen, just to be clear, please understand that often times in cases such as this, supplemental financial support is commonplace. It is something that must be addressed by the court prior to the court rendering its decision. It is in no way intended to be reflective of an individual’s ability or inability to provide for the minor in question. Mr. Booker, you mentioned that you and Mr. Nash have setup a college fund for Alex. Why would you do this prior to a definitive custody decision by this court?” she asked. “To be blunt, your honor, and with all due respect,” Book said, “Bray and I love Alex. Should this court deny us custody for any reason, that will not stop us from supporting Alex should he need anything. We want Alex to understand how much we love him and want him. In future, should he ever need anything, irrespective of whether we have custody of him, we will always be there for kadıköy travesti him; he will always be our son. We want him to get a proper education. Kinsey and I did that long ago for our Tommy. Bray and I will do no less for Alex.” “Thank you, Mr. Booker. I understand. Ms. Burns, is it still your opinion as stated in your formal recommendation submitted to this court, that custody of the minor, Alejandro Estrada, be awarded to Mr. Andrew Booker and Mr. Brayson Nash?” “Yes, your honor, it is; both professionally and personally,” Pam responded. “Thank you, Ms. Burns,” the judge said. She took a deep breath and folded her hands in front of her on the desk. “At this time, it is customary to return to chambers and review all of the documentation submitted regarding this case, including all written affidavits, as well as reviewing and considering all verbal testimony. However, having said that, this court stands ready, confident and prepared to render its decision in this matter without delay.” Book wrapped his arms around Alex and pulled him close as best he could. A gesture that did not go unnoticed by the judge. Book took a deep breath as the judge announced her verdict. “Firstly, with regard to the aforementioned letter of protest submitted my Mr. Umberto Estrada, the biological father of the minor, Alejandro Estrada, and after careful review, this court finds this document to be prejudicial, judgmental, and bigoted with no legal grounds for consideration. Secondly, it is obvious to this court the kind of family dynamic demonstrated here in this courtroom today, although perhaps traditionally unusual by some standards, is a tightly bonded, loving, supportive, and respectful family atmosphere. Therefore, this court finds it exceedingly easy, and may I say, a pleasure, to grant custody of the minor, Alejandro Estrada, to Mr. Andrew Booker and Mr. Brayson Nash, a married couple. This case is adjourned.” The judge brought down her gavel and stood up from the desk. Book felt such relief he couldn’t stop the tears rolling down his face. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he repeated across the table to the judge as she smiled, turned and walked away. Book was so excited he literally picked Alex up in his arms and kissed him on the lips in front of God and everyone in the courtroom. He sat Alex down, turned to Bray and laid a powerful lip-lock on him. Tommy ran over and wrapped himself around Alex who excitedly hugged him back. Book looked over at Kinsey to see her smiling face. He stepped up to her and forcefully pulled her into his body and hugged her tight. “Thank you, Kins. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I know that your kind words weighed heavy with the judge’s decision. I can’t thank you enough for being here for me; for us. I love you so much, Kins,” Book said softly, tears rolling down his face. “You’re welcome, Book. I love you, and for the record, I only spoke the truth,” she smiled proudly. Both Sam and Pam stood back to the side and let them have their celebratory hug-fest. Book looked over to see them standing on the sidelines and approached them. “My gosh, guys, I don’t know how to thank you enough. You have helped me to keep my family together. To say thank you seems insufficient; I owe you so much,” Book said emotionally. “You’ll think differently Book when you receive my final bill,” Sam joked. “Honestly, Book, you and your family did all of the hard work. It would be unethical for us to take credit for something we did not do,” Sam commented. “Sam, is right, Book. You guys did all of the work with your testimony. We were there for moral support. Especially, Sam, he barely uttered two sentences the entire time. It’s the easiest money he has ever made,” Pam joked. “Well, I want you both to know how grateful Bray and I are for your support through all of this. bakırköy travesti It means a lot to us. May I give you both a hug?” Book asked. Book stepped back after giving each of them a thankful and respectful hug. “So, what happens now?” he asked. “My office will contact you very soon, Book,” Pam said. “You and Bray will need to sign guardianship papers. A notary in my office will notarize them and you will get an official copy. Alex is legally yours, if you will excuse the possessive expression. You and Bray are now responsible for Alex. My office will notify his school. You will have to go into the school and update the contact information for Alex. Other than that, it’s over, Book.” “Folks,” Barney addressed them, “I’m going to have to ask you to vacate the courtroom now,” he said in a friendly tone. “Of course, Barney; our apologies,” Sam responded. Sam placed his hand on Book’s back and ushered him towards the courtroom door. “Guys, we need to bug out,” Book told his family as they walked across the courtroom. “They are kicking us out of here; let’s go.” Collectively they ambled down the hall towards the exit. Alex on Book’s right and Tommy on Book’s left. Book had his hand on Alex’s shoulder, Tommy had his hand tucked into his dad’s back pocket. As they exited the building, Tommy said, “Dad, can we stop and get something to eat on the way home?” “Sure, little-man, we can definitely do that, Book answered him. “If memory serves correct, there’s a place not too far away; it’s right up the street. Let’s give that a try.” “Are you game, Kins?” Book asked. “Actually, I think I’m just going to head on into the office if that’s OK with you guys. Go have fun; celebrate the occasion. I’ll catch up with you later,” Kinsey answered. She bent down and kissed Tommy on the head, and then Alex. She gave Book and Bray a hug and walked back to her car. Book looked over to see Alex pulling at his crotch. “What wrong, gorgeous?” Book asked him giggling. “I can’t wait to take this underwear off, dad; my balls are getting squished. I’m not used to wearing underwear and pants at the same time anymore. One or the other separately is fine, but together, it freakin’ sucks!” Alex answered him with a frown on his face. “Just take them off when we get into the car,” Book said laughing as he led them towards the parking lot. It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the car and Book unlocked it with the remote. Alex hurried over and jumped in the back seat, anxious to remove his underwear. Tommy slid in next to him and closed the door. By the time Book and Bray got in the car, Alex had his pants off. Book turned around and looked in the back seat. “Look at that pretty cock bulge,” Book said as Alex lifted his ass off the seat and pulled down his underwear. Alex started to giggle and thrusted his crotch up towards Book. “Like it, dad?” Alex asked as his beautiful cock flopped about. “Love it, is more like it,” Book said with a smile as he started the car. Alex slipped his pants back on leaving his underwear on the floor of the car and sat back in the seat. “Dad?” Alex said. “Yeah, baby,” Book responded. “Is it really over; I get to live permanently with you guys?” Alex asked. “It is and you do gorgeous,” Book answered with a big smile. Alex looked over at Tommy and smiled. Tommy started to giggle and snuggled up into Alex’s arms. Alex whispered something in Tommy’s ear and he nodded his head in approval. “Dad?” Tommy said. “Yeah, baby,” Book answered him looking in the back seat. “Can we just go home?” Tommy asked. “I thought you were hungry little-man?” Book answered him. “I just downloaded a new book on my tablet. I’d rather we all go home, order a pizza, get naked, and take turns reading in bed,” Tommy volunteered. “What about you, Alex?” Book asked. “I love that idea, dad. That works for me,” Alex answered. “Bray, how about you?” Book asked. “I’m never going to decline an opportunity to get naked with three gorgeous guys whom I love and adore; count me in,” Brayson said jovially. “Fair enough,” Book said. “Let’s go home.” * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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