Bloody Socialising

Big Tits

We were invited to a wedding last month. My boyfriend was already in our hotel room when I got there. I’d been horny all the way there; when I saw him I immediately needed to get myself off in his face. Recognising the look in my eye, he obediently lay on the floor, ready for me to straddle his face.

I’d just started my period but I didn’t care, I needed it and that’s all that mattered. As soon as his face was between my legs, he hesitated and said, “hold on baby, you’re on your period.” I looked down at him and laughed. “It’s ‘miss’ to you, and I don’t fucking care – eat it.” I reached down and pulled his face into me so he didn’t have a choice.

He dutifully stuck his tongue into me. Being the slut that he is, he was soon hungry for my period, and hungrily ate me, covering his face in my blood, as I lit a cigarette. Within moments I came all over his face. I looked down at his straining hardon, flicked my ash onto his face and got dressed.

I let him wash his face before going out in kadıköy escort public this time, but next time he wasn’t so lucky….

This month, it was our friend’s birthday. It was a bright summer’s day and we’d been invited to celebrate with them in a local beer garden. I knew my slut had been secretly looking forward to my next period and this felt like an ideal opportunity.

Needless to say, we turned up late. I’d made an effort; I was wearing a new dress, heels and had done my hair. My whore, on the other hand, was a mess. I’d let him watch me make myself cum before we went out, and he’d had a little accident in his jeans, which he wasn’t allowed to clean up. I told him I hoped everyone could smell the spunk on him and see his stained jeans and know what a filthy little slut he was.

On his left cheek was a visible streak of my blood. He’d begged me to let him clean it off before we left the house, but I hadn’t let him. So, there he was, spunk on his trousers, blood on his face, in taksim escort front of our friends. After a while, Tom (whose birthday it was) asked him if he’d hurt himself, pointing to his blood stained cheek.

My slut looked at me, faltering. I’d told him what to say if anyone asked, but he was scared of being humiliated. I glanced down at my stiletto heel, he knew how much damage I would inflict if he didn’t do exactly as he was told, and he muttered to Tom ‘No, Rose is on her period.’

Tom’s jaw dropped. He stared for a moment, first at my slut, then at me, wondering if he was joking. I looked him square in the eye and nodded. He looked away, embarrassed. My poor slut looked at his feet, shifting uncomfortably. I gave his balls a squeeze under the table to show him I was proud of him. He looked at me gratefully.

After that, we decided to have some fun at Tom’s expense.

I sent my whore boy to the bar to get some drinks, and we took a bottle of beer with us başakşehir escort bayan to the toilets. Locking ourselves in a cubicle, I told my toy that I wanted him to make me cum with the bottle. He did as he was told, of course, and pulled my dress up, my knickers to one side, and gently touched the cold bottle neck against my hot aching pussy.

I came hard, my cum and blood smearing all over the neck of the bottle and into the drink inside it. As I came, I ripped his shirt off and tore into his body with my nails, screaming his name for all to hear. Afterwards, I breathlessly turned him around and carefully etched ‘Rose’s slut’ onto the bottom of his back.

We walked out and my whore dutifully gave Tom his beer, trying to stop his hands from shaking. ‘Cheers mate.’ Tom said, and started to drink. For a moment I thought he’d notice, but he didn’t, he just put his lips round the top of the bottle, and drank.

We stole a glance at each other but quickly looked away, knowing our faces would give us away. The rest of the afternoon was spent sitting in that beer garden, watching Tom drink my cum and blood, and forcing my slut to bend over to pick various things up, ensuring everyone could see my mark on him and know for certain that he belonged to me.

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