Board Meeting Ch. 01


I could smell her getting turned on before anything else happened.

I doubted anyone else knew. Most people don’t notice the subtle things. When I caught the gentle scent of her pussy getting increasingly wet I took her in visually. I saw how her nipples were tight and poked through her blouse. I saw the faint blush behind her ears and felt the warming of her body as she sat next to me. I knew that as soon as this meeting was over we’d be having one of our own.

I loved her more than any other woman I’d been with. We’d been together for nearly six years and the flame burnt more brightly every day. A lot of people can’t work and live with their lovers. They need time away from one another in order to keep the spark. For us it was the exact opposite. Being in the same office made it so much sexier — knowing what she was wearing under her dress-casual. We would spend the day making eyes at one another over strategic plans, playing footsie under the table when the lights went down for the power point presentation. The tension of putting on such a professional front all day made it blissfully intense.

Today was no different. As soon as the meeting adjourned we exchanged pleasantries with our colleagues, stacked papers into our briefcases, and slowly headed toward the door. She was in front of me and moving slowly. I moved in close to her and put my hand against her firm ass.

She shut the door in front of her and locked it.

I wrapped my arms around her, pushing her against the closed door with a gentle force, grinding my pelvis into her ass and sliding one hand up and the other down. She dropped her briefcase on the ground and put her hands up flat against the polished kocaeli escort wood, grinding her ass back against me. I could feel her heartbeat quicken. I knew we did not have much time. Most of the people in the office took power lunches at their desks or the downstairs café, moving right on into the next order of business without much thought. I figured we had no more than fifteen minutes before someone came to use this board room. As much as I wanted to savor the moment I had to move quickly.

I pulled her back, unbuttoning her blouse with one hand while turning her with the other. Our mouths searching one another’s hungrily. She hooked one leg up around me and I lifted her easily onto the table. I pulled her blouse open and ran my tongue along her collar bone. She was wearing only a pale silk camisole over her small breasts. I slid my hand into her waist band and untucked both tops, pulling them up until I exposed her dark nipples. My fingers traced them gently and my mouth found each bud as I pressed her down onto the table.

I knew what she wanted, and I wanted to give it to her.

I moved off the table and undid her pants. She arched her back, reaching for me with her pussy. I pulled her pants down with my teeth to expose what I had already guessed by the ease with which I had smelled her heat earlier. She wore no panties, and her pussy was shaved bare. Though in most things I go for the PC version of gender and sexuality I can say this — there is nothing hotter than when a woman shaves. I took in the beauty of her exposed lips, parting slightly to show her swollen clit and felt my own hot wetness building. I dipped my face toward her and licked her outer lips slowly, savoring kocaeli escort bayan her moaning and the way she arched to meet me.

I flicked my tongue over her clit, feeling her shudder at my touch. Her juices were flowing and I began to lick the full length of her slit, slowly at first, but then with increasing speed. She brought her knees up and hooked her legs around my neck. I stood up, pulling her with me, my face pressed into her hot pussy. I ran my tongue around her hot hole, tasting her fully. With my fingers I traced circles around her nipples. She arched back, her shoulders and head the only parts of her touching the table. I could feel her body tightening as she came. Her body shuddered and I knew she was suppressing screams. At home she was always so vocal, it was fun to do her here where she had to keep quiet.

Panting, she shook again as I kept licking around her clit, lowering her back down to the table and sliding two fingers into her pussy. I massaged her on the inside, thrusting in and out quickly, matching my tongue movements to my pace. Just as I felt her muscles clench again, I put another finger into her asshole. This time she let out a cry as she came, clapping a hand over her mouth and biting down.

Wildly she pulled away from me and dropped off the table. She reached up inside my pencil skirt, hooking her fingers over the top of my hose and panties. She pulled them off slowly, running her fingers down the outsides of my thighs, and then back up the insides. I felt my knees buckle as she ran her fingers in circles over the lips of my pussy. I started to lower myself down toward her, but she pushed upward and gestured that izmit sınırsız escort she wanted me to stand. I leant over and braced myself on the mahogany table.

Her small hands moved quickly over my thighs and ass. Pushing my skirt up around my hips, she parted my legs and slid two fingers into my pussy. I could feel my juices flowing out over her hand as she thrusted in and out. The fact that I could not see her under the table made the whole thing so much hotter. I felt her hot breath on my outer lips and I longed for her to tongue my clit. She nibbled on my lips gently, and then used her tongue to part them and find me swollen and exposed. Her tongue was rough in just the right way and I felt the start of an orgasm building. I teetered to the side but righted myself against one of the boardroom chairs. Her tongue was moving faster now, circling my clit as her fingers moved in and out of me.

Oh shit.

I saw stars as the orgasm ripped through my body. My knees finally gave and I nearly cracked my chin on the table on my way down. Smiling, she pushed me over on the floor and continued fucking me. I came again quickly as she inserted a third finger into my streaming pussy. She showed no signs of stopping however. Her fingers were quickly replaced by her tongue. She had the longest tongue of any woman I’d known, so long that she could use it to lick my g-spot. She pressed her face into my hole and probed me deeply, running her fingers over my clit in gentle flutters. The orgasm that rocked me made me feel as though I’d left my body for some alternate plane of intense pleasure.

Panting, I rolled over and glanced at the clock. There was no time for a round 2 today, at least not in this moment. We stood, smiling at one another, and quickly pulled ourselves back together. As we exited the room I felt her hand pinch my ass and my nipples instantly hardened. I hoped we could find time for another board meeting before the day was over.

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