Blood and Love Ch. 18


Aaron’s Story VII

I lowered the magazine to sneak a look at Daniel sitting across the room engrossed in the newspaper crossword. It had been two weeks since we had spoken to each other. Since that dreadful night when he had declared the impossibility of any relationship between us I had been fighting the raging battle between my ego and my love for him. To be rejected should have made me immune to him, but it had strengthened the desire to be with him. However, I had managed to control any urges of flinging myself at him because I knew rejection would be immediate.

In stead I had been trying to use his weapons against him. I would completely ignore him and act as if he didn’t exist. However, he seemed to be unaffected and continued to put on a stoic appearance. At this moment sitting opposite to him I just wanted to take a pot and smash it on his head and scream, “I LOVE YOU, ASSHOLE!”

But, before I could act on the impulse, the phone rang and I got one opportunity that would definitely make Daniel yield to me. The phone rang breaking the silence in the living room. Daniel didn’t look up from the crossword. I rolled my eyes and put the call on speaker. Randy Orton’s voice filled the room.

“Hey babe! Please don’t hang up. Listen to me. I…I want to meet you at the Grill tonight. I’m very sorry for last time. I swear I won’t do it again. I love you, babe. Please. Babe?”

I sat stunned staring at the speaker wherefrom the voice of my ex-boyfriend was emanating. I remembered the night when he had jumped on me and almost squashed me to pulp; he would have killed me had Daniel not entered the scene. I was ready to disconnect but my eyes met Daniel’s. Instantly, I recognized concern and a hint of jealousy with the earnest urging to decline the invite. However, the moment he saw me looking he returned to his crossword acting indifferent. But, I could tell his brain wasn’t on the crossword, he was consistently hanging onto every word I’d say. I knew I had my moment now.

“Hey Dude, It’s fine. It’s been a long time and I’m ready to meet you. See you later.”

Randy was thrilled. “Thanks a lot, babe. I’m sorry for being an ass. I love you. See ya.” With that he disconnected the call. I threw the magazine aside and started stretching myself. With every stretch I let out a deep audible sigh. I noticed how with every sigh Daniel was fidgeting more and trying to sit in a comfortable position with his legs tightly cross-legged. I smirked, got up and walked to him. When near him I bent on him. He looked at me confused and gulped. Small beads of sweat appeared on his forehead as his ears turned red. I leaned on him and took the magazine kept on the table behind his sofa.

Having achieved my objective I turned to resume my sitting position. He sat with wide eyes and wide open legs, breathing deeply, staring at me. I looked at him, noticing a huge bulge in his pants, and gave a questioning look. He raised his eyebrows, shook his head and went back to filling the crossword. I laughed in my head. That was the third time this week I had teased him this way. He fell for it every time. He looked at and perhaps some of my inner merriment accidentally got reflected on my face, because he threw the newspaper away and shot at me.

“Seriously, what are you trying to do?”

I hastily regained my sober expressions and gave him my best puzzled look. “I’m sorry I do not understand what you are talking about.”

“You hell do know! All this teasing me and then ignoring me another minute. You really think I’m so stupid.” He retorted in exasperation.

I coolly flicked the pages of the magazine. “For the record, yes I do consider you stupid. And I don’t know what you’re talking about. Ever since YOU said nothing will happen between us, I have completely kept my distance.”

He looked at me in seething rage and frustration. At complete loss to say anything, he sat there glaring at me like an over-grown child. I can’t describe how exhilarated I was at that moment over my consistent triumphs.

“Now if you would excuse me, I have to change to meet someone who WANTS to be with me.” With a whiff of my head I walked out of the room to change.

“Fucking midget. Dunno what he thinks of himself. Screw him!” I heard Daniel mumbling in the room and smiled to myself. An idea struck me and I quickly rushed to my room. Reaching my room I quickly took off my t-shirt and threw it across the room. I opened the closet and took out the best fit jeans and wore it. I stood in front of the mirror and lowered the jeans that the seam rested between the two cheeks and my butt was perfectly accentuated. I lowered it in the front to a critical point making sure some traces of my trimmed and well maintained pubes were visible. Then I took some water and damped my hair. Having achieved the effect I ran downstairs and re-entered the living room completely ignoring Daniel’s presence.

“Where is my chain?” I mumbled to myself making sure that Dan heard my excuse to enter the room. güvenilir bahis While moving around the room, I made sure that I gave him a good show of my athletic lean torso and the perfectly shaped ass. Aaron Gellar was at the peak of his charm tonight. Out of the corner of my eye I saw his eyes stuck on me, traveling all over me. He gulped and wiped the sweat from his head. He was flushed and simply writhing in libido. In the blank TV screen I saw him adjust his pants and get up to say something. I quickly rushed out of the room saying, “I guess it’s not here.”

While exiting I saw a disappointed look on his handsome face. I knew I had hit the bull’s eye tonight.


Evan’s Story VIII


I looked around in sheer frustration and frenzy. Panic gripped me as each eternal minute passed with no sign of Sean in the parking lot. I found his cell under the car. Stefan was looking around and by the look of it, hyperventilating like me. A sense of fear and dread slowly dawned on me. Had Sean been abducted? If yes, then by who? There were so many enemies: the Noctimonstra, the Sanguinatus and the unknown person who had been sending assassins. Anyone could have figured out Sean’s whereabouts and kidnapped him. This was so freaking mental! Everything seemed so haywire.

Stefan came up running to me from inside the school. “He’s no where inside. I checked out every place I could. There’s no one there.”

“Fuck!” I growled and kicked the side of the car. I had to do something and fast. I had to find Sean before anything terrifying happened to him. I hastily drew out my cell and dialed Dan’s. The call got connected and I heard the dialing tone. I was pacing the parking area urging loudly for Dan to receive the call. Why the hell was he not answering his phone? This was so fucking urgent. I tried again, annoyed further, and growled in frustration when the familiar cool female voice said, “The subscriber you’re trying to reach is not responding at this moment.”

Who else could I call? Aaron! Yes, I should call him. I quickly punched speed dial and called Aaron. He didn’t receive the call either. My frustration paramount I shouted in desperation.

“Where the fuck is everyone? How on earth am I going to trace Sean?”

I tried to think harder and then called up the Gellar residence. No one picked up on the first call. At the second however, Amanda’s voice came up at the end.


“Amanda! Hey, Evan here. Is Dan or Aaron- anyone there? I tried their cells but no one answered.” I made complete attempt to keep the tension at bay from my voice.

“Aaron went to a party at the grill. And Dan, I don’t know; he just walked out five minutes after Aaron left. He was in some hurry cuz he left his cell here. It was on silent so I didn’t know you called. Sorry.”

“That’s okay. Perhaps Aaron can’t hear his cell at the party. Thanks, Bye.”

“By the way, is Sean with you? He should have been back by now.”

I gulped knowing I had to lie to her. “Y…yes, He’s with me. He’s staying over at my place tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Oh! Not at all. Bye.”

And the line went dead. My desperation was beyond limits now that I had lied to Amanda. I had to find Sean at any cost now. But how? How could I find him? No one was in contact tonight.

“Why don’t you call Rebecca? She may be able to trace him.”

I stared at Stefan. Why hadn’t that struck me? Rebecca! She could definitely find where Sean was! As the realization dawned on me I hurriedly dialed her number. As the call connected I found myself desperately beseeching her to receive the call. My prayers were answered as the call connected and she answered,

“Hey Evan! Wassup?”

“We’re in deep shit! Sean’s missing!”

“What the fuck? How? When?” She replied, sounding shocked and extremely concerned.

“Some time ago. He came to the parking lot alone. Stefan and I followed ten minutes later and he wasn’t there. His cell was found lying under the car. Can you find him?”

“Fuck! Hell I can try to find him. If no magic is done then I can trace him. All I need is something that belongs to him; that has been touched by him.”

“I’ll get that right away. At your place?”

“Yeah! My folks are out of town. You goys hurry up while I set up things here!”

“Be there in ten.” I hung up and turned to Stefan.

“I have a t-shirt he wore. We kept clothes for sleepovers. My place is five minutes from here.”

“Let’s get going.” Time was running out. We had to hurry up. We quickly got into my car and rode to Stefan’s.


I rang the bell as hard as I could. I heard Rebecca bustling inside, rushing to let us in. She flung the door open and invited us inside. Stefan and I hurriedly entered the house and followed her down the lit living room and hallway into a semi-lit small room. Unlike the rest of the house, this room was old-fashioned. In the semi-darkness the shadows of the room added to its occult appearance with the heavily perfumed incense güvenilir bahis siteleri sticks giving it a strange hazy look. The curtains were drawn on the windows and the heavily padded sofas and settees lay aligned at the corners. At the centre of the room, there was a 9 by 9 feet pentacle drawn; with thick lit candles kept at each vertex.

Rebecca sat down at the head of the pentacle while Stefan and I at the vertices away from the first. We sat in a triangle position as she said.

“Hand me the artifact.”

I handed her Sean’s t-shirt. She took it and kept it in the middle of the pentacle. Then she took a stand of burning incense and kept it at one vertex. Next, she took a crystal flask which when she uncorked let out an effervescence. She poured three drops on the shirt.

“Let us hold hands.” We held each others’ hands and sat in silence with Rebecca having closed her eyes in meditation. With nothing better to do Stefan and I followed her suit. She then began her enchantment.

“Ego vocare potentiae occultis invenire humana quaero.”

In spite of the room being locked, the flames of the candles suddenly burst and became bigger. A steady wind started blowing in the room as the flames strengthened. Rebecca remained unfazed and in a louder voice declared.

“Ostendere me viam! Ostendere me! Revelare!”

The flames reached their zenith; a strong wind gushed and then everything became silent. Stefan and I cast questioning glances at each other. After a tense minute Rebecca opened her eyes.

“I have found him.”


Daniel’s Story VI


The loud music hit me when I entered the grill and I staggered a bit. However, I quickly regained my composure and looked around for him. Sure enough I found him. I could find him in seconds even if he stood in a horde of millions. Aaron stood at the bar talking to Randy Orton. My jaw clenched as I remembered the night when he had proceeded to kill him. I swear I’d have broken every single bone in his body before ripping his heart out, had he done anything lethal.

I looked at the duo. Aaron’s back was towards me. Randy was talking to him and by the look of it quite desperately trying to urge him to forgive him. I concentrated on the duo’s conversation and sure enough I could hear them as distinctly as I would have were they sitting right next to me.

“Please babe, I know I’ve been a jerk. And that you should kick my sorry ass right now for hurting you; but I love you and I can’t live without you. Please forgive me.” Randy was saying.

“Well, I don’t know Randy; it’s been two months and what happened that night-” Aaron was saying when Randy cut across him.

“What is Daniel Damien doing here?”

“What?” Aaron turned to look at me while I hastily turned to look the other side. “Asshole!” I muttered.

“Hell yeah, I can forgive you! We’ve been best friends for a decade! Come let’s dance!” I noticed the sudden change in tone and the hint of mockery. At this point I wanted to walk to him and punch his snooty nose for doing this. However, I went to the bar and got myself a large beer. I turned to look at the dance floor and my insides went on fire. Randy was all over Aaron. He had pulled the latter in a close hug and was playing with Aaron’s butt; while Aaron’s arms were around him. Aaron was flirting with him and Randy seemed to be getting turned on by the second. I took the beer and downed it in one go; and growled at the horrified bartender. “Another!”

I was halfway through the third glass and seething with rage. Now the seductive dance had become platonic with the music having turned into a soft intimate one. Aaron was pushing his butt into Randy’s crotch; while Randy was lustily grinding. And then it happened. Randy flung Aaron around and pulled him for a deep mouth kiss. I lost it at that point- the fucker’s tongue in my lover’s mouth. Oh I could tear that tongue from his mouth. I downed the beer and stomped across the room towards the duo. I didn’t care who I bumped into. I didn’t care who I pushed aside. I didn’t know who was abusing me. All I knew and saw was Aaron ahead. I reached them and with one swift movement grabbed Randy’s arm and threw him away. He fell back, sliding the entire way to the bar and finally colliding with it. I flung Aaron around as he fell in my arms looking straight at me. I looked into the light glittering in those brilliant blue eyes.

“Aaron Gellar, I love you and I cannot live without you.”

AT that Aaron’s eyes lit up and sparkled like the brightest stars in the universe; a wide smile spread on his face and our lips met to celebrate the moment. A deafening applaud emanated from the crowd around us as I pulled Aaron closer. This felt right. This felt perfect. Nothing could go wrong now.


Evan’s Story IX


Stefan and I looked at the light from the cabin falling onto the dark ground. The Mysticus woods were eerie and silent except the occasional hooting of an owl or the sound of snapping iddaa siteleri of twigs and rustling of leaves as some being made its nightly prowl. I had been shocked when Rebecca had told Sean’s location. It was our family cabin in the woods- the one where Dan had made Ruth stay. The cabin should have been deserted but the light inside told us that the abductor was holding the abducted captive inside.

If this were a vampire (the chances of which were enormous) then we had to tread carefully and launch an immediate attack to take him/them off guard. We had no idea how many would be there inside. We had no idea in what condition was Sean himself. As time passed, I felt panic rise in me. I couldn’t just stand there and wait for anything untoward to happen. Stefan, beside me, was getting edgy by the second.

“Let’s just rush in! What the hell are we waiting for?” He whispered furiously.

“We need to be careful. Don’t forget they have Sean as captive. And we have no estimate of their defenses.” I chided.

“But we can’t wait here forever!” He fought back.

“I know that. But we can’t just run in there!” I retorted.

“Go to hell!” Stefan thundered and ran towards the door. I swore loudly and ran after him as he kicked the door, thereby knocking it off its hinges and landing it on the opposite side. I followed suit and we stood face to face with two vampires. They looked at us and in a split second their forms changed to the vampire attack mode. With the red aura, the slit pupils and the bared fangs, they growled and rushed at us.

Stefan immediately launched a kick that caught the vampire square in the jaw. He recoiled falling backwards, hitting the wall. The other vampire lunged at me but I quickly got out of the way, turning up behind him; and with one swift motion, burying my hand in his back, only to remove it with his heart. He screamed in horror and fell on his knees, decaying and degrading every second, till there was nothing but remnants of the being.

Stefan jumped at the other vampire and holding his throat with one hand enquired. “Where is Sean?”

The vampire gasped in breath and tried to attack but Sean thrust his head into the wall, meanwhile tightening his grasp on the throat. All of a sudden, a wooden stake came flying out of nowhere towards me. My sharpened senses had already hinted the approaching danger and I quickly jumped out of its way. But, the stake buried itself into the vampire’s chest. Stefan let go of him and turned around only to find me missing another shot stake.

We looked towards the source of the shots and I froze. Ruth Morris stood there! How the hell could that be! I had buried a stake in his chest myself. He came out of the shadows pulling Sean with him. Sean looked at me and shouted my name but Ruth slapped him and he hit the wall, and fainted. I growled in anger and rushed at him. He shot another stake which I caught and in one swift motion buried in his shoulder blade. He screamed in pain and let the bow fall. Stefan turned up and quickly bound the vampire by ropes lying in a corner. I turned to Sean. He had bruises on his face, with a cut lip and clotted blood at one side of the head. He gained consciousness and hugged me tightly.

“Are you okay?”

“Y…yes.” He murmured.

“Who the fuck are you?” I turned and shouted at him.

“Drake Morris. I’m Ruth’s twin. The guy you murdered!” Drake said through gasps of pain and spat on the floor.

And realization dawned on me. So he was Ruth’s twin. No wonder he had abducted Sean. All for vengeance. Stefan looked at him and pulled the stake out of his shoulder. He howled in pain and gasped. After a couple of minutes he relaxed and looked at us.

“What are you waiting for? Kill me! Come on! Cuz I will not stop.” He shouted in desperation.

I looked at Stefan who simply grabbed the stake and stabbed Drake in the chest. With one final scream, he decayed to his death.

“Let’s go home.” I said and helped Sean to get up. Stefan followed suit. As we reached the door, I heard a low painful sigh come from the inner chamber. We froze in our tracks. Stefan and I exchanged looks. Every muscle in our body had tightened. Sean looked at us puzzled and scared. We looked at the room from where the cry had come. I loved forward with Stefan shielding Sean. With my heart beating fast, I grabbed the door knob and turned it.


Daniel’s Story VII


We didn’t care where the clothes fell. We didn’t care where the car keys fell. We didn’t care which lamp or flask got knocked down and fell onto the floor. We didn’t care where the thrown cushions landed. We didn’t care how much mess we made. All we cared about was getting the most of each other- getting as close as possible- of being so intimate so close that we became one.

The kiss in the pub that had marked the beginning of the consummating of our relationship had now reached another dimension of intimacy and platonic love. Our lips had hardly been apart since the kiss except on the way back to my place. Lucky, we didn’t meet an accident in spite of Aaron consistently nibbling at my earlobe, and sliding his soft, tender wet tongue on my neck, sending ecstatic shivers down my spine, to the already hard and leaking soldier.

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